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From crypto, daily trade signals coming to you live this is our latest update for you guys? Hopefully, you guys are having a great time wherever you guys are, and today we’re going to talk about it. You know one-two, three blasts off. I really believe that uh dogecoin and the other cryptos like Ethereum and bitcoin are getting ready to blast off. The bull run is not over we’re about to prepare for our next leg up.

You know all the data is showing that you know sure. Bitcoin right now is having higher lows. Uh, dogecoin is uh. You know setting up to break out it’s trading above uh. My purple rain line and then we have the uh EIP new London hard fork.

That’S coming up now. I got some news on that because there’s gonna be a bit of a delay on that. So we’re going to talk about that. We’Re going to talk about some interesting news: that’s coming out for bitcoin and other cryptos, and definitely, dogecoin is on the rise guys. You got to watch this video from start to finish, don’t miss all the tips and tricks and don’t forget not only.

This is financial advice, the rick filler of crypto, giving you uh my opinion and education, and this is only for educational purposes. Only so don’t misunderstand that this is not financial advice. You have been disclaimed guys, so hopefully, you love it. I love it whoo. Let’S get it guys, let’s jump into it right now, watch out for nazis cameras in the contents and uh never reply to them, don’t forget we’re giving away one theory, one whole Ethereum.

So if you want to be a lucky winner, you got to be in it to win it, and how do you win it? You need to subscribe, you need to like, and also the software, uh you know sees who’s been watching and how many hours you guys have been watching and if you uh are some of the top watchers and you never miss the videos. Guess what you’re going to win one Ethereum so right now, one Ethereum! I think it’s like a 2 500, so it could be worth 10 grand. It could be worth 10 grand because also in this video we’re going to give you the dose coin, predictions the Ethereum predictions and bitcoin predictions uh forum for the end of the year.

So you guys don’t want to miss it. You definitely don’t want to miss it so get ready, let’s jump in. Are you ready, let’s jump in so yeah out there on youtube? Let’S get it. So, let’s take a look at uh bitcoin right now, so you know, as I said earlier, you can see that uh bitcoin uh it has four it has.

It’S formed a lower, a lower high right here. You can see here and uh. That’S really good news! You know and right now we’re trading at around about thirty, eight thousand five hundred and uh. For the day.

Right now, we’ve had a low of thirty-eight uh thousand uh. Three hundred, so you know right now: uh bitcoin is uh. You know kind of flashing, green and red. I have. I have a feeling that we’re going to turn green today and you know – we’ve had this parabolic rise here, one-two, three, four: five: six: seven-eight days almost eight days of a continuous uptrend before we had this uh downtrend here and you guys can see that that Downtrend uh, let’s just measure that downtrend the range price rate, so you can see that the top of that from here to here you can see that you know that’s around about almost a 12 percent uh correction there, so I wouldn’t be panicking panicky too much.

You know this is very normal. Why did we have this little bit of a car? Why did we have this little bit of a correction right here, and that was because of the uh tax flood and all that kind of stuff? So that’s what’s really going on and we’re seeing that you know, even though that uh, the initial impact was big. Uh, the big crypto community hasn’t really overreacted.

There hasn’t been a big reaction, it’s kind of turning out to be a bit of a nothing burger. You know having an eleven percent correction over uh. You know one two, three four five days: that’s not too bad guys, so I wouldn’t panic so much. So let’s take a look at the Ethereum chart and, let’s see, let’s see where the Ethereum chart is right here we get it yet, so our theorem is actually theorem is doing pretty good uh. The theorem has been just screaming away right now and you can see that we had one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen days – and this is also turning green right now on the 14th day.

So where do I see? Where do I see Ethereum going uh? I see Ethereum actually outperforming uh bitcoin in the long term period on you can see that you know. Where do I see there so we had this big parabolic increase? We’Ve had really one day here.

We’Ve also formed a higher low here, and I see that we’re going to have a breakout, probably once we hit Thursday. You know I can see that we’re definitely going to be seeing a three thousand dollar uh bitcoin. Sorry, three thousand dollar Ethereum uh to three thousand five hundred dollar theorem by the end of August. That’s where I’m kind of putting things at right now. So I think that we should be around about here around this level here around about three thousand five hundred dollars by the end of the month for Ethereum.

