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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Welcome back to crypto zeros, i am george we’re all george, so inflation numbers are out worse inflation in 40 years. Cpi is now above seven percent, but it came in better than expected. However, what should you do? You should buy bitcoin, so i’m going to talk about bitcoin an entire market going up today and why everyone is looking to get back in. So thanks for tuning in as always smash it.

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Welcome. Welcome! Welcome! I can see today is a good day. Lively crowd in the live, chat and take a look.


Bitcoin is above 43 000. It broke above 44 000 earlier today, and it does look like it wants to head back up, and things are looking very positive once again. I’Ve been telling you guys to hold strong that wall street and hedge funds, they overreacted, and now it looks like they want to get back in, but those of us that stayed in the game continue to dca. Well, we’re we’re better off for it right so uh. You could see 43.

and of course, if you look that in the entire market, literally everything is in green. Every single thing, besides stable coins and, unfortunately, chain link is in a red. Every single crypto is in the green today. So that is very, very positive, but what caused this? Well, let’s talk about inflation number cpi numbers just released today.

This is the number that everyone was looking at. Uh were speculating on and it came out in line in line with expectations. We are now above seven percent in the united states and it’s the worst inflation rate since the 1980s. Yes, since the 1980s, so this is the worst rate in 40 years, and this is what it looks like and in the 80s we were actually much worse. It got up to 14, maybe in 2022, as inflation keeps rising up, maybe it’s going to get close, but with powell and his his new policies that will be announced uh next week, i believe, or two weeks i will get to that a little bit.

Maybe we’re not going to get as high, but you can see clearly how, yes, we have jumped up and if you take a look at this now, some of this is due to inflation. Some of it is due to supply supply constraints, supply chain issues, but you could see motor fuel up 50, and this is uh. This is just within a very short amount of time. Fuel of 41 use cars up 37 percent um gas service, 24 beef and veal of 19 furniture up 17 bacon and breakfast sausage up 16 percent eggs up 11 women’s dress is up 8, so obviously, uh cpi doesn’t measure everything uh. It doesn’t measure real estate.

Doesn’T measure bitcoin, obviously in investments but uh, it measures a whole bunch of stuff, and there are some things that have inflated quite a lot within a very, very, very short amount of time. Okay, so that is what’s happening right now: okay, inflation. We know it’s a thing and it’s no longer something we can ignore, because if you do ignore it and you’re just sitting at a whole bunch of cash, it’s going to be devalued at a ever increasing rate right now, it’s being devalued at over seven percent next Month, it may be in the eight percent next month it could be in a nine percent. I mean it’s go, keep going and that’s why you need to put your money into a hedge against inflation, something that will appreciate faster than the usd otherwise. Then you know you’re still stuck in the same spot.

So that’s bitcoin take a look at this. This is one dollar and how much satch you could buy with one dollar one year ago, one year ago you could have bought 2 900 sats, but today you’re going to buy 2 200

So that’s a difference of 22. That’S just from a year ago, two years ago you could have bought 12 000 stats with one dollar 81 change, and then, after five years it becomes 98 98. 99 right this is, you can look at two ways: how much the usd is inflating and devaluing itself against bitcoin or how strong bitcoin is versus the dollar. So you choose and it could be a combination of both right, but this is why sitting on large piles of cash or just sitting on cash in general, not investing why it’s dangerous, because your money buying power actually decreases, even though the dollar amount may stay.

The same, but what you could buy with it is decreasing every single year, especially with all the money. That’S been printed in the last few years. It’S it’s much more noticeable within such a short amount of time. Right. Just look at the list.

I just showed you guys, so this is what’s happening right now right, and this is the reason why i made the case that hedge funds of wall street’s overreacted. They know that tape rings go start rate hikes just go start and they’re selling, off tech and bitcoin and they’re buying into bonds. Okay, like the 10-year treasury bond, which actually dipped after this morning, they’re buying into this and trying to make their 1
8 percent over 10 years, it doesn’t make any sense. This does not hedge against inflation, not one bit. You know what else doesn’t make any sense buying gold, even with today’s numbers and inflation going up.

