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Crypto Upgrades in 2022: DO NOT MISS!!!

The crypto market has been slowly crashing since november 2021 and many believe the bull market has officially come to an end. I am not so convinced, however, and this is simply because of all the upcoming crypto milestones, that could be a catalyst for a massive reversal today. I’M going to tell you about a few of these upcoming milestones when they’re likely to occur and what impact they could have on their respective cryptocurrencies. Before i hit you with some hope, i need to make something clear for you, folks, if you’re here for financial advice, the answer is no. This video is only meant to help your brain grow.


Please contact a financial advisor if you’re sick of being broke also be aware that i do hold a few cryptocurrencies i’ll be discussing today in my personal portfolio and i’ll be sure to point them out to you as we go. If this is your first time at the coin bureau, my name is guy, and this channel is about crypto. My mission is to craft the highest quality, crypto content. You’Ll ever know coins, tokens news, reviews and other info. If this is the kind of stuff you want to be shown subscribe to the channel and ping that notification bell and make yourself at home, if you’re short on time, you can skip around using the timestamps down below or you can watch until the end.

Like a true crypto bro, that’s it for the intro. Let’S start the show yo the first upcoming crypto milestone is the most important and that’s a spot. Bitcoin etf in the united states disclaimer. I hold btc in case that wasn’t already obvious to quickly recap. Etf is short for exchange, traded fund, etfs are sort of like stocks, and they make it possible to invest in an asset without having to hold it yourself.

Instead, the company which creates the etf, buys or sells the underlying asset, depending on the demand for the shares of that etf. Although there are three bitcoin etfs currently trading on u.s stock exchanges, they are all futures backed put simply they’re, backed by paper contracts and not physical btc. As such, bitcoin futures etfs have no direct effect on the price of btc, since they do not create any actual buying pressure for the underlying asset, which is, of course, btc physical aka spot bitcoin etfs, on the other hand, do have a direct effect on the price Of btc, since they do create material buying pressure for the underlying asset btc, now many believe that the billions of buying pressure created by a single spot, bitcoin etf, would be enough to push btc well past 100k. This would cause the whole crypto market to rally since altcoins tend to follow btc, and i personally believe that the approval of a spot, bitcoin etf will mark the top of the current bull market for btc.

My belief is based on the top signal that the approval of the bitcoin cme futures provided for btc during the last bull market, altcoins rallied in the month that followed and then the bear market began. There are currently around half a dozen spot, bitcoin etf applications, waiting to be approved or rejected by the sec, which regulates assets like stocks, etfs and yes, cryptocurrencies. The sec recently rejected a bunch of long-standing spot bitcoin etf applications, but three of these applications survived the purge by being delayed. Now this suggests that they have a high chance of being approved since they otherwise would have been rejected by the sec, along with the others. A long time ago, these are the bitwise spot, bitcoin etf, which the sec could accept or reject.

On february the 1st the grayscale spot etf, which the sec could accept or reject. On february the 6th and the nydig spot etf, which the sec could accept or reject. On march, the 16th mark your calendars. Now, if you want to know why, i think the sec keeps rejecting or delaying spot bitcoin etf applications. You can check out my video about that using the link in the top right.

The second upcoming crypto milestone is equally as important as the first, depending on who you ask and that’s ethereum’s official transition from proof of work to proof of stake as part of ethereum 2.0 disclaimer. I hold eth and i also bought the out of the recent dip. Thanks to the four sellers anyways for context, ethereum began its transition to 2.0 in december 2020, when ethereum’s, proof-of-stake, blockchain, dubbed the beacon chain, went, live nearly 10 million.

Eath and counting has been staked on the beacon chain since then, which is pretty crazy when you consider the fact that this staked eath can’t be withdrawn. Nor can the staking rewards. This eath is accumulating. The next stage of ethereum 2.0 is called the merge or the docking, which is when ethereum’s current proof-of-work blockchain will effectively connect to the proof-of-stake beacon chain.

