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What’S up everyone, this is tony with journey crypto in this video we’re going to be doing an update on the trading series on binance us, i’m going to be showing you guys my new balance, even with the market dip today, we’re up huge since the last video. So i will be reviewing that and uh showing you guys, which all coins i’m going to be buying and we’ll discuss the dip today as well. So before we get started, i do appreciate if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already and hit the bell, if you do want to be notified, when i make new videos, i will have another video coming out later today, as well With a big announcement, [ Music ], alright guys welcome back to episode 11 of the binance us trading series. If you haven’t signed up with binance us or binance, yet i definitely recommend signing up with them and having multiple platforms ready to go. Do the kyc and everything because there is waiting periods for a lot of these exchanges right now, so there is links in the video description.

It does support the channel as well, and i do appreciate that so uh getting into the crypto markets here we did have a pretty big flash crash earlier this morning, ethereum as low as fifteen hundred dollars. Bitcoin crashed to forty eight thousand dollars. Some all coins on some exchanges went down super low uh, so we are making a quick recovery here, which is why i’m doing a binance us update, i’m gon na be selling some bitcoin uh for some other all coins that are down a little bit more compared To bitcoin here um and i will be discussing why i’m buying these all coins, i’m also to show you guys my new finance us balance as well. So, even though there was a big market flash crash, some all coins are up pretty huge. Today, xrp is slightly up uh.

This was up more this morning. The first court case is today. I believe there was actually some bad news from moneygram, though too moneygram ripple actually owns part of moneygram they put in millions of dollars to invest in that so moneygram suspends trading on ripple, citing sec lawsuit. So that’s pretty strange. It took them this long to suspend trading, especially on the day of the court case, so that’s pretty interesting, seeing as most exchanges suspended trading around the announcement of the lawsuit, so uh we’ll see what happens with that.

If any major news comes out with that um, so other all coins up crypto.com is up 160 on the seven day here, pretty massive um. Also, we got tara luna up 10 kusama up 30. I almost bought into uh kusama in the summer around 10 uh. Just in saying that’s up about 30 x from where i was initially looking at it.

Unfortunately, i didn’t buy into that, but i did catch huge profits on other all coins. So that’s just the name of the game: uh, that’s a polka dot altcoin as well. So we actually have cardano ada here recovering very quickly we’re leading up to the merry hard fork. On march 1st, this dropped is low into the 80 cents. I believe this morning in that flash crash, a lot of people picked up some on the dip in the 90 cents range, so uh, that’s recovering very quickly, and that shows great support.

Uh definitely check out my recent video on why ada can hit two to three dollars in the upcoming few weeks. I definitely think that’s very possible, i’m also very bullish here on litecoin and uh. Since that’s down more than bitcoin is, i will be picking up some litecoin and some other all coins here as well, all right guys. So before we jump into my binance us account, and i reveal my current balance in that account. I do want to discuss the last balance here uh in the last video on february 12th, the balance was 136 000, keep in mind the 500 b and b we have, i had to add at the beginning, uh for the increased referral bonus, which i’m glad they Do require that because binance b and b has surged since then i bought this bnb last march.

On that uh market crash, i traded xrp at 13 cents for bnb at eight dollars, bnb, as you guys know, uh surging upwards to 350 dollars very briefly recently, as we have seen, because bnb is solving the problem with ethereum gas fees right now, uh just up Huge on that uh going from eight dollars to now around uh three hundred dollars at 270. Today, even with this market dip, it’s still holding pretty strong, and that is because the binet smart chain has much smaller fees and a lot of coins are starting to create a binance smart chain version of their erc20 token and exchange that one to one. A lot of projects are doing this. I actually think a uniswap update is coming version. Three.

They did hint that that’s coming very soon and that’s going to add a layer two to the unit swap platform which will reduce the gas fees um. So that’s very likely. Uh going to be launching soon, and i do think that launching could create a mega altcoin season um. I definitely think a lot of all coins with high demand right now that people just can’t buy because it’s only available on uniswop and they don’t want to pay the 100 gas fee uh. This is going to allow all those people to start buying these all coins that have major events and stuff coming up and that type of demand, all at once, i think, is going to make some all coins really surge very quickly.

So i will be talking about that more in another video uh version. Three of uniswap should be coming very soon and that will be great for the entire crypto space in general. So, jumping into my current binance balance here we go for the big reveal we’re now at two hundred and eleven thousand dollars uh last video 136. 000. So we’re up pretty huge on that um.

So in the last video i did discuss a major mistake i made, and that was selling 500 bnb for bitcoin. If i didn’t do that uh this account would be over 300 000 right now. But that’s the point of the trading series is to show you guys. My mistakes and my victories at the same time and uh kind of give you guys an idea that sometimes it’s just better to hold long term on some all coins instead of trying to day trade and catch pumps um, although it does work out sometimes and we’ve Caught some big pumps in this trading series – uh, sometimes it’s just better to hold and there’s a tax benefits to holding long term as well. So what we have here, uh we got bnb uh, which uh, like i said 500 of that bnb is bnb, i’m just holding in this account for the um referral bonuses.

So we do have half a bitcoin here. I will be selling some of that for some litecoin and a couple other all coins as well uh holding some basic attention – token cardano ada. Of course, i’m gon na keep holding that since we are leading up to the merry hard fork here, all right guys. So we’re just going to jump in and do these trades. Since all coins are recovering very quickly.

I was going to buy like coin at 200, but because i started making this video now it’s recovered to 210, so i’m gon na drop, some bitcoin um sell that into litecoin and uh pick up some bitcoin cash as well leading up to the paypal crypto merchant Payments launch bitcoin cash and litecoin should get a lot of attention. Litecoin also has uh privacy features coming up. I heard mid march: is the test net for that um? Also, a partnership with cardano and litecoin is coming and other big things for litecoin. So i definitely think litecoin is going to be surging within the next couple of months um.

