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This year is coming to the end and it has been a very successful for the crypto market right now. Total market cap is over two trillion dollars on the crypto market. Many crypto coins made 100 x and even close to 1000 x’s. That is why, let’s make this video regarding what can be three top coins to invest in the next 2022 welcome back everybody to crypto, invest club where we are speaking about learning, investing and profiting on your investment. Today, let’s talk about the top three uh coins to invest in the next year and where to pay close attention.

We divided those three coins to the three main groups, because this is going to be the first one is like minimum risk: investment, the middle one and high one. So let’s talk about the first one group and why we believe this is a good one to invest, and this group is actually coming with bitcoin and waste. Ethereum bitcoin during the this year made a new high close to 66 000 dollars, as you can see and ethereum at 800. That is why, in this year, they can even reach again this peak or even more right. Now inflation is booming on many markets and the crypto investment can be a safe haven for you, because it’s such way, you can protect your investment.

The second group with the second coins, is common with sushi swap and pancake, swap. If you will check their records, you can see that they pick it approximately at sushi, swap at 22 dollars. Right now. They are trading approximately at seven dollars, 80 cents, which is like three times less from the total high. This means that potentially, you can make x3 from their uh investment in those coins.

So again the second group is sushi swap and pancakes. Well again, you need to understand that i am not financial advisor and you need to be careful with your investment. This video is only for educational purposes and number one uh investment uh coin – to pay close attention in the next year. 2022, in my opinion, is cardano. Cardano is one of the top.

As you know, coins on the market and approximately in august. It pick it at approximately three dollars close to three dollars right now. It says trading at one dollar, fifty cents. We stayed about to pay close attention to cardano even couple of days ago, when it was been even lower than right now price and why we believe that cardano can be one of the biggest uh coin in the next year, because they are bringing a smart contract. They are launching nvt, uh, smart contracts with play to games right and everything all those infrastructure right now that infrastructure is only in the demo testing mode and everybody is waiting when they will launch the mainnet that the many developers can use their ecosystem for building new Programs, new smart contracts based on cardano.

That is why, when it will happen, in my opinion, this can be even more than three dollars per uh per token for cardana and it can show a high high price. Usually, when uh another network brought their smart contracts and when they made it live, for example, the example is with solana right example is really very incredible this year, when it reached from approximately from 44 right now to 249. So that is why pay close attention to cardano in the next year, because it can be a very high price when they will launch their full network and still right now it is low price to go in again. We covered that couple days ago on our youtube channel when it’s been even at the price: one dollar 23 cents. So, basically again, let’s summarize bitcoin and ethereum still it’s good investment to go, because this is like a gold and silver with traditional market.

Sushi swap and pancake swap is where to also pay close attention because they show at a very high price and still right now it is very low price to jump into those project and cardano cardano is one of the best to pay close attention uh in the Next, 2022 and yeah, thanks again for watching this, video don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel, follow us on twitter on tick, tock and happy new year to you. Meanwhile, again thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye. For now you

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