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Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Welcome back everyone take a deep breath in take a deep breath out all right, we’re okay, we’re doing all right just a little bit of a healthy retracement, nothing to be worried about i’m gon na i’m gon na calm your nerves, we’re gon na be buying some Coins and it’s very important for you guys to understand – we did not break the demand zone. If we broke to the demand zone, we would be crying right now. We would be down a lot more, but things are not looking too bad right now. It’S not it’s! Not too bad, it was just a little bit of a flash crash.

Uh like i said we have these dips every single month in crypto. Bitcoin is still looking bullish guys. I bet you by the end of this week. We will see that 60k bitcoin um. I did say maybe a few days from now, maybe in the next week or two earlier today, but now it’s probably going to be a week or two all right so that that guess was more more right, um so or less, but let’s get into it.

Let’S get into it, so what are we? What am i talking about with this demand zone? Let me go into this, so what we see right here is we saw this healthy, healthy, retracement down it bounced right off of this demand zone. Okay, demand zone means people are buying up bitcoin here, okay, this was a very, very uh great thing to see. We saw all these people were buying bitcoin right.

All these people were buying back in right here right in this zone right here right, so we did not dip further than this zone. You guys see this trend that we have we’re still having higher lows. Uh, it’s not dipping below uh this higher low see. We have a higher low here. We have a higher low here and we have a higher low here and it’s not dipping below it.

This is where people are buying up. Bitcoin people are buying up bitcoin here and guys look at it hit exactly where we predicted on our support level, just saying that so that’s at least good, and we did have a very healthy retracement back up. But if we dip below this, this is when we’re going to start to worry, but it’s not looking like that’s gon na happen very soon. Uh. We had a lot of people uh a lot of people panicking um in the chat, especially uh.

Don’T worry guys. Don’T worry, we’re gon na get a lot of sales on these altcoins right now. This is why we keep some ethereum in our portfolios. We keep at least 50 of our portfolios safe and sound in ethereum or unstable coins, and right now we’re going to be buying some altcoins. I don’t see ethereum outperforming these all coins.

With this dip we have a lot of altcoins that are looking very good right. Now so let me actually, let me get really into um how to how to find out when these breakouts are going to happen or what these breakdowns are going to happen. So we have a supply zone. What does a supply zone mean all right, so it’s the opposite of demand zone. It means people are buying down here.

This is the demand zone. You know they’re, like i want it, it’s low. I want it. It’S the demand zone so they’re buying down here, and what do we see? What do we see right around right around this level?

We see all these sell-offs. You guys see these red candlesticks um. Let me not put it back this far yeah, but we see we see all these red candlesticks right. People are selling here. This is the uh supply zone where people are just selling okay, they’re selling and uh.

We do see. We do see a lot of a lot of rejection from the supply zone up here and we are seeing these dips right around 59 to 60 And right now, it’s looking it’s looking pretty healthy, we’re consolidating right now, i’m at least on the four hour chart, but you guys have to understand this is the demand zone. This is where people are buying. This is where people are selling and we thought we were going to be able to break out of this and have a have a pretty nice and pretty nice breakout um over the next few days. But we just need to see that okay, once it breaks out of here, we’re going to have a nice a little breakout all right, but we really need to make sure to notice these trends.

Okay, when we see when we really um, we really look at the graph analytically. We can tell when the support is broken. Okay, what’s the support um? Well, the support line for um, at least this one was probably right around here. We have one there and this one right here, so we had two breaks in support right uh we saw the this support level um be tested on the ninth and almost on the 10th and which was actually today.

So we saw that almost being tested today and we saw it shoot back up, but even though it’s dipped below the support level that still shows a little bit of danger. Okay, that shows a little bit of danger, and what we have to understand is when it breaks the support right here, um there’s, probably a more chance of it being um bearish than bullish right now, so uh. Now now that we’ve broken down through that, that’s really where you guys can tell this bearish bearishness pattern. When it’s going to dip, we saw this dip below. I was doing a tutorial video.

While this was happening so uh, i was trying to help you guys out. I didn’t really pick up on those charts. I would have streamed guys. I would have streamed uh, but it’s okay. You guys better be having your stop losses in any ways.

So i’m not trying to it’s. Okay, guys it’s okay, it’ll it’ll come back up um, probably within the next week. We’Re gon na see at least a 60k bitcoin. It’S just that this um this uh supply zone is very very hard to break out of bitcoin. For right now, we’ve been trying to break out of the supply zone for over over the past over the past.

Basically, since april um, i would say maybe a little bit before then, but it wasn’t as bad as it was right now. So once we break out of this supply zone, we are going to see a run-up of bitcoin, but right now we’re just hanging out in this channel between 57k and all the way down to 54k. Okay, people are buying up bitcoin when it drops below 54k we’ve seen that guys. Look at this buyback look at this buyback right um. So we are in this little channel right here between 57 uh 6 between 5465 Uh, just to keep that in mind, okay, very, very healthy, to see this very healthy to see this um, let me get into um there.

