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CARDANO : The Sleeping Giant

Among all the cryptocurrency projects out there, there is ONE, in particular, that caught my attention: Today I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why Cardano is a sleeping giant. Hi Everyone, my name is Jerome, I do videos on youtube about cryptocurrencies. If you’re looking to know more about the space. And shortly data analysis, then please consider subscribing to my channel.

My goal is to reach 100 subscribers by the end of the month so that helps me a lot! Make sure you watch until the end so that you don’t miss the 5 reasons why I’m all over Cardano, and also the french quote for this video! Reason number #1, The team and the methodology: Cardano via IOG, has one of the Largest team of scientist and engineers: over 300 people working full time on the project to bring it to reality.

The team is putting a large emphasis on academic work, with the use of formal methods, Charles Hoskinson is a mathematician and he believes that things should be verified using formal verifications. Its collaborating with universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Edinburgh etc They published 50 papers, that were defended at cryptographic conferences such as the CSS.

In those papers, they are Mathematically proving that their models are working. For example, They proved that Ouroborous JKL model was working, they used game theory to prove that the delegation and staking system was working. On top of this, Charles understood very early on, that when blockchains are dealing with critical information like your identity, your health record, the thing just can’t break down.

You cannot say Oh I’m sorry the protocol failed and let people mess up or lose their data. So by using this methodology, you get very high insurance that the code implemented on Cardano is correct. If you look at the past 10 years in the cryptocurrency space, we are overwhelmed with exchange failures due to poor code, multi SIG failure where people were able to steal hundreds of millions of dollars, the DAO Hack is the most famous in our industry, and this is because we had a code that was not reflecting the original intent.

So what we need as an ecosystem and what Cardano has, is a programming language that gives a much higher degree of certainty and a larger toolbox that allow people to implement things very carefully and to make sure that they are working as intended. I am a true believer that science always wins. (And the closest relationship we have to nature is mathematics). Blockchain is not different.

It’s very easy to get excited about small and new projects, remember that most of the cryptocurrency projects out there are teams of 5 or 10 people and have only a few developers. How can you create a financial system with only a handful of developers, you just CANNOT! So Cardano is Far beyond most of the projects when it comes to the quality of what is being produced out there, and on top of this, it is setting new standards, that most projects will have a hard time to match.

Rember this quote guy: “If you want to win the game, you have to change the game”. And this is exactly what Cardano is Doing. Reason number #2 of why I love Cardano so much, is that Cardano is inclusive: Unlike many projects out there that are thinking it’s your coin or my coin that will survive, instead of pushing other people away, Cardano is building things in a way that is very inclusive: They built ERC-20 Converter, which is a piece of code that allows other projects to run on the Cardano blockchain.

How many of you have had to pay outrageous fees to have a transaction processed on Ethereum. Imagine when blockchain is actually used worldwide? Ethereum is going to blow up and the fees will reach crazy numbers. So Cardano is giving the ability for people to choose: it’s not forcing them, it’s just saying hey you have the possibility to move over and enjoy all of those benefits. One of the huge benefits is that Cardano will treat other assets like its treating ADA token.

In Ethereum, your tokens are considered as secondary citizens; that’s not the case with Cardano, all tokens built on it will have the same priorities than the main coin. Cardano is understanding that everyone should be treated equally on the blockchain. So what I want you to remember is that Cardano is inclusive, and most of the blockchains out there are not even close.

They are so far behind, and they probably haven’t thought about those things yet, because they are focused on insignificant things like TPS. Reason number #3: Cardano offers a Better staking experience: You probably don’t know it if you have only been using Cardano’s Staking but most of the protocols out there handle the whole experience around staking very very poorly. When you have ADA, you can STAKE ANY AMOUNT of coin.

If you only have ONE coin, you can still participate. Remember, Cardano is INCLUSIVE. Compare that to Ethereum, only the richest people can stake, You need 32 ETH to able to participate in the network. So only the rich get richer: does it remind you of anything? So you can stake from 1 ADA and can remove them at any time.

You can transfer them, spend them, everything will be handled automatically by the protocol. With most of the coins out there, you have to lock your coins I’m not even talking about the rewards: On Cardano, every 5 days, which is one EPOCH, you receive your rewards.

On Tezos I think you have to wait like 30 or 45 days to receive your reward. And they have to be transferred manually from the pool to you. Which is crazy bad design to me. It works yes, but its bad design. Cardano took the time to design things from the ground up, and you can really really FEEL THAT through the staking experience. Reason #4, is the Community: Every single day, i’m blown away by the people of the Cardano community. People in Cardano don’t trash talk other coins, we actually respect other projects and welcome their competition.

We invite them to join our ecosystem. On the development side, the community is SO incredibly helpful. If you don’t know, I am actually running a stake pool with two friends of mine, Tai and Felix which I met when I was living in Vietnam last year. They are really incredible people and doing a great job in making sure our pool is running properly, I’m just the silly guy that makes youtube videos: The pool name is Cardano Samurai, TICKER S M R AI.

We are really here for the long run, the philosophy of our pool revolves around samurais values, so we want to defend the network as much as we can, similarly to a samurai would try to defend its emperor. We are really here for the long run and won’t shut down the pool unless we have to die like a samurai, but my team is committed to poor as much money as needed to make sure the values of Cardano are protected. So if you want to support the channel or share the same values as us, please consider staking with Cardano Samurais.

We have been following the test net and main net very closely and learned a lot, and we were life since day one of Shelley. We would be very honoured if you joined The Cardano samurais. Thank you so much for your support, merci beaucoup pour votre soutien. We have received incredible supports from the community when learning about how to set up a node, and now it’s running very smoothly thanks to all the people that helped. So shout out to you guys. So the community has been incredible on Cardano, and if you think about it, competition between coins is actually good for the ecosystem, Why? because it pushes innovation.

It forces people to keep on creating. What will differentiate us from other people in the long run, is our Systems of beliefs. Many coins will co-exist. There will not be only one winner. Lastly, the number one reason I’m literally all over Cardano is Vision: Vision is what transcend people, it is that thing that allows you to feel like you are participating in something bigger than just yourself.

Cardano is trying to allow people to get the financial identity, in Africa, in the US, in France and everywhere else in the world. It will allow everyone to transact and be INCLUDED in tomorrow’s financial system, that’s why Cardano is so powerful, it’s not doing things for its own interest. There are so many things we could say about the Vision.

I know that we are focused on price, but if you take a step back and really assess what Cardano has been achieving for the past few years. You can only be very respectful of they are doing, at least, this community is trying to make the world a better place, where people have an equal chance, regardless of where they were born or the colour of their skins. Science is going put Cardano on top, the project really took to the time to design from the ground up everything, that it has become a NO BRAINER investment for me.

The team, the methodology, the community, the values are all on point. SO let ask you this question? why would you invest in a small coin that you just heard of, that only has 4 or 5 real developers and ideas, when you can have Cardano, with a huge team, a science, a community, and incredible values? Right now Cardano is behind Ethereum, yes, but what matters is not short term.

If you read Simon Sinek, you must be familiar with the Concept of Infinite Game. I like the example he uses about Microsoft. Back in the days, Microsoft was building a product trying to beat the AirPod. They were bragging how much better it was against it. And that’s why they failed because Apple is not playing the finite game, they are not building products to beat other products, they are building things for customers with the best customer experience, they are playing the Infinite Game. There is no limit when you think like this.

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