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Buying A house with crypto | Crypto News Today

Hi and welcome back to cheeky crypto, my name’s chris and every day we bring you up to date, news technical analysis. We highlight hidden gems, so you can go, do your own research and make a ton of cash if you like, making money in crypto hit the like button subscribe tap the bell select all notifications, so you never miss a thing. So today i’m going to get into some more news on crypto adoption. I think it’s unprecedented and i think, there’s some remarkable stuff in the news today that i’m gon na cover off. You know you can now uh.

You know in parts of the world pay towards your mortgage using cryptocurrency. I just think this is remarkable stuff, so let’s get down to the desktop and start taking a look at what’s really going on. Okay, so, first of all, before we start talking about all the crypto mortgage stuff, so let’s get into it and um we’re going to start by sort of going over the huge amount of adoption that you know i’ve been banging on about for for some time now. Right and uh, we start with this article. You know: crypto population hit 2 to 1 million in june, so 221 million in june, which is just remarkable.

It’S unprecedented um. You know for for this market and we’re seeing more and more adoption. If you haven’t been watching the channel uh do check some of my uh videos out around the adoption that we’re starting to see, and you know you, you only have to look at sport really to to see um. You know with the sponsorships and everything like that that we’ve we’ve been covering off on the channel, so you know world mobile partnering up with with fulham and having world mobile on the actual uh. You know football team shirts.

You know you’ve also got crypto.com with formula one and uh ufc. You know with the kit deals and and stuff that we’ve seen there. You know that the list goes on and on right, and this is all really really good stuff, and i think you know it trans transitions nicely into some of the numbers that we’re seeing here right so crypto currency adoption gained unprecedented momentum during the first half of 2021 as crypto markets added more than 100 million users from february to may. According to new crypto.

om report, the report dubbed measuring global crypto users was the first released in may 2020 and at the time uh, the cryptocurrency user population you know, was standing at around 66 million right. So this is massive adoption for for cryptocurrency. We are starting to see you know, crypto being talked and discussed on tv news, um we’re even starting to see some of the more mainstream newspapers um discussing online and in the papers around cryptocurrency. You know paypal, making huge strides in in crypto. You know adding crypto um to to you, know their their business right and and looking to now off, ramp crypto as well, which i think is just remarkable right.

So uh the the pace of adoption accelerated in the second half of 2020. Due to several reasons, including the risk of raising inflation – and i think this is something that we’ve seen with the whole virus situation and the endless endless amount of printing from from you – know various different countries around the world right and we’re starting to see a rise In in decentralized finance, d5 crypto adoption from fintech companies, including paypal, which i just mentioned, uh in la you know, last november, the corporation added bitcoin to their balance sheets also helped increase the rate of adoption. So this is just remarkable stuff right and i expect this to continue um for the coming weeks and months. I i really don’t think this is the the end of you know like a like a bull market right and we’ve gone bare right. I really don’t think that i think we’ve had a bearish sentiment in the market um, which is you know, just part of the the cycle.

I expect you know huge strides in the the next few months to towards the end of 2021 and uh. For me, you know, crypto is making real positive strides i’ve. I’Ve talked before about expecting regulation to to come and we’re taught through the mortgage stuff in a moment and because you know i think again, your regulation is coming and i think it’s going to be remarkable right. We’Ve got a nice little graph here to sort of demonstrate. You know the the growth and and how quick we’ve seen this this adoption, and i think it’s just going to get you know adopted more and more and uh.

You know you, you can look at the the number of projects that we’ve got with over 11 000 crypto projects in the space. Currently you know that not only is the adoption growing, but so are the the number of projects. So you know, there’s going to be many that are here to depart you from your cash, so make sure that you’re doing your own research. I can’t stress that enough, um, crypto price, uh hike, attracted uh investors to you know get into the market. I guess and we saw huge growth and that that tapered off, i think, we’ve seen an all-time high of 2.

trillion dollars um in the crypto space as the the market cap for all crypto um. You know: you’ve got the ceo of elon of tesla elon musk. Also playing a key role in in crypto adoption, and you know also, you know, it’s got to be said – he’s had a negative impact on the space also, and i think it’s fantastic to see his tweets. Having less influence on on the market, um saw the second half of of this year, so uh for me, remarkable stuff, we’re seeing um, mastercard and visa announce their support for crypto related transactions. Banking giants also started announcing crypto products and services for the wealthy clients and yeah, and i’ve mentioned this in a previous video that you know, banks are starting to get into the exchange business right, um, you know and enabling them to to not just you know, be You know have custody of cryptocurrency, but also to to change and uh trade and and all of this sort of stuff for their wealthy clients.

So you know it’s remarkable stuff: we’ve we we know that lots of wealthy individuals around the world are adopting crypto. You know at pace right, it’s only. You know recently that we’ve seen you know other countries allowing you know for crypto funds to to be you know, enabled in in their territories and and stuff like that, so huge adoption, institutional level, adoption and um. You know we’ve seen all sorts of you know. Um movements in in the market based on you know, crypto being purchased in volume by some of these institutions right um.