Now the merge was initially expected to occur late last year, but was delayed after a few bugs were found in ethereum 1
0 and ethereum 2.0 codes in the summer and the autumn respectively, according to the ethereum 2.0 roadmap, the merge is now expected to occur in q1 or q2 of this year, which is the end of march or end of june. For anyone who doesn’t count quarters, it looks like the merge will happen sooner rather than later, and that’s because of all the progress that’s been made in the last few months. For example, at the end of december last year the kintsugi merged test net went live.

This is expected to be one of the final test nets in preparation for the merge and more recently, ethereum co-founder vitalik buterin noted that ethereum 2.0 is 50 complete and that, once the merge and another scaling upgrade called the surge are finished, ethereum 2.0 will be 80. Complete to clarify the surge will occur after the merge now, given that it’s been about 13 months since the beacon chain went live. This means we should see.

The merge happen around four months from now, assuming that the merge accounts for 15 of that additional 30 vitalik envisions by the end of the year. Besides the obvious effects, the merge will have on the price of eth. It could possibly lead to a surge in altcoins in general, since thousands of cryptocurrencies are tokens on the ethereum blockchain. If you want to know how high i think eth could go because of ethereum 2
0, you can find out by using the link in the top right. The third upcoming crypto milestone is one that not many people have been paying attention to and that’s the launch of solana’s, actual mainnet disclaimer.

I hold soul and no i’m not a fanboy, i’m just a fan of the project, despite all the fud anyhow. For those who don’t know, solana is still technically in beta, and this is clearly noted in the top right of solana’s blockchain explorer and the solana beach blockchain explorer. Now, while this certainly doesn’t excuse the multiple performance issues that solana’s blockchain has seen since it went live in march 2020, it does explain why its performance hasn’t been on a par with other, fully operational cryptocurrencies. In terms of when we will see solana’s actual mainnet. Go live a response to this question in the solana subreddit by one of solana’s developers notes that solana’s beta phase will last quote for a year or so now this response was posted last march, which suggests that solana’s actual main net will go live around march this Year, however, it looks like there are two more milestones that need to be met before that happens.

The first is the introduction of multiple block producers. Solana, founder anatoly yakovenko, mentioned in an interview last year that they’re aiming to have eight block producers on solana in early 2022. Now i reckon it’s reasonable to assume that this increase in block producers would happen slightly before or possibly in tandem with an official magnet launch. The second milestone is the introduction of on-chain governance, and i suspect that this is a prerequisite for an official mainnet launch because of regulations. Allow me to explain if solana labs single-handedly transitions, the solana blockchain to a mainnet version.

This could attract the attention of regulators who deem the project insufficiently decentralized. If the solana community votes to transition the blockchain to a mainnet version, however, then solana labs can say that it was the will of the community. In other words, solana is sufficiently decentralized. Now i will stress that this is just my speculation and it’s a speculation that has its origin in the community-driven mainnet rollouts of other crypto projects, namely near protocol and polkadot. On that note, polkadot’s on-chain governance architecture looks eerily similar to solana’s proposed on-chain governance architecture, and i reckon that’s no coincidence if you’re looking for solana and polkadot updates i’ll leave links to my most recent videos about both projects in the description.

The fourth upcoming crypto milestone has likewise flown under the radar and that’s the deployment of cardano’s first d5 dapps disclaimer, i hold ada and yes, i do believe it still has potential. As i’m sure many of you have noticed. Cardano’S ada coin has taken a serious beating during the recent bear slump. This is because ada holders were anxiously awaiting the dozens of daps. They were expecting to see after the completion of cardano’s smart contract functionality in september.

Unfortunately, overcoming cardano’s concurrency challenges proved to be more difficult than developers initially expected, and basically every cardano project postponed its deployment. Ada has consequently crashed. In the absence of the demand, these dapps were expected to create for ada following cardano’s september upgrade. Despite these delays, however, cardano’s top projects have managed to raise tens of millions of dollars since september from public and private investors, including some well-known crypto vcs. Some cardano projects even came together to form the cardano d5 alliance in what is likely an attempt to streamline the development of scalable solutions to cardano’s concurrency issues.

