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Ethereum 2.0 Explained

Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 is the beginning of the Ethereum transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. With phase 0, the Beacon Chain will be launched and will be secured by validators instead of miners.

To become a validator, you need 32 ETH to participate and some hardware that can stay online. To help secure the Beacon Chain with this participation, you can get rewards ranging from 2% to 20% annually on your participation.

Running a validator on your own can be a challenge. That’s why were here to help you. We want participation in Ethereum to be easy and accessible for everyone. Our Ethereum 2.0 participation platform is designed so that anyone can participate in ETH while maintaining total control.

Only you will have control to withdraw your ETH. Our global team of engineers will manage validators on your behalf, bringing the experience we have gained from being the leading provider of participation services in recent years.

You can start on our website and register with your email address. Follow our deposit flow where you can request one or more validators in a single transaction through our batch deposit agreement.

Once you’ve deposited ETH and paid our industry-leading service commission, you can relax. We take control from that moment on, activating the validators and monitoring them closely to ensure they are safe and performing well.

Sign in to the dashboard at any time to see key Beacon Chain metrics and your validators in action. You can also track your participation rewards in real-time. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact our support channels, email or Telegram.

One of our team members from 9 different time zones will answer you right away. Thank you for joining us and helping to protect the Ethereum network. ETH, Stake & Relax.

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