We go all right. So what we’re looking at right now! What’S what’s some good bags? What’S some good buys, a lot of things are looking good right now to buy um. We do have quite quite a few uh dips within within our portfolio right now.

My stop losses got hit on a lot of things guys. A lot of things got hit on my stop losses. Let me go up um. We do have here changing percent all right here we go. Things are still looking bullish, though, for the most part guys um.

Some things are, but we’re really going to see we’re really going to see some sales that we’re probably not going to see. If this does dip below 54 6 we’re going to get into the supply zone, people are going to buy it up. I don’t see it breaking this. I do not see it breaking this guys. It’S not going to break this!

Okay, that’s for a fact! So what we’re looking right now, what’s good to buy guys what’s good, to buy uh? Well, let’s actually go to coin market cap it’ll be a little bit easier, a little bit easier for you guys to see um someone said manic or my editor said manic all right, so we’ll go over we’ll go over manic, real quick! I did buy some more matic on the dip guys we actually go in here. Um yeah polygon is due to break out and uh.

We’Ve we’ve been taking profits along the way. This is why you guys have to take profits, because we have these little. We have these little dips, these little corrections, but look how beautifully this is recovering guys, look how beautifully this is recovering, what a dip guys, what an actual dip um we’re, definitely going to see. Uh manic bounce back from this very very easily guys. Look at this support level that we have.

This is where people are buying it. Okay, they see it under 85 cents. They see it drop below this, and why wouldn’t you, why wouldn’t you buy somatic here does not make sense if it drops below this to uh not buy it drops below 85. Why wouldn’t you buy it right uh? This is why you guys keep keep these extra uh, keep these extra gains in your portfolio.

So what we’re looking for with matic right now, um we’re going to see how it really consolidates, but um. We need to see probably another hour to after uh after this uh bitcoin correction or bitcoin um uh consolidation, whatever’s gon na happen with bitcoin, we’ll see how manic moves next, but people are buying manic up and let’s see how everything is reacting to the dip. What is reacting, the best to the dip right, um well manic, acted very well. You guys saw so like look at this guys. It went from 76 all the way up to 88.

That’S like a 15 to 20 gain. If you guys bought it all the way down here, uh, that’s pretty that’s pretty good. In the matter of around 10 minutes, 20 minutes give or take. We have chain link at 46 dollars. Very, very good.

Buy guys chain link is down 9 around 46 It was down a little bit lower um. I did. I did pick some up. Let me let me get the exact price on chain link um. I have it.

I have it up here. I have it up here so with chain link, we’re really looking for we’re. Really, looking for a great buy price and right now, 46 dollars for chain link is looking very good here we go yeah, but look at this guys. Look. What chain link dipped to we had a forty dollar chain link a forty dollar chain link wow, guys wow.

Forty dollars and look it it’s regressing: people are buying, okay, people are buying uh right now. Some people are selling they’re, probably getting a little panicked right now, but this is when you guys have to buy. When you see this red, you guys have to be brian. Okay, we we buy on red, never buy on green guys. We never buy a green on this channel um we’re just looking for good opportunities like this.

That happen all the time so um yeah, we do see some great great, buys with uh chain link, especially if it gets back down to 40. That’S the new support level or a new demand zone that we see people are going to be buying it back. I really do think around 44 dollars. If we see chain link, go to 44 again is etc a good buy right now, i’m i’m very, very careful with etc. Right now guys it did bounce back.

I saw it all the way down at 90. I believe, let me go to etc, ethereum classic a lot of people asking that um. Let me just check on here. I don’t think i have it up. It’S not doing that bad compared to um compared to some some of the other stuff on the market yeah.

It dropped all the way down to around 95 98 that was a pretty good buy. But yes, i do see it breaking out soon we’re just seeing this consolidation period with etc before it really has the ability to break out, and we did see around uh a one, a one, thirty dollar, etc. We’Re really trying to take some profits around 150 uh to 145 with them and then hold probably 30 till around. I would say: 200 to 250 Um we’re just going to see how that reacts. We do have ethereum under under um under 4k right now, but bitcoin needs to go below that level and we’re going to see a lot of buybacks of bitcoin we’re going to see a lot of people trying to buy bitcoin um at that one exact demand level.

People are buying it, there, people are buying it, there uh any thoughts on ubx trash or ace. I’M gon na go over these small caps uh sooner or later. We just really need to be looking at some great opportunities to buy i’m going to go through. Basically, i guess i guess we could go through the majority of um what’s happening right now, so ethereum bitcoin, we saw that little correction, all right, so etc, guys we did have a buy back with etc, and this is completely normal with them guys with with edc. We do have these large run-ups these consolidation periods, and then it runs up again, especially with ethereum running up, definitely going to see, etc.

Breaking breaking out um just going to be a matter of waiting and being smart with your portfolio. You guys do not want to be too heavily invested. Okay, um! Let me go over xvg um, i’m just looking for good buying opportunities guys. All of these all these are going to be uh corrected.

