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BitcoLoan – How to use New Balance System

Hello Everyone! The BitcoLoan team has released a special update for its users. From now on, you have 3 separate accounts in your Dashboard: Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD. All three accounts are not interconnected; all financial transactions can be carried out separately. Each of these accounts has its own characteristic and supports a certain currency. The first account is displayed in Bitcoin.

It can be either topped up with BTC without conversion or with another cryptocurrency, converted to BTC at latest rates. Withdrawal is available in any currency. All the other accounts with other currencies working the same way. All three accounts have similar characteristics. Simply put, you can top them up, withdraw funds or invest USD, BTC and ETH in crypto loans while earning your daily income.

Daily payments are credited based on the currency of your deposit is in. There are also expanded opportunities in the “deposit” section for both an individual plan and business. The system of income rate calculation has remained unchanged, the ability to invest in different currencies has been added: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD.

Depending on the currency you have chosen, all charges will be applied only in the currency in which you invested. Below you can see how much % you will receive in Bitcoins.

The return of the deposit at the end of the deposit period will also return to you in bitcoins. The logic is similar in business deposits. You will get your income in the same currency you invest, regardless of the price of this currency currently on the market, the size of % and the size of your deposit will not change in any way.

The same principle applies to referral rewards. The currency and account for receiving referral profit depend on the currency of your partner’s investment. That is, if your partner invested in USD, then you will receive the referral profit in USD. If your partner has invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum, then the referral currency will be appropriate.

All referral rewards are credited to the balance depending on the type of currency and are available for withdrawal without any restrictions. Besides, with direct investments, you won’t have to worry about the USD exchange rates anymore.

We have even more updates coming soon. Lifeline to Crypto Freedom! Stay tuned!.

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