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CRYPTO 2021 Returns & 2022 Strategy!!

Back in April, i made a video breaking down my personal cryptocurrency portfolio. Now, if you’re subscribed to my weekly newsletter, you’ll know that the coins and tokens in my wallet have changed significantly since that time. Today, I’m going to give you an update on my personal cryptocurrency portfolio, explain what changed and why reveal where I’m at in terms of roi and what I’m planning to do in 2022, before i break down what i hold there is a disclaimer that Needs to be told financial advice is not my goal. Educator and entertainer are my only roles, contact a financial advisor or you will pay the toll now. A warm welcome to any new souls.

My name is guy and crypto is how i roll. I create quality crypto content that you will extol coins, tokens, news, reviews and more if this is the kind of stuff that makes you whole subscribe to the channel and ping that notification bell to enroll. If time is outside of your control, you can skip around using the timestamps below. If you can watch till the end, that’s gold, that’s it for my intros so time to unpack my crypto portfolio. Let’s start with a quick recap of the coins and tokens i was holding during my last crypto portfolio, video.

Now the only coins and tokens I named in that video were bitcoin Ethereum, cardanol, polka dot and chain link, which collectively accounted for about 80 percent of my total crypto holdings. The remaining twenty percent consisted of yearn, finance, injective protocol avalanche stellar, one inch, Ren, lit entry, cosmos and dodo, and you can see the percentages for those here. I continued to hold these cryptocurrencies as we approached the crypto market peak in mid-April and started to take profits in the second half of the month, when i sensed that we were losing momentum. Even so. I added roon to my portfolio while doing research for the video about 4chain, which went out at the end of April that’ll, be in the description.

If you’re interested note that i always disclose whether i hold the coin or token i’ll be talking about at the start of every crypto video, and i always tell you which cryptocurrencies i’ll be covering next in my weekly newsletter anyways by mid-may i’d, taken significant profits on Just about every coin and token in my portfolio, namely eth after it hit 4k and dot after it hit 40 dollars. I also picked up some solana and bought the out of the dip while doing research for my solana update video, which went out at the end of may. By the end of may, the usdc stablecoin made up more than 13 percent of my portfolio. Now i chose usdc because i believed it to be the most trustworthy, stable coin on the market. More about that later, in early june, the crypto market was looking pretty bad and though i knew that this was due to market manipulation, a lawyer and everything was fine.

Deep down, i was still kind of terrified. That’S the telltale sign that it’s time to buy the dip. So that’s exactly what i did. After selling off my xlm, i used my stack of usdc to double my exposure to seoul and add to my btc and eth holdings. I sold my xlm because i’d been holding it for a while, so i was nicely in the green and stellar wasn’t getting nearly the amount of adoption that i’d have hoped.

This seems to have changed, however, and you can learn about stella using the link in the description by mid-june. I was feeling pretty damn bearish, so i took a bit more profit and closed out my dodo and one-inch positions, because i realized that dexes could come under more regulatory pressure. Look at what happened to uniswap, for example by the end of june usdc, once again made up more than 13 percent of my portfolio, but i started feeling bullish as july approached. This was because then twitter, ceo jack dorsey, had announced a virtual event about bitcoin for institutions called the b word, which was set to take place at the end of july. Now i wasn’t entirely sure at the time, but i had a hunch that if there was any event that could cause a reversal in the crypto market, this could be it.

So with that hope in mind, i started allocating to my existing holdings by buying up buckets of eth, btc and sol, and picking up some pax g, a move which was partially funded by my final sale of avax. Something that i regret in retrospect now for those who don’t know, pax g is essentially tokenized. Gold. Every pax g token is backed by one troy ounce of gold in a brink’s fault here in london and paxos, the company which issues pax g is a regulated and regularly audited trust company based in the united states. This pivot 2 pax g is my way of diversifying my hedge against stagflation, something i covered at length in another video which you can find up there in the top right.

Anyhow, as it so happens, my hunch that jack dorsey’s b word event would cause a reversal in the crypto market was correct and everything was looking great heading into august. In early august i added to btc and seoul using profits from eth and usdc, and then i saw this price pattern on the daily chart for btc if you’ve been keeping up with my technical analysis, tutorials you’ll know very well by now that this is a bull Flag or as i like to call it a topless p measuring from the bottom to the top of the p, often forecasts the price action. That’S coming next in this case, that was 20k and btc eventually went from 32k to 53k, an almost perfect projection. Once i saw btc climb up after 200-day moving average on the daily, i was convinced that it was time to buy and i loaded up on btc, eth, ada and sol, as well as pax g, just in case the pattern didn’t play out in mid-august. I finally came to terms with the fact that i was wrong about polygon and picked up some matic.

My initial thesis was that other ethereum scaling solutions, such as optimism, would beat polygon due to their reputable exchange, integrations and prolific dap deployments. I reckon this thesis would have been correct if optimism hadn’t been delayed, but that’s neither here nor there. Polygon has proven itself to be much more than a mere layer. Two and that’s something i pointed out in my video about my top crypto picks for the rest of 2021, which you can find in the description by the end of august, i had sold off ren, bought more soul and added our weaves ar coin to my portfolio. I sold ren because i realized that its price action is heavily correlated to the amount of cryptocurrency locked in ren’s wrapping protocol, which has faced fierce competition from trustless cross chain bridges, as you might have guessed, my ar purchase was motivated by the research i’d done.

