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DISNEY Metaverse is ROLLING OUT!!!

Welcome to bitboy crypto, my name is ben. It’S my mission to empower you to find financial freedom through crypto assets. If that sounds good, make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button, don’t forget to hit that bell for notifications all right guys. Let’S check this out disney did something insane you’ve got to hear about. We’Ve got what may be the greatest company to ever jump into crypto nfts now jumping into crypto.

Ft’S can’t wait to show you about that story. Uh. Okay, let’s start off by looking at the markets. Here we got bitcoin coming in at uh. You know 43 000 down a shade.


It was up a shade earlier, a theory mid 3300 finance coin, still under five five hundred dollars. Nothing really that sexy going on cardona had a little bit of a pump today to a dollar thirty, four and luna up six percent. So look at the biggest gainers of the day. Luna is your top gainer of the day with a six percent gain card under number two, with four point: eight percent, then we got unit swap pancake, swap engine um, xrd gala, making a little bit of a comeback, any comey all right. Taking a quick look at uh bitcoin here, you guys can see that uh bitcoin is still just pretty boring.

I wish i had something to tell you guys other than that um, but we’re really just in the middle of this channel. We don’t remember this uh. You know falling wedge here, don’t know if we’re gon na go up we’re going to go down from here. We got to break out of this range um. You know, but you know we’re right now, just in this little downtrend here you know we’re making lower highs.

So we’ll have to see what happens. We could be breaking down at the bottom of this channel, but let’s talk about what is exciting. Let’S talk about. What’S going on in crypto number one i mean before we get into this disney thing, which is insane. I just want to cover this story.

I mean this. This is nuts right here. Crocs, that’s right, crocs is jumping into the nft market or i’m sorry, they’re chomping into nfts trademark filing shows. So you have adidas. You’Ve got nike getting involved, but what better project, or what better shoe company out there to get involved in that tees than crocs, because that’s what you’re wearing in the basement, when your mom yells come up and get your sandwich.

So what salute you croc wears? I actually wear crocs myself, um, i’m wearing cowboy boots right now, though, tell you what uh, okay, uh we’ve got this story here, um that is talking about web3 and a lot of people are, you know, for whatever reason really bearish on web? Three is a buzzword, um they’re talking, you know how you know: it’s got similarities to scams and different stuff. It’S astonishing. It’S like people who call the internet a scam or bitcoin scam um, but i think what to keep in mind is that we accept everything that is traditional as uh.

You know i’m trying to think of the right word here is upfront right like when you were younger and you heard about the stock market. You probably didn’t know there was all this manipulation when we’re born into the world and the culture most people just accept. What’S already their status quo, if i were to lay out the plan for how to create a profitable bank before banks existed, you would have said that was the most gigantic scam of all time, except for maybe fiat currency that in itself, um is also a giant Scam, it’s all in how we use these things, and so web 3 is going to be something we’re going to be talking a lot more about going forward. Definitely not a scam don’t buy into what a lot of the haters are saying right now. Um metaverse, also something that a lot of people are really bullish on disney.

Second life and k-pop um all making noise here uh a k-pop concert, maybe going on in some. You know metaverse uh, second life they’re, calling the second life’s creator of the new steve jobs, uh he’s coming back to the company and his advisor as they move towards blockchain and metaverse, which is really interesting. But the big story of the day here is disney. They’Ve. Actually taken a patent here for a virtual world simulator in a real world venue now?

What does this mean? Well i’ll, tell you what i understand what i’ve taken from this it’s kind of like this. Imagine it is your daughter’s eighth birthday, okay and you wan na take her to disney world for her birthday. She can have a special set of glasses that she would put on and everywhere she went around disney. There would be things that say happy birthday to whatever your daughter’s name is.

Let’S just call her. I don’t know jessica. Do people still name their kid jessica? I don’t know if they do or not. Let’S just call her jessica, happy birthday jessica on on the castle.

Happy birthday, jessica, uh in the middle of it’s a small world right, so what this is is combining virtual with real. Some would call this augmented reality um, but you know this is very interesting. Disney is going to be a big matter. Uh winner, in the matter verse, i called it a metaverse, better um. So let’s see what happens with it, but disney mate is making big waves and uh.

This is coming to um the u.s, china, france and or japan. So watch out. For that all right guys, that’s all got me blessed. Bye,

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