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That’s what we’re going to be talking about the token because there are some big concerns to the community and I just wanted to address a couple of them. So, um before we jump into it, as always, be sure to drop that thumbs up subscribe to the channel. if you’re new, turn on notifications so you stay updated with everything going on and yeah, let’s just jump into it. So, the biggest thing that we’re going to address in this video is I guess a celebrity um some type of celebrity, a big crypto guy.

Um actually said he’s against the token for the moment and I Is that that um is going to lead to some fun and lead to some people who don’t want to invest in a token or things like that. So, I’m going to talk about that situation in a little bit and the impact that that that could potentially have on the token and also um we have unlocked a lot of people are worried about unlocks again so well, some people are worried about unlocks.

I think this time around. Um, I’m not too worried about likes. I’m like honestly short term price movement for me. I don’t care in the slightest. I’ll be completely honest with you. I’m a long term what I what I look like holding for 10 years and caring if the price goes down the first year, first 2 years or 3 years? like, what do I look like actually even caring? So, that’s why I feel like it’s important as an investor to have goals because you would not panic at every slight price movement if you know.

Exactly like let’s say your plan is to be in here for 5 years then obviously like like what why are you panicking about what’s happening in year one now? obviously, you’re not it might not be as chill like me. If you’re talking about like if you’re, if your goal is like 3 years, then, yeah, maybe you want to see a little bit more price movement but I mean, realistically what you could be seeing is a science that your goal of 3 years is maybe unrealistic or like that.

That’s just like you have to adjust your mindset based on how things are going. You have to take in the new information. How long is it taking to Ecom me to actually add in things and make changes and put in token utility and things like that’s actually going to move the price where needs to be?

How long is it taking them to do that? Because right now, the price has no reason to move and that’s the one thing that people keep not realizing but um yeah, the token of life when it comes down to the token unlocks I don’t think that it’s going to be as impactful this time as it was last time because if you look at the history of the token unlocks last time, the token unlocks happened, we lost.

We lost um people like way before the unlike happened like that week leading up to the unlock it did more damage than the unlock itself like that week leading up to the damage was the big drop and then when the unlock happened, it was just a tiny thing.

It was just a tiny little drop that probably would not have even been noticed if The flood didn’t cause people to be scared but that’s what I mean this time around. I feel like people in the community are much more educated on the fact that token unlocks is not that big of a deal. It’s uh so I feel like we’re going to have a lot of people who aren’t as nervous or aren’t scared like you’ve we’ve lived the one already so we know like we know that there’s it’s not a big deal but II do know that there are still some new people here.

There are people who don’t fully understand the I want to. this guy doesn’t fully understand what the **** he’s talking about but we’re going to let him I just let him play it. That person who doesn’t fully understand the project right now. So, um it could and should still be scary to those people. I mean, well, it shouldn’t be scary to those people but it could still be scary to those people.

It could be the uncertainty and doubt that people have and all that and I know how it is. People get like people get emotional and get scared like that’s just I guess that’s just not true but I feel like um the most important thing in investing in education because you don’t fear as much when you’re um educated and I feel like that’s why I get a lot and he’s exactly right.

You shouldn’t be talking about this unless you’re really educated about it. You shouldn’t just be in the company and you just pump the Nfs but when it comes to crypto and charts and tonics and a coin, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you really shouldn’t be addressing it at all but we’re going to let him speak a lot of flack from some sides of the community.

Because when things come up that they panic about that they’re worried about they see me not worrying in the slightest and it even makes people more confident or it makes them a lot if they’re with that them and makes them a lot more panicky Like yo, yo, this guy like, what’s wrong with him? He’s not mad at it.

He has to be a fraud. Like what? It’s like no. what’s you like, what’s going to have your convictions high? It’s just you don’t understand what’s going on but it’s okay. You just don’t get it and I understand that but you’re speaking of kind of stuff that you really don’t know about and it shows by how you’re talking about it.

So, let’s continue allowing you to be okay being down like uh a lot like being down a big percentage is really understanding the fact that we are supposed to be down right now. We really have no reason for the price to be going up. So, I get in the community when the hey guys. He said there’s no reason why we should be up this part. after this pump is when you people bought This is March 1st.

We could go back to all the videos for three 4 months ago and see who’s telling you to buy this car and who got you to buy the top? We could go back and do that history and we could look but we’ll save that for another video. We’ll just let him talk and speak his mind here. The price starts moving upwards and then we start seeing some momentum.

Everyone gets happy. Everyone gets excited but I honestly think that when we have these short pumps, that’s false advertising and honestly, what that is, in my opinion, a lot of times its just crypto traders and stuff boosting the price momentarily to um to I guess get more people comfortable like all the prices Rise and Fomo, we might miss.

It’s to get you to buy high and then they dump on you and if you’re not um a smart trader. You know what’s going on and you can make a lot of money. but this is exactly what he’s talking about is exactly what’s going on in the marketplace with the Mfs. So, what he’s basically telling you here is basically what’s really going on in the application but let’s go out and then as soon as people start believing that they dumped the price again. So, I feel like this is traders to manipulate the community.

