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Cryptocurrency Strategies That Work in 2021

Dear traders, before starting to introduce the basics of cryptocurrency, I hope share with you what are the 5 strategies I will teach you and how do I know what these 5 strategies are So far it is still profitable.

If you have watched my other courses, you will know that I use a professional algorithmic trading APP to Test hundreds of strategies. However, I decided to make it easier for you and share those that have allowed me to get the most profit and the indicators and parameters that make up them Because I did not use the default value.

I will show you some trading examples. I will show you how to apply the strategy correctly and how to use robot trading if you want. Yes, I have automated strategies into ready-made trading robots and attached them to Resource files for this lecture.

If you already know how to test the robot on a demo account, You can download it and take part in the course while testing it. If you don’t know, just download it and I will show you how to do it in a later course.

These strategies are simple, Nothing complicated. At the beginning of my trading career, like most beginners, I thought that the more complicated the strategy or robot used, the more profit I would make.

But the reality is not the case. The best strategy is to create the most profit for us. Most of the time, these are simple strategies, just a few indicators, you will be in this course Seen in.

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