All these alts are going to be corrected once bitcoin has that bounce back up. So, if we’re seeing a 20 correction right, we’re seeing a 20 correction here, let me see what’s down the most in 24 hours, so dogecoin is down the most of course maddox down 13 right. We have ftm as well. Two very good buys right here. Two very good buys um, don’t put all of your portfolio into it.

Just now, okay, we’ve been taking a lot of profits to prepare for something like this. Like i said every single month, we have this okay, this might not even be the worst dip that we have to be honest, uh, just because it was really only around seven to eight percent uh. Last tips: we’ve had were around 20 uh 20 to 30. We could see another 8 dip um, it’s just a matter of waiting uh like i said so. Yeah dollar cost averaging, if you guys, are buying back in, don’t buy back with your entire portfolio, uh put in around eight to nine percent or eight to nine percent of that fifty percent um right now, maybe they’ll be more of a dip, but you’ll at least Cover some of your losses so uh what we’re looking for right now, also sushi theta um.

We did uh. I believe we had a trading on theta, probably uh, going to be taking that one away. Just because i thought theta was going to be able to hype up, got that one wrong guys, but we’re still up, i believe around, i believe around. I bought some at 9. I believe somewhere around there.

9 30. 9 9 – something um, but not not too bad. Honestly guys not too bad just a little dip, like i said uh, we just have to wait because, like i said, we’ve had 20 30 dips every single month, every single month we’ve had a 20 dip or a 30 dip. This could just be around eight to nine percent dip that we have with bitcoin. Here we’ve had those, i believe, we’ve had around eight of those this year, um so far, so we’ll have to see um we’ll have to see how this really pans out.

But today is probably going to be the catalystic event day to see really where uh see really where it’s going. But let’s, let’s go to the demand zone again, we’ll look at um btc, but you guys have to understand. This is the time where you guys have these stable coins. You guys have these stable coins. You guys have ethereum right.

If you have ethereum, you might as well sell some okay. When you guys see these dips, you might as well sell some ethereum because you can buy these stable or you can buy these altcoins and they’re going to be on discounts, guys they’re going to be on discounts yeah. We are holding this pretty pretty fairly good um. I mean, like i said: we just need to see it drop below 54.6 and once it’s in this little demand zone, if it doesn’t get, bought up right away, probably going to be selling some more of my allocations and then waiting for a larger dip because it Needs to break out of this box, let me move it up a little bit once it breaks out of this.

This is the new support level right here um. This is the new support level that we have for bitcoin right here, or this is the farthest one. I guess you could say, and once it breaks down from here, if it does we’re gon na see a larger dip, probably down to uh 50 to 51, maybe the 40s but um it did buy back pretty heavy right here. Uh. We just have to see this candle continue a lot of volatility in bitcoin right now, a lot of volatility and bitcoin omismatic, going up yeah maddox, already up 20 from the dip already oh where’s manic at yeah manik’s, not not doing bad at all.

So what we’re? Looking for is buying opportunities, like i said, manic ftm, two very great, buying opportunities right here, um manic under a dollar ftm under dollar. It’S a no-brainer guys just throw some of your portfolio into them. Do not fully uh implement your portfolio right now, just because, like i said, we’ve had dips in the past. Let me zoom out on this just to show you guys this just to give you guys a better perspective, okay, so compared compared to uh.

Last month you see, we had a 28 dip, we had a 20 dip, we had a 25 percent dip and we had a 31 dip in january, so every single month we’ve had a dip right now. This is just looking completely normal. This is looking healthy. We always see these little little little consolidations little corrections throughout the market. This is just a great time to really dollar cost average into it and if it dips even more buy some more what i would try and do.

Why did everything go down at once? That’S what my editor’s asking me: why did everything go down at once? Well, everything went down at once for one reason: okay people have stop losses: okay, uh some some big, some bigger people, um, probably sold. I believe i saw let me check my crypto quant account guys because i believe l2 l2 pool sold some and there was a few other whales that sold some bitcoin and a lot of people have these stop losses on. I always tell you guys: have some stop losses?

What does that mean uh if bitcoin hits 57 or 56? These people already have orders in to sell so uh. You guys will have this flash crash, which just means these people hit their stop losses and it’s whatever it might be. Six percent of the market has their has a stop loss at 56 and or at least in bitcoin and boom hits that stop loss is out. This is what these smart investors do.

You guys have to have stop losses. That’S why i always try and tell you guys that not too many people talk about that right. If you have stop losses right now, you guys really didn’t get affected too heavily by the market. Well, that’s why you guys have to be doing this and um. Maybe maybe you guys can uh learn from your mistakes on this one?

I really want you guys to all be able to uh have the most knowledge on uh how to really be the most successful in crypto. Hitting a stop. Loss is okay because sometimes um. Well, i would say more than often you will be able to buy at a better price just because, if it drops down 10 from your support level, that you’re buying at you guys are gon na see a major correction in whatever that is and like what we Saw with bitcoin so very good um. Let me check uh.