Um no, no one in particular but I just feels like it’s so there are traders that manipulate the community but we will never talk about the Youtubers that manipulate prices of the NFS, right? Okay, let’s keep going. It’s traders who manipulate the community. The community thinks, oh, it’s time to move. Not realizing time and time again, There’s that wasn’t any reason for the price to move last month.

There’s no reason for the price to move this month. What is going to drive the price of only up? it’s token utility being on different exchanges like being able to make money off of the platform which we don’t have the license to do that yet Like there’s like These are the things that will have an impact on Listen to what he’s saying to you guys because this is very important for you to hear what he just said there.

The price of only we can’t do anything that actually impacts as we have like so basically, there’s no reason for the price to be moving. So, um yeah that’s the one thing that I want to um I want to clear up like it’s not like the people that we constantly see dumping and things like that. It’s usually traitors, traitors, I mean, these guys are looking for short, short term um returns. So, let’s jump into this. Let’s jump into the next part. Blockchain whispers.

He guesses he’s some type of celebrity. some type of crypto guy. Um, he’s an author of a best seller book or whatever. Um so, check this out. Only still happy about it. He blatantly just says outright. Not only is the king of NFC that has one major thing against it. I help you with my signal. Make two X on me and premiums did ten X or more with me.

So, this here. This is all you need to see so you can understand and is he wrong? No, he’s not necessarily wrong for what he is. These are trading tips. This is trading advice. He’s talking about how to flip on me to make a return on Ome on the Oi token. This is a traitor. So, from a trader’s perspective only is not a good token. That’s a fact. You should not be out here trading on all these other damn tokens on the market is not a good token.

You shouldn’t be invested in it in the first place. That’s the fact. that if you research the money, you put your companies into if it doesn’t make sense, you shouldn’t put money there. You don’t put your money in a token and say, well, I know this, this and this is it again? No, you put your money in a token when this and this is already in the process. It’s already happened.

It’s part of it. You don’t come out with a token for a token that doesn’t do the tokens. Like, what are you talking about? You’re a horrible traitor. If you’re attempting to try unless you’re challenging yourself or something. Why are you out here? something that’s tradable. Go something with a history. Go trade something that that has more of a foundation that you can have that right there, bro. Like, don’t go trade something that has more history’s out there. It’s a traitor. It’s price action. So, I don’t like I don’t disagree with the fact that he doesn’t think only is good. He’s not supposed to think is good right now. Um, what he says is after that um after he two X and then after he helped the premiums ten X he said after I discovered the problem that up to its token economics so strongly that messes the king of NFT until that is resolved.

I’m staying away. He said until that is resolved. So, basically, he can’t. Um, the tokens do not support the short term like in the short term. The only thing that’s controlling O’s price going up is Fomo. So, it really has no real support or anything like that.

It has like basically the support of this is the people who believe in it and it’s it’s very fickle especially like something unexpected can happen and they don’t move the price one way or another and that’s because we don’t have utility or anything like that. That’s going to keep the price where it’s going where it’s at. So, this is what I mean when you see the price go up, it can easily go back down because that’s not real. That’s not a real boost.

A real boost is going to be when the utility has made sense for that price to be where it’s at and then that price is held there like like when we have people staking on me. Okay. That only is locked in. It’s going to stay there like so it’s a reason that price is up there and it’s going to stay up there. That’s locked Only.

it can’t go anywhere like that. That. So basically, stuff like that. When you add in all these utilities Okay.

The lock is on that is the burner On me? Okay. Because here’s how the history of BSC is scanned. Where’s the wallet address? of the burned token Did you see that? This is sheep Sheep. You see the number-one holder of is a burned address that is dead. I’m just wondering where the addresses for all these NFT that know me are Where is it? It should be. It should be up here. It should be one of the top addresses. Where is it? Don’t know. That’s when um that’s when the prices go up. That’s when we’re going to see some some some some good price and stuff and that’s what we’re going to see.

Some the price consistently staying at higher and higher places. So yeah from this perspective, I know that a lot of people start panicking when these crypto guys come out and say what they have to say but you have to realize the guy is a traitor. He’s supposed to feel this way about me like if this look for any opportunity to jump in, make some quick money, and he like, how many people here have made quick money isn’t on me outside of flipping NFT and things like that.

Like the token itself like you have to be pretty skilled to make some gains off of that which it looks like this guy is this guy seems to know what he’s talking about to an extent because he was able to make money and flip on me but to be fair, I mean, it’s not like that was difficult to do with the explosion 0 had.

All you have to do is be there before the explosion and have the common sense to know that it was going to explode like that. And yeah, it’s like, yeah, it was obvious but at the same time like being able to predict that a company with freaking Marvel DC Comics, Star Trek NFL like being able to predict what that’s going to look like.

I mean, you don’t have to be a genius to predict that homie is going to blow up. Honestly, you just don’t. It’s just a matter of when it’s only going to blow up like everyone knows that homie is going to blow up but when it’s only going to blow up, how high is it going to blow up.

