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Today for the bitcoin price and believe it or not guys, i was actually talking about this for quite some time right now and well. Let me quickly go over here. What i was talking about, as you remember, was the breakout from this falling wedge to almost 52 000 us dollars. We actually hit the price target to the dot. I feel like the whales are watching our video and, as you remember, people were actually laughing at ssc mm crypto community for being bullish there.

Now the question is: what is the next price target? What is the next move for bitcoin and what, if i told you that i have a very clear answer to that prepared for you? What if i told you that the actually the indicator which was flipping right here, is flipping almost here it’s about to flip right now, once again, i will talk about my price targets. I will talk about my trades, my trade here on bitcoin, a 2 million u’s dollar trade right now, 25, 26 000.


Us dollars in profit. Am i going to keep it open? Obviously, I am going to talk about vpat as well, completely shooting through the roof. It is crazy. I was actually yesterday calling this breakout at 1.

0, no more than 1.32 already on the way to my price target. What is the next price target for that? Let’s talk about that, let’s focus on the bitcoin price right now, but of course, merry Christmas. Let me quickly over merry Christmas to every single one of you.

Thank you so much for always watching my videos. Thank you so much for always liking subscribing sharing. I truly see every single like of yours, every single like most of the comments to say and, of course, even shares in the YouTube back end YouTube loves these shares. So thank you so much. I’M grateful for every single one of your supporters, supporters and uh, just as i said, mine, it’s like with donations.

Every single like really makes a difference. If you see someone fundraising for a school or whatever, every single dollar makes the difference. So every single like also makes a difference here. Thank you so much for your support and now, let’s go straight over into the content. What i have prepared for you today is certainly something for the history books.

So quick reminder: we are here on the four hourly candles and, as i was always already telling you before, with this breakout from this falling wedge. Actually, this bullish flip is very bullish for bitcoin we went higher, we confirmed the breakout and we hit my price target here up to the exact dot. It’S almost 52 000 us dollars, and you know what guys. Let me show you this little clip here where i was predicting 52 000 before i’m talking about my next price target. Look at this falling wedges are usually bullish, reversal patterns or bullishly biased patterns which are breaking more often to the upside than to the downside.

It is a bullishly, biased pattern and we have to wait whether we are going to close below or not if bitcoin is actually just working below. You can just get completely liquidated. If you are here too quickly, going into a trade and, as you remember, a falling wedge breakout has a bullish pattern, which is at the top of the wedge, 52 000, and, as you can see, this is exactly what was happening. We hit 52 000 us dollars, and now the question is what is the next one? Well, yesterday already i was elaborating on a very, very specific one.

If i actually were out to pull out the fibonacci extension level, all the way from the bottom right now to the top, then you can see we are coming very close to the 38.2, but eventually a price target. I was targeting for the end of december, very important one, i’m not saying it’s gon na happen. This is definitely the one i’m targeting for us to confirm the bullish. Continuation is 62 000 right here within the golden pocket.

Very, very importantly, within the golden pocket. We need to reach this price target, but to actually get an answer as to what’s going to happen right now in the immediate short term. You can see it here. Remember the yeah my ribbon on the four hourly we have to go over to the daily candles and there is a huge, huge bird. Actually, let me show you there’s a huge bird making crazy noises now now that i said something he stopped somewhere there on this tree.

Please hold on for one or two more minutes, and after that you can continue. I really hope he is listening to me here. Perfect so um, let’s, let’s zoom in on the daily canvas – you can see that right now the ribbon is actually turning and that’s interesting because this is on the daily if we are getting a daily flip on the ribbon, and this takes maybe eight nine more days Like towards the end of the year, we are probably gon na get a flip here. If bitcoin continues here on this output trajectory the implications of that for the midterm prices for bitcoin are severe. Let me show you something here.

We turn bullish boom massive break from 40 to 69 000 us dollars. We flip bearish massive dumb down. Let me show you more examples. We flip bearish right here, bullish right here when bitcoin was said confirming at 30 38 000 us dollars. We went all the way up to 52

We actually never went back to the to the price targets before well.

Let me show you more examples. We were flipping bearish right here. We went all the way down to 29 000 by my my worst case price scenario. Right, let me show you the last bullish example right here i mean on the daily. This indicate has almost 100 hit rate.

10. 000. All the way up to 64 000 us dollars. So i i don’t think after showing you these examples, i have to explain to you how important this bullish flip of this ema ribbon is which can go down within the next seven to ten days. This is gon na, be the most important flip we have seen to date.

And yes, if we are going to see that if you are a swing, opposition trader, not opening and closing every single day right, if you are a swing, opposition trader wait for this one to flip. If the daily ribbon flips and we are above the ribbon, then i can tell you with the high degree of certainty. We are going to see mid-term follow-through for bitcoin and we are going to see higher price targets for bitcoin, potentially even breaking the 69 going to 84 000 us dollar surprise target. I was personally looking out for for quite some time right now. This is what i’m rating right now on the higher time frames on the shorter ones.

Of course, fifty four thousand us dollars. Thirty eight point: two: sixty thousand us dollars the fibonacci um, the fibonacci extension level, the fibonacci golden pocket in the extension levels. This is what i’m looking out for right now before i am talking about my trade on bitcoin. I actually wanted to elaborate a little bit on vpat stay here with me. I will talk about my trade and my price targets.

Vpat is right now at 1.30, and i was actually targeting yesterday at this breakout at 1.10. Hey, the breakout is imminent. My price target is 1.

5, at least to speak. We are right now on the trajectory here towards the upside. I just wanted to live to tell everyone if you’re, making profits here with vpat trading. That’S awesome, that’s one way, but another way is of course buying holding and then staking on vlaunch.com, where you can get an insane apy and when you are staking you are eligible for free idea when premium ido allocations on our platform, it’s a no-brainer for me obviously Make your own research buy, invest always at your own risk.

Every single dollar you’re, investing or you’re buying v-pad from it’s all at your own risk make your own research. But for me it’s a no-brainer. I didn’t even touch my own tokens yet and um. Obviously this is an interesting thing, but i’m of course happy always to see also when people are making profits here, based on based on my cost right. So this is what i’m looking out for right now and, as you can see, bitcoin is right now coming close to the resistance here of the daily ema ribbon, and that is actually the reason why i’m just keeping my trade here dormant.

You can see my trade here, 2 million us dollars approximately, but yeah i’m keeping it open. You can take some profits here among the price target. I was mentioning earlier, which we perfectly hit. Of course, congratulations for you if you did that otherwise always take profits as we are going higher and ticking off another price target. Thank you so much for watching guys.

Thank you so much for watching until the very end smash up the like button. As always, and we are going to see you the original at the next one of m encrypt and as always guys as always, bye, bye,

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