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Cartesi CTSI – Get on it TODAY!

Hello, everyone Welcome to my channel where we can share about cryptocurrencies and their technology. Well, tonight we discussed a cryptocurrency called Cartesi with the CTSI code before entering CTSI. Let’S look at the current state of the market where in the last seven days we have seen Hi 10 % appreciation to Etherium over all other coins in this top 10. Where is CTSI? CTSI is not on the first page? This is the top 100 market coins.

CTSI is currently ranked 161, so this coin is not for most of our portfolio, but only a small part. Why? I want to talk about love because I see this coin is undervalued because once we see future projects because the current season costs 0.43 so much to 0.44, that’s the current range. Let’s take a look at this chart from 2020 until now, CTSI has reached its highest price two months ago at the price of 1.75 dollars, and It’s currently down 74.7 percent, while its all-time low one year ago, 10 May 2021 costs 0.026 a few dollars Hi. What attracted me to Cartesi Cartesi is on the second layer of Ethereum, So CTSI is similar to Polygon on their official website. The advantages of Cartesi are limitless coding, Massive scalability privacy with limitless coding. People can create smart contracts on software that supports Linux.

Still, scalability allows a lot of computing from big data and transactions that cost less Hi. This is the problem of Etherium, So Etherium is lacking in terms of scalability and price of transactions. Hi, but Etherium has strong strong security. Ok well, Cartesi took advantage of Etherium and covered that weakness. Yes, which is Etherium himself, will maximize his technology on the ETH 2.0 news from vital butter in. ETH 2.0 will not be completed soon. The fastest possibility is at the end of 2022. Why can it be delayed? It is said that it could take longer and it is the fastest possibility, not because of technical problems explained by Vitalik Buterin But more to their internal problems.

So Vitalik Buterin admits there are internal problems within Ethereum itself. Yes, this is explained. The advantages can be read and studied more in-depth. Yes, but briefly, these three things are the elaboration of these three also about scalability. Yes about the advantages of the ecosystem, it can be built DeFi, where sensitive data can be safe with blockchain technology, which has an ecosystem of 15, more Ambassadors and 20 regions with more swiftlets and exchanges.

Trading CTSI CTSI, supported by the Ethereum network. If you want to develop, you can choose to use the Ethereum network, can they be BSC or Polygon can inject protocols that have built the Cartesi ecosystem network, crepes Poker This game Sim Thunder creole anmore.com? There are many more Then this is the block. It leads to medium.

om updates from them. Yes, Hi, you can click it. If you want to know more Hi, the community is also on Scott’s telegram, as well as on their telegram. There are choices from various countries and Indonesian languages. There is also this community.

Then there is Twitter as well as books and Hi. Others can email too ogoh-ogoh. There are posts and articles on their blogs, Hi medium.Com, Hey about the kartesi road map in 2021; OK, Google, The first quarter, yes in the second quarter. Recently it started yesterday July, one 2012, because Shiro is up on testnet n. The second semester of 2021 will go this way: the achievements in 2020.

They have achieved last year, Hi by looking at this roadmap, which makes us more confident that knowing is not a coin. Scammer Hi, if you want to know about them, click about This is about the story or history of the hell card, which was founded in 2018 by Erek D’Morra, Agustus Exe. reg on hap and Colin set free download. They also have a relationship with Mia Hai Sergiev principal founder of Let’s Hi. Here are the teams from the card Hey in terms of POV Hi, being an episode Hi ecosystem chart?

How can Queen JD-XI be traded? Hey Mainin Hemorrhoids took crypto hidex Hi get hands up, dance, hi, others Hi this mouth is here too we can Hi save the tape we are DTS-I I mean Hi info about. Gtsi can also see this filled in Hi. The KMU application or web can’t be used as payment using toys. Spider-Man Starfall.

om razor stops Ndul Hi about their follow-up programs. Yo-yo the products that were discussed at the beginning, hi staking, Hi, join and Rewards. Take me to save me Black simple. How it works can be clicked further lift the curl Hi that is a short profile from tide essay or DTS-i. Ok, Google.

Now, let’s see the price movement from the cut. If we look at the current price on the day time frame Hi, the price has succeeded. Next, above ma200, on the ladder, l Jun 22, the price closed below SMA 209. On the 26th, it managed to go up to date July 2. 2012.

One is still here. Let’S see it’s swallowed up by Friend Forever. Oh yes, the eyebrows on the followers are indeed a downtrend Hi, since the content is only my free download. It’s time for us to buy Satria, the price is below hi 42 43. This is indeed the range to enter yo wis addict, Hi Profit deck.

When recently, I wanted to cross the SMA line from A200 on this follower, Let’s see this is 0.55, so it can be considered if the price can’t get past 0.55 Hi for Little profile. If you only invest in the short term, But in my opinion, you are quite feasible to hold until Hi next year. Yes, because hitsdomino itself will end in 2022, Ma’am be careful.

Hi. Jelly essay still has the potential to continue its increase Hi. If it continues. Maybe the next stage is 0 2 65, if it can continue, Maybe it will go to Hi 1.6teen and in the end, the possibility remains for him to go back to the old time.

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