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This year we saw a lot uh, the cryptomarkets really came alive, the nft revolutionuh we saw d5 go crazy. It went from, i think, 10billion a market cap to 100.. We saw 10.5 billiondollars worth of loss uh in d5 because of scamsand bad software and all kinds of problems.

Uhwe saw yet another year of coveted madness. Wherethe world continued to linger and being shut. Downgoal posts continue to be moved. We all gotvaccinated in the u.s and that doesn’t countstill, have to do everything we did in 2020.

Soit’S uh, it’s been tough, it’s been incredible. It’Sbeen great, it’s been terrible. It’S in everythingin between welcome back everybody to altcoin dailywhere. You subscribe for daily videos on everythinggoing on in cryptocurrency, founder of cardanocharles hoskinson has just issued a majorwarning to the cryptocurrency industry in 2022he also offers a solution, and he also talks aboutcardano’s role and cardano’s big plans in 2022.
This video will update you on everythingthat.

You need to be paying attention, tocheck, the timestamps below make sure you watchthe entire video, because i have three clipsthat. I need you to see and if you appreciate mebreaking this down, take two seconds like the videoif you’re new to the channel makesure, you subscribe to the channelwe’d love to have you part of the team. We drop onevideo every day, demystifying the cryptocurrencymarket. We keep you informed on a daily basislet’s. Do it, let’s jump to clip number onethe cryptocurrency industry according to charleshoskinson, has two huge problems.

The firstproblem comes from the outside. Crypto’Sfirst problem comes from the outside it isthat. They will continue to lie to the generalpublic about cryptocurrency. In 2022, i’m talkingabout congress senate politicians will continueto lie to you about cryptocurrency. The mainstreammedia will continue to promote fear, uncertaintyand doubt and will rarely mention good thingsabout crypto.

It is because cryptocurrency isdirectly challenging their centralized authorityso. The first problem that cryptocurrency has todeal with in 2022 comes from the outside listento this. I caution. Every single person going into2022. Our success as an industry will be testedit has to be because if we succeed, we will changethe power structures of humanity itself there’sgoing.

To be lots of scrutiny, misinformation, liesand other things told by the legacy system. Wealready see it. We see people in the congress. Wesee people in transnational bodies say that theonly use and utility of cryptocurrencies is moneylaundering. Child pornography, evading sanctionsall kinds of negative conduct and consequencesbut.

Yet they never mention all the good thingsthe fact that we can transform and change people’slives give them economic agency that they lackthey never mention that the legacy systemtakes three billion people and casts them intoperpetual poverty. They don’t mention that theydon’t mention that the legacy system enablesthe wealthy and powerful to work with the verycriminal elements they purport to want to destroyand suffer no criminality. They get away with itand when we expose that it’s very inconvenientvery uncomfortable for them, but you cannotperpetuate a lie forever and you have toask yourself how stable are institutions andstructures that are built on a house of cardsthey may have lofty titles. They may have legacyand history. Some cases stretching back centuriesif, not thousands of years, but if the core ishollow and the foundations are corrupted corrodedcracked decaying, then all you need is a littlebit of a push and that’s effectively what we arecollectively doing as an industry.

We’Re giving thehuman race a little bit of a push, not a big onebut enough enough to see. What’S on the insideof, these institutions, how the sausage is madeproblem number two comes from the inside problemnumber two for the cryptocurrency industry: comesfrom within the cryptocurrency industry itself. Haspromised a lot the cryptocurrency industry, itselfhas written a pretty big check. Listen to this wehave, a pretty big check. We wrote as an industryif.

