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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Cardano’s Secret Weapon: Ethereum

I hired great Scala developers, and we started from bedrock. And we built the Mantis client and now it’s working. We now have, for Ethereum classic, its own 100% new code client. And we understand how Ethereum works as if we built Ethereum from the ground up ourselves.

And just like our work on Ethereum Classic – people often ask how does that benefit Cardano? Well, interchain-operability is always good because more users and transactions make sense. But more importantly: competitive analysis at its highest level is to build your competitor’s product.

It’s almost like capturing an enemy aircraft and disassembling it piece-by-piece. You slowly but surely learn how your enemy’s stealth technology works, and how their engines work.

And how their missiles work. And this is exactly what we did, by building the EVM in house and by building a full Ethereum client, we developed a mastery of that technology that firms only like ConsenSys and Paraty Tech have.

Therefore, that knowledge then can be applied towards how can we be better? What must we compete with? What are the things we shouldn’t do? Where are the flaws in this design? And that was one of the biggest benefits of working on Ethereum Classic.

If you are an Ethereum developer and you really want to use all your Ethereum tools: Truffle and Solidity. We’ve got you covered: we’re going to also launch a Devnet for the EVM. And this is going to be a permanent event in Cardano.

And permanently attached as a sidechain in Cardano. And we’re going to keep permanent Ethereum interoperability with that. Meaning that whatever the latest version of the Ethereum EVM is and how Ethereum tooling works. We’re going to maintain that infrastructure with Cardano. It’ll be part of the Cardano ecosystem and the maintainers of Cardano are going to work on it.

And that sidechain is going to allow you to run Solidity code and EVM bike code. It’s going to allow you to use all your favourite Ethereum tools and port over your tokens one-to-one.

You can begin writing Ethereum code on Cardano, and it’s going to run Better, Faster, and Cheaper. And because we can highly optimize this with Ouroboros – another technology we developed this code will continue to run faster and faster at a much lower cost than ETH 1.0.

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