The three largest cardano projects are currently sunday swap ardana and meld sunday swap is a decentralized exchange like uniswap and its test net went live in early december. Sunday swap devs have yet to announce a main net launch date, but a recent medium post suggests they’ll be making an official announcement about that in the coming days. Anyone want to bet it’ll be sometime in q1 this year. Now ardana is a collateralized stablecoin protocol like make a doubt, and its roadmap notes that it will be launching in q1 this year. The significance of ardhana can’t be understated because it will make it possible for ada holders to mint a stablecoin using both free and staked ada as collateral.

Stable coins are critical to the adoption and expansion of a cryptocurrency’s ecosystem, especially when it comes to d5 protocols. Ardana is also planning on rolling out a stablecoin dex called dhanaswap in q1. Consider for a moment that the largest d5 protocols by total value locked are stablecoin dexes. Last but certainly not least, we have meld, which is a lending and borrowing protocol like arve meld’s, detailed roadmap notes. The crypto elements of its protocol will be completed in q1, with fiat elements expected in q2 and q3.

Consider for a moment that borrowing and lending protocols are also some of the highest ranked by total value, locked second, only to stablecoin dexes. Together. These cardano projects should create a rapidly expanding ecosystem on cardano, with hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of 100x opportunities, assuming they successfully deploy. Of course, now, if you want to know what else, cardano has been up to lately check out the link in the top right. The fifth and sixth upcoming crypto milestones are for two cryptocurrencies, which are quote merged at the hip, and these are litecoin and dogecoin.

If you watched my recent video about crypto consensus, algorithms you’ll know that ltc and doge can be merge mined thanks to auxiliary proof of work, hence merged at the hip, which is a direct quote from dogecoin co-founder jackson, palmer, fun. Facts aside, litecoin is on the cusp of completing its mimblewimble sidechain, as the m-web roadmap notes, the end of january as the implementation date. Mimblewimble is a privacy protocol proposed in 2018, and it makes it impossible to identify the sender and recipient in any crypto transaction. Even though the amounts being transferred can be clearly seen, mimblewimble is used by the grin privacy coin and the litecoin foundation actually commissioned a grin developer to build its own mimblewimble implementation. In contrast with grins, mimblewimble litecoin’s mimblewimble will not be implemented at the layer 1 level.

Instead, litecoin will use mimblewimble in conjunction with extension, block technology to create a sort of privacy preserving layer, 2

This layer 2 will make it possible to send anonymous ltc transactions and will also increase litecoin’s transactions per second since processing these anonymous transactions requires less computation, more importantly, because the privacy change isn’t being implemented at the layer. 1 level litecoin founder, charlie lee, believes litecoin should be safe from the regulatory scrutiny we see with other privacy coins. Now this is a bigger deal than you might think, because there are almost as many litecoin atms around the world as there are bitcoin atms. This means mimblewimble will make ltc the most accessible cryptocurrency with privacy, preserving properties. This will likely create a lot of demand for ltc and lots of positive price action.

By extension, now dogecoin has a few treats on its recently released roadmap too. The dogecoin trail map contains eight milestones, two of which are expected to be completed in the coming months. The first is an enterprise, dogecoin wallet called the gigawallet, which will make it easy for merchants to integrate doge payments. The second is a dogecoin software developer kit, which will make it possible to create new dogecoin products and further facilitate the integration of any existing dogecoin products, including the gigawallet. Even though it’s unlikely that these upgrades will have any direct effect on the price of doge.

In the short term, the hype alone will probably be enough to make prices pump, especially if elon musk starts tweeting about dogecoin’s starlink integration. Now i’ll leave a link to the full dogecoin roadmap down below. If you want to learn more about that, and if this starlink stuff is news to you, you need to watch my weekly crypto reviews latest episode in the top right. The seventh upcoming crypto milestone, pertains to polygon and disclaimer. I happen to hold somatic as well.

