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Cryptocurrency Paypal Opportunity

Hi everyone my name is Han Jae-young I’m CEO of MYCOLDWALLET I glad met you again Today’s I want to tell about the Paypal I was watching some news about Paypal adding the portfolio supporting the transfer the cryptocurrency like Ethereum and Bitcoin and getting more.

Paypal company is a very curious company it is internet world payment system PayPal’s base is made by whom Elon musk, but today does not involve anymore. Elon Musk makes a company but the company’s name forgot That company is union the other competing company. After that company name is changed Paypal company.

You know the Elon musk sometimes say about the Ethereum and cryptocurrencies. Because Elon musk very well knowing about the payment system through the internet. Why Paypal adding the transferred cryptocurrency I think it is a very big meaning for every world people. Because the Paypal company’s based on the USA, USA allowing the cryptocurrency transfer for the Paypal payment system. It meaning is every people easily access the cryptocurrency for transfer money.

And it will be making the boom again the cryptocurrency market. Because the Paypal users will store their own coin in PayPal’s account. Actually, it is a people’s mind change to accept cryptocurrency use.

I really like this news, Paypal users can buy the goods from the internet mall or somethings or send the money to another place that time people do use the cryptocurrency for payment Actually my country especially my company’s involve the cryptocurrency especially Ethereum.

My new co-works just misunderstood for the cryptocurrency. That time I need to explain what is cryptocurrency why my company is focusing on the cryptocurrency market. I did explain this a lot of information for my employees.

Now every my employees understood the cryptocurrency why it is necessary to the world. But still, most South Korean people dislike cryptocurrency. Because the first reason is not easy to understand the cryptocurrency’s logic and regular minds people are always following the governor’s policy.

But nowadays a lot of world people understood the cryptocurrency. They tried to use the cryptocurrency for the payment and somethings. It is changed the people’s mind like me. But still not easy now. Because all of the country’s regulations are not easily accepted the cryptocurrency are trading or transfer of holdings some things.

But PayPal announcing is showing some more information about the world now already accept the cryptocurrency. Someone’ don’t think so this announcement. But many cryptocurrency experts understood this announcement. 1st movement is by the Paypal, who is next, I don’t know but many payment companies will be accepted the cryptocurrency like a Paypal.

Because people always want to easily access all of the services of the financial. That is a basic desire for the people. I think that announcement will be changed in the near future financial’s environment for cryptocurrencies bigger. It will be making a very useful financial life for every person.

Actually, the world now has a lot of cryptocurrency users even some of the cryptocurrency users don’t have the bank account. It is a very big point of opportunity for Paypal. Because the Paypal users always needed the credit card or bank account for connected Paypal service.

It is making a big opportunity for the Paypal company. Paypal companies can easily expansion the customer’s amount. I think Paypal owner is a very genius person. I don’t know him how to deal with the use regulators for using the cryptocurrency in the Paypal Probably his negotiation abilities very good.

My opinion’s summary is Paypal getting regulation from the government for using the cryptocurrency in the Paypal service. Actually, every time changed the cryptocurrency market for the better. It is proof of the signal for will explosion the cryptocurrency market.

What about you guys opinions please remain your opinion for my channel. Some days I want to share on your opinions in my channels for discussions about the cryptocurrency with some things.

Thank you for every guy reading to my opinion. I want to see you again next time bye.


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