No, there yeah yeah f2 pool sold some, which is the biggest mining company. If they sold some, i bet they were correlating it with um, some other some other people in the market, so uh yeah. It is time it is time to buy, but we’re not sending we’re not fomo in our whole portfolios, guys we’re not fomo in our whole portfolios. We will never do that. What we’re doing is since we’ve had a here, let me so this is the um.

These are the two zones that we’re really having trouble with bitcoin, but let me draw this out guys. Let me draw this out so um we had a get my ruler. Actually we had around a six percent dip um as of right now um. I would only use around uh around 12, no around around 20 of your portfolio in stable coins to buy back in on this dip because uh, if we go down another six percent or another um around six percent, you guys buy another 20. If we go down another six percent, you buy another 20 um and we do have these little dips in the market, even in a upward trending market and right now, this this market uh, was not too upward trending, but we did look like we were gon na Break out here i ended up having a little bit of a flash crash.

Okay got to set the stop losses. Editor fomo, endomatic, uh, it’s okay, you’ll you’ll, get back you’ll, get it back. I’Ve been telling my editor like i want. I want my editor to put these stop losses in no. No, no!

No, i don’t know i don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it and hopefully you learn editor, it’s okay, um, but what we’re gon na do now we’re gon na we’re gon na get my editor set up um with the stop losses, i’m i’m sure uh he’ll wan na really really be doing that. So yeah you do don’t you i told you, i told you, i’m not trying to say it’s bad guys, it’s just a learning, just a learning curve. Really getting these stop losses. Um uh set up you guys, will be so much more successful with stop losses because a lot of you guys buy off of gut feelings.

Okay, when you buy off a gut feelings without an entry price you’re like i’m, not going to buy it 40 i’m going to buy when i want to buy – and that’s the worst thing you guys can do you guys have to find support resistance levels figure out When you’re going to buy, have a stop loss but, like i said nothing too significant right, we had the retracement. You guys see how we have these long wicks, meaning it’s not a full red bar okay, the red bar. If it’s, if it’s a full bar, that’s the body of um, the candlestick okay, when you guys see wicks, that means there’s a lot of buying activity going on a lot of people are buying the dips and we did see a large wick already guys. That’S a pretty that’s a pretty large size. Wick means a lot of people are buying it back.

Okay. So that’s that’s! Not that’s not a bad thing to see guys, that’s honestly, pretty healthy to see that especially uh short term, but let’s go over some more things that we’re going to buy, or at least i’m i’ve bought already i bought polygon. I bought some ftm here. I have it written down guys so i bought some polygon.

I bought some ftm um. Where did you put it wrote it down, never mind, wait. All right. Editor threw away the piece of paper. Okay, oh my gosh.

What did i buy? Let me go back to my buy order, sorry about this guys, a little confusion, um, all right, yeah i’ll, tell you guys exactly what i was buying all right. So what i what i bought um! This is in the past 30 minutes. I only used six to six to eight percent of my um stable coins.

When i bought this okay, just being safe being careful and what i bought, i bought some more rev rev. I bought some more rlc um. I bought some more telcoin. I bought some more xlm bought some more ht um. What else?

What else? What else? Well, i i don’t want, i’m just saying stuff that i really do believe is. I bought some more litecoin guys. I bought a decent amount of litecoin um.

I didn’t buy an ethereum guys. I sold off a lot of my ethereum um. Actually i had a. I had a stop loss set at four thousand dollars for ethereum um, so i ended up selling the rest of that um. I bought some more uh.

Actually, i don’t know if i’ve talked about celsius, i bought some celsius sel. I bought some more solana uh. These are all like short-term trades too. I’M just going to keep on acquiring them. Every single six to eight percent dip bought some more cake.

Uh bought luna um. Can you can you write these down? Could someone write these down uh, it’s just so you could put them in the chat if you figure that would be uh that’d be nice okay, so we have anchor as well roon and i could go over them individually as well. Quantum um, where else, where else or else i need to go to a different exchange, i believe i bought some on different yeah you had to have. I bought some more bake too, as well bakery token um ksm is under 400.

I got some ksm under 400 um and that’s well ftm. I believe i said ftm already. I bought it on a different exchange as well all right. So that’s what i that’s what i bought and manic as well. I think i said manic twice.

I bought them. Both on different exchanges – so that’s everything that i was buying guys so i bought i bought around. I believe 15 to 20 different things, but i’m only putting six to eight percent of my stable coins into them, or i guess you could say around 12 to 8 to 16 percent of my stable coins into them right now, especially when i bought them. Okay, uh we’re going to see where this market really is trending because we’re in a consolidation point right now with bitcoin, and once we really know what’s going to be happening with bitcoin uh. We just need to see.

We just need to see exactly where this uh, where this bar is headed. Let me go on. Let me go on a two hour right here, so uh we can go even a little bit lower than that. I figure you guys. Can i figure you guys can handle it?