For me, it’s it’s crazy to to be part of something so early and uh. This is a market that nick and myself were talking about when it was, you know, a 300 billion total market cap right and uh. We had people laughing at us when we said that it would be a multi-trillion dollar market. Now, nick and myself do believe that this market will gobble up all the other markets. Now i wouldn’t be surprised that you know in the future that we see a 40-40 4-0 trillion dollar uh crypto market cap like for me that that seems ultra realistic for say, 2025, and i’m really.

You know looking forward to to seeing how everything sort of plays out now when i talk about a 40 trillion dollar market cap for crypto um, you know you’ve got to to look where’s. The bulk of that you know going to be coming from. You know. I’D imagine a fair chunk of that’s going to be bitcoin, but you know you’re going to have ethereum you’re going to have card rna. You know these projects are going to be worth an awful lot of money.

In my humble opinion, um. So, on the other hand, the the largest altcoin aetherium saw significant growth in may and june, driven by the increase of users on its network on d5 platforms and d-apps institutional investors continued to favor the the token in the second quarter of 2021 We’Re still seeing this there’s lots of people talking about aetherium flipping bitcoin now, for for me, i can’t see that happening doesn’t mean that it won’t. Maybe i’m missing something here. A lot of people are talking about this being um possible because ethereum is gon na get a chunk of the market share from from the banks right, um and two percent would would potentially see it. You know flip bitcoin now for for me, i expect ethereum to get a chunk from from the market share of banks, but i also expect pokedoc suma um.

You know cardano various other projects to also get part of that. You know market share. So you know if ethereum’s gon na flip bitcoin on that basis, then why can’t cardano? Why can’t polka dot um? I do think this market’s going to look very different, and i think you know you’re quite close-minded uh, if you’re not willing to to consider that you know some of these projects might flip one another over time.

I i really do think that you know you need to to just look at the the market. Look at what you know is is happening. Look at the other markets in which you know crypto is, is going to be taking market share from right and uh. Nick and myself have talked about tokenization and then nfts are going to play a big part in this right. I don’t think people quite realize yet so start you know researching nfts and um.

You know tokenization and what projects are looking to do that, because i think you know there’s going to be some some golden opportunities uh in the nft space and i’m not talking about collectibles, i’m talking about tokenization. I think they’re two different things – and i think you know the likes of v chain – are going to do remarkably well and uh. You know we we’ve seen all sorts of different price um predictions for v chain so expect us to be doing one of those shortly. Looking at what you know, v chains price could be in 2025. I think it’s all going to be remarkable stuff right um, but anyway, i’m kind of getting off track a little bit here.

So let’s get back on track! I’M not going to cover this article in in any more detail. Let’S move on to what’s happening in spain, so spain, uh opposition party, introduce bill to allow mortgage payments with crypto. Now this for me, is you know it’s bullish, news right and uh. You know for me it’s it could see like a domino effect right and uh other countries sort of you know looking to to to get involved in in this sort of activity.

Right so again, i’m not going to cover the the the article in loads of detail, but i think it’s you know worth sort of covering off so the pp the leading opposition party in spain has introduced a bill that would allow for payments of mortgages with cryptocurrency And create a national crypto asset council to analyze the implications of using crypto and blockchain in the in that country. Right so for me, this is. This is remarkable stuff. According to the text of the digital transformation law, homeowners would be able to use cryptocurrencies to pay their mortgage, while the real estate sector would be able to use crypto to invest in mortgage pools. Banks, on the other hand, would be able to use blockchain as a system to manage mortgages and insurance and streamline the payments.

I i just think this is just remarkable stuff right again, like i say, i’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’M not going to go into this in too much detail, but for me remarkable stuff, i i kind of feel like crypto, you know is: is ball not bare? I kind of feel like you know. The next few months are going to be remarkable. I think we’re going to see some some real change.

I think you know before you know we we sort of get past. I don’t know january 2022, i expect to see regulations um come to the forefront and i think it’s going to be positive for crypto. As long as obviously you’re abiding by all the the rules, you know that the states are gon na. You know deem you know, applicable uh. You know, for me, it’s it’s gon na be interesting.

I i’m not. You know um part of this group of centralized versus decentralized, i’m all about. You know what improves the world and um the the lives of of many right, so you know whether that’s decentralized or centralized or somewhere in the middle. For me, i don’t really mind as long as everybody you know, benefits and um. You know if that means that there’s access to to finance for people that currently can’t get finance, then i think that’s a wonderful thing.

Um, you know if it’s more affordable and all that sort of jazz more flexible again. I think this is you know this is positive. I think it’s great for the economy, and you know talking a about the the economies and and everything like that, they’re dire at the moment right, we’re seeing inflation or you know for me this is this – is something that’s going to be needed. I can’t see any way out of the situation that we’re we’re in with with inflation um and what we’re seeing right. We’Ve covered inflation recently and uh.

I think you know, inflation is fantastic. For crypto crypto is fantastic to resolve. Some of the you know the the issues that we’ve got uh, you know with some of the economic uh landscape. So let me know in the comments below what you think about. You know this potential um opportunity to to pay your mortgages with crypto in spain.

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