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Cryptocurrency Investment, Profit and Future Scope 2022

Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone. This is Baasit from Social Error. Today once again I have my bro Hamza with me Assalam-o-Alaikum viewers Today’s topic is how to earn money. In view of the current scenario of the world economy, Cryptocurrency is the most emerging money market as most people are working on it.

We will guide you which application to use, how to invest, how to withdraw profit in this video. Please subscribe to our channel, like this video, click on the bell icon and watch this video till the end.

First of all, tell me what is Cryptocurrency? I would like to tell our viewers that basically Cryptocurrency is a digital currency and is the future of all currencies. In future, there is a vast scope and growth in Cryptocurrency. This is a small description of Cryptocurrency.

Does Cryptocurrency work in Pakistan? Alhamdulillah Crypto has started in Pakistan now with the help of Ministry of Science and Technology and mining has also been started in KPK at the state level so let’s see how this goes on in a positive way but this is a great initiative taken by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In some time, Cryptocurrency will be officially launched all over the country. How to do the mining of Cryptocurrency? The transactions in between people and blog chain ledger are called mining What is the current worth of Bitcoin? There are a lot of currencies under Crypto and that we will tell you later.

Currently, Bitcoin is valued at PKR 2.9 Million (29-Lac) which approximately becomes USD 20,000 and its future is very bright Tell me about Bitcoin’s future? Future prediction is like the Bitcoin which is currently at USD 20,000 will touch USD 50,000 by the end of 2021 which means the Bitcoin which is now priced at PKR 30-Lac will become worth PKR 80-Lac.

In the next 10 years, the prediction for Bitcoin is that it will touch USD 1-Million by the end of 2030 which becomes approximately PKR 16-Crore if USD to PKR conversion remains at 160 rupees as of today. This is a very strong prediction as you can find this on the Internet. What other Cryptocurrencies are there apart from Bitcoin? Apart from Bitcoin Ethereum’s version 2.0 has been launched as a new currency.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second-largest currency to work on. Please tell me the current worth of Ethereum? The current worth of Ethereum is PKR 80,000 which is equivalent to USD 500 What will be the future value of Ethereum? By the end of 2021, Ethereum will be at PKR 300,000 / – which becomes approximately 2000 USD.

Ethereum will touch PKR 40-Lac, which equals to approximately USD 25000 in next 5 years. Currently, Bitcoin is at its peak so Ethereum is the best option to buy now as it’s on a lower side. If you want to invest, you can buy Ethereum now with a very small investment of PKR 1000 which is USD 6 but I would suggest starting with at least PKR 20,000 which is USD 130 to experience sufficient profit.

At this time, Cryptocurrency is considered to be one of the best modes of earning online as it has a great potential plus The Ministry of Science and Technology have started working on it So you will find a good impact in 2021 and people who will start working today will get more profitability in 2021. Kay Hamza bro so this was a detailed intro about Crypto. Now tell me how to earn in Cryptocurrency? Working in Crypto is quite simple.

You will see a lot of apps on play store / App but BINANCE is the best app so far as it is very authentic and secure. I would suggest you guys not to use any other app As BINANCE is trusted plus a lot of people have commented that this platform is safe to trade Can only tax filers work in Crypto? Filer or non-filer both can work in Crypto.

Later, on if the government imposes regulation that only tax filers can work in Crypto so that’s a different story but for now, on, Filer and non-filed both can work in Crypto What is the minimum amount to buy and sell? There is no minimum amount to buy and sell. It depends on the seller. I have seen people selling Crypto worth PKR 200 / – and PKR 500 / – as well as a minimum amount to buy.

It all depends and varies from person to person selling Crypto. Prices of each person selling the same currency are even different on which we will guide you later on this video How to make payment to the seller? For payment, sign up on BINANCE, enter all credentials and documents needed.

Then buy any currency, see seller’s payment info that he/she has mentioned on the add Ie Jazz cash, Easypaisa, Bank detail etc so you have to make payment Share screenshot with the seller and once they receive your payment, they will release assets to your electronic wallet.

Hamza but this was a very good explanation from your side. Well, I want to make people understand in depth what Crypto is all about Is risk involved in Crypto? Yes, there is a risk if the market goes down but this is part of this business chain so no need to worry about it if the market takes resistance.

The best thing related to risk is that BINANCE does not accept payments from Credit card at the moment in Pakistan plus I would specially request not to buy any Crypto from a credit card because your details can be easily mid used Therefore only buy Crypto from making payments through your bank account or alternate payment channels. Now let me show you the BINANCE logo on your screen.

I have opened BINANCE and now you can see Home of BINANCE on your screen. Goto Wallets, there are 2 types of trading, one is Spot As soon as you enter the spot, you will see on the bottom that which Crypto you have purchased and what is the PNL for today and for the current month similarly.

We have not purchased anything, hence we are just giving you and explanation therefore figures are showing zero at the moment. and another is P2P. First of all when you start, Goto PNP, then select P2P trading, click P2P trading then select Buy from top left.

For example, you want to buy BTC, When you click BTC, you will see AR TRADERS who is offering at 3,170,000 so you have to buy from the cheapest add price. You can see at the bottom that Mary named person is selling BTC at the lowest quantity which is just PKR 200 which means you have to pay PKR 200 and you can buy BTC. Click on Mary’s add then click to buy and enter 200 then you will see add prices refreshed so click buy again, enter 200 and then you will see transfer the fund.

Now you will transfer the fund to the seller and click transferred, next so you will click next, After this, it will show releasing assets, expected to release assets in 15 mins. This is a timer which shows how much time you will get the assets. Then you will click on the message icon on the top right and will share payment proof with the seller. They will check for payment and will release assets accordingly.

Once you’ve done a successful purchase, Go back to SPOT and you can see the amount invested in front of the currency name on which you invested. Then you will transfer your assets from P2P to Spot.

Then you will see the same amount reflected in Spot. Then you will see convert option in the middle of the screen which is essential if you are buying small coins other than BTC or ETH.

We showed you how to trade, how to earn and withdraw profit. Anything else you would like to ask? You’ve explained it in a perfect way, we showed you how to use BINANCE and earn money.

This is good enough for today Alright guys, if you liked this video than subscribe to our channel, click on the bell icon share it more and more with your friends and family, subscribe to our channel and, like all videos and watch all videos till the end.

Please do give feedback in the comments section so we can provide better content. Take good care of yourself. ALLAH HAFIZ and Bubye from Social Error..

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