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Welcome back to cryptozer us, i am george, we’re all george, so the bitcoin is still doing pretty darn good, but there is a breakout point that that i think is about to be broken and if so watch out, watch out, bitcoin will be moving up in a Big way, but what is this breakout point and and how does it affect bitcoin? Well, let’s take a look, and also let’s talk about this. One thing that’s happening today and that is this new infrastructure build that a lot of people is talking about. A lot of people are worried about, let’s take a look at what’s going on with it and why so many are worried about it. So thanks for tuning in as always smash a like subscribe to channel two streams, almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 pm central standard time.

So make sure you hit that notification bell. So you know and follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram and check out all the latest news article and guides on cryptosrs.com welcome guys welcome saturday morning. Of course i did not stream. Last night i was uh, you know enjoying my friday night and hopefully you guys were too and bitcoin just kept going and going and going and going and it just didn’t, stop in fact, uh very very, very early morning, bitcoin topped out there was a sudden pump.

It went up to like 44 6 before coming down and right, like i don’t know like 30 minutes ago, an hour ago, there seemed to be some kind of sell-off right, so we were at pretty much at 43, something and then all of a sudden went down To 42-5, like you know like the bears, were trying to do something, but the bulls are like uh-uh just bought it right back up, so we’re pretty much sitting uh right where we were a little bit higher before this mini dump. I guess happened, but overall, if you zoom out, you realize man, bitcoin has been on an absolute terror. Just continues to break higher and at 43.5 it is sitting against. What i believe is this breakout point, and that is the 20 moving average on the weekly and i’ve been showing guys this for quite some time, and the 20ma is interesting whenever something’s very hot, you could apply this at least for me.

I’Ve looked at it on many all coins and bitcoin, and you can apply on different time frames, but you could clearly see when bitcoin was in uh. You know in a very bullish uh rally, and this was from the bottom of 3 800. All the way up to 60 000, you can see it never went below this 20 uh moving average on the weekly, but there’s been times where bitcoin has dipped below, but when it comes back up in a really strong manner or fast manner, i should say: usually It’S a very bullish thing so, right now, that’s what we’re seeing bitcoin did below a lot of people got very bearish, but i said you know what we have seen this before. We have seen periods where bitcoin just turns around, and that is what we’re seeing right. Now and we’re pressed right against that breakout point, i believe so that’s right where we are and i’ve been saying this and if we can break through this well, then there’s really not left, there’s not much left at all um.

The next point is really fifty thousand and then the point after that is sixty thousand. I mean it’s really it’s i mean it’s really right around the corner, so this is why i’ve been saying you know the last few months to stay stay. The course you know have steady hands, actually not have steady hands but have diamond hands, because things can come up really really quickly and they have for the last two weeks and it could definitely continue. It could definitely continue, and if we do break this, you know breakout point yeah. Fifty thousand could be right around the corner and after that it’s sixty thousand there’s really nothing else, because we fell down so fast.

Look at it. We fell down so fast from 1650 to 40. You know after this point there’s nothing, there’s nothing to stop that it’ll be 50 and 60 right around the corner. So, let’s see what happens, the bulls are definitely in control right now, there’s just there’s just a lot of good news. There’S a lot of fantastic news, in fact, and of course, there’s a lot of buying.

Yes, there is a lot of buying. Ultimately, why does bitcoin go up because they’re buying there’s a lot of buying, and i have this interesting metric to show you guys? That’S not good for gold bugs so, according to uh sentiment, uh bitcoin search uh goes in line with gold, actually falling they’re, actually at an inverse relationship right now. So if you take a look at here, um you see the yellows gold price and uh and green is bitcoin’s price and you can see gold has dropped tremendously recently, while bitcoin has gone up. Is that aesthetic coincidence?

I don’t think so. I think a lot of gold bugs or i don’t know – big institutions – that’s holding gold, decided to say, hey we’re done, uh gold’s, not going anywhere. We want. We want to see the gains with bitcoin. So um.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all, but you know i’ve been showing you guys a lot of metrics recently a lot of bottom indicators, a lot of a lot of very positive things that show bitcoin, you know, has bottomed out and it’s starting to come back Up and it’s forming this, like second leg up right – and that is what it’s looking like right now, things are just moving slowly, but surely, but things could be moving really really quickly very soon, very very soon, oh by the way i forgot to bring this up. Crypto uh was a degreed index. Look at this look at this. We are now at 69 for greed. Remember remember when i was telling you guys this, and this was like not like last year.