You look at the valuation, two trillion dollarsyou. Look at the statements, the books, the articlesthe blog posts, the videos, the courses, theyall say the same thing: change the worldchange, the world change, everythingreimagine, everything decentralization and that’s what we were promised andwhat did we get pictures of rocksthat sell for a million dollars, buzzword, buzzwordbuzzword networks, That purport to be centralizedbut when they stop working somebody kicks themto, restart them, but hey great returns, right soyeah just keep doing that and billions ofdollars of losses because of incompetenceand malice, willful theft and criminal conductand, a mentality that it’s better to be firstthan best. That is a pretty big check that we’vewritten as an industry, and we haven’t cached itsomebody – has to let’s talk about the solution. Tothese problems in 2022. If you want to know, whichprojects are the quality ones which projects youcan best focus your time on which projects willstand the test of time focus on fundamentalsand merits.

Look for cryptocurrency projectsthat are gearing themselves to be resilient, anddecentralized, don’t let them distract you with fudand scapegoats. Listen to this there’s a very goodreason why satoshi left and for that reason, aloneit’s why bitcoin is so strong. You see it’sso easy in society to put somebody at the topand say that person’s the leader andthen, you can centralize all of yourcriticism and attacks and personify theeffort. According to the person at the topdon’t, like catholicism, well attack the popethat’s, a good starting point, pretty good assaultand equivalently for corporations protocolsideologies, you always try to attack the personat, the top. If there’s no one at the top thenyou have a much harder task in front of youwhich, is you have to attack the philosophy themerits?

You have to argue against what we standfor and how can you argue against liberty andfreedom? How can you argue against the desirefor equality and for people to be treated fairlyhow? Can you argue against applying innovationtowards making people’s lives better globalmarkets, where each and every person is respectedthere aren’t double standards there isn’tcynicism there isn’t this attitude of wellthat’s just the way it’s done. There aren’t specialactors who get to go in through the back doorwell. We all have to wait in line in thefront door.

How can you argue against thatwhat? Are you going to argue technical meritshow? Do you argue against hundreds of paperswritten with the same science that has given usthe modern world? How do you argue against an opensource project that has no face you can’tso? The attempt will always be to personifyto demonize and each and every project in thecryptocurrency space has already been testedthe.

Leadership of each and every project has beenattacked look at twitter and what they do. Look atthe media and what they do and that’s why it’sso pivotal that we continue the relentless marchtowards building a proper open source projectit’s our biggest challenge. Next year, you wantfast delivery. You want high quality code at thesame time. You want resilience decentralizationfacelessness.

These things often are at odds witheach. Other inclusivity slows you down because youhave to wait for everybody to speak, inclusivityalso means that some people participatingwill lead you astray and down roads that areconfusing and many cases actually harm the projectyet. Somehow you have to have an immunesystem to take the good with the bad becausethat is the only way. Let’S talk about cardanobecause cardano is gearing up for a huge 2022but. If cardano is to be successful in 2022the, efforts need to come not from the topnot from the top few, but from the many theefforts need to come, not just from charles himselfbut from everyone.

Listen to this. There are almost15 companies working on cardano right now, acrossthe world sun never sets on the project. We need tomake that hundreds and then eventually thousandswe need institutions like universities and nationstates to actively cooperate and collaborateand have a stake in the success of this projectif. We truly intend on transforming the worldbut. You cannot have a mentality that charleshoskinson is going to sit up on an ivory, towerand figure it out.

I do what i can i’ll endowinstitutions. Just like i did the hoskinson centerin that case it was for the field of mathematicsbut. More will come specifically for cardone fromstandards to science, we’ll collaborate and workwith best in class, open source, organizationswe’ll, open up checkbook and cut checks fortens of millions of dollars. If necessaryand we’ll continue funding our developers to doour part. But if you really want the world i preachyou preach, you have to give it a bit.

Ofa push get your own communities. Involvedit could be the county council couldbe a small city could be your companyif you’re. A software company assign an engineerto the open source project. If it doesn’t know howto do it, we can find a way to train them or herget it done. If you have the means, build a projecton cardano showcase, the power ofdecentralization, if you’re an educatorteach about it.

