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DAISY Tron Smart Contract

Hey there, my friend. It’s Bren Blaze here. Welcome along to this short video where I’m going to share with you some insights and a few of my thoughts in relation to the new revolutionary Daisy project.

Why I feel it’s so powerful and revolutionary and how you can strategically align yourself with a team of seven-figure earners that have collected over a century of experience that is the fastest growing and continue to be the fastest-growing team and how that directly benefits you and also how you can get access to everything that you need to fully understand this project and really capitalize on it.

So first of all, a couple of the unique differentiating factors that separate Daisy, in my opinion, is the fact that we’re combining some huge emerging markets in terms of artificial intelligence, smart contracts on the blockchain and crowdfunding.

When you merge all of those together in a new model, a new disruptive model, we’ve got something very powerful. With the smart contracts and the blockchain, it means that you get paid instantly for your production for the effort that you have put in to build this business.

And the reality is that means that no government regulatory body, no corporate advisory board can decide to cut your commissions or to shut down the company or to take it public and take your income away from you. Once it’s launched in the smart contracts, literally the promises are set in stone.

They’re hardcoded and they can’t be interfered with. That means you’re getting paid instantly to your wallet. That’s very powerful. And if you’re brand new to cryptocurrency, you may see how it’s becoming more and more interwoven into the fabric of finance more and more every day. It’s not going away and if you’re brand new to it, relax, we’ve got step-by-step education.

Everything you need to know to get started with it. The second thing that differentiates Daisy is that it has intrinsic value. You may have noticed a lot of these smart contract opportunities emerging out of the woodwork but the reality is it’s a case of the last man standing. There’s no intrinsic value.

People are just moving money around and whoever joins last ends up losing. Whereas with this, there’s a true value product on the backend that we’re all helping to crowdfund as a community by pooling our funds will become very attractive to companies with established proven track records and we become a very valuable resource to them and they’re willing to share those rewards with us.

So the first company we’re partnering with is Indo Tech. And Indo Tech is a company out of Israel with a 12-year proven track record. You can visit their website directly, indotech.io. See a proven track record of their artificial intelligence trading software.

The reality is though, if you wanted to go there as a direct retail client, you’d need to be an accredited investor with over a million dollars in capital and there’s $125,000 entry fee. But working collectively together, you and I as a community, we can pool our funds and that allows us to lower the financial barrier to entry so that we can all benefit.

So as we move more and more towards DeFi, decentralized finance, we’re eliminating that middleman, and a monopolized, centralized control of monetary policies and finance and that’s what levels the playing field and gives everyone an equal opportunity and an equal voice here.

There’s no one person deciding what you can have and when you can have it. Again, it’s all hardcoded into the smart contracts. And that’s the way the world is going, my friend. And if you’re somebody that has influence and some leadership skills and you want to align with this project, it can be incredibly lucrative to refer others but one of the unique things about this is we can finally say that you actually don’t have to refer anyone to earn.

You’re not only earning from the trading itself but you’re also going to be getting equity shares in the stock of Indo Tech. As they go public, we’re going to be hitting a billion dollars with this company. So that’s going to be extremely lucrative as well. But if you do decide to build this, I highly recommend you choose to align and lock arms with your team.

We have an incredible team of seven-figure earners with over a century of experience that has all the market and systems and support already in place that you need and there’s going to be enormous spillover because this is a three-by-10 force matrix and they’re placed automatically by the smart contract, left to right, my friends.

So you’re gonna see hundreds of thousands of people joining this opportunity. I honestly can see it happening and we’re gonna see 20 to 30,000 people joining a day.

So if you want to be ahead of that, everybody that watches this video after you is going to be positioned after you and all of the leaders around us and under us are going to be building as well and they’re gonna get all that spillover.

So if you want priority placement, if you want to be one of the first, normally I would say it’s dependent on your own personal value and your skills and that timing isn’t that important but because of this unique opportunity, I will say that being in at the ground floor and actually strategically choosing your timing of when to get started and who to get started with, it’s absolutely vital and crucial with this opportunity.

So below this video, in the description, you’re going to see a link, the only link in the description. It’s going to take you over to a page where you’re going to get a full overview of the Daisy project, how it works, how to benefits you and below the video, you will see two resources.

You can plugin and connect with me via Messenger or Telegram. Then if you’re watching this video after Daisy has already launched, again, we’re going to be running hard with this project and there’s going to be enormous amounts of people joining. So it’s never too late, my friend. Join as soon as you see this video.

Plug into those channels. Reach out to me, we’ll get you signed up, we’ll get you locked in and we’ll get you earning. And can’t wait to see you on the winning side, my friend. All the best for now..

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