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Thanks for tuning into cryptozx, i really appreciate you stopping by my channel today to all my viewers watching my video right now. Can i please ask you guys to smash the like button and hit the red subscribe button if you haven’t already, this does help with the channel tremendously, and it also keeps me motivated on making videos for you guys, but with that being said, let’s jump right in Today’S content, all right guys before i begin, i would like to say the disclaimer anything on this channel – should not be taken as financial advice, because i am not a financial advisor cryptocurrencies are super volatile, so please do your own due diligence and research before investing in These markets all right today, i want to share some very, very funny news with you guys that i believe is absolutely ridiculous and uh. You know to all my cardano. I know a lot of my viewers are cardano supporters and i wanted to share this with you guys. This article was published by crypto’s news flash, so all credit goes to them.

I will leave the link in the description box below if you want to check it out so without further ado. Let’S jump in so cardano is uh. You can read what i was, what it’s there uh crappy coin. Basically, a block stream ceo attacks, charles hoskinson bitcoin, maximalist adam back, has attacked cardano inventor charles hoskinson once again and has called out ada as a crap coin. According to bag, hoskinson is still better than ethereum inventor uh vitalik uh butcherin and atron ceo justin sun, who are even bigger con artists, cardano and its inventor charles hoskinson, has once again been attacked by bitcoin maximalists hoskinson recently published a video in which he called on The crypto community to move away from the maximalist mentality in favor of project collaboration.

In addition, the iohk ceo also announced that his team will increase its effort to cooperate with other crypto projects in the future in order to create true interoperability. As adam back, an early adopter of bitcoin and founder of a block stream now made clear. Bitcoin will probably not uh be a project from which hoskinson and cardano, at least with a block stream, are welcomed with open arms back back first shared the podcast unhatched via twitter, in which bitcoin developers peter will russell uh, o’connor and andrew polystera. I’Ve talked about fundamental flaws of pos protocols, a twitter user, cardonobot commented on bach’s post and wrote: don’t worry um. I have a buddy who understands it’s better than ghost satoshi iohk, charles and you know what pos is working so much better than pow with so many more things to come.

How about that uh? This is all around a blow against altcoins is not the first back. Is unknown in crypto community for being a bitcoin maximalist, for example, back wrote only in early august that charles ponzi and bernie madoff are two of the most famous invent inventors of ponzi schemes. Oh, while big connect and onecoin are famous cryptocurrencies projects that have been revealed as a pyramid scheme in the following sentences, he explained that all the altcoins, such as ethereum cardano, ripple, stellar and eos, are no better hoskinson, who recently published a video about advantages of cardano Proof of stake over bitcoin’s proof of work and explained why cardano pos is uh both more secure and decentralized than bitcoin’s. Pow reacted with humor hoskinson explained that this is probably makes him the king of rats and changed his twitter bio guys.

This is absolutely hilarious. This is absolutely absolutely hilarious. If you look at the you know, cardano price it has taken a hit. That is due mostly because of bitcoin when bitcoin drops uh such big digits. Like seven eight percent, you know all the alt coins are going to hit double digits down.

It did uh um cardano did uh drop below this, but it has recovered uh. But you know it could go uh down below as well. It all depends on bitcoin, but if you believe in the long-term future, you just got ta hold on to your dear life, guys hold on to your deal dear life, because this guy over here adam beck. He is basically a bitcoin maximalist just because you know uh. Charles hoskinson said you know: uh cardano’s proof of stake is better than a bitcoin’s proof of work.

These guys are catching uh. You know these guys take um. Take that offensive because they, i believe in bitcoin and uh. You know they got into it earlier, but that doesn’t mean other projects are not better than bitcoin there’s so many other projects right now in the cryptocurrency space that are way way better than bitcoin, but bitcoin has its crew. A first mover advantage.

That’S why it’s still at the top people think it’s safe and it’s like a safe haven asset, so people invest their money into bitcoin, and you know this guy right here is basically just trying to you know: uh spread fud make uh, you know fear, and this Is uh not new in cryptocurrencies there’s a lot of uh uh people in the cryptocurrencies. You know like bitcoin maximalist. Mostly they come out and they say most of the you know altcoins, no, not most majority like all of the altcoins. They make crazy statements like that. All of the altcoins are crap coins and bitcoin is the one, and only – and i do not believe that at all but, like i said uh, you know we never know.