I definitely see a 1 000 like coin very possible in 2021 as well, so we’re going to jump in here and do these trades alright guys. So i’m going to remove myself from this screen here just so, we can see the balances so we’re on the bitcoin usd pairing on binance us, as you guys can see here. If we zoom in bitcoin dropped here as low as forty seven thousand five hundred dollars. Uh pretty crazy flash crash. We had, of course it instantly recovered uh some crazy manipulation there.

So we are going to be selling uh some bitcoin on uh the market here to pick up usd and pick up. Some all coins i’m going to be selling uh 75 of the bitcoin 20 000 usd, and there it goes. We now have a balance of 21 345 usd, so i’m also going to be selling 25 bnb, since i do have to hold the 500 bnb here. So i will be selling 25 bnb on the market and there that goes so, as you guys can see. Bnb touched 350 dollars here that day it pumped going from just 135 dollars to straight upwards to 350 dollars very quickly here.

So some recovery for this is expected: bnb dropped as low as 220 dollars. This morning now recovered to 270 dollars pretty crazy, so we are going to be buying some litecoin already recovered to 210 dollars. This dropped as low as 180 this morning, so something i do want to talk about as well is you can place orders uh pretty low here, so you can pick up uh great deals on all coins. Sometimes these orders do fill when we have manipulation and flash crashes like this. So if you sell a limit or if you set a limit order here, you can use technical analysis to kind of get an idea of where you can set buy orders.

Sometimes these do fill and you get great deals and they instantly recover. So anyone that had buy orders here around 185 dollars got that order filled and then instantly recovered for huge profit. So using technical analysis, you can kind of get an idea of where to set these. For instance, we had a resistance at around 180 here. So if i was gon na set a limit order for buying litecoin, i would have done it around 185 or 86 dollars.

So it did flash crash to this uh support line here so um. If you do want to do that, sometimes those order fills, but of course sometimes they don’t as well, so we’re going to be buying litecoin here and i’m pretty bullish on litecoin in general. So i am going to do uh 50 of my uh usd and there that goes. We now have 161 litecoin uh pretty huge there. I definitely think litecoin has huge potential uh throughout march, especially so, like i said in yesterday’s video, i am going to be buying some cosmos atom as well, and that actually has great support here as well.

So this flash crashed down to 16 instantly recovered as well. Uh, so there was an article that did state cosmos is a good altcoin to watch for this week. Um – and i definitely agree with this – so i will be picking up uh some atom as well we’re going to use 50 of what we have left to buy atom, which will give us 335 atom and there that goes and then the rest we’re gon na buy Bitcoin cash, so something i’m actually gon na do is a split between hnt helium, which is actually the crypto. That’S down the most on binance us, as you guys can see here, so something i did hear about some traders uh doing that is pretty successful, is basically they uh click. The change here and whatever cryptos are down the most.

They look into these in research and then uh. They buy the ones that are down the most and those usually tend to recover pretty quickly, especially if they have major events coming up. Hnt is down the most, and this is a pretty interesting project. A pretty small coin – that’s listed on binance us, so this is down uh the most today, so i will do a split on this between helium and bitcoin cash, so we’re gon na mark it by this uh with i’ll do sixty percent and then the last forty Percent, what we have left i’ll buy into bitcoin cash, so there we go and then uh last one for the bay uh day, bitcoin cash bch and then we’re gon na use the rest of the usd to market buy since uh bitcoin cash is down a lot As well, i am more bullish on litecoin than bitcoin cash though, and there we go uh all done so now i’ll show you guys my balances all right, guys, here’s my final balances, as you guys, can see it’s already moving back up since everything is recovering. While i’m making this video 217 thousand dollars we’re getting very close to our goal, if we subtract the current amount of b and b that we have uh, the goal is to turn 10 000 into 100 000.

We started this at the beginning of summer and keep in mind i did have to add the 500 b and b to this as well. So we do subtract that balance so to get how much profit we’ve made on 10 000 starting balance uh, we can subtract our total bnb usd value which is uh. We have 217 500 minus our bnb balance of 137 900 And there we have 80 000, so we’re in uh 8x profit uh from our starting balance, we’re only 20 000 away from hitting the goal turning 10 000 into 100 000. The goal was to do this by the end of 2021 and we’re already almost there. So after we do hit the goal, i’ll, possibly continue the series going from 100 000 to 1 million.

If we can hit that by the end of 2021, that’s gon na be just crazy, um and that would be doing a hundred x from the initial ten thousand dollars going to one million by end of 2021. I will be starting another series here very soon, going from one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars doing swing trading on all coins um. I had to delete this because i am working on a partnership uh with an exchange in order to bring you guys, uh faster signups, on this exchange, since most exchanges are backed up. I also um picked an exchange that can give you guys a decent bonus as well, so i will be launching that, possibly tonight or tomorrow, so look out for that video be sure to be subscribed. There is a playlist on my channel as well.

If you guys want to watch the previous videos for uh this series here, the bottom playlist here crypto trading series, i will put a link to this trading series in the top right of this video as well again, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys found the video useful if you did a free way to support the channel is like the video comment below and share the video anywhere on social media or with friends and family. I also recommend going through my cryptocurrency guides playlist here also to get more uh free education, lots of great value here on my crypto exit strategy, how i buy crypto dollar cost averaging for long term. Success. So definitely look through this.

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and be successful investing long term, so that’s it for today’s video uh. Thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe. If you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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