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Friday, September 30, 2022

Ecomi Grows By 40% in the last day!

If you are part of the company and the community guys, the omi token has been up 40 in the past 24 hours. The token has been surging. A lot of people have been asking me why and I have one reason to tell you guys: it’s because of weight.

He’S not supposed to be on there, no but in, all seriousness guys there are a lot of reasons for that. The omi token has been surging, obviously, we know, that we landed marvel. Obviously, a lot of us have watched that al khan interview and with the Alcon interview a lot of people do believe that we will be landing pokemon as well. If you have not seen the Alcon interview, it is linked on youtube. I highly recommend everybody in the okomi community to check it out.

It was a phenomenal interview, with a lot of insights, a lot of tidbits into the future. The token guys – and as I mentioned late last night, we were uh awarded the top NFT gainer guys the top 10 NFT gainer and there’s a lot of great projects on here. But we were the top NFT generate 40, guys 39, and I believe that we hit 40 percent on the day. All of us in the yummy community guys were celebrating a lot of good news was going. On people are happy again: people are bullish, again although the day, one’s, never really left, this project or really lost any hope in this project all of us know the use case there are over 350 000people that use this on there are over 125 000ome token holders and a hundred plus licenses That we have secured so a lot of us are bullish and think.

This chart speaks to that the top 24 hours according to July 6th omi was the number one net gainer now we can also take a look at the price guys. So when I checked this a second ago was that point zero, zero. Four, it looks like we dipped down a little bit underneath that point: zero, zero fourmark, but still good for compared to where we were at – and you can look here guys. The volume is up12 to 12 million dollars. As of today, the 24-hour volume and a market cap of 650 million dollars658 million dollars, that’s incredible guys, this is well over half a billion-dollar project and you can do a few things here guys you can see the high and the low, so the low for the 24 hours was.

035and, obviously the high coming in at point zero, four, eight, seven, nine I’ll tell you what it feels good to be at that range again. Do me a favor guys if you’re happy with the performance of the one token in the past 24 hours, do me a favor and drop a like for your boy, Jake Gagan but obviously, look on the seven days, guys we started this, so we could go at point: zero, zero, two one and! Then, as I mentioned, we’re at that point, zero four, eight marks uh that was earlier this morning and then we kind of dropped down a little bit. I believe beneath that point four probably some whales selling out, but still, a lot of reasons to, be happy guys. A lot of reasons to celebrate the omi token is doing incredible.

Things and a lot of us are having fun again because it’s kind of tough when you’re down at the bottom, but when you’re coming back up guys. It is great, so a lot of reasons to celebrate and we’re adding holders guys when. I did this a little while ago we had over a hundred thousand holders. We just reached 126 000people that are now holding the Umi token which is incredible. If you’re, one of those guys do me a favor smash that like button and subscribe, to my youtube channel to stay up to date on all my news now.

Another reason why I think that we were blowing up and actually why we went so parabolic in. The first place is because we announced the partnership with marvel. This means we’re going to be getting superheroes like thor like spider-man like black panther-like hulk-like ironman, you name it we’re going to be getting some of the best superheroes in the world, they’re all going to be available in NFT format and they’re going to be coming to the collectible App here very very soon – and I know a lot of you – guys have been watching a lot of these shows. I think we have 8 000 different characters that can be coming to the vb collectible. It’S either.

8008. 000. I know it’s a big difference somewhere in the comments, let me know, but over 8 000 I believe characters are going to be coming to the vb collectible app from marvel, which is massive now another reason. A lot of people think that we’re getting pokemon is because of the also partnership and the Jeremy powder partnership guys. If you don’t know, Jeremy go give him followers one of my favorite people to follow on the twitter-sphere and he’s an omi guy too, but he said Vivi had a three-year head start on digital collectibles al David and dan showed me in 2018i was skeptical Alcon at 74 carefully curates projects I bought omi early.

I held a dip. I feel very optimistic no guarantees well if Jeremy’s I’m in and you can go ahead and just check his bio guys. He is the global toymaker for pokemon Fortnite Roblox, new, halo, coke chameleon Squishy Mellows. So many different things guys so Jeremy is, one of the goats of collecting he’s obviously intertwined with the uh pokemon community, he is also, good friends with Alcon. So a lot of people do believe that we’re going to be getting one of these cute guys coming to the VP collectible out and.