Gold went up uh astronomical 0.3. Today, okay and it’s still lower than the same point, it was 11 years ago, so obviously buying gold no longer works as a hedge against inflation. So what else can you buy? You can’t buy bonds.

You can’t buy gold right. What can out? What else can you buy? Well bitcoin? Yes, that’s what you can buy bitcoin outperformed every single asset class in 2021 and we’ll probably do so in 2022.

Nothing comes close, nothing comes close at all right, so now you go probably see more money come back in because all these guys that overreacted and panic sold realize they’re going to realize. I made a mistake. Our performance was already horrendous in 2021. We can’t make it worse in 2022 right, we need to get back in and what better way than bitcoin. So there you go.

So this is what happened today. Why? I believe things started coming back up why it can continue to go back up, but there is one big thing that’s coming in about two weeks. So that’s the f o m c committee meeting and that is set to take place on the 25th. So that is roughly two weeks from now a little bit less than two weeks, and this is where fed chairman powell and others are going to go into a meeting and talk about exactly what they’re going to do.

I i was mistaken yesterday. I thought it was gon na start this week, but it’s not it’s gon na start in a couple weeks and you know everything that they said in december right about what they may do and then they released the minutes and then people overreacted right. So what they plan on actually doing will be determined in january unless unless they think it’s just too early to make any decisions and wait until march right. So that’s the big thing that’ll be coming in a couple weeks. So we’ll see what happens between then and now, which probably isn’t a whole lot other than bitcoin in the market, maybe continuing to rally and getting back to previous levels.

So there you go now. In addition, in addition, um there’s a couple other things i want to share with you guys number one is actually i didn’t want to share that. Yet this the the outflow of bitcoin is the largest since september 2021.

So take a look at this. We had a massive massive massive outflow of bitcoin that just occurred the biggest since september.

When you go over overall, you can see, there’s a lot more outflows than inflows: okay, well net flows and in the red, meaning. There’S a lot more outflows and you could see that a tremendous amount just came out. Why is this again? Because people want to buy low people want to buy when others are fearful, and this is what i’ve been telling you guys been preaching all along right when things are down when things are scary, when there’s blood in the streets, that’s when you take advantage and you Pounce on it right, you pounce on the market and you’re, essentially stealing the wealth from other people that are panic selling, and that is what’s going on right now. So you got a whole bunch of whales or institutions or companies that are pouncing on bitcoin, while it’s low, maybe especially after the inflation numbers, came out right, cpi numbers, but more and more and more and more bitcoin is being taken out of the exchanges each and Every single day right, so you don’t want to let all of it go to these guys.

You want to keep some for yourself and take advantage when things are low and not just with bitcoin, but with all coins and crypto in general right, the ones i’ve been talking about, but this is very, very, very significant, very significant. Indeed, now a couple other things, someone is actually interesting: someone actually correlated bitcoin’s recent movement with forecasting of cpi numbers, so whatever uh the market kind of predicts equal to what came out well. Generally speaking, bitcoin had a good rally right afterwards, but if it came out worse than expected, bitcoin goes down well. I think this has a lot to do with the yields from bonds. We know this whenever bond yields 10-year bond yields goes up slightly.

You know. Tech sells off and bitcoin sells off for no apparent reason, because hedge funds just don’t know what they’re doing and then, whenever things are in line or below well, then they they sell after bonds and buy back in so i mean that that seems pretty normal. Now. Okay, so i basically, this is correlating that and since we came right equal to the number well, then you can make an argument that we are ready to rally just like all the other times before, where there was equal to forecast and we just started rallying up. So kind of interesting correlation there just want to show you guys that also this is looking at holding to spent profit.

So, basically, when you have a whole bunch of people selling off at a loss – and that’s usually that usually means when uh retail investors are panicking right whenever you have that, generally speaking, that’s when uh the market has hit a low and we’re at the opposite of That right now, basically, there’s not a whole lot of selling there’s a whole lot of buying, and we are getting to that point where it’s a reversal. You can see these v shapes right, so we’re v coming back up and again could indicate a good rally. That’S right around the corner, so there you go a lot of good stuff, a lot of good stuff and finally, in terms of all coins, you guys saw this it’s i mean a whole bunch of green everywhere right, but there are standouts the l ones, the ones With d5 right, they are blowing up today recovering very nicely, and it’s really no surprise. So, if you take a look at this in terms of total value, locked, the projects that have the most total value locked are the ones that are going up the most. It’S that simple: it’s not rocket science.