So you know with this London hard fork. It’S been delayed one day, but as long as that delay doesn’t keep getting longer and longer, then we should be okay, but if, if we miss the target by another four or five days, it could bring the price down. So I think that overall we’re looking pretty bullish uh for Ethereum right now. Let’S take a look at medusa, my Deutsche Mados we’ve got this purple my purple line, so you know we’ve seen that we had one two, three, four, five, six, seven days of green one, two three four five six days of red and right now we’re forming A green kettle so right now doge is trading at 1907. As I said earlier, I definitely think that you know we’re going to be range-bound for a couple of days and then we’re going to break out and then go up to 30 cents, and we should be at 30 cents uh by you know, Between the 19th and 20th – and I think that you know if, if bitcoin really takes off, we could definitely see 50 cents coming in.

I do not see. I do not see us breaking down past that past purple line. I just don’t see a purple rain line, so let’s take a look at those on the four-hour chart. You can see right here on the four-hour chart that we’ve got a really kind of bullish signal here. This is a bullish signal.

This indicates that uh, it’s good, buy opportunity so, as I said, i’m buying more douche and buy more uh bitcoin. I might even pick up some uh. I might even pick up some uh um Ethereum today, so this is a 200-day moving average. So let me just zoom me zoom me zoom me that up for you guys, so this is a 200-day moving average right here and, as you can see here, we’ve just hit the 200-day moving average and then we had an impulse to the downside. So it’s still looking pretty positive and I see that definitely, we could be moving on up and, as I said, we’ll be hitting 30 30 cents by the end of the month.

So nothing to worry about guys. So, let’s take a look at the fear and greed index right now. The fear and greed index is at 42, so this indicates still a good buying opportunity guys. So I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’S pretty positive.

So let’s jump into some of the news. So right now we can see that google started to accept um google starting to accept the crypto ads again they turned them off, they turned them off, they turned them off in 2018 and now they’re back on again. So that’s really bullish news guys. So that’s super bullish news. I’m super psyched about that uh because that just means more revenue for Google and more revenue for everybody else.

So it’s a win-win. It seems that they’re getting uh they’re getting soft they’re getting. You know more acceptable of crypto uh advertisement because before they were like they almost like was a banner. So that’s good news. Other news is that dogecoin and bitcoin will rise as us dollars dying.

So you can see that the value of uh, us dollar is going down and uh. You know a lot of people are, are saying that you know, as the dollar goes down, uh we’re going to see that more people are going to be moving into crypto and you’ve. Seen that you know, bitcoin is over up over 200 from last year and it’s also up uh 120 as well. So that’s really bullish coming in right now, as I talked about earlier in the intro, was that Ethereum as London, hard fork is expected to arrive on Thursday. So that’s a little bit of a delay uh, so the Ethereum upgrade is set to activate on Thursday according to the countdown available on Ethereum.

So hopefully uh that will, you know, continue without a hitch and if it goes, if it goes on without a hitch, I think that uh, you know this is going to uh push uh Ethereum’s price. You know the way up so hopefully, we should have a big bounce back and then, if you guys, are not sure what the Ethereum uh uh EIP one five, five nine is, you know what it’s gonna do. Is it’s gonna directly affect uh how the network handles transaction fees going forward? Each transaction will burn the base fee, thereby decreasing the assets, circling supply and giving the users the option of including a tip to help incentivize and speed up confirmations uh proportion to the network demand.

The London Harford will introduce other EIPs, such as EIP 3541. According to the blog post, so guys we can see that that’s going to happen, it’s going to help to make Ethereum more deflationary. So I think this is really bullish news. So as long as it goes on without a hitch, then we shouldn’t have any problem and we should see Ethereum price absolutely take off so uh. You guys should just uh be excited about that.

One you know having a small delay is not going to be a big deal for uh for the Ethereum, so we can expect to see the Ethereum price to uh take off. I think that once uh, once we hit uh once we hit Thursday uh and uh Thursday, that’s tomorrow, the fifth. So once we hit the fifth uh, I think we should see uh Ethereum, absolutely bounce off uh about bounce off its uh. You know new higher low here and we should be able to see as uh take off. So that’s really good news.

So the other news – that’s uh, going on right now is a crypto tax proposal in u.s has limited impact. So i talked about that. You know a lot of people are running scared and stuff uh. With regards to the whole 28 billion uh dollar um.

You know taxes that they’re going to collect through uh. You know crypto users and with a new definition of the broad definition of the broker, and that could include miners and nodes and validators. You know they’re kind of scaling that a little bit, but you can see that, even though this is really negative news, it really hasn’t had a huge, huge impact on the crypto space. We’Ve we’ve only seen uh around about you know. A 12 drop from here to here, so I really wouldn’t uh.

I really wouldn’t call that a huge, huge uh. You know the catastrophic impact, so I think uh pretty much. The markets are over and we’re going to be moving forward on that as soon as possible. So I will, I think it’s a bit of a nothing burger. I think that you know there’s a lot of lawmakers and senators and republicans out there who are you, know, kind of supportive of crypto and they want to.