So we do see this downwards momentum, but we saw the buyback correct and we just need to see where the momentum is headed towards here we did break that level, but we are kind of building up a new support level wherever this thing bottoms out, wherever this Bottom wick is if it stays above around 57 or 54 707 if it stays above there, and we do see some upwards momentum, maybe some upwards wicks above this we’re probably going to see a breakout up, and i wouldn’t be surprised if bitcoin, even by the end Of the day, uh, really with the volatility that we’re seeing, we could just be a normal day with a six or seven percent dip consolidates back up seen it happen multiple times guys. We actually have done streams where we’ve seen that happen multiple times but yeah like. I said nothing, nothing to be too worried about just another opportunity to buy or just another reminder that you guys need to be holding stable coins and you need to be holding um. Stop losses on every single uh thing that you buy. I don’t buy anything unless i can’t i can set a stop loss just just in case um, just in case that something like this happens, because you guys want to be staying in profit.

That’S something that you don’t hear a lot or you guys don’t know of, but if you’re in profit – and we have these dips every single month, we have these dips every single month. Why, wouldn’t you want to be trading on a site where it allows you to set a stop loss? Because it’s like you, you don’t know when the market’s going to dip 20? You don’t know when it’s gon na dip, 30 percent and it happens. Why?

Wouldn’T you want to set a stop loss where it sells it automatically um. I just want you guys to to really get motivated, maybe maybe maybe look into that um sooner or later i always say it, but i feel like those people that are um, don’t have it right now and just didn’t want to set it up at the time. Now you guys are probably feeling um like you want to set it up. So sorry, sorry, i’m not trying to talk down on anyone, i’m just trying to help. You guys really just want to help you guys.

So i did buy quite a few things. I’M gon na be buying some polka dot and maybe some ada we’ll see um. I have been uh doing a little bit of leverage on ada recently uh, i’m not i’m not the uh, the biggest ada bull, but i do see them hitting around two dollars. They’Re not they’re only down nine percent right now, that’s not too bad. Normally, we see a two to three x, multiple of whatever percent bitcoins down.

Everything else is down by the way. So if you guys see that it’s pretty it’s pretty good uh thing to understand and we’ll be able to see how strong everything is too over these next few hours, i’m going to be able to see what are investors confident and what is bouncing back after this Dip, what are investors investing in okay, they’re, probably going to be investing into chain link they’re, probably going to be investing into matic they’re, probably going to be investing into ftm dot? Basically, everything that i listed off of i see people investing back into um, especially during these dips or this dip that we have. You guys can tell how strong something is that you own, because people are throwing their money into it when it’s low and if you guys, are holding something that no one’s throwing their money into and it hasn’t uh had a little bit of a leg up. Since this dip, it’s probably a very weak asset, there’s probably not a lot of investors that want to that, want to um throw their money into it.

You know it’s very good uh thing to see it’s, it’s very healthy uh for the market to do this, um. Just because you guys can really see uh where, where your cryptos are um at in the mainstream investing scene, what are these investors actually putting their money into and what do they have confidence in? It’S pretty it’s pretty! It’S pretty good. If you guys can correlate that we had the 4k eath party last night, now we’re having the uh the under 4k uh funeral, we’ll see it guys, we’ll see it we’ll see it soon, um, let’s, let’s go over some more small caps.

Okay, i kind of went over a lot of those high caps, we’ll just be bouncing around. Hopefully, you guys took some profits on trius. I got called an idiot. I got called up a phone by some of you guys, you’re like. Why are you selling try us?

Why are you selling trash around thirty dollars around twenty five dollars around? Whenever we went up two x, i told you guys to take profits, and we do this in order to secure gains, because these dips do happen, and especially with these small cap tokens when they run up 20, when they run up 30 x, when they even run Up 5x, you will see sell-offs because that’s what that’s? How that’s the name of the game? That’S small caps. 101.

You will see people selling these um literally whenever they can. Okay, it’s it’s. It’S a little game. Okay, you guys find the best small cap you get in early and you set. You set your stop loss but, more importantly, you take profits.

Okay, you can make a lot of money off these small caps if you guys are strict and you stick to your strategy and we will be doing a gem hunting, uh series every single wednesday and saturday uh you guys are going to. I feel like i feel, like some of you guys are gon na love. It we’re gon na just live stream like five to eight hours. I’M gon na teach you guys everything you need to look for. Okay, everything!

You need to look for in a gym. I found multiple multiple cryptos over the past three or four years, probably have found around like around 10 to 15. I would say myself got some from others, but done 100 200 300 x, and i know what i know what i’m looking for when i’m looking at. Looking at these small caps, i know what to do and we’re going to be doing that twice a week. I really want to teach you guys how to do good research.

We could do good research as a community. We could find these small caps first and we could email the companies really talk to them and see if they’re, they’re, bs or, if they’re, really true, because you guys have to you guys have to email them. You guys have to talk to companies. You’Ll get screwed over if you guys really don’t get a good understanding, because some of these companies show that they’re very good in reality, they’re not so yeah. It’S consolidating, though we do have people buying, buying it back up guys around 18.

That’S not bad! That’S showing some faith and trius i’m currently holding um no trius right now. I just want to let you guys know that it ran up quite a significant amount and i’m going to probably be buying back in sooner or later, i’m going to throw another small bag in there. I’M not too worried about it. I’M not too worried about it.