Basically, the chains with the most projects that people are using are going up the fastest. It’S really that simple! So that’s why i like these big l ones and i cannot lie ethereum terra by nance, smarching, avalanche solana, phantom polygon. These top seven, especially right these – have done really really well and they’re coming up in a big ways. Today, big news about phantom i’ll get to that a little bit, but it’s up significantly and what’s interesting about phantom is phantom actually has a much bigger tbi at this point than even polygon and something that i’ve been waiting for for the market to kind of correlate And right now we’re still very off from it is market cap to tvl and this ratio, and you could see if you look at this ratio, phantom actually is, has the lowest ratio 1.

versus someone like solana at a 4
7, which is actually, if you look at the ratio of the top seven that’s the worst. Eutherium is about 2.6 in terms of market cap to tbl right, tara is the second most undervalued. If you look at 1.5 and then binance smart chain, actually i apologize buying smart chain is even higher than solana, so they’re the most over.

I guess um over bought uh overrated. I guess in terms of this ratio, and then you have avalanches of two which is pretty low, then you have solana 4.7, it’s pretty high, but phantom at 1.1 is actually looking like it’s really really under valued right now, so just to throw that out there, but To uh, to add on to that finance loans adds on phantom and here so, if you are using phantom, you can use that and deposit for rewards and borrow against your crypto, in this case phantom and near. So i think this is the reason why it pumped up quite a bit today um yeah and that’s it overall.

I mean these chains, the top seven are ones. I really really really love. They have a lot of potential, but outside there’s some others like harmony. That’S sitting at number 14 right. I like them, and i think elrond has potential.

There’S several others in here. That definitely has potential. So yeah pay attention, pay attention to chains with a lot of daps and right now. Most of the dapps are all about d5 and total value locked all right, that’s pretty much it that’s all i wanted to share overall. Today is a cpi day, inflation day, um and it came.

It was in line with what people thought, but, overall, if you think about it, you put two and two together: what can people buy to hedge against inflation right now, literally, nothing. The only thing is bitcoin, so that’s why we need to continue uh holding continue buying when we can and watch everyone else panic. While we sit on our stash of sets all right and lastly, i just want to give you guys an update. I mentioned about harmony. You guys know that i started staking on d5 kingdoms and today, joule, which is the which is what you’re minting, has gone up quite a bit, but give you guys an update.

This is pretty crazy, returns uh, so i’ve been mining in this liquidity pool on d5 gardens with jewel versus ust um, not versus by jewel, slash ust, and it’s only been about four four and a half days. Not even a full five days and total rewards is that four thousand four hundred dollars so uh averaging about nine hundred to nine hundred fifty dollars a day right now, just so you guys know until though, in terms of total unlocked. This is what i could take out right away. If i wanted to this is locked until july, and then there’s going to be a like a vesting schedule afterwards, but overall this is pretty insane rewards right or yield. This is why defy is so fascinating, so there you go to give you guys an update, all right, that’s it!

Now, let’s do some q a all right, scrolling up two words: quantum computing, so many people you know get hung up on the fact that oh maybe one day, quantum computers will break. You know, keys right, break all cryptography and then you’ll lose your bitcoin. Well, guess what if that date comes, there’s much worse, things that they can do with those quantum computers they could literally crash any network. They could literally steal any funds from any banks or the stocks exchanges themselves or from asset managers. So, there’s much worse things that you should be worried about than a quantum computer, stealing your crypto okay!

So that’s how i respond to that quantum computers are nowhere near that advanced yet and who’s to say that when we do have them that advance that we won’t have counter quantum computing that will protect you from that from those brute force attacks right. So uh i’m not worried about quantum computing at this time. Uh, let’s see here, f-o-m-c equals fear of missing kryptos. That’S a good one. I should.

I should put that on a t-shirt. Uh, let’s see here. What’S your opinion on polka dot? Well, uh moon beam is a moon, beam, just went live and polka dot itself is still on boarding um. You know other pair chains, so they’re getting they’re getting closer to completion and overall once they’re done, it should be a very robust ecosystem of chains that have the ability to talk to each other freely and talk to the main hub and um.