They want to have that innovation stay in America and not move offshore, so I think they’re going to be fighting for you know the crypto tax um. You know the crypto tax is to come down and I think that’s going to be coming out soon. So I think it’s going to be really uh pretty much a nothing burger, uh, and I think you know if something does happen, we’re not going to see much of implementation till 2023 and I’m gonna. I think it’s going to be really reduced and scaled back. Please come and tell me what you think about that I’d love to hear your comments, guys uh!

Another thing: that’s uh! That has also come out. You can see here that, if we look at, if you look at sentient they’re saying that the large addresses continue to show interesting patterns in how supply distributions are changing over time and the amount of dr addresses fluctuating each tier, uh, you know Like we’re talking, I talked about you know, shrimps and the minnows and stuff we’re seeing that there are a lot more people are still buying more and more uh cryptocurrency right now you can see that the top tier one, you know 1 000 bitcoin whale Addresses are still uh, you know remaining low in quantity, but you know large tier 10, 000, 1, 000 bitcoin whale addresses are gradually rising again over time. So we can see that there’s more and more uh interest from the wales in terms of buying up uh bitcoin and also we’re also seeing more and more interest and more of the smaller retail investors, picking up more and more bitcoin as well. So that’s also bullish.

So I think that you know you know one-two, three three two one we’re gonna definitely be blasting off soon guys, so, let’s jump into the markets right now. So let me give a big big, refresh and uh. Let’S see so right now, we can see that this is really good news. You can see that the bitcoin dominance has come down to 45.8, exactly as I predicted in my previous video.

So that’s really good news. So that means that more money is flowing out of bitcoin and flowing into altcoins. So hopefully we could see a big bang coming up soon. So you can see also too that the total market cap right now is 1.56 trillion and that’s down only 1.63, so you can see that you know the market.

Cap is actually coming back a little bit. So that’s really good and I’m pretty uh pretty bullish about that. So I think I have a feeling that by 6 p.m. Tonight, uh, Bangkok time we should actually see probably the markets, turn green.

I’m pretty confident! That’S going to happen! We’Re seeing right now that uh bitcoin is down uh two percent and that’s at 38 000 as well: uh. 38.000.

Let’S call it 100. Let’S round that up and yeah just under one harm, you see, I predicted the future and it’s down for seven days. Almost four percent Ethereum is uh down one point, six, five percent, but I have a feeling this is going to turn green uh. Probably later this evening in Asia and for the next seven days, it’s a nine-point, we’re up uh, plus uh, almost 10. So that’s good and finance is down 1 percent and it’s up. 3.46 percent and finance is trading at 3 and 22 cents now card. Auto is doing really good today, even despite that, the markets are down 1.6, you would expect Cardano to be down uh. So a lot of that is this because of this smart contract, Alonzo, testnet and – and I think they’re about to go – live with the smart contracts uh.

So I’m gonna try to put out a video uh focusing on uh and a v chain later uh this week, so guys stay tuned for that. It’S going to be really really interesting, all right so uh Cardone’s at 1.35 cents and it’s up to four percent and up uh, almost six percent for the last seven days. So that’s pretty good guys, so um yeah and right now, um, you know dogecoin is at uh, 19 uh, 1955 and uh. That’S up almost uh two and a half percent, I’m down two and a half percent.

Sorry my get your eyes right there Darrell so, but it looks like you know. If we look at the, if we look at the dosing chart on the one day uh, you know it, I have a feeling we’re going to stay above my purple rain line, and if we can stay above that, where you should be, we should be just Golden you know: if you look at that on the four-hour chart, we can see that on the four-hour chart we’re actually green and we are trying to break out of that resistance level. Here we just need to get above the 200-day moving average. So I think it’s going to happen. I think today we’re going to turn green, so I’m overall pretty bullish.

I think things are going to be on the rise, guys, hey and don’t forget one. One more thing doesn’t forget to follow me on Twitter right now. I have a pitiful 1332 followers. I want to get this uppity up so follow. Follow.

Follow. Follow me on the Twitter road, so guys help me there and, if you’re not getting your notifications from youtube, uh turn on Twitter and you’re definitely gonna get it there and one final thing guys: don’t forget to uh check out all the links in My description, I got zen music addict. If you need to relax and have some kind of meditative music go right there do it now. Do it now and uh support me on Patreon. Buy me a coffee and uh check out the NFT collection, really good stuff so and then also guys check out my merch check out my merchant merch and you know you go to the merch you can buy.

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