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Crypto.com Predictions & Trends Analysis 2022

All right today, we’ll be jumping into the 2022 trends for cryptocurrency and what i think is going to happen in the blockchain. This is going to get fun because there’s a lot of detail to follow here and maybe some hidden nuggets for where bitcoin is going to be going. My name is paul. Barron welcome back to techpath, let’s jump into it today, and that is on a trends report that was released out by crypto.com and, interestingly enough.


What they’ve done in their research team is they’ve taken a look at a lot of varieties, some of which have been toward social media. Some has been toward regulatory compliance and enforcement at some point to a certain level. They’ve gone from a global aspect, and i want to jump to this story: crypto.com unveiling their predictions for 2022. There are some things that we are going to give you guys that are very specific that are in conjunction with this particular trend.

That’s been done and let me jump to some of the points that they were making here in this one. The first point i wanted to hit was: is nations no longer afford to ignore the growing push toward crypto? Let me zoom in on that, so you guys can see it a little bit better uh by the public, we’ll uh in many cases we’ll see and expect a friendlier stance toward cryptocurrency. I think this is going to continue to roll out, and we have talked about this here on the show before about where blockchain executives, when they’ve addressed congress and a lot of the lawmakers in d.c, many of which have kind of gone.

The direction of is that the united states essentially is behind in terms of regulation regulation, but also in reference to what’s happening on the innovation side of things, so innovation, meaning the developers where the markets are starting to break loose so metaverse gaming would be a good Example, we have very few metaverse and gaming companies outside of meta coming into this in the united states. Most of those powerhouses are in the eastern bloc countries and also in asia, pacifica rim, so that i think, is going to see uh a good alignment with what crypto.com is talking about here. In addition, they talk about in parallel, more nations facing high inflationary economy, depreciating currency, obviously affecting that as legal tender. We’Ve already seen this move from el salvador, look at the crypto owners and adoption rate in 2021, where you see the uh percentage of global adoption percentage and then crypto users pretty impressive.

Overall, when we’re talking about almost 300 million crypto users uh globally, that this being globally 292 million, is a drop in the bucket compared to what we’ve seen in terms of activity in a very short period of time. I want you to look back at this chart because this is a little bit flat and what i’m looking at is between august right. Here, 2363 we’ve only gained about 30 million people. But if you look at the beginning of january 106 million look the amount of growth we went to there uh in august, so 263 up 163 million. Basically almost a 1 5 x, or so so, and a very in great movement in the early half of the year, and i think a lot of early adoption on where crypto is going.

We flatline because of what was a stalled effect on what’s happening in bitcoin, but also, i think, more regulatory issues from the us and we’ll get into some of those things. But one thing that they are talking about here is they predict that cryptos will become a staple in traditional finance portfolios and it will become a fixture in the alternative asset class for investment portfolios as a standard. This is a big statement because i think a lot of people have been leaning in this direction and there are still to a lot of the hedge funds and big money capital that i talk to family offices, etc. They’Re already talking about investing into crypto, i’m just wondering to how much of this is baked into 2022. I’M more along the line is that we’ll see more growth in terms of retail investors, adoption rate if we see that kind of adoption rate in retail investors, because i feel like there’s a lot of this uh from a financial or from an institutional side, that’s baked In a little bit into this growth, they are talking about traditional banks and financial houses like morgan stanley, city goldman, sachs et cetera, jumping in – and this is something we’ve talked about on the show – a lot.

In fact, we had a couple of bankers on that have already taken uh the vast bank, guys that already taken crypto and it into their regional banking system. I think it’s just a matter of time before all of these banks will be negotiating deals with these exchanges and putting up a ability to where you can actually buy and acquire crypto right there off of your bank account and your checking account, which will be a Big deal in terms of adoption, because that’s where i think the growth is going to come from mark my word when we look at this next year, we’ll go back to this predictions. Video is adoption rate will have skyrocketed in cryptocurrency. We could. I would wager that we could double that number again and see a 600 million uh number by the end of 2022.