I think if we do get a pokemon guys if we do get the Pikachu pokemon franchise, things are gonna, absolutely incredible. So a lot of different news guys. We also have the immutable. Partnership I know a lot of you guys already understand what this means, but for those of you who do not understand what this means, this partnership is going to be massive immutable, is the first layer two for NFTs on Ethereum, zero gas fees instant trades and up to nine thousand trades per second so. For everybody, that’s using right, now we’re on the go chain network, guys but everybody, that’s gonna – be using us we’re gonna be moving to the Ethereum network, faster trades safer.

I know a lot of people that have lost units on the vv collectible app. It’S safer, 9 000trades per second. It’S going to be huge guys its going, to allow us to level up our platform, and our community, so much it’s going to be incredible and. Another reason why guys, I’m so bullish and I think that the price shut up is because people are starting to understand what the rogers and cohen partnership looks like guys. These guys, represent some of the biggest celebrities in the world, DJ Khaled Jamie Foxx, bruce Willis, you name it and they’re, going to be representing e Comey and putting us out to the world as well all very very bullish news for us guys it is going to be very very good.

So the rogers and cohen partnership is going to prove to be incredible, so we got marvel we got rogers and cohen. We got immutable, we got a lot of things going. I think one of the things that we’re really lacking right now. Guys are the exchanges. I’ve said this a few times on my podcast but I’ll say it again.

If we get something like a Binance, if we get something like a coin base, if we get something like a voyager or q coin and you can use my voyager code. Guys, it’s right here: in the bio, things are going to go. Parabolic right, now you can only buy omi on bit4x ascended gate.io and I’m blanking on the other one unity swap the fail uni swap listing. How could I blank on that but?

I think that when we do get on, another exchange 40 of the day is going to be nothing and, as you guys know, we’re up 40 on the day. But that is gonna, be nothing when we’re able to get on another exchange, so we’re looking at this now up 40 on the day, guys there are some great different coins out here guys, but no one grew like omi in terms of the NFT market in the past24 hours, and that is A reason for us to celebrate as I mentioned 126 000 people are holding us up 40on. The day we almost reached that half a penny mark we kind of dipped back down, I think that going to happen for a while, but we’re going to keep hashing away. We’Ve has seen major burns. That has happened, guys, we’ve seen major partnerships have announced in terms of marvel in terms of back to the future in terms of nflpa Jurassic park, and more and more are coming soon.

The marvel one is obviously, the biggest until we land something like this which is going to take us extremely parabolic guys. So there’s a lot of reasons to celebrate if you’re in the e Comey community. I’m very excited I’m very bullish on this project: I’ve been bullish for a long time. I’ve said this before I’ve never sold a single omi token and I don’t plan on selling one anytime soon. So with that being said do, I think that we’re going to be getting pokemon I think that it’s going to be coming soon, I’ve said that before guys, the Malcolm partnership Jeremy powder was being so bullish on this project, a lot of things are pointing us to uh pokemon especially this man right Here the man, the myth, the legend al khan.

Let me know in the comments, though, do you think that we’re gonna be getting pokemon, because I’m, very bullish, that we will be landing pokemon at, some point here in the future, which is great news for all of us. I can’t wait to have a little Pikachu or Charizard NFT to play with it might be a year. It might be two years who knows when it’s going to come, but I do believe that it will be coming soon. So all of those reasons, combined guys everything looking good for the project. the team’s doing a great job, the community is building it great.

The team is just super transparent, we have, other NFTs, coming in soon partnership the da Vinci partnership there are so many great things that are happening here for the Comey family guys, and I wanted to bring this update and kind of explain why. I do believe that the yumi token was up 40 in 24 hours, marvel Alcon, interview immutable partnership, more people, understanding the space, a lot of good things are happening, for all of us here in the family. So it’s a reason to celebrate guys a lot of great things going: on and guess what do me? A favor smashes, that like button, leave a comment below and we will see all of you on the moon. Let’S keep pumping on me, send it to the moon, peace out, everybody

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