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Hey guys, this is a cardano update. We have the Sunday swap launch happening this week, so in this video i want to go through a ton of frequently asked questions about this launch. How can you get involved? What is happening when is it happening? What wallets do you need to use and everything like that, including how to get involved in the initial state pool offerings for Sunday swap if you want to get those tokens as well, there’s so much happening.

Kodano is up around 40 or so in the last 10. 15 days, so there’s a lot of hype right now about kodano itself and the launch of this sunday swap decks um. I want to set expectations. Just tell you what the reality is going to be everything that’s going to be happening this week. There is a ton of stuff going on it’s a lot of hype around cardano, which is great.

If you follow the channel, you know you know, i make regular karano videos, so i’m going to get right into the video first. Just look at the price of kodano right here, so you know it’s up 25 in the last seven days, which is obviously good if you’re a kadano holder, there’s a lot of hype right now about the project itself and also like i’ve been saying previously in many Other videos there’s obviously a lot of demand for ada right now, because of a few reasons, people want to get involved with the decks. They want to use the decks, but also there’s obviously financial incentive to do this, because if you supply liquidity onto the decks when it launches you obviously get lp rewards. So that’s the financial incentive and also, if you participate in the sunday swap ispo called initial stake, pool offering um. Then you can get some sunday swap tokens as well just by staking ada.

So if you stake ada in one of these supported, pools and i’ll get to that in a second, you will get a an amount of sunday swap tokens back. So i’ll go through that, specifically in this video um, you know how to do that and what is supported a quick update on the course as well for everyone that is already a member of my crypto investor course. I have about 25 26 new videos coming uh january 22nd, so watch out for that i’ll also update you guys in the discord server as well. Um 25 videos for free, if you’re, not a member of the course yet check it out and i’ll leave the link in the description or you can go through to moneyz dot. I update the course regularly with free content for existing users, but the price is going up because of this content, so the first week of february i’ll be putting the price up because of this new content.

So the first question is: when is the sunday swap decks? Actually launching this week on thursday, so the 20th of january, the sunday swap decks, will go, live um. So there’s a few things to kind of think about with the launch. Obviously we don’t know the exact time watch out for their twitter and they may tell you second question is what assets are supported, not many to begin with. So actually, if we can come down, we can see um the supported tokens, sunday, ada, of course, so sunday swap is the sunday.

You know sunday is the sunday swap decks token, and then you have ada as a trading pair lq. This is liquid finance. So lq is their um their token and they will be making that available to swap against ada as well. Wmt is world mobile token. It’S one of the projects working with cadano ada to essentially give mobile data to parts of africa to turn them on and obviously with that mobile data.

People can have the wmt token and actually own a part of the network as well and gain staking rewards from that as well. So that’s that one and then cards card starter is basically an um, a launch pad for cardano. So there is only four tokens launching on the first day, these will be the four um. You know different um liquidity pools that you can put tokens into. If you have these tokens, so obviously really you’re going to need ada, and this is why the price of ada, as you can see, is going through the roof right now up 25 in the last seven days, because, obviously to trade.

Any of these other tokens or get involved in the decks, then obviously you will need cardano ada tokens as well. The next question is: can i supply liquidity onto the decks um and receive rewards in the form of lp tokens or liquidity incentives? The answer is yes again, just these four tokens you can, you can interact with so obviously you’re going to need cardano, ada initially and then the second token. You will need one of these either sunday, lq wmt or cards they’ve actually put put aside 500 000 sunday. As you can see, for the first six months of the operation of the decks to yield farmers participating in the liquidity pool, so this is an incentive in the form of sunday tokens.

If you have any of these tokens below. Basically, you can supply them to the liquidity pool. There will be an option with the dex that says, delegate or supply liquidity, or something like that. You have to supply both of these tokens into the pool and then you’ll get lp rewards, of course, from trading fees. But also you’ll get an incentive as well an extra incentive with more sunday tokens, half a million for the first six months like they can like they say here.

Next question is how to get sunday tokens themselves, there’s really two main ways. The first is through the ispo and the second is just to wait until they’re available to the public on the decks itself. So if you have ada, you can swap that into sunday on the decks like i said you have these um these token pairs. So ada you would need, and then you spend ada to get sunday. The other way is through the ispo.

So an ispo is an initial stake, pool offering you can think of this a little bit like an ico or an ido right. So an initial offering of some tokens, an ispo – is a little bit different. The way it works on cardano is that you essentially need to delegate some ada tokens to a stake pool, and there are a bunch of stake, pools that are supported. That will actually be part of the initial staple offering. So that’s really the main way and a lot of people want to will want to get sunday tokens, because what this means is that you don’t actually have to spend ada to get some sunday tokens.