For my video about our weave, which revealed that arweave stores solana’s blockchain history and could soon store the blockchain histories of other smart contract, cryptocurrencies speaking of smart contract, cryptocurrencies cardano’s ada reached for the sky in early september reaching a high of more than three dollars. This was due to the second last phase of the alonso hard fork, which subsequently introduced smart contract functionality to cardano on september the 12th. Naturally, i took significant profits on ada at this time, knowing that the hype would die down eventually, and that would present the perfect opportunity to buy now. In retrospect, this was the right call, because ada’s price has been sliding since then, and that’s partially due to the fact, as i mentioned in my video about the top projects on cardano, that’s in the top right now, where were we r? Yes, ust now, while doing research for my video about terra in mid-september, i realized just how risky it is to be holding my entire dip depot in usdc, even though usdc is technically a cryptocurrency stable coins are about as centralized as cryptocurrencies can get case.

In point circle has frozen multiple accounts at the request of law enforcement in the past, and other stablecoin issuers have done the same as well. By contrast, ust is a decentralized stablecoin, meaning it’s safe from these sorts of unsavory activities and any overreaching regulators looking to crack down on centralized stablecoins. The trade-off is that decentralized stablecoins have yet to be battle, tested and have a hard time maintaining their peg during market volatility, which is what we saw at the end of september. Recognizing the risks i started to put my profits into ust and pax g at a 50 50 split selling off my wi-fi and taking some sol off the table, since it had likewise seen an insane rally in september as to why i sold wi-fi it’s clear that Yearn finance had succumbed to the competition from other d5 protocols. Wifi’S insanely high sticker price also seems to be keeping retail investors at bay.

In early october, i added helium’s hnt coin to my portfolio, something which was, of course caused by the research i did for my helium video. If you watched that video you’ll know that helium is building peer-to-peer internet infrastructure with open source software and hardware called hotspots, if helium succeeds, it could cut out the need for centralized internet carriers altogether. Instead, we would just pay the nearest hotspot for internet using hnt. In addition to picking up hnt, i also loaded up on dot at the start of october sensing that we were moments away from the start of polka dots, parachain slot auctions. This was again inspired by the research i did for my polkadot update video at the time by the end of october, i was pretty happy with my crypto holdings and made minimal adjustments to my portfolio, as is often the case with these kinds of statements.

I found myself becoming fond of phantom in early november, when i pushed an update video for the project a few days earlier, and consequently added ftm to my portfolio. This is because phantom was built by none other than andrei cronier, who is the creator of yearn, finance and arguably one of the best developers in cryptocurrency. It should come as no surprise, then, that phantom features some seriously cutting-edge tech, including a high-performance directed acyclic graph blockchain and an in-house defy ecosystem, which leverages fusd a synthetic stablecoin that can be minted using staked ftm. You get the point. In mid-november, we saw a massive crash, and i took this as an opportunity to empty the usdc clip into eth, btc and dot.

My portfolio remained unchanged until the end of november, and that’s because i was feeling uncertain about what the crypto market would do. Next, specifically, the absence of any clear price patterns for btc didn’t sit all that well with me, so i abstained from trading. This cautious approach is just one of the tricks to long-term gains that i covered in my recent video about swing trading, which you can find in the top right, and this brings us to december, which started off with a bang and not the good kind. The crypto market basically collapsed, so i did what any rational person would do in such a situation. I bought the dip i leaned into btc eth, matic, ftm and atom, and because the remaining ust wasn’t enough, i filled the gaps with some filthy fiat.

This brought atom up to nearly 4.5 of my total cryptocurrency portfolio and, if you’re wondering why? That’S simply because cosmos is the interoperability hub for cryptocurrency, and some of the largest cryptocurrency blockchains were built using the cosmos sdk. Once i finished funneling in my funny money, i remembered that i had some extra usdc and ust earning interest in various d5 protocols, so i pulled them out and added them to my portfolio to buy the dip when i see fit at the time of shooting this Video my cryptocurrency portfolio is as follows: eth at slightly less than 31 btc at slightly more than 21.5 percent sol at slightly more than 13 dot at slightly less than nine percent atom at slightly more than four percent hnt at slightly less than three percent pax g.

At slightly less than three percent ftm, slightly more than 2.5 percent ust at slightly less than two percent roon at slightly less than two percent ada at slightly less than two percent matic at slightly less than two percent usdc. At slightly more than one point, five percent inj at slightly more than one percent ar at slightly more than one percent and link at slightly less than one percent. So when it comes to the total return on investment since the start of the year, drumroll please about 311 percent or 4x. If you’re surprised, let me remind you that 50 to 70 of my portfolio was in btc and eth at any given time.

More importantly, btc and eth saw most of their gains in 2020.