For those unfamiliar polygon is ethereum’s leading layer to scaling solution with five billion dollars in total value locked by dozens of popular ethereum dapps, which deployed on polygons pos chain. Polygon has allocated billions of dollars to building additional layer, 2 scaling solutions which will all leverage its matic token. So far, the only layer 2 polygon has released besides its pos chain is the polygon hermes zk roll up, which is the product of polygon’s 250 million purchase of hermes network in august last year. Polygon is in the process of producing five additional scaling solutions and the two that are likely to create the most demand, for the matic token, are polygon maiden and polygon zero without getting too technical polygon maiden and polygon. Zero leverage next generation, zero knowledge technologies, which polygon believes will be as much as 100 times faster than comparable ethereum scaling solutions, notably arbitrarium and optimism.

Now it’s not entirely clear when polygon will be releasing its two scaling solutions, but a recent blog post suggests that we should be seeing polygon zero very soon. This makes sense, given that polygon zero is the product of polygons 400 million acquisition of mir protocol in december, which makes it the most expensive crypto project purchase to date. In any case, it looks like one of these scaling solutions will be chosen by coinbase, given that the exchange announced in an august blog post that it will be integrating with polygon to cut down on costs. As far as i know, this integration has yet to materialize, and that might have something to do with all the bugs that have been found on polygons pos chain over the last few months, never mind the network congestion we’ve seen because of a blockchain game where you Farm sunflowers chances are that polygons upcoming scaling solutions will be much more secure and once they go live, there’s a high probability that matic will moon more about polygon. In the description.

The final upcoming crypto milestone i’ll mention today relates to axi infinity. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because axe infinity is cryptocurrency’s number one play to earn game and is also the number one nft marketplace depending on the day. This might have something to do with the fact that axi infinity has more than 3 million daily active users to put things into perspective. That’S almost three times more than ethereum’s record of 1.2 million daily active users and also three times more than bitcoin’s record of 1.

million daily active users. If you’re wondering how axia infinity can handle all that traffic, the answer is ronin a layer, 2 scaling solution, specifically built for axi infinity by sky mavis, the company behind axionfinity right now, ronin is permissioned, meaning all the validators on its blockchain are being run by companies. Such as binance and ubisoft, however, ronin will soon be public, and its validators will need to stake the ron coin, which will also be used to pay for all transaction fees on its blockchain. The ron coin is currently being distributed to liquidity providers on ronin’s katana decks, and this distribution will wrap up on february. The 4th lps can’t claim their run yet, but the ftx cryptocurrency exchange has recently listed a futures contract for ron making it possible for traders to speculate on its value now.

This suggests three things. First, that ron is very valuable, which makes sense, given that it’s essentially the eath of the biggest play to earn gaming project. Second, that ron will likely list on an exchange shortly after liquidity mining finishes in early february and third, that ftx will look to list. The actual run coin as soon as it becomes available, and i have a feeling that this listing will have a positive effect on all play to earn crypto projects and possibly nfts too. If you want to learn more about the other top plate and ecosystems out, there look no further than the link in the top right.

That’S all for today’s video about upcoming crypto milestones. If what you heard gave, you hope, smash that, like button to, let me know, remember to subscribe to the channel and ping that notification bell before you go if you’ve still got some time to kill, check out coin bureau clips for behind the scenes, content that will Give you a thrill, you can also follow me on twitter, tiktok and instagram, but please don’t chill speaking of which my telegram channel is a great place to chill it’s free of spammers and scammers and filled with daily updates and other crypto stuff. I spill the only thing better is my weekly newsletter, where you can get the full breakdown of my personal crypto portfolio and once you’ve made mad gains, consider supporting us by buying a beanie, hoodie sweater or tea with designs like these. Only at the coin bureau you can find my second channel socials telegram newsletter and merch store using the links down below. Thank you for making it until the end.

You are a true crypto friend farewell until next we meet again

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