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Welcome to bible crypto, home of the bitcoin, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs, almost six million people, my name is ben every day on this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button guys. We got a really interesting video for you today is I’m gonna try to break down um some of the reasons that we could be seeing a flipping in crypto. Now, usually we talk about a flipping. We’re talking about.

Can anything pass bitcoin the flipping specific if you’re, newer to crypto refers to a moment in time when any coin will pass bitcoin? Now i think, as we go down the road we’ll use this word a little more broadly, i think at some point it could mean. Is there a smart contract platform that can flip in Ethereum? Is there an exchange token that can flip in binance coin today we’re going to be talking about? Is there an NFT project that could flip in crypto pumps the number one NFT project out there?

By far the most valuable and I’m going to give you guys at the end of this video, I’m going to give you guys uh a tip some advice, i think not financial advice, of course, uh a tip on something that you should be looking for on alert For kind of the next big thing, so let’s talk about this crypto punks. Some of these things have sold for over a million dollars. These are nfts non-fungible tokens, they’re, really collectibles, is what they are. My wife has taken a picture of me doing a video she’s over here say: hey honey, hi thanks. I don’t know if they heard you or not, she’s, very uh, soft-spoken, very soft-spoken uh.

So you know, the thing is: is that crude funks is one of the oldest nft projects around okay, going all the way back to 2017 is when i believe that it began okay and back then people weren’t talking about nfts. They were talking about icos and altcoins, and all this stuff – and it’s very simple – it’s called uh. You know a general generative trait um, a generative trait nft. These are where you have a very simple jpeg. An image and you’ve got this gigantic combinations of traits or attributes that can be placed onto them, and i, i think, there’s 10 000 of them total is what i think there is.

I think there’s 10 000 of those 10 000 of many other collections could be wrong on that number. Just going from memory, i believe that’s the number and the fact is they go way back, took a long time for this to pick up steam and for people to get interested about. This now, keep in mind they’re selling for a million dollars right now. Okay, so they’ve been the most popular, but we’ve had a very interesting development. The board ape yacht club, which i actually own one uh the board.

Eight that we have. It is uh what i call the easter bunny. It’S got um, it has it’s a crypto punk or i’m sorry. It’S a board ape that has uh rabbit ears very appropriate for uh. You know all of our easter activities.

Last year, the board 8 yacht club has came out of nowhere. This is not an old project um. I think it was began early in 2021, if i’m not mistaken, but something has happened. The the the thing you need to look for in these nfts are the floor price. This is the bottom price that they’re selling at okay.

It’S kind of like if you had like a really cool baseball card and you went and you looked up all the prices, whatever the lowest one sold for that’s what you know. I can at least get this much for it. The floor prices for crypto punks have been falling, they’ve been dropping off like a rock here. The floor price for the board ape yacht club has been rising tremendously now. One of the reasons for this a lot of people believe is that when it comes to the board a yacht club, the apes they’re owned by many many more people, even though they have like the same amount of nfts, the biggest wallet has a 105 board apes Out of 10 000 okay, 105 The biggest wallet has only one percent, basically 1.

5, so because of this there’s a bigger and what some people would consider to be, i mean, maybe it’s not the right wording, but a more fair distribution of these nfts out there, which means people are more likely to Flip them because people are kind of hoarding onto them in order it’s kind of like the difference of blackrock buying like a million homes or someone just you know, buying a house to flip it. That’S generally, what it’d be like blackrock will hold on to those much longer because they have more value in there. Okay, so the thing is: are we going to see a flipping in nfts? Are we going to see the board 8 yacht club flip crypto punks? I believe the answer to that is yes.

One of the things the board ape yacht club has been doing is a lot more marketing. Crypto punk’s bit does basically no marketing crypto punks is kind of like a. In my opinion. Critic is kind of like a star athlete that just knows they’re really good, and so they feel like they don’t have to practice, or they don’t have to show up for team stuff like the crypto punks they’re. Just like hey we’re the best, it is what it is.

Meanwhile, the community of the board ape yacht club they’re out there pushing this they’re making deals. They are making partnerships. They signed that gigantic partnership with adidas that put out a board ape yacht club um. You know uh avatar, basically uh they put an adidas jacket on top of a board eight and you’re, seeing animooka brands partner with board api club. This is getting pushed further and further and further.

Meanwhile, the crypto punks is not getting the same. Push large people uh large people. Some people call me a large person, whales in crypto, uh people that you know that have a lot of money. They buy a lot of these crypto pumps. They buy them because they have the money to do it.

The average person still can’t do it at this point. The board apes still right now, it’s super expensive, but it’s much more affordable than the crypto punch right now, so that can help it get some momentum. But it’s really these partnerships. I believe what we’re gon na see is we’re gon na see, corporations buying some of these board apes, and this is gon na push the the floor price of these up much further, and so i do believe, there’s a great chance that we see the board eight Yacht club nfts pass crypto punks. Now you may be sitting there saying yeah, you know what ben i don’t have 300 000 to buy an nft, and god bless your soul uh, because you’re, like 99 of people out there more than that 99.

people, and i never dreamed. I would be in a position to own one of these at these. At these crazy prices right, we made a decision, we’re not buying a crypto punk right now by the way, if they drop considerably, we might buy one at some point, but i understand that’s like a fantasy for a lot of people to buy those, so people are Looking at the next big thing in nfts – and i think that is a worthwhile endeavor, because one thing we’re going to see – i believe when ethereum flippings bitcoin down the road is the sheen. The shine of bitcoin is going to be gone to a certain extent and we’re going to see it’s vulnerable to get passed. If board ape yacht club were to pass crypto, punks and floor price.

I think we would see a flurry of projects out there trying to be the next board ape yacht club board a dog. I did say that right. Sometimes it’s a lot of words. It’S a lot of words like forwards. You would think i didn’t talk for a living, but the fact is is that i, if i were you and i were in a position where i didn’t have enough money to purchase a lot of these, like almost everybody, doesn’t okay, i would be really paying attention To newer nft projects or some of the ones like pluto alliance, our nft project, that’s been around for a while.

I’M not trying to push that on you right now, but i’m just saying that have been around maybe for a couple months, but haven’t necessarily been around for a really long time and try to find the next project that could be the one to push nfts further. The things you look for the number one thing you look for in an nft project: community, look for one that has a giant massive community. That is super excited fervent. You know really passionate about that nft project. It’S not just about people flipping them for money, which is the vast majority of nft projects out there.

So, in my opinion, i think it’s great to try to look for the next nft project that can be successful and you could be sending something where you put 0.3 ethan and later down the road. It’S worth 100 east we’ve seen it over and over and over again, but the market is saturated, so oversaturated. So you have to look for gems and it’s much harder than just scrolling on tick tock and finding somebody talking about some nft project be careful. A lot of these are rug, pulls as well make sure you’re getting under the right ones.

All right well, who would have thought a nice saturday night nft conversation would be what it is. That’S what it is bitcoin, please go up overnight, so god be blessed.

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