This was just a few weeks ago. Whenever you have a clump of fear right, that’s usually a good bottom indicator too, and we were stuck in the 10s and twenties for quite some time, and i said you know what this is a pretty good indication, because if you look at all previous times where You had just a clump of fear. Those are really good. Buying opportunities right. This one is expanded out a little bit, but you can clearly see we had that clump over here and now we have shot past it and how things have turned really fast sentiment went from extreme fear to now greed, we’re not an extreme greed yet, but pretty Soon, if we break above 50 000, it will be extreme freed, uh greed, not free.

There will be extreme extreme greed and those weak hands that left that panic sold they’re going to be looking to fomo back in. So hopefully, you guys watching you’re not going to be doing the same, because you didn’t panic, sell you’ve been holding all this time. All right, so just want to show that, of course, what is going on with ethereum while ethereum is doing fantastic. Eutherium is above 3 000 and take a look at ethereum’s performance. I’Ve been talking about how ethereum could decouple from bitcoin this year.

Well, some argues. Maybe it has already um not completely, but if you look at 24 hour seven days 30 days, one year it has outperformed bitcoin in every single time frame, so ethereum is definitely definitely an altcoin or soon not even all coin is just i don’t even know what You call ethereum once it’s not an altcoin, but ethereum is definitely um, honor roll, and it’s only about less than thousand point. No, it’s about a thousand points less than its previous highs. Uh previous high right here on the right side, you can see 400, it’s well on its way. Eip 1559 has been.

Uh has been a fantastic thing. So far the upgrade went very smoothly. No hiccups coin burning is still on its way and uh things are looking very, very good for ethereum right now. However, however um does this relate to the infrastructure bill, so i do want to talk about that, really quick, all right um. Lastly, two things before i get talking about the infrastructure bill uh, those of you guys are you coming fans or spider-man fans.

The drop happened this morning, spider-man on the vv app. I heard i saw some people in the live chat say they grabbed. You know a few spider-man so good for you. This is one of many out there and you comey has become a new partner of this channel, but i’ve supported them for quite some time. Uh.

They are definitely a powerhouse with all the ip all the licensing uh. They are unmatched in the crypto space at this point all right. What else is there well um? Well, let’s just talk about it. This new infrastructure build this new one trillion dollar infrastructure build.

This is this is uh. This is very encompassing, and i don’t know the non-crypto aspects of it, because there is a lot more to it and it’s going to add a lot more debt to to the uf’s deficit. But you know how it relates to crypto is because there’s this requirement that just kind of pushed in there in terms of taxes and taxing crypto, so why this is important is because these requirements, um, according to the provisions within the bill, is stating that that proof Of work prove no proof of stake: um proof of stake developers, wallet makers, uh. This could relate to um nodes if you’re powering a node if you’re powering a supe uh a master, node or you’re staking within a wallet. Basically, this book, this bill proposes that you have to you, have to basically submit to the irs uh kyc information and financial information, which they’re basically treating any proof of stake project like it’s a centralized exchange and the thing is they’re already taking out proof of work.

So if you are bitcoin and your ethereum at its current point, you’re exempt, but proof of stake projects are not exempt. So that is what the worry is about right now, because if it happens to pass through, this would be disastrous for all proof of stake projects, because basically, as a as a node, i mean, if you’re just staking and you’re powering the network as a node. You have to give up all this kyc information, collect all this financial information and submit it to irs for tax reporting. Even though, even though in some cases you may not even be you may not even be hold those funds, that stake may not even be yours, it may be other people’s right and the whole point of decentralization. Is you don’t collect those information right um?

So if you’re, i don’t know, let’s say, you’re a cardano pool right, you have a lot of validators within you. Have a lot of people. That’S staking in your pool right now, you’re required to collect kyc information on all those people right. Think about it. No one wants to give that up, so that is why a lot of people is fighting back.

Brian armstrong, ceo of coinbase, you know basically said that the senator, that’s that’s, really pushing this to driving. This is mark warner, and this is basically disastrous. You basically you’re giving them. You know congress power to decide what project is good and what project is not right, but we do have some senators that is totally against this lumis wyatt and toomey, which have basically proposed an amendment to the infrastructure bill that will remove the requirements for proof-of-stake projects. To do these kind of reportings just like proof-of-work projects, so there is basically what’s happening right now is there’s a lot of support for this new amendment, and if you want to support it, you could call your your congressman and basically tell them.

