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In this video we are going to be discussing the price predictions for dogecoin ethereum and some of our favorite cryptocurrencies. We’Re also going to be taking a look at what is going to be happening this week, where are kryptos and dogecoin headed [ Music ]. What’S up myles, ladies and gentlemen, here make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell, so you do not miss these time-sensitive videos about dogecoin and cryptocurrencies, where we call out huge plays before they happen, and if you want to get access to my profitable trade signals When to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it’s only ten dollars a month join my patreon, which is in my top pink comment or in my video’s description, where i have a bunch of other services that you should definitely check out. We can build your portfolio. We have a 4 000 member discord and much more i’m giving away 200 to one lucky winner.

This saturday, all you have to do is like this. Video subscribe to the channel, follow my instagram and twitter and put dogecoin giveaway in the comments. If you love dogecoin and shiva e-news, make sure you smash that, like button – and let me know in the comments your price prediction for the end of the year for dogecoin, ethereum and bitcoin. So a lot of us were expecting this huge update for ethereum, which is definitely happening this week to be on the fourth, which is tomorrow, but apparently this article. What just came out says: it’s going to be on thursday, which is still very good, so, whether it’s tomorrow, whether it’s thursday we’re definitely looking forward to this i’ve, been looking forward to this, because ethereum is one of my biggest holdings, one of my favorite cryptocurrencies, because It has so much to offer versus the regular cryptocurrencies that we do invest in, but this huge update is definitely going to have an effect on the price of cryptocurrencies.

What it’s doing right now is it’s sucking a lot of the market cap from bitcoin. It’S putting it into ethereum as we are seeing. This is having an adverse effect, at least on the relative short term, to the price of dogecoin, because because a lot of the attention is not focused on ethereum with this big update, so that’s partially due. Why dogecoin is some of our favorite cryptocurrencies aren’t really performing very well, but this update here for ethereum is going to have the effect, the great long-term effect that we are looking for in ethereum to really bring it to those high prices. I personally think that theory will, at least by the end of the year if the bull run continues and everything goes according to how it’s supposed to go.

We will at least see ten thousand dollars. I was hoping for 30 – maybe 25 – maybe 30 000. By the end of the year prior to the big crash, by the way everything was looking, it was looking like ethereum could hit those type of numbers, but i certainly think twenty thousand dollars is not out of the cars. It’S not out of the question. That’S a long shot, it is a long shot, but i certainly think that ethereum can hit close to 10k at the end of the year, maybe 8 000 or so so we’re still seeing a little bit of fud in the market.

But let me tell you all: a lot of this fun is because of this crypto tax proposal that we’re seeing and once this gets passed and everything it’s still like this article says it’s still far off it’s going to take some time. So a lot of this fun that we are seeing all of this news and just cryptos taxes and regulations is scary. Investors. It’S pushing people away, is taking a bit of that excitement away and, as we were saying, kryptos were just going up like crazy. 10.

13 days in a row, and then we get this foot to kind of slow things down a little bit. I still think it’s part of market manipulation, people trying to suppress the price of cryptocurrencies, which the big banks which big money is still trying to do. But it’s not really having a huge effect on the market. Nothing’S crashing nothing’s really selling off we’re, seeing a small correction, we’re seeing a small little retracement in the crypto market, so the market is still very bullish for cryptocurrencies, and i have this very important piece of data that i need to share with you. It says bitcoin large addresses, continue to show interesting patterns and how supply distributions are changing over time and the amount of addresses fluctuating in each tier.

So what it goes to show is there is this chart right here? These little lines that we are seeing shows wallet addresses with a specific amount of bitcoin, and then this green thing on the bottom: that’s the price of bitcoin. So what we’re actually seeing is we’re seeing a lot of people, especially with the larger tier from 10 bitcoin to 1 000 bitcoins, are gradually rising, we’re seeing a very big spike. We’Re also seeing the people that have only 1 to 10 bitcoins that that number is starting to rise. The amount of bitcoin the amount of addresses are going up very fast generally.

When we see this type of data not much longer. Does the bull run start not much longer? Do things start to take up, which is just starting right now? Just remember: bitcoin was just 28 000 like just a week ago. Ethereum was like 1800 1900, 2 000 just a week ago, and look where we are now so just goes to show you that cryptos can move very very fast and we were waiting for a very long time.

We were not able to break, especially for bitcoin. 42. 000, we were finally able to break it. We all know as technical traders and investors that when bitcoin breaks 42 000 that confirms the bull run, which we are now entering in, we still been in a bull run, but we had a correction but we’re now entering the second phase of that bull run. Where things are about to get ready to take off, it might be a week there might be weeks, but here very soon, especially the next couple of months.

We’Re definitely going to be seeing some crazy price actions for cryptocurrencies, the crypto fear and greed index is still neutral. It looks like it’s starting to head back into greed with all this regulatory flood getting behind us. It’S now going to allow cryptos to start pumping. So don’t be surprised when you wake up and see potentially dogecoin up 10 20 and then some of these other crypt is up three percent. Four percent and people are going to be like wow.

Why is dogecoin out performing the market so many times it happens? Like almost every couple of weeks we see dogecoin just down in the dust, while other cryptos are kind of moving up a little bit. People like what’s wrong with dogecoin dogecoin is dead and then boom. Two days later, dogecoin is up 30 and the entire market is down, or the entire market is only up one percent, maybe dogecoin is starting to decouple from crypt from bitcoin from ethereum, so we’re definitely gon na have to keep our eyes on it, but still i’m Still very bullish with dogecoin, i’m not worried about dogecoin, even if it goes down to 17 cents, 15 cents, where i’m gon na i’m gon na, show you in the charts what i’m thinking, but i would not be concerned for dogecoin right now. However, what something i wouldn’t do is i wouldn’t be having all of my money in deutsche.

