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Cryptocurrency trading for beginners

If you want to earn money or invest money then cryptocurrency is also very good There is an option and I myself have also invested in cryptocurrency, how much profit can I make? I am going to tell you how much money I have invested in this video then watch this video If you will definitely see it, friends, first of all, I show you one thing, so here you will find a lot of cryptos. The currency is visible, now I will randomize any cryptocurrency, then you will see only profit in it First let’s see bitcoin because bitcoin is the biggest coin and also comes before us.

If you look at the returns of the last year, then who has given 561 percent returns on this one year ago. It was Rs.

6 lakhs and now it has reached around Rs.55 lakhs. Highest and still it is around Rs.40 lakhs. If it is running, then in the last one year, the money has been almost six times, if one lakh rupees would have been of your nails.

So he would have become six lakh rupees, now look here second, whatever name is in front of us is Theriam Coin it has a return of 1000 percent in the last one year i.e.

You invested one lakh rupees a year ago If he were, he would do 11 Quangchao, in such a way, check all the cryptocurrencies in front of us, anyone who There is more in front of me too, I am showing you by opening anyone here if you see the returns of one year, then it also has 1000 Percentage returns have been given i.e. if 1 lakh had been applied, it would have been 11 lakhs, any random check you yourself to You can see in this, what is the return of six and a half thousand percent of a year, its size a year ago Tera was rupees and now its price has gone high, it is around seventeen hundred rupees and still its price of 1000 rupees It is going on i.


If you had invested 1 lakh rupees in axle balance, then that too from six 65 lakh rupees It would have been more, if you open any cryptocurrency here, you will see profit only for one year. I see it has given rates of 738 percent i.e. if I doubled the money eight times, I also thought a few times earlier.

I had invested in cryptocurrency, here, first of all, you see 12 of them who have sex just this point Keep on promoting too much, due to which it keeps on increasing a lot, so it 10 thousand 519 in a year Samsung has given a return of more than 1000 that you 1 lakh in it a year ago If you had invested Rs.10500000, it would have been more than Rs.10, while its price is now running at 10 In the middle its price was 3900 Swift, so by the 39th its price is gone, then if you sell it So your 1 lakh would have become 2 crore rupees, I also invested some money in this cryptocurrency.

But now you can see that its presidency is burning, so what I had invested in it then Its circumstance is 3 137 paise and it is not a very old thing, I will show you the transaction in this So I had bought two joints of 5000 in it on February 5, 21, ie three months ago and I got pot in a zone which was 5000 and its value is running now 26 thousand rupees and when it reached 39th Neither my 5000 was over 50,000 but now it has come down to above 26,000 if I want then sell it only Could but I have thought that Love will keep it for more years, after that whatever the result will be, then we will see.

Similarly, I have invested in another pregnancy, this is cryptocurrency in the middle, it is very much in the middle.

My money had almost doubled, so it went up to 3, so I did not wear much in it. I had invested a month ago, now see I first bought its Bt cotton for 5000 on 26 March If her husband bought these in April today, just 15 and 20 days ago, I bought 90’s and my daughter’s total.

104000 invested in it now you can do as many buses as you want and I am not posting any I am just telling you I am just giving you information, so when I put the total on the night 104000 9000 Once more Port of White House was here and there was an investment of 1000, so I insisted on 9th Found and my wife Preeti is very 10 6 paise and now its price is running 40 and mine which is 1 lakh 4000, he has become one lakh 500 1000 above, while its price also went up to 23rd in the middle and my jo The total value was there, it has gone up to about 2.5 lakh rupees, whereas I will show you the total investment I have. If I am, I have made a total paying guest of 109000 and still, it is running around Rs 1 lakh 64 thousand.

So I am still in profit of shift 20, whereas once I told you that two and a half Lakhs had made profit till now, this money can increase, it can also be lost, so I have invested the same money. I have done what if drowned, then I can bear a lot of that mean corpse, then if you also get the same money Pregnancy – do I am not forcing I am just telling you this is just education So if you want also you can invest for good returns and if you invest So here I tell you clearly that you will invest only that money as much as you want. Ready to go whether it is in thousands, whether it is 100 or 500, whether it is 5, whatever your risk. Taking is famous, you will invest money accordingly if you want to do that too but always Keep in mind that whenever you invest anywhere, do not take a loan in English because Everyone can get into big trouble, invest only the money that you have extra.

If money sinks then you should not be sad because there is also a risk here, so if you also invest in crypto If you want to invest in it, there are many apps, balance is the most famous in this but it Used oil works in co and so you have to do it in US dollars only because it’s Apart from this, this leg is of India.

Points are very popular, you can also use this too. India belongs to what I showed you, I saw it in the middle, apart from this there are many platforms Whose Hua Can Invest In Cryptocurrency I Hope You Liked The Video And You must have got some good knowledge if you want to know more about cryptocurrency, then definitely by commenting Tell me if you want, I will make more videos on this topic, if you like the video, then definitely like

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