What you’ll be doing is essentially delegating your ada rewards and in each of the epochs or epics, as they’re called. Basically, they will take those those ada rewards, the sunday team and then we’ll actually put some sunday tokens into your account that you can claim at a later date. Next, i’m going to detail how to get involved in the ispo, so, firstly, you’re gon na need some ada tokens or coins. I should say, and then the second thing is you’re gon na need those coins in a in a wallet that supports staking. If you go to the sunday website, you’ll see that they show us which wallets actually support staking with the ispo um deadless yo roy ada, like they say here, um so you’re gon na, have to have your ada coins in one of those wallets.

Well, essentially, you you have ada coins on the blockchain. These are just applications that lets you access your wallet on the blockchain and these will be available. So if you have deadlifts your ada light, you can actually use those to stake and delegate your wallet to one of the stake pools, so obviously we’re going to need to see which state pools are supported. I will leave this link down in the description to this article, so you can go here. These are what are called uh scoopers.

This is how sunday swap is running the ispo. They also use these staples to run the decks as well, but we won’t get into that now. Really click on the link it will go through to this page, then. What you have to do is search through all of these different staple operators and find a stake pool that isn’t saturated. Yet if the stake pool is saturated, basically ada rewards can be cut um, and so it’s no good.

So you need to find one of these staples and go and search for it that isn’t full. So you can go to something like aidapools.org, so i’ll leave this link in the description as well, and you can. You can basically search all of the uh. The scooper pools now, if you have a yo roy, you can also go to delegate there in the yogroy wallet so get yo roy up in your chrome browser go to delegate and then you can search for the pools directly within yoroi as well.

It actually searches adopuls.org it just does it directly in your wallet, i’m just going to show you on here so essentially, just go to ada pools, go up to search type in the name of the staples. What you can see here is that titan staking on the right hand, side of it. You can see this icon and it says sunday, iso pool. So this is definitely what you need.

If it doesn’t have this on there, then it’s not going to be a scooper and it won’t be part of the ispo and it won’t be bringing you any sunday tokens as the as part of the ispo, so, firstly make sure. That’S there. Secondly, come down and see the saturation okay, so this pool is actually totally saturated. You can see the saturation is 100, so you definitely don’t want to be finding um a pool that is saturated 100, just anecdotally from what i’ve done today. A lot of these are saturated, but there are plenty that aren’t in fact, the pool that i delegated to is.

I think it was like 30 or 40 percent full, so there’s plenty of aided left to be um staked and delegated over to that one. So um, as i said, i’ll, leave this in the description below and you can see some of these staples that are participating that you’ll need to delegate to in order to get those ispo rewards. What are the dates for the ispo? This is also important because you’re going to need your ada delegated by one of these dates, there’s actually five epochs or epics. I call them epochs that you can have states ada in to get some rewards.

You don’t need to do the whole thing you can do. One you can do two um, you can do the last one, but obviously there’s a cutoff for each. So if we can see here these, this is when the iso will begin thursday january 20th. That was that’s when it will begin and it will continue for five. I call them epochs, but i’ve heard them called epics with rewards only five percent of the sunday token supply will be out in this ispo and then obviously the the other supply is for rewards 50.

I think about 50 is basically no 20 for the team as well. So obviously um, you know that’s their bonus. One percent um is being distributed based on these snapshots that will be taken at each epic to participate in each iso reward round. You must delegate prior to the following dates, so obviously you have to be in here before these dates and they’ll take a snapshot of you know which wallets are delegated to the state pools, and then it will obviously calculate that so there’s five rounds or five um. Five weeks, you can see here basically january 25th, all the way to february 14th.

So what you can do is stake your ada, for maybe you know three of these rounds, all five of the rounds. Obviously, the more you stake and the more will be sent out to you what wallets are supported on their sunday swap decks. As for now, there’s only two wallet applications that are supported, that you can use with the decks but, like i said when you have a wallet with cadano, your wallet is on the blockchain and when you use an application, that is just looking at your wallet. So you can load the same wallet on different applications right. So if you want to stake or delegate your ada with yo roy, you can do it in yo roy.

Then you can actually have a different application like um, ada, lite, maybe or cc vault. Something like that have access to the same wallet but use the coins with the decks. I will explain that a little bit more so for right now, sunday, swaps say that the wallets that are supported with the iso deadlifts yo roy ada light so you’re going to need one of those applications either as a chrome extension deadlifts. You can download onto your system or, for example, cc vault, so cc vault dot io. They actually have an application for ios as well.

If i come over to the test net right here and click connect wallet, you can see that nami wallet and ccvault.io. These are supported. These are the wallets that you’ll need to interact with the decks itself. Yo roy as of making this video doesn’t have their app connector working, and so you can’t use yo roy to actually interact with the decks, but you can use yo roy to delegate your ada to one of the ispo staples.