Guys like when you, when you’re up 30x on something you guys cannot be, you guys, cannot be holding on to it as much as as much as you want like if you hold on to a bag that goes up 100 x. All the way up, you guys are going to be missing out on other opportunities, 99 of the time, okay and with uh with these ido’s. I’M not talking about these audios. Okay, we’re talking about just these small caps that that are coming out so yeah. We did.

We were, we were like the first people to talk about trius on youtube or basically, in general, like i kind of uh kind of discovered them but kind of knew about them before they came out as well. That’S why you guys need to be uh need to be networking. You need to be in telegrams and the more you network, the more you uh talk with other people, the more opportunities you have for games. Don’T just watch my channel. Okay, learn from my channel learn from another channel and uh.

You guys, you guys will learn more, i’m sure you will or you guys will learn bad stuff as well. Why did everything go down at once? Uh we talked about this. We had. We had the minor sell-off and then we had the people who set stop losses when people said stop losses.

What does that mean? They’Re setting a certain price if bitcoin dips below this i’m out? Okay, i’m out it’s selling it’s selling automatically, because i’m scared – and it’s the smart thing to do honestly, because, if something dips below that, you guys get your money and you’re able to buy really quick and if something dips that low all these people have the these. Stop losses set up big mining, uh, big mining l2 sold a lot of bitcoin and wonder what happened. We saw uh.

These stop losses boom boom boom boom boom uh. This is why these dips happen. Okay, there was no leverage trading going on right now, um. This is why i was bullish on bitcoin. Actually, today we have the lowest amount of leverage um for bitcoin, meaning that, let me let me pull this up real, quick, boop, all right, so all exchange estimated leverage ratio.

When we see leverage high with bitcoin. What do we see? We see price rise? Okay. What do we see right now?

We see low leverage, leverage, the red by the way, guys leverage is the red and the price is the black okay. We see low leverage, high price and when leverage goes up, we see the black price go up. Uh the black line price go up, okay, so right now this was just this was just uh. This was just people having their stop losses hit by a giant whale. When you guys see these leverage, people um sell off, it’s not a whale guys.

It’S just leverage training. Okay, anyone can be a whale lever. Training really. You know, like people, do 30 40 x leverage with with millions and millions of dollars and they can really move the market. Leverage trading is the the highest thing leveraged in the world is bitcoin by the way highest thing.

Leverage trading in the world is bitcoin. This is why we have so much volatility. Yes, the market cap is extremely low compared to the stock market, but it is leverage traded more than a lot of people really think okay. So what we’re looking at right here is what is what is uh? What is bitcoin going to be doing short term, like i said uh, we kind of already discussed that quite a lot, but yes, i am still bullish on it, but it happened because the l2 a little sell-off people hit their stop losses, really set.

Some stop losses. Literally, really learn from um learn, learn what people are doing that is going to make them successful during these times of of a freak incidents: okay, not freak instance, but variables. Okay, this is a variable which happens. Okay, complete variable. You couldn’t predict that these people were going to sell off unless you were them right and then there’s people who will who will look at the charts and they’ll be like i exactly.

I exactly predicted this man. I exactly predicted this man, like you, can’t predict variables like that. You can’t predict uh that much selling happening, but, yes, you can predict once something breaks once something breaks that support level. Okay, so once something breaks the support level, you guys see the support level right here. You see the support level right here, how we have these two, these two candlesticks right here, um this support level right here.

Okay, people set their stop loss below this support level. Why do they do that? Because, when something breaks below a support level, there’s normally a large sell-off and want to know what happens it broke that support level people set their stop-loss there and then boom boom boom. Everyone was hitting their their um, their price or their their take or their stop-loss. Sorry, that’s that’s why we’re seeing that so um but yeah.

Let me let me let me get into some more questions. I’M just giving you guys a little overview on what’s what’s happening right now, make sure to smash that, like button guys good for miners, more traffic, more profit, exactly exactly right, if you guys aren’t mining, it’s okay, you need my opinion on doge. Um can’t do that! Real quick ferocity – let’s go to vra finance listing coming soon, probably going to be coming. This month said that last month got some news on the veracity listing before it happened down 13, not looking uh too too supportive, but i feel like not too many people know this finance listing is coming out as well.

Um yeah i’ve been i’ve been in vra, since, under a million dollars, market cap very, very familiar with vra took my profits. All the way up guys took them all the way up, like any other small cap, especially back back in the day guys when gains were hard to come by not really um yeah we’re getting a little uh getting a little heated in the chat guys. I can’t even read this editor put. The put the most questions asked i’ll look i’ll look in a second, so um. We just see a little consolidation results.

We’Re waiting for bitcoin to really uh. Do some. Do some price action see see what it’s going to? I can’t believe x alone is still up guys, what a great call on xlm, wow xlab’s, looking very strong right now, let’s see what exalem was doing for something to still be up right. Now, it’s pretty pretty insatiable.

