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Ethereum Blockchain Digital Investment Platform

Hello, everyone! My name is Regina Husnullina, Is one of the co-founders of Blockchain Capital, He is also the Director of European Development. I’m glad to be able to serve you all and also to the Asian market today Introduce our company. At the same time, I am honoured to be able to act on behalf of the company Gold sponsors attended today’s event. Allow me to outline today’s speech. 

The lecture time is about 15 minutes. First of all, let me introduce our company. We are the digital investment platform of the Ethereum blockchain. What we build is a digital ecosystem, About meeting the investment needs of almost anyone on the planet Smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain. 

Our company’s goal has been reaching as many potential customers as possible, And for most people on earth Create relevant and necessary products To truly benefit from today’s market. 

Next, let me briefly introduce our products. Later, I will introduce each product in more detail. In 2017, at the beginning of the company’s establishment, More precisely, it was September 14.

The company was founded using BCT tokens, Use investment tokens, In 2017, like many companies at the time, Our company was created using ICO technology. As one of the luckiest companies, we brought Real products and solutions, they are relevant, Necessity, and gratifying value. 

Therefore, our BCT investment token of Blockchain Capital Reflects the economic and market value of the company itself. Then there is our pride, WBT token, the wealth appreciation token, Our first “child” and now It’s not just our own pride. It is a cryptocurrency index, the earliest in the market It may even be the first one, one of the cryptocurrency indexes.

It reflects the top 20 economies and cryptocurrencies in the market Economic level and average profit margin. We can also say that it reflects 95% of the market. Next is our strategic product, which is also our pride, APT, the accumulation protection token, It is a product based on WBT tokens and index tokens. 

But at the same time, it also involves the protection of life And protection against tumours and cancers. I’ll talk more about it later. Therefore, the wealth appreciation token was created and released in 2018. I am actually the first customer and user of this product. It is fully automated. 

It is completely based on smart contracts. No middlemen, companies or individuals touched This smart contract, this investment portfolio. The investment portfolio is very active and reflects the current and future The growth of top alternative currencies in the cryptocurrency market.

Behind the index are real cryptocurrency assets. Its price depends on the current market conditions, And follow the market changes and ups and downs. The ratio of WBT tokens is very easy to calculate. Therefore, the key to the problem is always how the token rate is formed. 

The ratio of WBT tokens on the platform It is calculated in the following way. Divide the total assets in U.S. dollars by The number of tokens issued by the smart contract. So this basically means that as the market grows, WBT tokens will also grow. When the market falls, WBT tokens will also fall.

It basically follows the market changes naturally, that is, our curve. That’s it. All processes are executed by smart contracts. You can see the process on the slide. Through the Blockchain Capital platform, users Send Ethereum to the smart contract. 

In response, the smart contract will record and generate WBT tokens at the current rate, And send it to the user’s Ethereum wallet. Of course, service commissions will be retained. Subsequently, the smart contract sends the funds to the exchange account And divide it equally among the top cryptocurrencies. 

Its principle is basically the same as the most popular indexes. For example, the S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, Nikkei 225.

These indexes are popular because they are very effective. Because the risk is less, In other words, in this sense, it is completely risk-free. The indices we created are almost the same, It is only applied to the blockchain and cryptocurrency economy. 

One very important difference is that it is fully automated. I am referring to WBT tokens. Its operation is based on smart contracts 24 hours a day. No individual or company employees are involved. The index solves many problems, such as diversification. Second, it can guarantee the safe storage of customer assets.

For most, you don’t need to understand the market, don’t need to go deep For people who understand each project and make adventurous decisions, This is a very popular classic investment strategy. Basically, what each user buys is the cryptocurrency market And put it in your pocket. 

In other words, when you can fully utilize the potential of the index, When buying the entire market, why should you waste time to select individual assets? This is the idea behind it. Because it has less volatility and risk, compared to betting an asset For investors, the index is more attractive. It’s easy. When one understands the potential of the market and Very good when playing long-term game potential. 

When our understanding of the market reaches this level, very good. We have a chance to win. It is worth celebrating. But let us consider that each of us What is the most important thing in life? This is where we and the team are Blockchain Capital’s thinking.

Being rich is of course a good thing. Accumulating capital is excellent. But the top priority of everyone’s life is health. It is life itself. Guard life, guard our health Should be the first priority. According to global statistics, The number one human disease in the world today is cancer. 

Unfortunately, it is a tumour. And sudden illness or death. It may ruin all our plans, savings or about Dream of creating a better future for my family and myself. This is the savings protection token The idea behind this product. Therefore, it is a cumulative product. 

