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ECO Coin – This is how we link Economy and Ecology

this photograph by michael nightjar is wiel in the sense that i went into the mountains which is camera however it soal soal virtual enzymes now fillet to demolish whether the month their tour resonates with the slopes or the down jones index this is the nasdaq here is the japanese nikkei index and this charlie’s and room stock exchange increasing you hear that money and towards economy is becoming virtual about that one test 1000x the world’s first virtual million there was a fear and jimmy lady alim grave the fortune count real estate in that online community second life marlies and groom see the notorious that full language bitcoin which for me used to be value of zero to over wife-his dollar back to accesses purdy dollar to date and now many people keep longer it is bossche bol at the virtual korink and crying value of accesses $ 14 allianz there is very simple ritual money is a pio neat like like fast and redundant expression money for is the virtual wall ‘perhaps not ten thousand years ago and people were still trading carol is low tight and bare for toe chips its access margin agree who our people trading tools and in the types of moment rich person who have like a 100 of these tools to Russia which warms up just before those went working the more with spring for trading to that and they’ll start to make them smaller and smaller and this is how the competition borne this is one thousand pc ‘competition and he can tell you that to to to thick how you this is tap or club he’s not working but this kind of the end of word you can put kinds of moment someone said why not make it round en de Koning was born and for as with difficult uw aan de vote it nt tardis was in apps traction in otys types flat was the virtual reality of their time it’s not the end or it of course i faux leather to god banknotes who kisses chest bare or claims to carrier to the role back of the royal court timing you should never throw it back notjet a penny sort and valuing coins a trail nike safty tori lived goals meanwhile i also scared the plastic about that credit cards dna mee of gold ‘or silver no access to add this fascinating dit how yes you me being seen to be the oil and the mole in the world capable of consuming symbols and some years ago and more in the tent when reconnect money with some girlfriend sex how the most beautiful value goal in life so known theta of The guys from the better with the research that travel and the euro and dollar make mistakes so stock traders how normally i spent a whole day looking glass screen to see how their money is during nou has is natural for him and me in look at accountancy is older financial world progressing how you create it and bath the system that tracks the detail form that internet and yes and for your flight check and it got new detail does to the fountain sports vest and eling this in beat disc one without garden and how you say five makes sense you understand how fat bacon what who did that json garden the small changes but still those projects white under fountain is movie was with what you have and that television and yes very so you have been to explaining to japanese television is the project was but who don’t speak japanese from this so let’s move on even look at this development of of finance and way over time when you see that there’s this tendency towards the intangible and so sure you may use to live in wolof frames take a closer look living in wolof information you have to do the virtual slowly some steadily which comes the reality something like this around east and itself via living in the matrixx oh red army old journaux increase vote for so happening at tick not allow beginning and beginning in is now some for point five million years ago since her planet came into existence and at first i was just alone iraq floating in specie teddy gio atmosphere what i key grow for the billion years biosphere perched to planet earth and then how long want your way leather one can after all so we’ve just arrived to really going for a presence that’s not go and needed that art grows arjuna activity and technology week of the rising of tarali news for you planet becomes the technos fur and just like the biosphere you follow a figurine from the gio atmosphere the technos atmosphere image sofon and interaction with the biosphere evolution pink however in the cutting nostrils logical to timely new ecological that mersey close dees about a percent of whether stock trading is done by computers so who is there with my start to proceed the financial system is an ecology you are not such a right and now you feel how this camp is doing much older i come jeans light for instance there a frost balls financial system eswin that follows in the last few decades of gray forced it has been there already for centuries reenforced is even sustainable bicycle to sunlight financial system bicycle the harsh atmosphere and rainforest are the traitant ecology where a financial system is a fret and in that circle you could also below like which one is more value sphere so touches him allows you like how in the room here vinckx der a force is more value holden de financial system ok that while other people and and and and how vinckx wants the financial system to have more value he see the so do you work there benq sir iping these should be linked with you klink easy colletjes and allow me to liberate this how to get the very simple extra mole this weekend hollande does not rely on alberto word so there is fun in size dm blinds forced and around oh hey sweet choice i can burn the forums de aan een park sorry there then i will earn money to see this family or i can let the trees we then i will arrange your so beautiful so full of history that the screen for cisco live value is still under the something articulate it in its financial system alberto in us zero to move on weekend continuous and potent oil small week and do whatever winds bother the types of moment before you bother it soon the last three for hasbeens gate and the tricky is my gosh how you will realize that you can all the money into a to cope with current issues like the force tation decreasing biodiversity and our lambs too den mini system change and week and do it we’ve created such a way to fit currencies as i tour in major in mage and that how he is the currency for and warm and true value with school the echo corn air conditioning crown specifies and shaping or value and never person that as well for the environment in the by driver office an echo coins for not such a friend alberto my plants thousand fries and war would be tackle or alice myron ultrasounds by connecting beach jimmy this research on biodiversity in the coral and nikles just turned his first goal but planting the helm the airco will move along with other currency I want to fluctuate you slide that and the euro and the dollar the air con would fluctuate so since and warm and sure i was quite scarce sits margot sky high but one who air flight a million alberto solder planting trees all over the planet is much you might plan with and that’s fine lucas standing up indiana frink’s wants balance and this is how to connect the condomi and that collection and yes-r lots of corstjens cushion start is the hear bank to unload the cow do it locally how to find it or maybe we could take some of those computer ahai wants him Let it down and keep track of how corruption and being ex actually is defined as and shaping of values ​​this allows disco still have my mother the shore of life in which is that aruba is a huge see how lg island and that’s great for you folks and i maud for help level anyway than a friends most important thing is that would understand and realize that who yuen’s created this technos atmosphere in a sanex nation is walton and products spheres are domesticated for a straight and continues to link back then the by jooz fire who kisses in who knows this only one planet which happens to be a planet hear her well then you have mars and in my introduction and he sits you hearts we technology sent plus for all your blood you already can and riesling give us a ma harvard and hybra vs pipe it is billy and artichoke is the something that you think that is actually going to be a time in people investing in you would be the solution to clarify is a good doctor can sometimes be new recipe and this track to like about poor qua this is not for or is an arby’s ajax family quite disk and have it osso third time to have the toe bosje in the next few years i myself to make it if so then us through the practical and get your hands in the market yes you will giving away this purpose recording viewer and xps africa support and to work on all aspects and one of it is the ideal words Kristin’s wedding party destined for you have this in a mind like why not have a currency for environmental value den bliek and do it yes and there was bohr model your rigid party and happy and then someone says moment in your suit that journey will missed me and my mac notes from usaid and cream was very well square because yes this is definitely the interest I caught the have you look at welten can fries in a classic owe it something like this how you look to another lens and you will notice that are some should you actually be sorry interesting to what extent your [ __ ] thinks your coarse man, think well

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