Don’T don’t quote me on sheba, though, if you guys do not know sheba coin, that meme coin that you see out, they are printing coins. There’S some scam going out on shiba all right, but xlm’s holding back there’s been some buybacks. Some things will sell off multiple times by the way, we’ll see this uh bounce up and then sell off again, because we’ll have another six to eight percent dip with bitcoin. That’S when you guys are throwing that other part of your portfolio, which you had in stable coins or ethereum and stuff um editor. What do they?

What do they want me to talk about um? I mean i’m just going to i’m just going to summarize bnb as well. Let’S go into bnb. I see i see a nice trade going into bnb um fairly soon, all right. Where is bnb at all right?

I did buy b b as well b b was one of my largest buys just because it went under hundred dollars. Guys b b went under five hundred dollars. Right went under five hundred dollars, bitcoin did not break through that demand zone and uh. When you guys can find these zones and find these in the um in the graphs um all right, so my editor said tech stocks down with inflation against rising markets rap, oh so, they’re connected, maybe okay, so maybe maybe tech stocks going down is connected to crypto Um, that’s cool, but l2 did sell, so just want to throw that out there, but yes, uh bnb, under b b under 500, guys under 500 or 600. You guys have to buy some at all times, especially when we did not break that um.

That demand level. That we saw within um within uh bitcoin itself, all right i’ll go through ubx. I guess, let’s see if i can find them on here all right. So, let’s see what ubx is doing right now down 13. They didn’t have quite a candlestick right here guys they did recover fairly good from this dip.

To be completely honest, not not too bad, i mean that shows a lot of support for a small cap. That’S a really good recovery, guys, that’s a really good recovery and glitch are staying strong. Of course they are. Of course they are. Let’S see what true bits at yeah.

If you guys do not know true bit, we’ve been uh, we’ve been familiar with them in a while on this channel uh wow they’re, still up six percent uh, true eath guys, ethereum scaling is coming to tribute. We saw this massive sell-off. We were buying uh throughout this, or at least people who people who understood the foundation that was really set up. We have ocean protocol ceo, we have um coinbase co-founder backing truebit ethereum scaling, ethereum scaling. Think about how much we need that right now, um.

What else you said, glitch yeah glitch is still up. I took some profits from glitch through them and um some other coins when the dip happened. Oh yeah, it’s staying strong, we’re still up around 4x on this one in a very short period, amount of time, ubx. In three years, i can’t i can’t predict that far. I you guys need to rub my head or something and i’ll do it kidding, thoughts on xrp uh i like litecoin, and i like um.

I don’t know i like ethereum, better than yeah. I do. I do think ethereum’s gon na outperform xrp this year. Everything is on sale, though, but make sure to only only pay a a or um only pay a small deposit. Okay, don’t don’t fully uh fully fomo ends a security deposit, okay, we’re paying a security deposit right now so yeah.

What are we? What are we really trying to find out right now, they’re still up 11. Today, wow! Isn’T this uh? What was the one that came out with cardona today?

That was the you check the one that came out with cardona. Today there was a cardona um multi-chain believe that came out today. Is it it’s trending, i believe yeah. This is the cardona wait. It might be.

Cardona, i believe it’s multi-chain um multi-chain decks. This reminds me a lot of zero guys, a lot of zero yeah, basically zero, but zero um before zero, zero coming out later, okay coming out later zero protocol – and it’s gained some hype um, but we’re going to see zero, definitely definitely be a lot more successful Than i’m reminding me of them just to let you guys know so what we see right now, what we see right now, uh equalizer um – i don’t have any i’m gon na actually write them down, but d5 flash loans kind of uh. This is what um ersdl does low fees all right all right, i’m i’m getting screamed at with manic, okay, getting screamed out with matic um by editor right now, oh d-d-f-y-n, by the way is linked to manic link to manic. Oh yeah, d-d-f-y-n is linked to manic. I was talking about that with the editor um.

I am invested into them, so just won’t. Let you guys know that um ada all right, we’ll go over ada real, quick, we’ll see what eda’s doing probably gon na i’m probably gon na take a little break on the stream we’ll stream later tonight, but there’s really there’s really much not much more to do. I kind of gave you guys the gist about what’s happening right now, we’ll go for probably like 20 30 more minutes, but there’s not there’s not much more than just to go over. What’S consolidating what’s bitcoin doing the end right and uh, this is what you guys have to be doing during these dips set these stop losses. I’M gon na cry: okay, i’m gon na cry for you guys, i’m gon na cry with you guys.

It’S a learning experience! Okay, it’s all learning experience at the end of the day. You guys, if you guys want to be successful in crypto, you’ve got to take some losses. I’Ve done it. I’Ve done it wow.

We saw a um dip to eta 150. That’S not that bad! It’S really not that bad with eta. A lot of holders need a lot of people staking it. That’S a pretty good.