That would be my prediction: 600 million. If we continue to see the kind of adoption numbers that we’re looking at here, if you look at what their institutional adoption of crypto in 2021 traditional banks, financial houses, seeking the option of crypto right, there’s the numbers all the way back into march – morgan stanley, um Goldman jp morgan and then the latest one right here with credit suisse in october uh and then a lot of what’s going to be coming here in uh 2022 as well, so you’ve got mass crypto adoption being fueled, partly by the acceleration of the crypto sector. In particular, the ever-expanding world of non-fungible tokens, we talk about nft, blockchain, gaming and metaverse in a big way, because it is going to be a cornerstone of where growth is going to come from and, of course, the markets that really kind of lean into this are Not the united states and i’m going to show you a chart here of countries by both sentiment on overall crypto, including metaverse gaming and then amplification, but then also sentiment by bitcoin, specifically tied to that cryptocurrency. And what countries are leading the way in that. So make sure and hang in for that, make sure by the way you guys should like this video.

This is one of the things that we really are trying to do is understand what you guys are looking for. Are you looking for more trends, research data, um investment strategies, charts? What what would it be that you really are are pumped on so liking? Videos is really a good way for us to understand predicting game fi play to earn being one of the main vehicles for mass conversion in the crypto space. We’Ve already talked about 2022 being one of, if not the year, for game, fi and metaverse to launch.

Now. I know we’ve seen a lot of that, and growth has been great for 2021 to a certain extent, i would say: gaming really busted on the scene right around the time that the board a yacht club came into play from an nft standpoint. That’S when i think people started really paying attention to gaming from a traditional standpoint, meaning people that were investing in cardano or solana or ethereum started looking at game sequences in terms of investment. So i think that is going to help with this mass adoption and then, of course, nft collectibles booming, with nft profile pictures et cetera as a stepping stone between the metaverse and real world uh as the space matures there. And, of course, all of that boils down to one thing, and that is utility, because if, if we don’t see utility in a big way for the use of nft – and i think that’s what we’re seeing now with games and also the potential of what digital assets Are going to mean in that space?

I am on the camp that, when you think of just a jpeg or an image as an nft, that kind of nft, i believe, is just going to all go to zero. There may be a handful of the brands that might break out of this and and go into real world licensing things of that nature like a boarding, op club, etc. That could make that leverage. Now, that’s a bigger challenge to jump that uh. That chasm is to go into licensing, but that would be the one angle i would see, but when you get into utility that’s a different thing: utility is now gaining access game play, maybe building a digital asset.

Now that thing becomes a working nft, that’s a whole different angle, and that is definitely on the move and has a long-term horizon. If you look at this data right here, volume of users of gamers of gaming, uh users numbers experience exponential growth, you can kind of see the numbers here from june. Just look in june right here – and this is what i was talking about – is the the growth capacity. A lot of this is is indicative of axia, infinity and kind of when they broke out, but there is an absolute unhinged approach, and this is just the beginning. We’Re talking about one point right at now: 1.

1.4 million in volume on what they’re claiming and, of course, i think what we’re going to see in terms of overall users is going to be much higher than this. And i know a lot of you will probably point out in this video that oh wait a minute. Paul thetan has 5 million users or 5 million gameplays axi. Has you know 3 6 million, we know all of those kind of numbers, but i think the key here that that crypto.

om is trying to show is the adoption rate in which these game companies are penetrating the market, even though it’s still very early and in the beginnings of something big. So i think that is something for us to watch long-term, wise and how that might play into this. I want to jump over to a couple of things here. Let me get over to the country slides all right. So, let’s jump to this slide right here, top crypto countries.

This is based on investment sentiment uh on our 2022 trajectory again, based on overall sentiment right here. We pulled 121 million, that’s in the database when we did our speech iq compilation on this uh over a one we currently uh index over a thousand blockchains and then all of the binance smart chain listings. That’S how we would pull in those apis to be able to track this data. But when you look at the countries where sentiment and amplification shows up, you know, the united states leads the way in terms of sentiment, which it should, because it is the largest in terms of investors and canada, number two and also the second largest uh. Even though that’s interesting, because that’s still a very small country compared to the united states and they’re leading uh as number two in terms of total investment sentiment as well, then you run into singapore, which jumps a couple of uh slots up because they are not.