Uh future is unpredictable. You got to do your own research, but i personally, i personally believe al. You know and cardano a lot and charles hoskinson, i believe in the project and charles hoskinson a lot, and this guy is just creating fun just because charles hoskinson basically said proof of uh. You know work, uh is um, not uh as good as uh. You know, cardona’s proof of stake and uh.

These guys are just creating fun and sometimes honestly guys. Sometimes these guys are in on these projects as well. Honestly speaking, you know they call themselves quote-unquote uh. You know bitcoin maximalist, but you know that doesn’t mean they don’t hold uh. You know all coins, they probably do.

Uh hold alt coins and uh. Not let anyone know so this guy could be. This could be a possibility, i’m just saying uh. This guy could be creating fud by saying that, so you know a lot of other people can be like. Oh you know, like um new investors.

Look at this. They look. Oh man, uh, you know, cardano is a crap coin. This guy’s saying cardano is a crap coin, so you know what i’m just gon na uh start uh. You know like i’m, just gon na sell my cardona and he these guys try to create panic in the markets, so they could be scooping up at the low levels.

You know what i mean, so you guys got to have strong hands and always invest the money that you could afford to lose, never invest money. That is too much for you to lose. So you know, if you believe in the project long-term, if you believe in the vision, if you have done your research just hold strong and it will pay off, it will pay off, but yeah like like. I said these guys are crazy. They just try creating fud and uh yeah, it’s insane.

So let me show you an example. If you know like this was going around the cryptocurrencies uh, you know community for a while, like you know, zeus capital came out and they were like you know. Chain link is a pump and dump guys and they were uh contacting these other influencers big influencers and they were even uh. You know offering up to five bitcoin for them to talk for the influencers to talk about about chain links, so chain link could drop in price, but guess what happened so much fun was around the chain. Link is so much fun was around chain link at that time, but guess what chain link did chain link didn’t care at all chain link was trading around this level right here when the zeus, capital, you know, announced their fud.

What happened to chain link? We went all the way to 19. That goes to show guys if you know a lot. Let me show you why, so you know with chain link all the holders didn’t care, because people called ethereum uh back in 2016 and early 2017 people called ethereum a scam. Can you believe that people were calling ethereum a scam?

I still can’t wrap my head around that and now, though, those guys were calling it a scam because they wanted to scoop it up lower and that’s uh. You know the what these whales do and they pay mil. You know thousands of dollars to these news articles to publish fake uh things. You know fake uh, you know to make the project look bad, and so they could. You know uh, create uh panic and be accumulating at lower levels themselves and chain link.

You know around the eight dollars range when the zeus capital did announce, you know like it was a pump and dump chain link was a pump enough uh. You know the holders uh did not panic and that goes to show why chain link doubled more than doubled from that level. So, like i said guys, if you believe in the project always hold and right now, i i got to be accumulating. I don’t have that much fiat left right now, but you know at these levels i have to you know, throw whatever i have into cardano, but that’s just my own personal opinion. You guys do what works for you and always invest what you could afford to lose, because the cryptocurrencies are unpredictable yeah guys.

I i like i’m extremely extremely bullish on cardano in the upcoming. You know future and uh. You know, i know i’ll be looking back at the cardona price and you know be like hey. I wish i just went all in. So that’s why i’m accumulating, but you always got ta note that you never know cardano could fail too.

You always have to have that in the back of your head. That’S why diversification is key, but to me personally, i believe cardano is going to change the cryptocurrency game in the future and yeah, like i said, um you, but we never know. Only time will tell but yeah guys uh, don’t forget to like comment share and subscribe. Let me know your thoughts down below about this foot. That’S going on around cardano i’d love to know your thoughts down below and uh.

What do you guys think uh? Are we gon na have finish uh? Where could you see cordons price at the end of the year? I would love to know your thoughts down below and guys, most importantly, stay safe out there. That’S the most important thing.

Health comes. First. Safety comes first, stay safe out there. I hope you and your families are all safe and healthy and yeah guys. I think i’m going to wrap it up around here.

It’s been cryptozx and peace out.

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