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BREAKING – Crypto Infrastructure Bill

What’s happening, crypto crew sean’s, coming back at you with another cryptocurrency video. So before we get started, you guys know the routine go ahead and smash that, like button and smash that subscribe button, as it really helps with the growth of the channel and really helps with the youtube algorithm, you guys have been great keep doing what you’ve been Doing keep commenting, keep liking, keep subscribing and we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is getting this crypto content to you on a daily basis. On a side note, are you guys interested in making your cryptocurrency work for you? Well, you need to join celsius and our you can find us in our affiliate links below join celsius and make fifty dollars. You have to deposit at least four hundred dollars in crypto to get a free, fifty dollars make sure you use our link here, and you can use our referral code right here when signing up to our social media tab in the details below you can join our Discord group or go to our twitter make sure you follow us on twitter.

Here’S the bitcoin bros twitter right here. If you check this out youtube 10k subscriber crypto giveaway, we will give away 200 in crypto of your choice when we hit 10k subscribers. It’S gon na happen, one time guys so make sure you go ahead and follow us on twitter to be tuned in for details. So with that said, what are we talking about today? We’Re talking about the united states infrastructure bill update, what’s been going on with it, what is the latest on it and what we can expect for the crypto market?

So with that, let’s get to the video at the current time, this, according to the market, is going up to 1.835 trillion dollars for the bitcoin dominance of 45.6 and ethereum diamonds of 20.2, as i mentioned before, at 1.84 trillion dollars up five percent on the day.

Let’S look at the top two cryptos bitcoin ethereum bitcoin, coming in at 44, 497 up 3 29 percent for the day and 6.64 on the week market cap is at 836 billion dollars. Number two ethereum is coming at 31.55 up 8.61 for the day and 22.

6 percent on the week. Definitely major gains coming from ethereum ethereum is gaining traction against bitcoin. The market cap is at 369 trillion dollars and just to do some quick math for you guys as far as market cap percentages. Ethereum right now is approximately about 44 of bitcoins market cap. So ethereum is getting some traction against bitcoin with that.

Let’S look at a few charts. Bitcoin right now is at 44 5, at the time, this recording and we are trending upwards, we’re above all, moving averages, and since we passed the 200 moving average, we are approximately. Let’S take a measured move guys and see where we’re at we’re approximately about 10 to 12 percent above the 200 moving average. So definitely looking good the the 20 moving averages crossing over the 50 100 and 200 as we speak. Definitely looking bullish, bitcoin did flash his buy signal.

We’Ll show you that here for the smooth, um hash ribbon, bitcoin is splashing. A buy signal historically bitcoin has been showing um has been, has had major gains when this is flash in the past. So hopefully you got your bags packed and you have your bitcoin ready, but let’s take a look at some crypto news. So with this, it seems that senator loomis, cynthia loomis, you can check her out at sen, loomis or at cynthia m loomis on her twitter here and she has gave us a few announcements and she has made a few updates on her twitter and just wanted to Show you guys a few of these she’s noting here if it moves taxed, if it keeps moving regulated president reagan describing the federal government’s approach to financial innovation. She retweeted anthony pompliano, saying markets, not politicians, to determine winners and losers, and she made an update here.

A couple hours ago, it is saturday at 5 pm lots of folks reaching out for updates. It’S time, let’s vote on the wyden loomis toomey amendment and here’s the latest guys she’s talking about send some coffee they’re, pretty tired over there. So at 6, 41 saturday evening, eastern central time, schumer from senate floor and infrastructure bill, we’ve been working hard all day on amendments, and hopefully we can come to some agreement tomorrow, but the time is burned as we go forward. So for the information of members keep working we’ll resume at 12 tomorrow at sunday, so we need to wait and see what comes with this. We got ta wait one more day, um tomorrow we should have some updates to see how this is going to pivot.

For the crypto bill and what comes out of this, if anything, this just could be some fun guys, but once again time will tell and we’ll report this tomorrow once we get it and also here’s an update here, cryptocurrency brawl bogs down infrastructure bill as yelling and White house fight changes. The biden administration is pushing back against a last-minute effort by a bipartisan group of senators to limit a proposal in the infrastructure bill to increase federal regulation of cryptocurrencies. The fierce lobbying push helped stall plans to finish voting on the bill thursday night and now appears. The debate will be stretched into the weekend. As mentioned, it was supposed to be voted on today, and i was pushed back to 12 o’clock sunday.

Treasury secretary, janet yellen, spoke with lawmakers thursday to raise objections to the effort led by senate finance committee. Chairman rob wyden and two republican senators to weaken the legislation’s proposed cryptocurrency overhauls according to two people who spoke on the condition of another of anonymity to share details of private conversations, yelling lobbied widened about the matter. The people said last month, the white house and senator rob portman agreed to propose a required increased tax compliance for crypto brokers as a way to help pay for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The deal came under intense criticism from cryptocurrency investors, who have argued it would give biden administration sweeping powers to virtually the growing field of cryptocurrencies. So that’s the latest on this guys.

You can check this at the washington post. If you want to read the rest of this article, definitely um interesting stuff, that’s going on and you need to be aware of what’s going on this is this: does affect you in some way, shape or form if you’re holding bitcoin, ethereum or any other altcoin, it Can affect you based on what comes out. This could be the difference of 2x on your favorite crypto versus a 5 10, 20 or 30 x before this bull cycle is done. So once again, we will update you this on this, as we have more on this bitcoin bros are on top of it, for you guys. So with that, that’s all i have for you today.

Once again, i’m sean with the bitcoin bros. If you guys, like this content, go ahead and smash the like button, if you haven’t subscribed to the channel, go ahead and do so right now we’re around 99 20 subscribers. We got about 80 more subscribers to go. As you see right here. That 10k giveaway is right on the verge of being broken guys.

So the bitcoin bros appreciate all your guys’s help, but with that, that’s all i have for you today until next time you


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