That’S how i got started in thecryptocurrency space created a little class calledbitcoin or how i learned to stop worrying and lovecrypto, because i like peter sellers, dr strangelovedo, the same cardano or how i learnedto stop worrying and love cryptoeach and every one of you has a part To playin what’s to come and if we work together, we’llget it done together. Finally, perhaps the mostimportant clip from today’s video, let’s listento charles’s final message to cardano holdersand crypto participants in 2022,

If you gotvalue in this video, give it a like if you’re newto the channel subscribe, join the team we drop onevideo every day, demystifying, the cryptocurrencymarket 2022 is going to be huge and i’m thankfulwe have leaders like this at the forefront, itis, encouraging and now. What’S so encouraging iswe’re reinvigorated by the wave of 127 projectslaunching on cardano each and every one of themcares about our protocol? Each and every one ofthem cares about the vision, the mission, the dreamsand each everyone matters and some of themwill grow to be just as large. As my company and they’ll be able to carry the load toothat’s real decentralization and how doyou bet against that, i often times see allthese people blabbering away into the wind.

Deaf idiots can’t even hear the moronic voicesthat they shot at with about how we must do it. Nowfirst mover advantage: it must happen nowif. You don’t get adoption today right herein, this particular way or burn tokens inthis particular way by the way the tokensare all distributed, who the [ __ ]. Would we burnyou’d have to steal money from people? I hear himbabbling into the wind day in and day out, notunderstanding that, if this is to be successfulyou, must follow the path we’refollowing, inclusivity, debatedecentralization, solid foundations, wherethe rug doesn’t get pulled from you againand again caring a lot about quality, caring, alot about making sure everyone moves.

Togetherand when people come seeing if they leave orstay, that is how you build something special and that’s how you’re around in five years, or10 years or 15 years or 20 years or 25 yearsand. That’S what i signed up for that’s what wetold everybody. The cardinal project was all aboutand a lot of you signed up for that too. So whenwe, look to that 127! That’S another one of thepushes they’re going to need some help too someof them are going to need some marketing.

Helpsome of them are going to need some help. Withtechnology some of them are going to need somehelp with strategy. Some of them are going to needsome help if anything, emotional support but everysingle. One of these project founders that are nowthe first cohort coming on cardano and turning onthey’re going to go through great strugglesthey’re, going to suffer intense criticismthey’re, going to suffer ridicule. They’Regoing to have tech that doesn’t worktimelines that are not metthey need a helping hand.

Toothey need emotional support too. They need yourwell wishes too in many cases more so than meso make sure to include them too in your thoughtsprayers and communications and work with them. Ifyou can participate in catalyst. If you can allthe time, people come to me and say how do i getstarted with cardano, it’s real, easy catalystjust that simple learn about idea, scale, gothere and see how vibrant the community is it’sbizarre, that silicon valley, these vcs, that purportto be so attuned with the next Big thing: andwhere growth is haven’t even heard about catalystwe tell them they go on and they see it andthey say: wow, there’s actually people here, wowlook at all. These messages look atall these debates, these conversationsand.

These are all different people you didn’thave to pay, for they just came. They just showed upmy lord there’s something here they’reamazed because they too, just like you and methey’re, not any brighter, not any more special andthey’re, of course, susceptible to group think andthey have inflicted upon the world. This philosophyof move fast and break things, forgetting that theworld was built by the opposite. Philosophyslow and steady with honesty and integrityso 2022 is going to be a hell of a yearin. Many respects it’s going to be the bestand in many respects.

It’S going to be the toughestthere’s going to be a lot of hits some fromunpredictable places, because that’s what happenswelcome to crypto some from the usual suspectsbut we’re one big family, now we’re all togetherin this and we’ve seen the promise land togetherand. I want to get there and i know we canso. We just have to keep the faith, we haveto work together and we have to supporteach other, not just me, but everybodyand. We have to look at each and every day, as anopportunity to be even better than the day before.

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