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Dash (DASH) Coin Nedir?

What is dashcoin? Among the cryptocurrencies that marked 2017, one of the coins we along with Bitcoin in the top 3 will definitely place Dash. Dash, which has risen to $1,549 in about 1 month in recent years, begs the question of what Dash is, even with this aspect alone.

Dash, which emerged in 2014, opts for purposes such as protecting user information and being anonymous. Perhaps we can attribute the great swings that Dash has experienced since its inception has a mafia-like atmosphere. Dash, which was called Darkcoin when it first came out, later changed its name to Dash, which is a combination of the words Digital Cash.

Dash is also described as the first cryptocurrency with privacy at its core. While it’s not known who revealed Dash, which uses confidentiality as its principle, the arrows are pointing generally relies on Evan Duffield. Dash, which we can define as the naughty child of the cryptocurrency world, makes promises to its users in the following way; As we explained above, privacy is the main feature of Dash.

Thanks to the privacy advantage Dash offers by using coin mixer services, users who do not want to reveal themselves protect their own identity and privacy allows Dash Coins to be stored more comfortably. Dash claims many of the existing problems in Bitcoin Bitcoin and promises its users to fast data transfers.

In this way, you can users transact faster and take advantage of the time. The Dash system is a system built on self-management and has an autonomous operation with closed doors. Dash, which is in-house, keeps the extra costs it receives from its users as low as possible because it does not get outside help.

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