It’S a pretty good uh, pretty good dip, though um for eda i mean we’ve had a lot worse dips guys with ada, but i do see right here. Let me throw on some indicators. Actually let me throw on some more indicators there. We go all right, so um kind of consulting a little bit more with addicts, but they’re they’re really dependent on bitcoin they’re, really dependent on bitcoin as of right now um. So it’s basically everything but uh they’re, actually matching bitcoin very, very directly.

That’S pretty cool um anchor bullish on anchor hey bro. What are your thoughts on the strike it’s starting to get shield on twitter? We did talk about strike, we did talk about strike up leave. Have we talked about drake on this channel or was that um? What was that yeah yeah?

I think we, i think we could have. No, this can’t be it. What’S the ticker symbol, the volume is too low on this. It’S not getting shield on twitter if the volume’s too low. I think i was talking about scale.

We need. We need to see some like three three four million volume. If it’s getting chilled, it’s not getting shield good enough. It’S not getting chilled good enough um. I will write it down, though, and i will look into it later, but um if it doesn’t have the volume right now, there’s really no need to talk about it because we’re trying to get these these these uh little little plays going.

Okay on these um higher caps and maybe maybe uh – maybe it will be good but uh. I believe i believe i um still need to do some research on strike. I got it confused with scale, but i do i do uh. I will look into them. I promise they’re good i’ll talk about them again if they’re good enough.

If i see them pulling off some sizeable amount of gains, this was a flash crash guys. This was a flash crash, a little bit flash dip, no drop on hdr nice yeah. Let’S go to! Let’S go look at hdr, real, quick yeah, only four percent, not too bad, but we need to see that breakout. A lot of people have been shielding this breakout, uh breakout, analytics to me on them.

I do see it happening, but it’s going to be to be hard for them to do that, especially with the kucoin bots cell walls and all that raised network bringing the private transactions to ethereum. I did see that we we do. We have talked about um. We have talked about raise on this channel a few times they did have quite the ideo. I’Ve talked about their ideo, all right, we’re seeing at least the first green candle.

We need to see it break break out a little bit above this uh above this 50 50 uh 55k level. To the 56k level. We were hanging around 56 to 57 for a while guys – let’s see i sayato was doing down twenty percent not too much confidence and investors of this one. This was the idea i i was talking about these ones. Just for the ideas um there’s not.

I always tell you guys: there’s not much really to be buying um. After an ideo happens, you guys have to know the tokenomics, even if it’s part of the polkadot ecosystem, even if it’s um i mean all right, so the only ideos that i see that are really really important. Right now are the ada ecosystem, ideos? Okay, these are new. These have the word eta attached to them, they’re going to be very, very profitable and i have participated in them and i didn’t.

I haven’t really gotten too much um too much sense into them, not too much allocations to these ada ecosystem ideos. But there are going to be a few more that are coming out. I will talk about them and i’m looking forward to that, but ada is going to be releasing their entire ecosystem, guys uh their their ecosystem’s starting to come together. We’Re going to see ada uh have have some price reflection on that, but we’re going to see these cryptos that are coming out through aw, very big um, i’m really looking uh for ada ecosystem, kryptos and also uh. These layer, twos um, but i feel like ada’s, are going to be the the next easy gains.

What is the other site then uh this? This is this is trading view. I actually just posted a tutorial on how you guys can do technical analysis and uh predict when things are gon na break down and where to set stop losses and when do uh, when do i get buy into stuff. So if you guys did not see that, i would definitely watch that tutorial video. I posted it while this, while it dipped out of the support level, so i wasn’t able to see it before it did but set a stop loss on that when it when it was gon na break down.

But i didn’t know what happened didn’t get notified or anything so guys we got matic bouncing back luna’s still dipping luna is still dipping like coin bounced. Back pretty quickly, link to bitcoin is doing good, all right, uh dot and one chain guaranteed link returns um. I do see i do see uh. Basically, all the cryptos that i talked about are going to be bullish. Um, i’m going to i’m gon na need to wait to talk about these small caps, because if we do see another six to eight percent dip, we’re going to see these small caps get wrecked, especially when the market’s down around 15 to 20 percent um bitcoin’s only Gone four percent: as of right now guys we were down all the way down to, i believe, nine percent on bitcoin, but once we see once we see anything more than that these small caps are gon na get wrecked, but it is consolidating right now, but we’ll Have to wait the next few hours to really be um 100 for sure, but we did see that we did see the buy zone in bitcoin guys people are buying it here.

People are buying it here and that’s a great thing to see. We’D love to see we’d love to see the support, be very strong for bitcoin right here um, but i’m going to be wrapping up the video here, guys, there’s not there’s not much more to go through so um. I went over some strategies you guys could do to avoid really getting crushed on these and strategies. You guys can do to make a lot of money through um through these dips. Um.

Make sure, though, make sure if you guys need to learn technical analysis. I made a tutorial video, i’m going to be making tutorial videos, so you guys could really um really really get a good grasp on uh technicals. You guys could have a great um idea of where things are going short term and long term. All right! So that’s gon na be the end of the video.

Just uh really really make sure to have a good day i’ll be streaming tonight. So i look forward to that have a great day.

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