The first edition of my weekly newsletter went out in april 2020 and back then, 50 percent of my portfolio was in btc and twenty percent was in eth. I’Ve been holding bcc and eth for much longer than that. But i took a leap of faith by allocating heavily after the pandemic crash in march last year. Now, if my calculations are correct, i’m up around 10x on btc and 20x on each and that’s at today’s discounted prices, never mind the other altcoin gains i’ve seen since then.

Now, although i plan on huddling, btc and eth for the foreseeable future, i do plan on taking significant profits as the current bull market reaches its peak. And this brings me to how i plan to change my portfolio in 2022.

If you’ve been keeping up with my weekly newsletters you’ll know that i’ve been very interested in nfts lately. This includes crypto niches related to nfts such as crypto gaming and the metaverse. So my plan in 2022 is to start picking up crypto projects that provide the infrastructure for nfts and their related niches beyond smart contract, cryptocurrency blockchains like ethereum – and this is for two reasons.

First. I truly believe that nfts will play a critical role in the future of cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to things like decentralized, digital ids, intellectual property and the creative arts. Among other things. Now, that’s not to say that i’m convinced that any particular nft collection will survive in the long term. I tend to agree with masari’s prediction that most nft collections will kick the bucket more about that in the description that said, i do expect to see some significant gains from the mutant apes.

I recently picked up and with some luck, the land i’m looking at purchasing in a few metaverse worlds will appreciate in value as well. Now. The second reason as to why i’m planning on picking up nft coins and tokens has to do with regulations, as i mentioned in my recent video about the fat f’s finalized crypto recommendations. It does not recognize nfts as digital assets, which means that all the draconian and dystopian stuff the fat f wants countries to enforce doesn’t apply to nfts, at least not for the time being, as such, nfts could be a hedge against a crypto market crash. That’S caused by a regulatory crackdown, and i would go as far as to say that this is a part of why some nfts have such ridiculous valuations.

However, this assessment assumes that the price action of nfts is unrelated to the rest of the crypto market and though there is certainly some evidence to this effect, it’s too soon to say for sure. Moreover, even if it’s true now, it doesn’t mean that the two won’t move in tandem when the bear market inevitably comes around. In terms of when that will happen. I have a feeling that we will see. The first of many market dumps occur sometime in march next year.

This timeline is based on a series of events which are scheduled to occur around that time, such as the possible approval of a spot, bitcoin etf and the federal reserve’s plans to raise interest rates. In response to record inflation, now, if you want to know just how bad inflation really is be sure to check out my recent video about the cpi aka, the cp lie, get it using the link in the top right now to wrap things up. I want to give you a few tips when it comes to putting together your own cryptocurrency portfolio. These are pointers. I’Ve given before in other videos, but they’re worth repeating here.

My first tip is to keep it simple. Crypto is my full-time job and even i have a hard time of keeping track of the 20 or so cryptos that are a part of my personal portfolio. Every day there are dozens of updates for each of these projects and where not for the rest of the coin bureau team, i wouldn’t be able to keep up at all. If i did anything else for a living, i would probably stick to btc eth and a few other blue chip cryptocurrencies like ada, dot and sol. This is because these projects have low maintenance, since you can say with some certainty that they’ll be around for the next few years.

At least that’s something that can’t be said of most altcoins, and this ties into my second tip, which is to have a timeline in mind, ask yourself this: are you in crypto for the short term or the long term, as i mentioned a few moments ago, i’m In it for the long haul – and i don’t mind hodling, btc and eth for years to come on my timeline, the 4x gain my portfolio has seen is as meaningless to me as the 10 to 20x. I’Ve seen on select cryptocurrencies since 2020.

That’S because my dreams are much bigger than a few fat stacks. By the time i seriously consider selling fiat currencies probably won’t be around anymore, so there will be no reason for me to sell if you’re in crypto, for the short term, however, you’re going to need my third tip, and that is to set realistic expectations at this Point in the bull market, it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find coins and tokens that will 100x by march next year for context. Btc eth and a few other large cap cryptocurrencies could 2 to 3x with the rest of the coins and tokens in the top 100, possibly seeing a 3 to 5x, and that’s assuming you sell the top now timing.

The top is likewise extremely difficult, if not impossible to do, but if you insist on trying, i have a video that can help you with that top right and that’s it for my crypto portfolio, update folks, but i’d love to get your thoughts about it. So do drop a comment below be sure to smash the like button. If you enjoyed the video and remember to subscribe to the channel and ping that notification bell before you go if you’re looking for more content from the coin bureau, i have a second channel called coin beer. Eclipse in case you didn’t already know, i’m also active on twitter, tik, tok and instagram, and provide detailed, daily crypto updates on telegram. My weekly newsletter is where you can find my current crypto holdings as well as crypto tools, tips and tricks and other cool things.

If you’re, not quite ready for winter weather, head on over to the coin, bureau, merch store and get yourself a comfy, crypto sweater links to these resources and more can be found down in the description. Thank you. So much for watching take care, stay, strong and hodl on this is guy bidding you goodbye.

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