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Buying cryptocurrency on LocalBitcoins

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a trading ad, explain the difference between a quick sell and a quick buy, and see in practice how other users will buy through your ad. Let’s talk about the main rules and requirements for ads on LocalBitcoins.

To post advertisements, you need to have bitcoins on your LocalBitcoins wallet. For the ads with online payment methods, there has to be at least 0,04 BTC. Moreover, you must prove your identity in order to be able to use different payment options. Only after that, your ads will become visible. The fee for the users who have posted an ad is 1% of the total transaction amount for each deal.

Once a deal has been opened, the price cannot be changed, unless there is an obvious error. You are not allowed to buy or sell bitcoins on behalf of other people (brokerage). You are allowed to use payment accounts registered in your own name (payments from third parties are prohibited!).

You must include your payment details in the trading advertisement or in the relative chat. All communication must take place on LocalBitcoins.com. Payment methods marked High Risk carry a significant risk of fraud. Be careful and always verify the identity of your transaction partners if you are using a high-risk payment method.

Terms and conditions template for easy trading: Make payments only from card to card. From Sberbank to Sberbank. If the payment is from a different bank, the deal will be disputed. Pay attention: provide the sender’s full name in a separate message in the deal window.

Send the entire amount in one transfer. Transfers from QIWI and other e-wallets are not accepted and not returned. Mobile phone transfers via the number 900 are not accepted and not returned. I do not transfer according to bills and screenshots. The Sberbank commission of 1% is on you. I will send you the bank card number in a personal message. I kindly ask you to comply with these conditions for a successful deal.

Thank you!”. For your information: In the window payment details it is better to state The card number to be sent in the chat – so that the bank details are not accessible for everyone even before the deal is opened. Right after the offer creation we go to the dashboard and turn off the ad. The turned off inscription will appear..

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