The theory is they’re. Gon na do some great things right, so i think overall long term, they’re gon na be fine, led by a really good leader, gavin wood, but uh. I think out of all the co-founders of ethereum, the one that gets the most recognition, of course, is still charles. Let’S see here is ada still around. Yes, you may have noticed that cardano doesn’t have any tvl right now and that’s because they don’t there’s no dexes that truly work right.

But here’s the good news: here’s the good news sunday swap is supposed to be releasing our main net decks and they released this a couple days ago saying that they will be ready to announce something, so that should be right around the corner. So once that gets released, then people could actually put money into those pools and provide liquidity and then finally, you’ll still you’re start seeing some tbl and how that’s going to be fantastic for cardano is this 70 plus percent of ada is already staked into pools powering The network now the remaining 30 percent, could be locked up in tvl uh i mean the remaining 30 will contribute to tbl by being locked into liquidity pools. So then you’re really just you know, taking the supply and decreasing it by an exponential amount. So it could be a game changer for cardinal. This is what i’ve been saying.

Wait until sunday swap is out. If it’s fully operational on the works, then many others will follow it and uh, and this could be a good thing for cardano, so curtis. Thank you. Thank you double strapped dj. I don’t know how that works, how you could double strap on, but i’ll take your word for it.

Um uh, on the topic of d5 passive income drip network. You know that sounds familiar, but i don’t remember them market camp unknown. They have been doing well last day, last 90 days. Ah, okay, they’re on binance smart chain, um value being scarce deflationary built on uh. It looks like they’re one of those deflationary coins.

Yeah. I don’t even know i don’t really know. I don’t really get it. I’M just gon na say no to this, because i really don’t get it uh leighton says vvs on cro, be careful guys. I did a cro supercharger for eth for 45 days.

My return was two cents two pounds. The api apy is supposed to be 38. Well, you got to realize apy of 38 is over 365 days, so, if you’re doing 45 days yeah, it’s not going to be a lot. I think you’re getting confused so and also depends on how much you put in. I don’t know how much you put in, but if it’s 365, if it’s supposed to be 38 divided by 365, you know you’re making 0
1 percent per day you times it by 45 days, you are only supposed to make 4.

8 so, depending on how much you put, maybe that’s how much you got so i don’t. I don’t know. Um storm detector appreciate that they push back discovery date a month for xrp lawsuit. I mean i’m telling you guys that that probably will not get resolved. Xrp lawsuits – probably not gon na get resolved until q3 q4 this year, if, if that it could even carry into 2023

I’Ve said this at the very beginning: xrp lawsuit is going to take about two to three years.

People laughed at me like, ah no way it’s gon na take two to three years. Just look at all the other projects they sued. It took about two to three years and xrp one or ripple. One is even more complicated because they’re going after the leaders, chris larson and brad garlinghouse, not just the project they’re, actually attacking the leaders too. So at the very at the i think.

At the very least, it’s going to last into q3, or most likely, q4 or q1 of next year, all right uh, let’s see here avalanche, is being added to celsius tomorrow, solana, possibly next week. Well, that is good. I am going to be partnering up with a new project that will be offering uh rewards on basically every single coin and it’s gon na be pretty good, pretty good, but not ready to announce it yet um elrond just acquired you trust yesterday. Oh i don’t know. If that’s a good good purchase, i i never like utrust, i mean it makes no sense to me.

You trust is trying to be like paypal, decentralized, paypal. People are people hate, paypal, they want to use uh crypto so that they don’t have to worry about arbitration and and a third party determining whether you get your funds or not. So i don’t know if that’s a good bogdan, i don’t know if that’s a good purchase or not, but um boom beam dumped. Then i i mean i know it went live yesterday, but oh wow wow. I don’t know what happened there.

I don’t know why it would be down 36. Today i have to do more research into that, but man, maybe there was an unlock or something and people just like dumped it lee james says: when mistaking do you get your coins back in the same quantity in liquidity? Pools? Not no. When you stake, it tells you the percentage of the pool right and you’re getting rewarded based on that percentage.

