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Buying Ethereum For Beginners.

hi, guys thanks for watching this video and welcome to my channel many friends ask me where do I buy cryptocurrency and today I would like to tell you. How do I buy Ethereum for this I left the link below in the description to follow it and you’ll find out everything but in this video tutorial

I will detail explain to you how where and using a watch which three simple steps you can buy Ethereum safely and easily let’s proceed. First of all, we need to register on this website it’s called their options here we need to type in our email and to figure out a short.

But secure password after that we click that we agree with terms and conditions on the website and press register and buy the confirmation letter was sent to our email. We need to click this button and it will bring us to the deposit window as you can see activation was successful.

Now, all we need to do is choose the amount we would like to buy Ethereum for I would like to buy for one thousand dollars the currency can be different. But I prefer USD the payment method could be also different I prefer visa and MasterCard.

After that, we click go to payment and here we just need to enter our card information this is a secure website absolutely legitimate. So there is no need to worry after we’re done we click to pay.

The payment has gone through so now we’re into the platform it has a huge variety of trading assets such as currency pairs assets stocks and so on but we choose ourselves Ethereum.

If you are while uh buying something or selling something you have some other questions you can simply click help and you will receive all the answers you need. Here we set the amount of money.

We’re going to invest in ethereal is going to be a thousand dollars as I said this is a multiplier. But be careful with this thing because it can also it can do both it can multiply your money and it can involve it into a higher risk so be very careful guys and on and auto-closing this thing will allow you not to check this platform every day.

All you need to do is to set up your profit and your loss after everything is set you simply click buy the confirmation window is the last thing we need to check so here as we see.

Here we see the opening price the investment the quantity we going of ethereal. We’re going to get and the commission press confirms buying and in a second we have our Ethereum.

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