You want to support this, but uh even looking at twitter, you have a lot of people that is very concerned even elon. I have to call him elon now because he is in support of uh or he’s against. What’S going on here and he even replied to brian saying agree. This is not time to pick technology. Winners are losers in cryptocurrency technology.

There is no crisis that compels hasty, legislate legislation, and that is true and everyone that is someone within the crypto community is uh, basically fighting back and urging people to do something about it right. So when is this going to be voted upon that that’s the thing i don’t know when it’s supposed to be this weekend and uh i’ve been hearing it’s tonight, but i don’t have any specific times. I don’t know, i don’t know when so this is coming very. Very soon, but a lot of times these proposals, this infrastructure bill is like a big deal for biden. Unfortunately, this was kind of like just slid in so it may be passed right away, maybe not, but we’ll have to see what happens right so um.

We do have, we do have support, not every congress person is in favor of this there’s, in fact, there’s many, that’s not in favor of this, so we’ll have to see we’ll have to see right. One person that has been confirmed – that’s not not favor, of the white and loomis into me bill is janet yellen. I don’t know why janet yellen has a saying this she’s, but she’s not she’s, not again, she’s, not four-ish. In fact, she wants that kyc information and tax reporting to be done with proof of stake projects. So she again she’s been wobbling lobbying against the white and loomis tommy amendment.

So i don’t know why i don’t know why, but it’s been uh. It’S been reported as she has been so again. If you want to do something about it, right, go ahead, go ahead and call your congressman right now and let them know that you want to support this amendment, but for the rest of us you know we just have to wait. You know see what happens with this. It could be pulled out.

This amendment could could be added in uh. Maybe you know there’s more deliberation. I don’t know for this bill. We’Ll just have to see so there there you go. That’S the whole thing now.

Should you be a hundred percent worried, you know for me? I i’ve said this before i’m waiting to see. Okay, so i don’t think there’s a hundred percent worry about. This is something that michael saylor have said. This is why he’s sticking with just bitcoin, because he says bitcoin – is digital property and it’s much easier to regulate than say, digital defy or digital uh companies or financial companies and protocols right.

So i think i think we will get through this. Even if the worst case scenario happens. I think we will get through this, but it’s a little bit early to be falling for this flood right now. Okay, there’s a lot of fun around it. I think we will get through this.

This could end up just working itself out, but if not, if you want to do something about it, go ahead and do so all right now, let’s move on from here. What else is there? Well, two other things: that’s actually not so positive. I’Ve been trying to find some more positive things. Obviously the price is going right direction, but there’s some non-positive stuff.

That’S going on right now, uh, for example, uh binance is u.s. Binance just could not catch a break right now, finance that us their new as their new ceo, brian books have just resigned after three months and he was hired to handle all the regulatory issues that may be coming to centralize his changes and he decided to say I’M done so, i don’t know who else binances go higher to replace his finance that us position. Cz himself said that he wanted to. He wanted to uh hire his own replacement, someone that does have experience working with regular uh, um, um regulatory um bodies and and uh people in this space, but well as a as of right now, not to cause fun as of right now, finance that us is Still fine, just because he’s gone doesn’t mean it just like goes away.

In fact, i use finance at us if you’re in the? U S and uh, and you can’t use binance binance.us – is the way to go and they are their own separate entity, but this is kind of like uh, unexpected that a brand new ceo, a very hyped-up ceo, have just stepped down, so not good, not good, and, lastly, Scc claims his first enforcement action against a d5 project in in terms of 30 million dollar fraud case, and this is going after a project that already shut its doors because they knew they were a scam or a ponzi. So i actually like this and many people say no george. What are you talking about?

They should not be going after d5 projects. Well, it’s because you have these scammers that created something a ponzi scheme. They tried to make it look legit and say it’s defy, but when you in fact they weren’t d5 at all, they were based a ponzi. They were promising people high interest by buying into this token that they were supposed to invest in loans, car loans, but they didn’t invest in the car loans at all. What they did was take two new people’s money and use that to pay out the interest yeah.

