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Whoa yours, I had to go live with this breaking news number one. If you watched last week, I did a video on CRO and no I’m not paid by any cryptocurrency. I’ve been stacking CRO since I started getting into cryptocurrency. I love crypto.com.

It’S actually one of my biggest holdings besides VeChain, believe it or not – and this made me really really excited. My name is coach jb. I am the top health and mindset coach in the world. What you believe in your heart, you think in your mind, will eventually become your words and become your reality. If you can see it in your mind, eventually, you can hold it right here in your hands.

What you repeatedly do gets ingrained in your subconscious mind. What gets ingrained in your subconscious mind becomes an unconscious activity and I do apologize for the noise. In the background, this is breaking news. In my opinion, you’re going to hear beeps in the background, our warrior academy is going off the live, workouts um. So I just want to share this with you guys warriors.

This is huge breaking news number one. This is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies and I love to watch. UFC gets a piece of the sport cryptocurrency money with 175 million fight kit sponsorship, a cryptocurrency platform. Crypto.Com agreed to the terms with endeavored owned UFC, adding another sports organization to its sponsorship.

Roster terms and agreements were not disclosed publicly, but according to familiar with the deal, it’s worth 175 million dollars over 10 years. So if you just got on crypto.com is now linked up with the UFC. Let’S see what’s going to happen here warriors, so the multi-year agreement will give crypto.com brand presence on fight kit items used throughout the UFC, including apparel shorts, top bras, walkout hoodies, worn by athletes during competition and clothing, warned by the training staff.

In addition, crypto Com will also own the rights to the UFC’s newly created cryptocurrency platform partner sponsorship category. Do you realize how many people are going to see this warrior? Do you know how much mainstream adoption this will create? They are linked up with ESPN you’re, going to see crypto.com crypto.

om preemptive programming. What you repeatedly do gets ingrained in your subconscious mind I do want to apologize for words. I jumped on to do this late-breaking news because our academy’s going off in the background so you’re going to hear a beep in the background. That’S our timer they’re working out right now, but I just want to share this with you guys not only coming off of the formula one sponsorship, if you watched it when the cars are going by, you see crypto.com crypto.

om. So if you just dropped jumped on war, CRO ticker symbol. Yes, so if you just jumped on warriors, they just announced CRO is crypto. Com is now linked up with the UFC one of my favorite cryptocurrencies besides XRP. Obviously, so v chain will be one of my biggest holdings and then CRO just passed um some of my other holdings as well.

So my number one holdings v chain. My number two is CRO, and I’ve just had this feeling about CRO I’ve. Just its ease of use. Uh. You know people that I know that are baby boomers.

Baby boomers can easily use the app and they have one of the best marketing teams. In my opinion, in the world warriors, so I just wanted to bring this late-breaking news to you guys, just a quick announcement, just a reminder. We got Cryptocedo coming on this afternoon, we’re just going to keep coming with videos and information, but this is freaking. Awesome warriors, this is absolutely amazing, so if you just jumped on UFC gets a piece of sports cryptocurrency money with a 175 million dollar fight kit sponsorship, cryptocurrency platform, crypto.com agreed to the terms of the endeavor.

It is a 10-year contract crypto.com will be on the sports bras, these uh the shorts, the walkout hoodies, worn by athletes during competition and clothing, worn by the training staff. In addition, crypto.com will also own the rights to the UFC’s newly created cryptocurrency platform partner sponsorship. Category, why would the UFC that’s linked up with ESPN, be creating a cryptocurrency platform partner and I’ll tell you what warriors there are some heavy athletes.

I know some of them personally that are professional athletes that are heavy into cryptocurrency warriors. I just want to bring this late. Breaking news to you guys: um, let’s see some questions out there. Is it the same as v chain? No, it’s very, very different, so c crypto.

om is an app and CRO is their native token. Okay, um, let’s see v chain, is supply chain management. Let’S see if there are any questions out there, um, let’s see, what’s the name of the crypto CRO people call it crow for short, CRO I’ve been trying to see billion dollars in my hand for the last five years. Still, nothing will keep on working. Remember, faith without works is foolish.

My friend good morning, good morning, all right warriors just want to bring that to you guys we’ll be going live once again this afternoon with Cryptocedo. I just wanted to bring you guys. The late-breaking news, CRO crypto Com links up with the UFC coming off a big announcement with their partnership with formula one. So if you watch the cars going by crypto.com warriors, this is huge not only for the cryptocurrency space for CRO holders, as we always say, warriors get your [ __ ].

Together, if you’d like to join our private warrior academy click the link down below you, get access to my crypto portfolio, our revolutionary exit strategy, we’re launching a new and improved one, because if you don’t have a plan, you will fail in the crypto space. Also, you get access to my 120-day challenge. Nutrition, live workouts everything you need to be successful and we take you through 120k challenge to become disciplined. We also launched our free discord. You can join our free discord to have crypto conversations just like this and to keep things rolling have a great day.

Everybody we’ll talk to you soon.

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