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Today, for the bitcoin price – and yes guys, this is one of the shortest videos i have ever done. Nevertheless, a very, very important one. Let me straight here join and jump into the charts and honestly guys before we go on, because this video is so short and youtube likes the long watch time long. Videos please give youtube this signal that these short videos are appreciated by you. Nevertheless, like this video, every single one of you watching, please like this video reach like share comment down below, if you want more of these shorter videos, in addition to the other videos, i am actually bringing you here on this channel regardless.

Now, let’s go straight into the content and on the awlikannas, please guys i wan na see the likes dropping in uh on the on the daily canvas. Actually, you can see here we had this nice running top before then we went down to the 29 000 us dollar worst case scenario of mine bounced once again from this very important resistance. I was mentioning throughout the last few days many many times and right now we had another bounce. Actually, at my other worst case scenario, we held the line at 39 to 40 000 us dollars, and now you can see that bitcoin is right now consolidating in between support and resistance. And what i was talking about right here was that well, if we break lower weight with your shorts, it’s very very likely that we’re actually getting supported by this area we got supported, which is also, of course, coinciding with the domo swapping support from this.

From this falling, which and now look at this, we are retesting once again the downward sloping support. Now, literally, the time is ticking. The breakout is going to happen very very soon and if not with this daily candle it. Actually, it could happen on this daily candle or the next one. Well, then, the downside would still be limited.

I am still looking out for this being extremely strong support and if we are breaking out right now or maybe after another bounce, the price target is not only the 39 a 69 000 us dollar area no dear, ladies and gentlemen, you have to please take into Consideration, let me quickly elaborate on that from bottom to top on the on the fibonacci extension levels that we have at the 38.2. Another resistance coming in at 51 000 us dollars also, please keep in mind that the downward sloping resistance right now is actually strengthened in terms of resistance with this ema ribbon, which is also downward sloping right now. So there is a lot a lot of resistance. Above us, once we can, with volume, support break it, however, to the upside 51 thousand us dollars.

It is fifty nine thousand and fifty fifty eight to fifty nine thousand us dollars at the fibonacci golden ratio, a golden golden pocket. If you are asking me, of course, where to take profits, you open after the breakout, not before you don’t open a long position right now, after a daily candle close outside of the um of the downward stopping support, then first profit taking area right here. Second, profiteering taking area right there, then 62 and eventually you take the last profits below the previous all-time high below 69 000 us dollars. Of course, this is no financial advice, but let me quickly go back here, but this is actually the trade i’m gon na open. I teased it earlier if and only if we are getting the break outside volume support daily candle, close outside confirmation of the previous resistance, which is then turning into support.

I am going to open this very, very big trade if you want to get ready for it already go down below, pin comment buy that link. If you want, if you are an experienced trader, obviously only then click the link make your own account register deposit and after your initial deposit, you get your welcome bonus and by the way i have to check. If we have already have the thousand deposits for vpat, you can also get free, vpat tokens as well. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for smashing up the like button and let’s wait and see if we are finally getting this reversal towards the upset we are all waiting for for ages.

We are going to see each other very soon at the next one of mm crypto and as always guys as always bye, bye,

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