However, if one of the two uh coins of that pair goes up or down significantly, there could be a rebalance. So by the time you withdraw, you don’t get the same coins back because the percentage have changed or if a lot more people, deposit, uh or a lot of people would draw. I mean that look up um. What’S that word impermanent! That’S what impermanent loss look at!

Look at that: okay, but normally you don’t have to worry about that, because the coins that you deposit have to move tremendously to 3x for you to actually take a loss on that. But then again in the meantime, you’re still making um you’re, making fees, um or you’re, making part of the fees that is uh conducted with that liquidity pool so most and you’re getting the yields so most likely you’re not gon na be in loss. But look at that impermanent loss. That’S what it’s called. Why do i hate litecoin?

I don’t hate it. Well, i do it. I don’t like coin itself is fine, but it’s not better than bitcoin. So why would you hold on to it doesn’t move faster than bitcoin? I mean it doesn’t appreciate as fast as bitcoin so and then charlie has done some suspicious things in the past, promising mimblewimble promising it to be done years ago.

It’S still not and uh, and the fact that he just dumped on everyone’s heads. You know in 2017 didn’t sit well and for longest time there was no activity on litecoin and he claimed there was, but there wasn’t so i’m just not a fan overall julio. I will do so. I will do so. Uh tc van george is the make sense.

King, his analysis always makes sense to me see that’s what i try to do. I try to you know, look at the bigger picture. I know everyone in the space is more focused on news on ta. You know, but i try to look at everything and give you guys a broader perspective and and how i view the market and why i remain bullish right. I don’t just remain bullish for no reason, but i put it all together and i just feel like you know this run is not over.

Bitcoin is still so early and d5 web 3.0. I mean it’s only get started um thoughts on hathor’s, unlimited gas fees. There are younger kadena if you haven’t seen, i have looked at them before. I don’t know the details jonathan, so i can’t really tell you that and when you say unlimited gas fees, i don’t even you mean like no gas fees right, not unlimited gas fees.

That would be horrible um, but i i can’t tell you much about half thor, can harmony one pull matic or reach two or three dollars? It definitely can d5 kingdoms obviously is making a big impact, but they just need a few more uh. Their tvl is growing, but not as big as some of the other guys. They need to have more dexes to really lock into liquidity and cause people not to sell one right so right now they have about 1.1 billion.

But if they can up that, like four or five times to a five or six billion, then yeah they could definitely go up in a big way right. The reason why any of these chains go up right now is because of tbr. I mean honestly, that’s my that’s my opinion. Tvl causes besides just staking. Besides staking you know the the token or the coins into powering the network.

Tbl is taking the remaining amount and removing that for circulation. Basically, it’s causing people to not sell right. So that’s what you want, so harmony needs a little bit more tvl, but they’ll get there they’ll get there. When eth moves to proof of stake. I think a lot of hashtag moved to flux.

To help build infrastructure i mean, could uh. I think the obvious choice for miners ethereum miners that are still proof of work. They will probably go to um, they could go to flux, but they could they could go to ethereum classic, but ethereum classic is it’s kind of like you know a dead chain. I don’t even know where it is it’s at 44 43 now and they got 51 attack left and right so yeah, there’s not that many options they’re either probably either in classic or you could go to um. Oh, what’s the other one, i used to get asked about all the time.

Um. Oh man, they really dropped off page two, let’s see man. It was another project that used to be very, very popular. It had five different um hashing and i don’t know where it went. Maybe maybe they died.

Oh did you bite yeah. Did you bite man? They really dropped off wow. They they used to be. You know top 100, but yeah did you buy just another candidate?

So i mean it, i don’t know where the buyers would go. Maybe they’ll just sell their miner. You know gpus crypto,
Com is licensed by vfaa and only seven of those licenses are issued worldwide. The same license is id everest. Could we call him a sleeping giant?

You mean call crypto.com a sleeping giant they’re, not sleeping they’re they’re they’re like in the top 30 right, not even top 30 top 20 yeah, so they’re, not a sleeping giant they’re. A big cap already anything above 10 billion is big cap. But do i think they’ll do well going forward? Yes, yes, i do think so.