The third largest investment hub for crypto, but they are the third largest in terms of sentiment around crypto. Now i feel like a lot of that comes from the gaming in the metaverse side, because of there’s just so many people in pacific asia in the pacific, asia rim that are understanding of what’s happening in crypto and i think that’s showing out in their numbers here. Uh great britain, uk 7604, coming in at number four on sentiment and then germany uh coming in right behind them and then it kind of goes down the chart all the way down into india and mexico and the reason i’ve got the flags on these. These are the countries i want you to watch canada on the move because of their sentiment and their light regulatory approach, singapore, i think metaverse and gaming – is going to continue to see massive moves here now. Why is it important to understand where the interest is coming from from a global perspective?

I want you to think about this, because this goes into the strategy you’re gon na you’re, going to use in terms of investing. When i think singapore, i am automatically leaning toward a binance smart chain projects, meaning you’re going to be going and acquiring assets and projects completely different model than what you would do traditionally through an exchange completely different, so understanding why that growth is happening there and understanding That metaverse and gaming is kind of becoming the new mecca for what is happening in innovation. Singapore you’ve got to watch this one, the other one is great britain, great britain is and could end up taking over. I want you and the reason i say this look at the ratio of sentiment to amplification on the uk. The uk has flipped it’s a 7611 versus 76.

4. Now, that’s the that’s the largest or highest-ranked country right now that has the highest sentiment rating and the highest amplification. That tells me there’s a lot of growth in the uk coming. The question will be is if they lighten up the legislation side of things, that could be a huge mecca for what we could see in terms of retail investors, retail investment adoption again, i wish they were. These were in some of the bigger countries.

Now you think about that retail adoption, that’s what i’ve been talking about here to get that number up to 600 million uh investors by the end of 2022. The last two countries i want you to pay attention to is india and mexico. Look at the numbers on india, not tremendous on sentiment, mainly because i think some of the regulatory pressures that india has placed but look at the amplification. That means there’s a lot of hope in india for what’s going to happen in blockchain. In fact, it’s flipped to 7263 same thing down in mexico at 17, at 7211.

Again, these are promising numbers for countries that have large populations and either have challenged financial conditions or have massive innovation, centers, india being a massive innovation center and mexico being a challenged population from the finance side of things. So if you, if you kind of weigh out all of these factors, you’ve got some really cool potentials here for growth in 2022, which could flood in to things like bitcoin. So i want to look at the next chart and that is the bitcoin sentiment by these same or most of these same countries, um, usa, 7102, not as high as canada, 7261 people like their bitcoin in canada, a little bit more singapore rising, but i don’t expect Them to be truly a bitcoin region because of their interest in metaverse and gaming, and then there is the uk right there at number one, and this is why again, i feel like this is going to be a big thing to watch in the uk for how Bitcoin is going to perform uh. Obviously you move into germany, ireland and most of the year of the eu. Then you have australia not performing well france, hong kong, sweden, uh and then japan and then again back to india and mexico.

Of course, sentiment. Uh was not super high, but the amplification had flipped on both those countries. Mexico, seeing a little bit stronger interest, not surprising india, also seeing massive interest in where bitcoin is going. So when i look at the landscape here and you look at the population density of these countries – canada, not so much singapore, just because their sheer size – the uk – okay, yes, if you look at all the european union, but if i jump over to mexico and india, Those populations can move things and if we start to see mass adoption in the united states, also in the high 70s here or in the 70s here on on sentiment, then there’s some potential here for this kind of growth. Growth to happen so be on the lookout.

For that, because if those kind of things start to move, we have yet to see the fireworks, i think for where bitcoin is going to be going all right. You guys are listening in over on the podcast, the one the number one thing you can do right now is jump over uh right here to the youtube channel. You’Re gon na get a chance to check out the charts. You’Ll see a lot of our uh, our rollout on how we do our interviews you’ll get a chance to also join in the diamond circle, which is a big one uh to get one access to more of our information, but even more so it gives you the Opportunity and chance to maybe win some digital asset rewards. In fact, we’re going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow on our live stream at 3, p.

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