That’S a ponzi and i’m sure there’s many other projects that do the same thing. Many hyped up projects right now that keep going up to the moon. You know what i have no doubt, some of them operating the same way, so the scc did go after them and made them pay back everything they collected and stuff and here’s the thing. According to this article, tim draper also backed the project so seems like maybe tim draper was fooled in this one too, so this is also a new thing. This is why uniswap recently came out and delisted a whole bunch of the synthetic tokens that they thought there were securities, because sec is serious about just going after any project that that may have sold as security, d5 or non-d5 doesn’t matter.

But in this case, if you read what happened, this is definitely a good thing, because these guys were just running a ponzi and they were hiding it behind a d5 project when in fact it wasn’t a d5 project at all right. So this is why i think some regulation could be good for the industry. Although some will argue you want zero regulations. Well, then, a lot of people get hurt. A lot of people get hurt all right.

So with that said, um that’s pretty much it i mean today is a fantastic day. I i i i it was uh. I didn’t want to bring up so much negative news, but i feel uh i had to. I had to cover infrastructure bill finance. You know usceo and scc, but don’t let that fool you.

The market is very healthy, still going the right direction. Market cap is nearing 1.8 billion, no trillion not billion trillion and there’s just a lot of good things happening right now, there’s so much good things happening right now, though, there’s a lot of fear out there, a lot of fun, but a lot of good things is Happening right now, so all right: let’s do some q, a matthew, hey george! It’S me, maddie love. What uh!

What’S your thoughts on bat and say hello to australia? For me, there’s a lot of people from australia. That watch me uh bad has stated. I’M still the same with bat. I just know that they haven’t created a really good system to get people to hold back.

That’S the problem why it doesn’t go up as much as others, so brave, browsers, still good. They have a beta search engine. They have their own dex, that’s coming out soon they have their own secure wallet, so they’re working on stuff – it’s just they haven’t really created a system to have people hold on back, but i think they’ll figure it out they’re, definitely a fantastic project and then scrolling Up a lot of uh someone asked about energy web token. You know i was hyped up before, because some people thought there was a loose connection with warren buffett and tesla and maybe tesla will adopt energy web token uh. I don’t think that’s true, but energy.

Web token, is it’s promising they’re in the energy trading business, but there’s a lot of regulations that come with that. So not every market allows you to do that and um. You know we’ll just have to see they compete with power ledger, which used to be really really hot back in the day, but they haven’t done that either i mean they haven’t, they haven’t really grown either. That’S what i meant to say: um big fan, long time, watcher first chat, i’m thinking about swapping 0.5 bdc for eth smart here in the netherlands, it all it it’s!

It all depends on your portfolio breakup! Okay! Now, if you look at history with eth right now within the past year uh, it has been doing really well right, but you never want to give up on bitcoin. So 55, 50. 25.

25. You know that’s what i advise: 50 bitcoin 25 big caps. 25 is mid to small caps. Now some people have asked me hey. Can i make the 25 of big cass bigger because of how strong ethereum is yeah?

If you want to deviate a little bit, you know 40, let’s say: 40 35 uh 25. Something like that sure, because ethereum is so hot and it’s considered a big cap right. But if you, if you’re switching 100, you know – i i think it’s it’s always wise to hold some bitcoin uh. Someone said brian bro brooks to cftc. Maybe maybe i don’t know cftc is the only like body.

That’S telling the sec, hey hey. We know you think everything is a security, but not everything is a security, so i do like that. I do like that. I think right now the cftc doesn’t have any head person ever since uh uh, jim carlo left. I think it’s just you have a bunch of commissioners, but you don’t have no.

Like main, commissioner, i don’t even know the head of it. Uh scrolling down scrolling down any updates on cosmos. No, no, there is none still waiting, still waiting through uh waiting for a gravity. Dex hasn’t come yet hanand. Thank you.

Uh api three is oracle um. I don’t like any oracles. Okay from the fact that all these oracle projects, none of them are used other than chain link. So someone asked me that earlier like why? Don’T you like oracle’s?

No, i have nothing against oracle’s themselves, but all these smaller oracles there’s no use every single project uses chain link. They only use. One of these oracles is a secondary, because most projects that need oracle needs to be sure that the data feed is a hundred percent, especially d5 projects. It can’t be off by by second by millisecond by a dollar. It always has to be up so uh chain link.