Um did some digging 100 legit team is ddox uh check out midas investment. They provide apy. Very nice returns. Okay! Well, thanks for sharing uh, let’s see harmony, one’s killing, it just broke.

Uh last resistance: is it too late to buy phantom cosmos near no, it’s not too late. In fact, i mean seeing how bitcoin is only at you know under forty four thousand, but most of these are still off from their all-time high. I got ta. I got ta pull it up in coin gecko, but if you look at it they’re all pretty much off uh near is pretty close. Near has been doing really well um, but i know cosmos is not it’s not anywhere near its all-time high phantom isn’t either so.

There’S plenty of room to grow with a lot of these l ones, uh adrian, i’m not a fan of cash network, um, there’s too many decentralized cloud computing plays out there and they really need to prove themselves so right now. I think it’s just very early for them. What’S the difference between apr apy, that’s a good question. I had to look that up just to be sure: um apr is basically the the rate you’re getting at this moment, not including compounding apy, includes a rate, but it compounds and estimates what you’ll get by the end of the year. So that is why some projects they’re having crazy apy because they’re taking your rewards and putting it back in and calculating um calculating the the rate you’ll get compounded by the end of the year.

Where apr doesn’t do that. So i mean to give you an example. Like, like you know, right now, with this liquidity pool, the apr is at 446 percent, but if you actually calculate the apy, if i put in let’s say the rewards and i keep putting it in and i keep putting in right right now, i haven’t. But if i, let’s just say i did – and i just kept putting it in this apy per year, would probably be at like ten thousand percent but uh. It’S not because you know it’s not being compounded right now, so that that’s the difference in apr and apy.

So that’s why some projects will have a crazy apy because they’re, basically taking every single thing that you earn putting it back in and it compounds the interest, because every single time you get interest it’ll be a little bit higher a little bit higher a little bit Higher right so yeah, that’s the difference. Uh, let’s see see token up 33 and no idea. What this token is. What’S the market cap unknown uh, they pumped quite a lot in november now they’re starting to come back. What is this they’re launching and z61?

I don’t know what that means, there’s a whole bunch of okay. So this is you know, swap i mean i don’t know what these are. I mean from from a marketing perspective. This is probably as bad as it can get like. Like someone like me coming and i’m like, i want to learn about this, and this is like you don’t learn anything it just makes me want to just close it.

So sorry tyler, why is tron so low, even if it has decent tvl? You know why, because no one trusts tron now that justin’s leaving, i think more people will will trust them, but they need a really good leader. Tron has been held back by justin’s son for four plus years. He’S made his billions from it, uh all his marketing shenanigans and he bought all these projects doesn’t know how to deal with them. They’Re all still separate so tron, let’s go fix, them is if they get a new leader and one that’s really respected and one that really knows what’s going on.

I think the tron ecosystem, including bittorrent the sun network and anything else that they have and tron itself um, i think they’re all going to start blossoming. But until then you just you can’t trust anything. They do he’s going into politics by the way, supposedly he’s gon na be like some kind of ambassador. I don’t know how how he got that job or why maybe because uh uh, maybe he doesn’t want to be the jet, the next jack ma. There was a lot of controversy when he had that lunch with warren buffett like chyna, like uh um, arrested his uh team members and basically forced him not to go to that lunch i mean it was.

It was really bad, so i think he’s just trying to get out of the spotlight, because now he’s probably a billionaire from tron anyways um, all right i’ll, let you guys go overall today is a good day. Today is a good day. You could see the? U right here, bitcoin is coming up, fear levels are still high, but getting less, and usually when you have high fears a lot of blood in the streets. That’S when you want to pounce and buy right and i’ve been telling you guys um, but today we were helped by cpi numbers.

Um wasn’t good, wasn’t bad, it was in line, but overall what’s bad is inflation and if you don’t want your money to depreciate right in front of your eyes by seven plus percent right now, what you want to do is put your money into a hedge against Inflation and the best hedge against inflation right now by far is bitcoin bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin and those that panic sold early on will have no choice but to panic buy back in they will they will all right smash a like subscribe to channel i’ll, see you guys Tonight, 8, 30 p.m. Central standard time all right take care, bye,

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