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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

ETHEREUM DONE (Moving On to Cardano)

Merry Christmas! Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. Everyday on this channel, I show you how to make money in cryptocurrency. If you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that Subscribe button. If you don’t like crypto, you a ho ho ho! Alright, guys. So, I want to take this time today to talk about a question I’ve been getting a lot over the last few days, which is “Am I still bullish on Ethereum?” Am I ready ready to say that I’m done with Ethereum and I’m moving over to Cardano? A lot of people have been asking me that since my interview with Charles Hoskinson this week.

We got part 2 of that coming out tomorrow. It’s really an incredible interview. You’re definitely going to want to watch it. It is just absolutely phenomenal! And I really walked away from that interview feeling more bullish on Cardano than ever. I’m also going to show you guys the Hellcat here in just a second. I know a lot of you guys have been asking about that, so we’re going to look at that. I’m going to show my hidden Bitcoin.

I got a hidden Bitcoin over there. In plain sight, and you can’t even see it. (sigh) 797 horsepower, it’s hard for anybody to see that puppy– the kitty. Prrrrrr! Okay. So, here’s the thing. A lot of people have asked me, Am I ready to move on from Ethereum to Cardano? And this is what I’ll tell you, guys. We’ve been talking a lot lately– There’s some Star Wars stuff for you, nerds. Okay? We’ve been a lot lately about the difference between investing in the short term and investing in the long term. And I’m going to make a statement here that I’ve never made before. And I’m going to make it. Okay? Which is I’ve told you guys for a long time that the only two 100% certain long-term holds Ethereum and Bitcoin. I said Chainlink showed a lot of potential to become one. I said CRO has potential to be one. And they restructured everything. They still could be, but I’m not ready to put them in that category yet. The only categories for me– or the only coins, for me, that are long-term holds definitely Ethereum, definitely Bitcoin, most likely Chainlink.

I’m now prepared to add Cardano to that list of long-term holds. You can make money on anything. You can make money short term. You can make money long term. But the thing about it is, it’s like Charles Hoskinson said, you should really be thinking about your long-term investments investing where you think the money is going to go. But, traders, you guys can make money on anything if you guys would have longed XRP just like I said you should do around 25ยข the other day, you’d be sitting at really really really nice profits. Teeka Tiwari actually put out a report saying he thinks this is going to have no effect long term on XRP, which is extremely interesting. And I also agree with it, but short term can be detrimental. If it gets delisted from Coinbase– Some people are saying XRP is going to get delisted from Coinbase today. If that does happen, price is going to plummet like a rock again.

But, once again, you’ve got to look for these opportunities. I believe now, speaking back to Cardano, that Cardano has an opportunity to really and truly become a replacement for Amazon and Google. Okay? I believe that. Remember this. In industrial revolutions, okay? The companies that go in at the top are not the companies that leave at the top, and I now think Cardano is going to be one of those companies. Super impressed with my interview with Charles Hoskinson, not just because of the phenomenal questions and the talking that I did, if you notice, I actually for one interview ever, I actually listened more than I talked. TJ made sure to point that out to me. Okay? But back to Ethereum. If I’m bullish on Cardano long term, does that mean that I’m any less bullish on Ethereum? Absolutely not. In fact, I’m actually more bullish, even over the short term, on Ethereum than ever. A lot of people are saying Ethereum is finally about to pop. We got the long leg down. Yes, I did get liquidated.

It was not fun. Yes, do I have another long? Now, I do have another long in on Ethereum. I’m all in on Ethereum. I do believe that when this pops up, it’s not even just going to go to $700. It’s going to go to $800 in very quick fashion, very quick order. You’re not going to want to miss that move. Okay? And I believe that that is definitely coming sooner rather than later. I think we just had the consolidation period. It’d be really really exciting to see exactly what happens.

That’s our neighbors there and they don’t realize that they’re big time YouTube stars right now. They don’t even know. Look at them. They’re just walking around. I’m kind of undercover here in the neighborhood. Okay? That’s why I like it. You guys, somebody out there’s probably going to find my house now. And what I’ve got to say to you about that is, Come on over. So, okay, so let’s get back to the point at hand here, which what is about to happen in the overall crypto markets? We’re about to see Bitcoin dominance drop like a rock– That’s what a lot of people are saying, a lot of people are predicting.

Bitcoin dominance drop like a rock. We’re about to see Ethereum rise from the ashes. We’re going to be doing a cool video here in a few days. Probably we’re going to talk about some charts that show how quickly Ethereum is likely to move to all-time highs. And you are definitely not going to want to miss that. So to catch up here, three things I want you to take away from this video. No. 1– Well, let’s say four things. No. 1: Merry Christmas! Okay? Remember the reason for the season. But in all seriousness, the three things I actually want you to take away from the content of this video is No. 1: Long-term bullish on Cardano No. 2: That does not mean I’m not bullish on Ethereum. I still believe Ethereum is about to pop harder than ever. Harder than ever! You’re about to see it. And No. 3: I got a feeling altcoin season’s here.

And when we’re looking at altcoins season, not the truest, truest, truest altcoin season where every coin pumps on the list, but, right now, my strategy has really changed. I actually talked to a member of the BitSquad on the phone yesterday. I gave him a call as it’s his birthday. A big shout-out to Eric. Happy birthday! Tomorrow’s his birthday actually. And he told me, he said, he’s been trying to follow my playbook. And I was really interested to see what he was going to say at that point. And he said something that made me realize you guys are paying attention, and you’re listening to what we’re saying here on the channel, and we changed direction very quickly, but when we changed the direction, you guys are listening doing that.

Right now, the move is not the super super low cap gems. That was over the summer. We made a lot of money doing that. Right now, the move is the larger altcoins. You’re going to want to get into larger altcoins. Top 20, Top 30, Top 50, somewhere around there, we’re about to see big pumps. I mean, I would really say Top 20 to 30 at the most right now is where you really want to be paying attention. You want to be shifting some of your funds over in those– I mean, you guys know the coins I’m bullish on. Chainlink, Cardano, Polkadot, Ethereum, Tezos, VeChain These are coins that I’m looking at to add more to my portfolio right now in order to get the maximum returns in the shortest time period! Which is what we like to do here on the channel. So check out this Hellcat. I got a Bitcoin on the side of it. Let’s see if you can see the Bitcoin. Can you see it? There it is. Look at that. Well, look. If you’re far away, you can’t see that thing.

I don’t need people coming up to me asking me how much are my Bitcoins. Okay? I don’t need that. That’s my little subtle nod, you know what I mean? That’s what bought the car. That’s what’s bought the life I live. I think it’s pretty good life, not too over the top. We drive a Hellcat. We live in everyday American neighborhood. Okay? America first, guys. America first. Alright, guys, that’s all I got today. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Later today, I’m actually going to be doing a video where I’m going to be showing you guys how to talk to your family about cryptocurrency. It’s going to be real fun. Maybe I’ll even get some of my family members involved. So, alright, guys. Have a Merry Christmas! See you guys a little bit later today.

We’re going to be doing more videos of this style over the Christmas break. We got some, you know, we got a great series coming up for you guys on sound money, 100-year cycles of reserve currency. Really fun stuff you guys are definitely going to want to check out I got an interview in LiteLiger based on my video I did last night. A lot of people are upset about that video. And this is what I’ll say to each and every one of you: Come at me. Bring it. Alright, guys. That’s all I got. Be blessed especially today. Merry Christmas! BitBoy out..

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