Definitely has the most robust oracle network out there. Now some something like api, three uh, you know and others are claiming that they, you know they’re just as good but um i i would still go with chain link. Williams, says check out, burn one where first cannabis advocacy coin. We launched major tech upgrades uh. You know here’s the thing back in 2017, i got into all the cannabis projects, none of them turned out well and, and it seems like no uh – no shops.

Take them either right. So i don’t know i i don’t know if uh that’s gon na work out for you, william, you know pot coin uh, hem coin um, tc, uh, there’s another one. There was a lot of them. None of them worked out. Can you explain how george coin yields rally tokens rally has their own proprietary setup?

Basically, they reward. They basically have a rewards mechanism for holding it. I don’t know the calculation, i don’t know the the percentages of it uh. What price dcb pro hitting at a bull cycle? 10 cents reasonable?

I mean they were as high as 4 cents before. So i think it’s 10. I mean 40 cents, no 4 cents, uh yeah they’re about one cent, i’m sorry yeah. So they were as high as four cents before so they could definitely climb higher. Can they hit 10 cents?

Sure um b pro tends to be pumped a lot dumped pumped, but overall rue and company they’re smart, guys they’re going the right direction. People are adopting our new nft marketplace, so that is fantastic scale. Scaling solution for eth the winkle bosses are backing. There’S a ton of layered twos, a ton of layer twos for ethereum. So it’s hard to pick which one is going to win, but the biggest one right now has to be polygon.

Polygon star is a layer two now they’re standing on as their own chain, but you have a lot of etherium, not only layer twos, but you have a lot of evm compatible chains too. You know harmony is one of them. Um who’s, the other one. Phantom is another one, there’s a lot. That’S out there in addition to the layer, two solutions, i don’t know, if scale can stand out, winga bosses, they may see something but there’s just so many and ethereum 2 0 is supposed to come out by the end of the year, so that’s also a concern.

Uh chris godfrey, hey appreciate that appreciate it. I don’t have any comments on why why why f die uh? What do you think about ergo as a cardano play? I think out of all the cardano plays i’ve seen. Ergo is probably the most promising one.

I know there’s a lot, that’s that’s pending right now, ergo is one of them, but they look like they’re the most legit. So far so far, why do you like file coin and hate akash, big companies on monopoly and cloud computer and cash fixes? I don’t hate them, it’s just that they have to be adopted first, just because you have a project, and what does it have to do with file point has nothing to do with file coin. The two are are so different. Akash is just like irc and many others.

That’S in the space that’s trying to come out decentralized cloud computing, but until they could actually prove that they can do it. Why would you invest in it right? So that’s the reason why to get people to come off of aws aid and azure is hard, but if the cash could get a lot of companies to do that, then it makes sense that you want to invest in this company. But right now doesn’t seem like that’s the case, uh matt. Thank you, sg man.

Thank you. Um john says i got burned by popcorn, yeah cannabis stuff. Can it? I don’t know why cannabis crypto should make the most sense, but i guess uh, then again you could just use bitcoin, you could use ethereum, you could use anything to pay right, but it just seems like crypto doesn’t catch on with the cannabis industry, and it just Seems like the two is so perfectly made for each other uh. Why is amp tanking?

I don’t think amp is tanking. Jesse people keep asking about v punks on v chain. I mean it’s um crypto punks is very hot, but there’s a lot of copies now. There’S v punks, which i have not looked at there’s s punks, which is on solana, there’s p-punks on polygon right are they worth long-term hold is anyone’s guess if, if there’s a lot of people that really love it – and you know they they want in the future, It could be worth holding right, but all these punk copycats are copycats. The first of its kind is still crypto punks, so i do think crypto punks will hold value better than everything else.

That’S that’s my opinion. Uh. Let’S see uh scrolling down, gravity, decks live, but ui comes out soon, yeah, so that has to that has to be done and uh the bridge will be huge for cosmos. I think so well, it could be because it brings basically allows erc20 stuff to come over and that could be a pretty big thing, so their decks could be huge, huge um, amp or ach um. Oh me or axis i don’t know, i don’t know man just diversified all of them.

I know what you’re trying to do, but it’s too hard to make that call. I, like amp, i i do think ach, has promise, but it has been pumped up so much so it’s best to wait for that to to stabilize, but they do have promise omi and axi they’re. Both different, very different. One is more, for you know: nfts one is for gaming, so axis is obviously bigger market cap um, but that doesn’t mean that they’re, better, so yeah you should just diversify among all of them. I think they all have very good promise.

