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Earn Crypto Like a Professional

I love christmas. In fact, i spend all year looking forward to it. Why? Because it’s time to focus on things that really matter family food and the baby jesus, but i’m a simple guy. I don’t want a lot for christmas.

Just one thing i need. I don’t even care about the presents underneath the christmas tree, but i sure could use some discounts. December has been a red month for most people and i’m not even talking about the charts. Talking about your good old-fashioned checking account. I love the festive season as much as anyone, but ouch sure can be an expensive time of the year.

J.R tolkien once said that, out of all the words in the english language, you can combine cellar door was the most beautiful wrong. What does eno? He was an elf, an elf nerd want to know what are the most too beautiful words ever combined i’ll. Tell you free, crypto, i’ll, say it again.


Free crypto sounds good huh. In fact, it’s actually too good to be true again wrong, and that’s because in this video we’ll be looking at a project that quite literally gives its millions of users the ultimate christmas gift free crypto all year round. Let’S get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button.

If you want to go deeper into crypto, make sure to check out bitlab academy.com in this sponsored video. We take a look at the revolutionary crypto cashback project, stormx celebrate christmas. Then chances are your fiat portfolio has taken a hit, but what if there was a way you could actually benefit from all that shopping beyond the warm fuzzy feeling you get when your kids open their lol doll? What if there was a protocol that would actually pay for a crypto for getting little jenny that overpriced chunk of plastic?

She was so excited about. Do they name little girls, jenny anymore, i’m not sure, enter storm x, a platform that is to crypto cashback. What rudolph was to reindeers the only one worth knowing about you may be familiar with the name already, not least because storm x is the first blockchain project to become an official partner of a big4 sports team and they’re such a top tier project.

I’M even willing to overlook the fact that they partnered with the portland trailblazers, but i admit it’s a good fit with star player, cj mccollum as their new brand ambassador. So what is it, how does it work and how can members of the bit squad benefit?

Stormx is a platform that allows its users to earn crypto cashback rewards while shopping online, and thanks to the huge number of partnerships they’ve made with your favorite, retailers means you’re not limited to a few special offers.

No, you easily earn free crypto for things. You’d have already been buying anyways, i’m talking flights, taxis, sneakers, gardening equipment, Christmas decoration, you name it, but don’t just take my word for it: they’ve teamed up with the likes of nike, ebay, expedia and adidas, to name but a few storm max users can access the 1000 plus retailers, through the ios or android app, as well as a super, simple chrome extension and the ux, couldn’t be smoother simply visit.

One of the available online stores activate your reward and check out, like you, usually would to begin your journey as a free crypto. Accumulator you’re going to need to connect a compatible wallet, no problem, because stormx has integrated the likes of metamask coinbase wallet and wallet connect for mobile users, just sign up to stormex with an email address, connect your wallet and you’re good to go.

If that hasn’t wetted your appetites, like a green bean casserole, the next question, you’re, probably asking – is just how much cashback stormex users can actually earn, and that seems to vary from a pretty decent amount to a pretty insane amount to really answer the question: let’s take A look at the stormx token stmx new rc20 token available for purchase on a wide range of top exchanges.

How much cash back you get depends on what the individual retailer is offering, but from what i can tell rewards seem to average between five and seven percent. Not bad!

Here’S where things get interesting by storing and holding stmx tokens in your connected wallet users can unlock the full potential of their storemax account and access higher tier memberships with each level offering increasingly larger, rewards and faster payout times. There are five membership tiers by holding 3000 stmx tokens.

Bronze members can 1.25x their crypto cash back. Meanwhile, 31 000 stmx gets you silver membership and a 1.5x multiplier on rewards. So what does this mean in practice?

We talk about practice. How much can you actually earn? Well, let’s say you placed an order of 150 at a shop offering 6 crypto cash back pair of sneakers, for example.

This table shows you just how much different membership tiers would be able to supercharge their rewards from nine dollars worth of free crypto is a basic purple. Member all the way to 3
5 x or 31 and 50 cents for diamond level, members 31 and 50 cents on 150 purchase.

That’S crazy and that’s just from a six percent reward with other major retailers offering upwards of twenty percent top tier members can receive as much as eighty seven point: five percent cash back, whether you’re a basic member or stormex whale awards can be withdrawn in a range Of crypto assets, including stmx btc eth, die ltc and yfi, but you know, what’s even better than free crypto.

No well I’ll tell you compounding your free crypto rewards, which is also possible thanks to storm x’s, taking options. Yup you’ve got to stake it to make it by using smart contracts audited by quant stamp. Stormex users can earn an impressive 15 apy 15 on free crypto, paid out weekly and unstable at any time. This all sounds pretty great, but the storm x team isn’t done yet with some seriously cool developments in the pipeline for 2022.

That includes the stormx debit card. Ecommerce is great, but nothing beats a bit of window shopping with the storemax debit card expected to debut. In the us, during q1 of next year, you’ll be able to earn that sweet crypto cash back at over 15 000 physical stores, with up to 15 rewards on your regular purchases.

They’ve even signed an exclusive deal with amazon to give users eight percent cash back on all things purchased. On amazon, the card is stackable with the crypto cash back on the app and extension, which means more cash.

Back best of all card comes with an incredible fee structure that means zero atm fees, zero, pin transaction fees, zero monthly fees and only two percent for foreign transaction fees. Additionally, the card comes with a checking account which actually stores your fund in crypto.

It only becomes fiat when you make a purchase store max accounts will include all the features you get from. Traditional banking accounts, including an aba routing number account number easy integration. Whether they’re banking providers, as well as integrations with apple and google pay sign up, couldn’t be easier and you’ll receive a fully functional virtual card.

While you wait to receive the physical one, all in all stormx is absolutely crushing the cashback game, with over 4 million happy customers and many more millions made out in crypto rewards you’d literally have to hate free money. Not to give this one a try. That’s all.

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