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What is going on guys, it’s her fun EJ here hope you guys are having an amazing day in a beautiful day like usual, because, for today’s video, the token that I’m going to be talking about is the token that you guys would want to see, because it’s Not listed on coin market cap or coin gecko, yet as a matter of fact, this token just got launched. Now, this token is called block stock, and when you go on the bac scan website, we can see that they only have 351 holders. So right now would be the perfect time to invest in it, because it’s literally so new that not a lot of people know about this token. Now, what makes this token unique and very different from all the other tokens that I recently talked about? Well, when you go on the website, we can see that the market actually closes on this token within like 55 minutes, and that is because this is actually the first cryptocurrency with closing hours, so it’s actually very similar to the stock market.

But this one is a cryptocurrency like, as you can see right here, they’ve said it also we’re bringing cryptocurrency trading where it’s never been before. Now you can only exclusively buy this token on safe decks and i’ll get more into how you can initially buy this token by the end of this video. But as i scroll a little further down, we can see that block stock is a token that allows transfers to happen only between 8 am UTC to 5 pm utc and it forever solves issues related to low volume in trading and particularly for emerging crypto assets and Their goal behind all of this is to bring all the traders that you know to want to trade this token, together in a specific time frame now the reason that they’ve actually decided to not make this token and 24-hour trading volume token is because of the fact that, For years, assets such as stock and company shares have been made available to trade within a limited time frame, like usually around 9 a.m, to 4 p.m.

Now i don’t know if you guys have ever bought any token or bought any stock, but if you ever want to buy a stock, you can’t really buy it at any time. You want to. It usually closes at around 4 p.m, but usually i mean always. It closes at 4 pm but they’re doing the exact same thing that the stock market is doing.

But with this token and the reason behind that is because the limited time frame allows volume and capital to become concentrated within a short period of time with small organizations. As a larger ones benefiting from the trading pressure, and they actually believe that this is an advantage of translating those mechanics to the blockchain industry and they’re doing this via block stock. Now, personally speaking, i believe that this is actually a very unique strategy. For a token to come out and get launched in the cryptocurrency market world, but long-term speaking, it’s actually very hard to see where this token would be within the next few months, because it’s the first of its kind we’ve never ever seen a token do what they’re Initially, trying to do right here, but obviously when the tokens price initially goes up by the day. It shows that this token is doing something unique and very impactful when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

And when you take a quick look at their benefits, we can see that the benefits of you know having a time frame when it comes to. This token is that there will be a higher liquidity, higher focus for traders, because they will have the time to actually decide on certain things without having a time frame to rush into the token, because when there’s a time frame, when the market is actually closed, you Could actually decide firmly and if you truly believe that this is a token you want to invest in, you can initially wait till the next day 9 a.m and invest in that token, and the other advantage is the carve out time for yourself. Like i mentioned, you would have enough time plenty of time to decide if you want to invest in this token and more time to plan moves innovation in the blockchain space holders, with higher commitments and intense trading sessions as well. Now, personally speaking, i believe that these advantages are gon na be good, long term.

Speaking because they’re created to scale the token – and we can see that block stock was initially designed with scalability in mind, to support all traders around the world and bsc is their blockchain of choice and for cheap transaction fees, speed and worldwide recognition. It can sustain any kind of operations, volume with virtually no lag at all, and obviously this is a decentralized token, because it’s a cryptocurrency and as i scroll a little farther down, we can actually check their tokenomics, which we can actually see that their total supply is Only 100 million tokens which actually takes me to their price now their current price is only 0 03 cents, it’s basically not even 3 cents, it’s a 10th of a cent which just shows that this token has a lot of potential, and the price of this token could easily 10 to 100 eggs now guaranteed, i’m not a financial advisor. So when it comes to investing in any token, you should always do your own research and only invest an amount that you’re okay with losing. But overall we can see that their current 24-hour trading volume is only 2 736 dollars, while their current liquidity is 46 700, which again shows that this token is very new and not a lot of people know about this token. As a matter of fact, i think i’m one of the first youtubers to talk about this token because again, like i said not a lot of people know about this token.

But overall we can see that how this token is initially divided, there’s actually, five percent of the total supply goes to marketing, while 10 percent reserved for exchanges and four percent is actually redistributed back to the holders. While there is three percent sent to auto, liquidity, pool and 77.3 will be publicly available for trading, while the current circulating supply is only 80 million tokens, but the total supply of this token is 100 million tokens. Now, when i scroll a little further down, this is where we actually can check their roadmap to see what they want to do within the next few months. For this token and right now, i believe that they’re, currently in their q3 of 2021, which is their dividends, introductions and all tokens listing on their dex and all future ilos, ido’s pre-sale held in their ecosystem, will pay dividends directly to block stock holders and in the Form of tokens from those projects automatically airdrop to holders as rewards.

Now that is one of the things that they initially want to do in their roadmap and the other is their dex meets charts, which is basically implementing dex and trading view. Charts, providing a working, informative graph chart of block stock and a user interface showing holdings live. Rewards and top holders, as well but overall their roadmap kind of looks very similar to all the other tokens that have recently come out. But what makes blocks talk again very unique is their unique time frame that you’re able to trade this token. Now that is pretty much everything that there was on their website and when you take a quick look at their twitter page as well, we can see that they’ve already gained 3500 followers and honestly their twitter page is the best place to follow when it comes to Keeping tabs on this token, to see where this token is currently at and all the other good stuff.

About this token, and from the looks of it, there’s a lot of people that are interested about this token. I mean 3 000 people already and i’m pretty sure that when this token does get listed on coin market cap and coin gecko, a lot of more people are going to invest in this token and are going to show more interest about this token. Now how you can initially buy this token or invest in this token, obviously there’s a time frame on their website, which basically shows that there’s 43 minutes left until the market for block stock token closes, and all you have to do – is just scroll a little farther Down on their website, which would initially take you here and you just press buy here, which would initially take you to safe decks bsc, which used to be super shiba, as you can see right here, but overall, all you have to do is just swap your bmb Tokens for a bunch of block stocks tokens now, if this is your very first token, that you’re going to be investing in the first thing you need to do is download trust wallet and from trust wallet just buy a bunch of bmb tokens and then all you Have to do is just connect your trust wallet to safe decks, as we can see right here and then, once you do do that, all you have to do is just swap your bmp tokens for a bunch of block stocks tokens, and that is how you can Initially buy this token and everything you needed to know about this token, if you did enjoy this video, i would appreciate it if you just hit that like button and subscribe button and comment down below what other type of videos you want to see me do next, But until next time see you guys later

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