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Analysis of price Bitcoin Cash: It faces Bitcoin Cash on December 23 Currently a period of sideways movement in the chart. The asset moved up to $ 379 on December 21st, but a strong bearish run drove its valuation down To $ 308. While a major support pair has been breached in the process, the uncertainty remains in the chart The short term is evident for Bitcoin Cash, as the token may face an immediate recovery Or a further correction in the market.

At the time of publication, Bitcoin Cash’s market cap is 5.7 $ 1 billion at time of publication and ranked sixth on the charts. Bitcoin Cash 4 Hour Scheme BCH / USD on trading offer The specific highs and lows on the Bitcoin Cash chart have been very identical since Late November, the mid-range of $ 266 and $ 347 has been maintained largely but after that Bitcoin has arrived at the new ATH, there must have been some changes. Bitcoin Cash has lost momentum from the mass market, its recent decline being an example On the weak link with Bitcoin. It is currently hovering above the $ 308 support level, and may move Bitcoin Cash is in one of the directions indicated by the stock paths.

The bullish recovery will see the asset bounce towards $ 347, but another period of correction It might hit another bottom near $ 287. The SMA 50 currently remains above the price candles , And is tending towards a bearish trading session. The rationale for the market BCH / USD on the trading view The EMA bars value a reversal as the bars appear to be converging on the charts. He indicated that a turn towards a bullish period is still a possibility. Stochastic suggested RSI That same situation in the oversold region is definitely a short term event . The Awesome Oscillator or the AO did not convey any bullish rally but the bears did not It maintains its grip, too. The MACD suggested a continuation of the bearish period. Conclusion Bitcoin Cash’s price movement is currently very volatile and should be expected Future price fluctuations. The fact that the value is still higher than $ 300 is Positive sign, but things may change quickly over the next few days.

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