Is it going to stop blowing up? Like these are the questions that people have. These are the questions that are debatable topics and things like that. So, with that being said, I think that this could have some impact on the price because you have a lot of people who takes what this guy says, says the heart and from what I hear the last time he he he gave it his blessing or something like that.

So, a lot of people following him believed in what he told them. So basically, He had something to do. I guess he played some part in me in the Ok but even that being said, it’s like, that’s what I mean.

This is why I don’t really depend heavily on the crypto side because crypto celebrities and things like this, they’re fickle. They’re fickle. At one moment. they’ll try to trade on me the next moment, they’ll actually understand the tokens a little bit better and realize, no, this is not tradable. This is not a tradable token. This is not that going to a different community. II. You know, I’m letting you guys know while I’m listening to him.

If you feel like this guy is someone that makes sense, we have gotta give him alike because he has no clue he’s talking about But this is where you get your information from. Please stop. But then once they realize that, they’ll tell their fans, Oh no, it’s not like so. So basically, crypto people will get in and get out whenever they want to.

When I talk about what I think is going, I never even take crypto people into consideration As I understand, I fully understand that crypto people, can have the coin effect and blow up even bigger than those coins because people say, oh, the point is an anomaly. They had Elon Musk. All these brands that we have. Elon Musk is going to like one of these brands.

We may even get Tesla at some point and all these brands combined with the most powerful brands in the world. I don’t even know what that means. We might get Tesla at one point. You got Marvel two posters from Marvel that doesn’t have a Marvel stamp on it. So, you know, we have to figure that one out too. So, we’ll does that mean we’re going to get Tesla? I don’t Alright, go ahead And they’re much more powerful than Elon Musk. It’s just a fact.

So, people say, oh, it’ll never happen to me like the last powerful brand that we saw is Elon Musk. We saw it that day to crypto. So, you mean 100 plus of the most powerful brands can’t do that for only so I-1 100% know the fact that this could really have realistically, even if people have the delusions that this happened to those can’t happen to me.

That’s always in the back of my head but realistically, We don’t even need that to happen for this to actually pump and get to where it needs to be. All we need is a utility to happen. All we need is more people to download the app. We need to get to some millions of people and that’s why you always hear me talking about content because when they have more content, they can cater to more people and we can have more going on on the app and also the if the verse is really really good where it’s a place that people want to be around the clock.

A place where people are constantly upgrading their NFT upgrading um upgrading their showrooms or upgrading their um their property and stuff that they buy. If it’s an ecosystem that’s constantly being upgraded and people are constantly spending money and we’re constantly getting 0 burns from drop days, we’re getting Ome burns from the beauty.

Um If it’s that type of place like we’re going to see results faster and it’s going to be genuine reasons for um the price to actually move upward. We’re going to constantly be burning on me. People are going to be buying things in the app using um using on me like it’s going to be real reasons ABBBB.

Fans are going to be controlling the price of only moving so the more it’s going to be like so so the more successful VV gets, the higher the price is going to go right now because of the disconnect because of the fact that the utility and things are not there no matter BB gets it does not, It’s not going to impact the only token but why The only token is supposed to be burned.

From II was I believe that it’s after every purchase. and vid. and maybe the marketplace too. I’m not 100%. Sure. but every time that happens, you’re supposed to burn tokens because this is the thing with me.

It’s like, You know, I don’t want to get into that with the transfer and tokens like there are no tokens for now. and then you’re going to tell me this account owns 20% of the Supply of 150. uh, Twenty-six nine. I think that’s a billion 150 billion. 150000000150. 1000000150 billion. So, you’re telling me there are three of the three main addresses on 60% and then we go to this one, the VB developer.

I have no, I have no clue. what this account is used for. Like they said, they’re going to release tokens. So, if they’re going to release tokens, it’s coming from the company itself because they own 2046 and seventy 8089 What 98%? Like, what’s going on here? the next closest uh address is .004, .0048 and then after that, nobody owns more than .0000 .00001 and that’s .00000 Percent and you’re talking about what?

People understand it. What? And people coming. What is this **** I’m confused. Raus So, I’ll go to my charts. Here’s your monthly chart. Here’s your green candle. I wake up top. No wick below. It’s uh what’s today’s date? July 27th Tuesday.

A couple more days to close this monthly candle and figure it out. You just find resistance resistance resistance. You go to a weak chart, you’re going to find these lines that play, you know, resistance, resistance, resistance, follow You can go to the daily chart. You know I start II just wrote through some lines on a month and then you can see how they’re out.

They all fit together somewhere on the charts. So, a weak chart. You know, maybe you pull a double bottom. Maybe you come in a gap, put in a higher low, and then you continue up. Hopefully, you don’t break your support line. I mean, that’s what it does but Yeah, there’s definitely uh good control of supply here. by the people and only they own ninety. 90% of the amount of token is pretty shady. They’re not showing to be addressed.

So they must not be even burning tokens this whole time. So, Oh, that doesn’t look good. but that’s it. That’s my video for today. That’s it.

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