Hopefully that makes sense, so you can download nami wallet or cc vault. I have a tutorial on army wallet i’ll leave that linked in the description cc. Vault you can download um on your phone, like, i said, look for the other options as well, but you can actually get your existing wallet up. So when you download these apps, it will say: do you want to start a new wallet or do you want to access an existing wallet? If you don’t want to start a new wallet and send your ada from one wallet to another, you can access an existing wallet and do it that way.

One thing that nami says is that if you have yo roy on chrome and nami on chrome, there may be some um conflicting issues there. So just to kind of be i’m sure about that. You might not want to do that, but cc vault works on your phone, so yeah. You might also just want to download deadlifts on your system, but it’s a it’s not a light wallet, it’s a very heavy wallet, so that might take a long time so yeah. It’S a bit of a mess right now in terms of wallets, but if you want to interact with the decks, then it looks like cece, vault and naomi are going to be the kind of better options.

The next question is: is it going to be smooth sailing when the dex launches and my answer to this is genuinely no? I think this is going to be pretty much unusable as a dex, honestly um, the ispo is going to work. I think, and that’s going to be great, so if you want some sunday tokens – and you want to do that – that’s great in terms of a working decks. I think this is just going to be a completely unusable mess for me. The the test net never worked.

It just didn’t work, it was too slow. It’S obviously just too many transactions going and sunday 12 have said this basically as well. So here, like here’s, the truth about like where we’re at with cardano right now, cardano is still in its early stages of actually rolling out its blockchain. This is really the first major launch as an application. There has been a few others nft launches, but this is the first one where we’re going to have a lot of people trying to transact quickly.

All at the same time and sunday swap have basically said the kodano main net is just not ready for this. It’S not at scale, they’re, still rolling out upgrades, and so for the first few weeks, because a lot of people are going to want to transact the cadano mainnet itself is just not going to be able to handle this so just to say expectations. This is not going to be like uni swap or one inch exchange, or anything like that. So they’ve said that actually the first few days, it may take like a few days for your transaction to go through now. This is obviously in in the context of a decentralized exchange.

This is completely unacceptable right, so i don’t see this as a working deck. In fact, sunday, i’ve said that this is basically a better launch right, just to see that it’s it’s working. The reason why they’re launching it now is because, from their end, like they’re, finished right, they’ve done everything they’ve made the decks they’ve done all their testing they’ve got it audited and they’re ready to go right. It’S just the cardano main net right now is still in its rollout stage. Sunday swap can’t put this off any longer because they’re ready to go so they have to launch something, and this is where we’re at so really.

The for me right now is for the the ispo that’s great, to get some sunday tokens and, and you know, be kind of in the community, but in terms of a working decks, it’s just not going to work. I cannot wait three or four days for a transaction to go through. The price is gon na change, or something may happen so yeah kind of unusable just to set expectations right now that this is really a better launch. The first step, in a very very you know long road ahead and just to set expectations. The next question is where’s jed, the stable coin that was supposed to launch this sunday again.

No answers on that. I guess this is just not finished or not ready to go for me personally. You need a stable coin to trade against it’s great trading against ada, but then you’re opening yourself up to two different tokens that are volatile so again, jed isn’t there, and i presume this is going to come at a later date. There’S been absolutely no kind of um news on whether this stable coin will be launched or when they we do know that they are launching it with uh sunday swap. So i guess we’ll just have to wait.

You know maybe a couple of weeks or whatever until that launches, but it’s not there right now. The next question is well: when will an actual dex be working? When can we trust this decks to press trade and then within a few seconds, actually get things traded sunday swap have said they expect really after the first few weeks or maybe months of hype and everyone trying it will things die down and should be normal to Trade, as i said, there’s only four tokens right now, but these can be added to very very quickly over time and once the hype dies down, it should be fairly workable as a dex for sure um. Something else is that we have to look forward to the cadano upgrades itself to actually see a lot of scale come to kadano. This is something that sunday swap can’t have any control over.

These are the main net parameters. So really, i’m looking for june there’s a june. What what can i call june hfc event? This is when they’re going to be really upgrading the network with a few different scaling solutions: um increasing block sizes, i believe, and some other things as well. For me, it’s really the second half of this year that we get a a kind of fully working d5 ecosystem and scalable network to actually use in a in a proper way.

So this is great. So i’m super excited about this, but this is all very early stage still in better. I really expect q2 2022 to be when things really get going and to be honest, 2023 really when things really blow up so for now, really exciting um, but yeah we’re still in better phase, and we just have to you know, take that for what it is For everyone, that’s involved in the crypto course, like i said, 22nd of january 25, plus new videos are coming out. I have a new nft section, there’s some more day trading videos um some more portfolio, videos as well, so that’s coming on the 22nd! For you guys, the price goes up for the crypto course.

The first week in february, just to give everyone a chance to kind of get involved, check the description for all of the resources that i talked about in this video. I’M james with money, cg cheers for watching and i’ll see you in the next one.

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