Let’S put that away forest. Thank you, micro payment to eat compatibility, um on data blockchain. That’S not what data is meant for data is not meant for that. Data is a video delivering platform right streaming delivery platform, so each compatibility and micro payments. I don’t think that helps them at all.

Uh rick says uh kathy wood, kathy wood above fudd covalent is better version of graph. I don’t know the graph has not been doing that. Well either. You know having uh, you know. Apis for d5 projects is great, but it’s not necessary to actually utilize the graph to do that, but they’re still the biggest player in the game.

So, as for your question of whether or not covalent is better, i think it’s irrelevant. Something could be better, but it needs to have usage basically um, matthew, maddy. Thank you all right. I think that’s all the big questions uh! No, i missed some.

I don’t have liquidity to buy the last dip, but now i do what do you think about putting half cash half the cash in now another half waiting? I say you spread out or dca. I i say: that’s the best way to do it. I mean. Obviously, we have come up quite a bit right, so we may stall a little bit.

We may come down a little bit, but we’re pressed against that breakout point. If we break it, we can have a huge pump. If we don’t, maybe we come down a little bit, but the best way the surest thing is the dca dca. So go ahead and do that then you don’t have to worry. Should i buy veteran v thor vet that is is locked, is a set supply v.

Thor is not so i’d go with bet. Could you joshua ask, can you explain a bit on nfts? Can i eat chain on f t to be sent to an engine chain uh? No, no! So the nft the chain of resides on resides on that now.

If you have a universal wallet that could take nfts from multiple chains, that’s different. That wallet could store them right, but you can’t send a e and a t to say i don’t know a cosmos chain or something that that doesn’t make any sense. You need some kind of compatibility, mostly like a wallet, and there are some that could do that me, but i can’t tell you if that’s the wrong move or not uh add a coin. Don’T know, i don’t know they have pumped up a lot a lot um. So uh, i would say you better wait it out and see read first hundred pages of creatures, chuckles island.

I am absolutely fearful thanks to thanks to you, i put in bdc and eth yeah. I mean it’s it’s i. I have not finished the book. In fact, uh i didn’t get very far, but the very first hundred pages, yes does describe a very why the federal reserve was created and it was not for the best intentions of the people or banks. It was basically, it was created to kept to keep the biggest banks, [ Music, ] in control and giving them more power.

So yeah, hopefully, things have changed evolved since then. My sources say the bill just passed this morning. I, if it did, it would have been reported but seems like that’s not the case and usually these bills do not pass that fast, but maybe it did, but i did not see it. Let’S see yeah even from two hours ago. This is from 31 minutes ago.

I don’t think it passed now. It goes up to 1.2 trillion. It was one now became 1.2, so the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger the one thing.

The one thing that’s for sure, that’s coming out of this is that uh we’re gon na have more deficit. The u.s deficits go, go higher and uh, and there’s no way to pay for this. So again, there’s gon na be more money printed and and uh, and we’re gon na see more inflation. That’S that’s for sure happening.

That’S for sure 100 happening so to be a bitcoin holder. Uh is definitely a smart move. That is one thing for sure that is coming out of this all right. Anything else, all right, i think that’s it. That’S it all right guys, overall, bitcoin is doing fantastic.

Etherium is doing fantastic. Everything is doing pretty fantastic other than this worry about the infrastructure bill. So, let’s see what happens later today or tomorrow, or this weekend, uh a lot of people do not like it. A lot of people. Uh wants the amendment from loomis white and unto me to be passed or to be added on, so that proof of stake projects are exempt from tax reported requirements and kyc requirements, and that definitely sounds like the right move.

So if you want to support it, call your congressman right now and tell them you want to support this amendment all right. So, let’s see what happens if this gets approved or removed or extended, let’s see so tune in tonight, 8. 30 p.m. Central standard time, maybe a little bit later – i don’t know, actually i don’t know if i could stream tonight.

I have something going on so i may not be able to stream. So follow me on twitter and i’ll. Let you guys know if i’m able to do so or not all right, all right guys, thanks for tuning in, as always smash a like subscribe to the channel i’ll see you guys later, all right.


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