I wouldn’t have all of my money in one crypto, unless it’s like ethereum or maybe even bitcoin does coin is a riskier more volatile asset. So, that’s something that i personally wouldn’t recommend putting all of my money into you’d want to diversify. It goes to show you that we diversify into cardano look at cardano, while the market is in the red. Cardano is going up, so it’s good to have a portfolio. That’S diversified, bitcoin, ethereum cardano, just just my opinion.

It’S not financial advice, not a financial advisor, but it’s good to be diversified so that when other things are down, other things can go up. It kind of balances, your portfolio, something to certainly consider so for ethereum. We are still looking very bullish and we are starting to see some green right now, a bit of green. But it looks like we’re getting a double bottom here: we’re getting a double bounce right here, which potentially means that we’re having a reversal to the upside or we could get rejected here and start to come down, maybe get a triple bottom, which could be even more Bullish or we can break this so ethereum has been pumping for nearly 13 days straight give or take, and i would not put it past me if we did see a bit of a correction with ethereum, maybe just some levels of support like 2400, maybe even to 23.50 – and maybe that pump was because of the expectancy of eip1559, so this was the by the rumors of the event two days before, but we’re starting to see some green in the market.

Now, a couple days a day before eip1559, we could eventually even pump on the day of the event. That’S certainly a very big possibility, but you know we don’t know what it’s going to do, but we have an idea based on looking at this chart. It’S looking very bullish, we’re having a w pattern, so we might have a reversal with all this regulatory funds starting to get behind us. We might start to head up for ethereum. I would not also put it past myself if we did have a major pump with ethereum and cryptocurrencies the next couple of days, but we’ll just have to keep our eyes open for that, but my price prediction for ethereum, like i said i think we should at Least at least be able to hit – maybe 8k 10k this year, that’s kind of like my more conservative guess and where is that from now that’s about a four to five x.

So it’s definitely some very good gains way better than any stock in the stock market. Can get you consistently taking a look at bitcoin? What we are seeing is a bit of a big sell-off. Bitcoin is flipping bearish, at least in the immediate short term, because we have broken this level of support, and now we have another level of support where we could possibly bounce, which would take us to about 36. Five, that’s very likely uh my price prediction for bitcoin the end of the year.

I think we can at least hit 120 230k by the end of the year. I would not be surprised if we hit 150 175. These type of things can certainly happen in the crypto market, especially for bitcoin as we’re seeing this massive adoption into cryptocurrencies taking place right now, but at least for the immediate short term is looking a bit bearish for bitcoin, but bitcoin definitely needs a reversal so that We can get back into this uptrend, so hopefully we can be getting a reversal here soon, which definitely could be possible in the next couple of hours and then, most importantly, for dogecoin on the 4 hour, we’re starting to see a green candle and a big rejection In this lower level of 19 cents, so if we zoom into the chart, we’re definitely seeing some green, but we are still in a downtrend ever since uh we hit about ever since we hit this nearly 22 cents. The other day, which was the first of august, we’ve been in a downtrend, so we definitely need to start getting a reversal here soon. So this might end up being our reversal that we’re hoping for and i’m thinking that the way it’s gon na play out is we’re gon na have a inverse head and shoulders um, so that would play out.

This would be the bottom right here. This is the shoulder we could probably come up and then come down a little bit then start to balance, that’s probably a very likely scenario, especially understanding the crypto market, but based on all of this flood and the market regulatory fears, we could have a bit of A slow week we could have a bit slow next few days and we might even be slow throughout this month. We’Ll have to see it’s generally. The beginning of the month is very bullish, and the end of months are very bullish and the middle of the months are bullish. A lot of that has to do with futures and options explorations which do affect the price of cryptocurrencies, and they do suppress the prices.

But those things could actually end up. Turning to our benefit being very bullish, we just need to wait and see what happens with this eip1559 event and for dogecoin my price prediction for doge1. If things can continue to pump if ethereum hits 10k, if bitcoin can hit 100k, which is nearly 3 to 4x – maybe get above that, we always know that these all coins way outperform those bigger assets like bitcoin ethereum. So i think it would be certainly safe to say we can easily hit a dollar a dollar. Fifty dollar.

Fifty is more on my conservative side, but if things really pump up, i think we can hit close to two dollars. That is a bit of a long shot, yes um, but based on this news with dogecoin the dogecoin ethereum bridge uh this massive adoption into cryptocurrencies. There could be this crazy. Bull run, that’s supposed to happen with a huge supply shortage and cryptocurrencies. A lot of fomo could take place.

The dogecoin movement can get much bigger. Dashcoin can easily surpass two dollars this year. Dogecoin can easily hit three dollars, but it all depends on what happens. So what is most likely and safer to say is that dogecoin can easily surpass the dollar dollar fifty um, but i’m thinking in the higher range that we will probably see two dollars if you guys want a good platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies use. My weibo link, if you deposit one hundred dollars using my link, they’ll, send you two free stocks worth up to four thousand dollars which you can immediately sell and buy cryptocurrencies with at any time.

If you got something out of the video make sure you share this video with some of your friends and family blow up the comment section – and i will see you all tomorrow – have a good

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