It is savings, long-term cryptocurrency savings. But the protection of life must be added. So when one decides, it takes ten years to Build huge capital and Private capital, He will also have insurance, Prevent the number one disease, Prevent sudden accidental death.

So its main purpose is to accumulate funds and protect health. It is based on WBT tokens. We will issue savings and similar insurance tokens today. It is based on WBT tokens but has additional features, It can protect personal health and family happiness. 

Anyway, I think this product has moral value and is worth owning and promoting. Because if people have been pursuing wealth, They tend to overlook health, and I think this product Let people sit down and think about what is most important.

And at the same time, It can also grasp the value provided by the market today. The development history of the company. I mentioned products like BCT before, Not even the product, but the company’s share. WBT is an exciting product. And APT, In a sense, it is a product of very moral significance and value. 

So who are we and what is our current development history? The company was established in September 2017. We quickly raised funds for the initial coin offering. In early February 2018, We have launched the first product, WBT token, And it was a success. From day one, it was a successful product.

In August 2018, We launched a second token issuance, In order to continue to develop new products And expand to other markets and so on. By December of the same year, We already have our own BC exchange. It is a closed exchange and is only used for BCT tokens. The main purpose of BC Exchange is not speculation. It is to ensure that BCT tokens can be safely exchanged between users, Between BCT owners. 

To date, we have attracted more than 7,000 users, especially in Europe and Russia, As I mentioned at the beginning. By the end of 2018, we have received good news; Our smart contract The first dividend has been paid to the first investors. I think for a company when it can When the dividend is paid, it is considered successful. On April 1, 2019, We launched a savings protection token, I also mentioned before, A long-term savings plan that can protect your health. 

This year, what makes us proud and happy is, Is what we have been waiting for, We launched our own hosting service, This means that our partners, users, customers I can sleep very peacefully and know my assets It has been properly kept in cold storage.

Not long ago, just a few weeks ago, In October 2020, We also launched a single cryptocurrency wallet to users, It was also a success. Next is our current work, And what we will do in 2021. We are creating a BC App for iOS and Andriod, To take full advantage of the Apps advantages and Enjoy the opportunities provided by Blockchain Capital. 

We will also upgrade the user interface again, Make it easier to operate, more user-friendly and simple, Make payment and the interface Data statistics are simpler and easier to operate.

I think it will actually be released in January 2021. We are also developing new products, For example, smart contract P2P loans. This will also be the main work for next year. We also want to obtain more than One hundred thousand users. 

This will result in a dividend of up to $10 per BCT token. For investors, this is good news. Monthly seminars. Actually, it was not planned. Since last year, a seminar has been held every month. Every month, we will get together, When conditions permit, it is offline. 

Starting in April, we started to hold online seminars. More than 500 people participate in learning every month, Learn about the blockchain. Also, what is Bitcoin? What is Ethereum? What is the difference between the two? What is a digital asset and why does it exist? What is the digital economy? and many more.

Because we believe that knowledge is power, Knowledge is very important for making the right decision, especially in terms of investment. This is our team members, all experts, And in the financial and IT fields Has a wealth of experience. Allow me to introduce Khusnullin Zinnat. He is our founder and CEO. The founder of “Digital Wealth Accumulation Philosophy”. 

I think he has contributed to our current achievements I am very proud. And Khusnullin Arthur. He is also the co-founder of the company, Now also chief vision officer And the executive director. And Arkhipov Evgeny. He and DDS Soft are our IT partners. 

They are responsible for acquisition and implementation The company’s new technology, Responsible for information resource management, There is also the creation of smart contracts and programming. This is me, Khusnullina Regina Tahy. 

I am one of the founders of the company Also Director of European Development. Of course, there are many, many people, Let the company achieve today’s success. But this is basically us The original core team. And buy BCT tokens today.

When we first started in 2017, it was just an idea, Of course, we need resources, we also use ICO technology And raised the funds needed to start. Today, we have more than 7,000 satisfied users. In 2020, we will issue BCT tokens again To achieve further development and enter new markets. 

Therefore, when you buy BCT tokens, Token owners have the opportunity to participate in The company’s capitalization process and dividend policy. 

When you buy BCT tokens today, You are investing in a company with a mature business model, a Large number of users, professional team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week A company focused on business. Here you can find us, More information about our company can be obtained.

This is the official website. If you register with our company, You will be able to see the internal interface, All the smart contracts are there, More statistics can also be obtained. So hurry up and join us. You can dial in or log in to the website WWW.BLOCKCHAINCAPITAL.PRO, If you have any questions, you can leave us a message. 

Today I am very honored to be able to serve you Introduce our company. I am Khusnullina Regina. Looking forward to meeting you offline. Or online. Thank you all very much. Goodbye.

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