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Welcome to batboy crypto home of the bit squad largest greatest crypto community and all the innerwebs. My name is ben every day on this channel show you how to make money crypto, if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button guys. I want to give you guys an urgent message tonight, an urgent security safety and security message that you need to hear so make sure to listen to this entire video, especially if you’re new to crypto. This is going to show you how to stay safe, something you have to do. I’M going to be explaining to you how i actually lost 20 000 in a scam, and I’m going to tell you about it.

I’M going to show you how you can stay safe from that, because we’re seeing the re-emergence of this scam now, usually at this time. I would come on like give you the crypto news, tell you what bitcoins doing, but all that sucks bitcoin is going sideways, not really doing anything. Of course all coins are doing about the same thing and there’s just not a lot of crypto news going out there. So let me explain you what is going on with a potential scam out there right now now i do want to stop before i tell you about this and say we don’t know for sure that this is 100 uh, a scam or not, but i’m going to Explain to you how people are can use airdrops to entice people to come and give them all their crypto on accident, and it happened to me several years ago. I’M gonna tell you about the lesson that i learned and how you can protect yourself and be safe.


So what happened? Is richard hart uh put a tweet out about a project, an airdrop project that we actually talked about on the live stream on thursday, the name of this project is called gas dow. Now the premise of this is it’s: an air drop going to ethereum holders who have paid over 1559 dollars in gas season. Uh richard hart is now saying there are users, accusing this free airdrop of stealing funds out of their wallet or more, like tricking, the users to send all of their ethereum to another address. So we can’t confirm this 100 sure or not, but i can’t confirm this is a very common scam in the airdrop world.

So what are airdrops? These are uh moments or or situations where users can get free tokens, and some of these tokens have been worth thousands of dollars in the past. Uh ontology was worth you know when it was airdropped thousands of dollars uh. There are many other ones that, were you know worth a lot that were air dropped. I can’t remember there was the name of it, but there was one that was like four thousand made.

I think it was hydro. Was air dropped like four thousand dollars in 2017?

Okay, air drops for years have been away in crypto that people have been able to make free money and get big bags without having to do really anything. So what we see in crypto is similar thing that happens all across you know. All every niche in crypto is this: when people see success, scammers smell weakness and they want to go in there and trick people into giving them all their crypto.

This is what happened to me in 2018., i had a bag about 2500 worth of zrx, which at the time was less, you know worth less. I think it was 7 or 8 cents, maybe 10 cents right now, that bag would be worth um uh about uh, 20, 000, okay, the equivalent to where it was when it was taken to right now. I think it would be about 20 000. I haven’t worked the exact math on it, but it was a lot of money.

It was several several thousands of dollars and at the time i was a very unsuspecting victim, so i was definitely newer to all coins in 2017 and 2018 um learning the the lay of the land so to speak. This is probably like the first three or four months that uh you know. I have my channel going, maybe a little bit longer than that and here’s what happened. There was a project called eos gas. Now neo had a gas token and i can’t remember if it got air dropped or not.

But the idea was, you had a token for a platform, and then you also had their utility token, which would kind of power the platform think binance coin for binance neo called theirs a gas token. So a lot of these projects started. You know coming out with their own gas tokens. Eos gas was a gas token for eos, but it wasn’t officially sanctioned by block one or eos eos. So what happened?

Is they sent me an email and it was very early in the morning. It was like. 6. 30. In the morning i had not had my coffee, yet i just woke up opened my laptop and i had signed up for this airdrop through twitter.

Well, they sent me an email and i i read, i read the email and it said all i had to do to receive. The airdrop was to sign into my ether wallet and give them a signature, and i was i didn’t know what that was a signature. I had no idea, and so what i did was i signed into my ether wallet and it sent me to a link. All i had to do was click on a button, and that would be the signature. Well, i didn’t realize that when i clicked on the signature, i was the signature where your either wallet gives someone access to your wallet.

So little did. I know that when i thought i was getting this 500 airdrop all of a sudden, my funds were completely taken and i lost all of my zrx, which was my baby at the time, and i was very, very, very upset with this and um. You know it was very hard. It was a lesson i had to learn. I basically got fished, it wasn’t necessarily hacked.

I got fished. I handed over the information to get into my wallet and that’s something you guys got to be very careful about. We covered this story about the airdrop on my live stream on thursday, okay, the last live stream of the year. I covered this at the time we didn’t know this could potentially be a scam, but in that video in that live stream, i specifically said be careful of airdrop scams, not saying that that one was but any any any airdrop that asks you for information or ask You to send them something that is a scam. That is the technique that these scammers use in order to steal all your ethereum out of your wallet.

So you got to be careful out. There guys make sure you’re being safe, make sure you’re being secure with your wallets, don’t ever hand over a signature to a wallet. Listen, here’s the thing about an airdrop. Here’S the thing about an airdrop. All they need your address, that’s it!

That’S all that they need is your address. You should not be giving information to get air drops most of these airdrops they’re done by snapshots and wallets that meet certain criteria, so you don’t even have to give it to them they’re going to send it to you automatically some of them. You do have to sign up for, but i’m just telling you guys trying to chase a free 500 from a wallet that has thousands of dollars in crypto in. It is a very bad idea. If you are going to claim airdrops, it may be something that you want to consider.

You may want to consider doing it from fresh wallets, creating a wallet specifically for the purpose of getting a specific airdrop that way, you’ll stay safe and no one will be able to get all of your precious hard-earned crypto. So i hope everybody’s 2022 is uh starting off great um, we’ll see we we haven’t yet had, of course, the first weekly, close or um. I guess technically right now we’re getting the first weekly close, but it’s only a couple of days we haven’t had our first full weekly close, yet so i’ll just see what happens with bitcoin here in the very near future. We’Re not seeing a lot of news coming out in crypto, but i expect that to change big time tomorrow, as we get our first monday of the year, markets will open they’re free from futures free from calls free from puts we had the quarter ended. We had the month that ended and we had the year that ended.

Of course we had the week that ended, so we have all the major time increments for futures contracts. Closing so we’ll have to see if institutions are done with their profit. Taking and maybe bitcoin will start slowly moving on back up uh we’re going to be having some big talks for you guys in the next few weeks. So we’re going to be really examining exactly what we believe is gon na be happening in crypto in 2022. But hey all bets are off, i guess nobody really knows.

What’S gon na happen in crypto, we’re gon na do our best to keep you formed and educated on crypto all right guys. That’S all i got be blessed.

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