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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Welcome back to cryptos ross, I am George, we’re all George, so it’s finally here last day of the year December 31st. 2021. So I’m here to wrap up what has happened with bitcoin but also give you guys some hope for what’s coming in 2022, specifically in January. Traditionally January is very bullish for bitcoin. So will we see a repeat again well, let’s get started so as always smash up the like subscribe to channel two streams, almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 p.

Central standard time so make sure you hit that notification bell and follow me on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and check out all the latest news and articles and guides at cryptozoros.com welcome, welcome welcome! Hopefully, you guys are doing good today. I will say that i had a holiday party yesterday that i hosted so i had a little bit too much to drink and i’m not feeling the hottest right now, but i will get through this.


That is why i didn’t stream last night, but i’m uh, i’m picturing. A lot of you guys will will be attending your own parties or having your own drinks tonight. Uh, because we’re we’re gon na have a countdown into the new year. 2022.

So looking at bitcoin, actually some of you guys asked about options.

Expirations already happened, which is why bitcoin shot up immediately to about 85 no 985 48.5 and then it somehow lost traction and came right back down to about 47. So i have a feeling that, after bitcoin shot up a lot of people that are still trying to tax harvest or tax loss harvest is trying to do so right now. Last minute, this is the last day to do so to lock in those capital losses. So i do think a lot of people are still taking advantage of that.

However, moving into january starting tomorrow, we could definitely see a huge reversal, because that is no longer applicable right. So we definitely see that now with that said, even though bitcoin has come right back down to 47 right, we did see some pretty good movement this morning with some of the favor and all coins, some of the favorite um big caps right. You can see that some of them are still holding on to their gains for today, so that is still pretty positive. All right. So yesterday i did uh.

I did a stream basically wrapping up all like 2021, some of the big things that happened. Like you know, country adopting bitcoin and uh institutions like and uh publishing companies like michael sailor continues to buy right and then you have a whole plethora of web 3.
0 um adoption and how it’s really the the year of l ones. I would say right, i kind of wrapped all that up. If you didn’t watch my yesterday’s video, please do so, but today i got a few more things to show you guys to show you that yeah a lot more, is coming a lot more to come.

Okay, so, let’s start out with uh, let’s start with willy woo. Here this is interesting. This is measuring retail versus institutions, which is interesting, and i may have to change my perspective because i feel like a lot of times when there is a panic dump or whatever it’s kind of caused by the newbies in the space, the retail. So, though, that’s actually a very, very, very small amount, because if you look at this in terms of who’s actually buying and selling at this point, majority is the institutions and whales, slash whales. You had to put whales in there right.

Whales is just anyone. That’S really really rich bitcoin, rich or crypto rich, and you could see that the retail, which is the blue line, is actually still increasing. I mean it just it’s increasing and you don’t see a lot of volatility. You don’t see that go up and down it’s just like very little. So, of course, there are some people that still panic selling, but for majority people, they’re they’re, just continuing to hold and enjoying the ride because they know bitcoins will go much higher than than where it is now.

But you could see in terms of measuring the institutions and whales. Well, there’s there’s you know these whalish games. I’Ve been talking about yeah. Well, it seems like they have been playing a lot of it right, but the good thing is measuring this. You can see that the whales are starting to accumulate the institution’s starting to accumulate again, which leading into 2022 could be a very good thing now.

Why did they all the sun start selling off in november or december? Again, some people are theorized. This is because they want to make their books look good because they want to lock in the games for 2021 right and they want to make their fund or or whatever investment look really good to others. So that may be the reason why they’re kind of making their you know cooking the books so to speak, but you know what afterwards starting a new year everyone’s going to be jumping back in so interesting, interesting uh. What else?

The miners of course are still accumulating. You can see the big red right here beginning of the year. I think that’s all from f2 pool to be honest, f2 pool was selling out and then uh, and then you could see that there was a little bit more selloff when we were thirty thousand and forty thousand. But you could see right now. There is basically no sell-off at all.

The miners are just like: not they are just not selling, they are just accumulating and accumulating accumulate accumulating. So that’s very positive going into 2022, obviously uh. What else is there uh? This is interesting. Measuring michael saylor’s, dca schedule kind of looks like stock to flow.

You know how it’s like, like stair stepping right. So this is what it looks like uh. It doesn’t matter. If bitcoin you know, came down for 64, 000 didn’t come didn’t matter. If 60 bitcoin came down for 69 000

Uh michael saylor continues to buy and buy and buy and buy and buy, and this is the true this is what a true holder is like or true, dc air.

I should say it’s like someone that just keeps dollar costs averaging doesn’t matter, and they are in the long haul, and this is this is the right way to do it right way to do it um all right? What else is there? Well, you know something else that happened in 2021, not just 2021. This goes back all the way to january 2019, so we’re about two years in and you could see how the reserves on exchanges keeps dropping. It dropped significantly in 2020, it dropped significantly in 2021 and going into 2022 if it continues to drop significantly well.

That means it’s going to make bitcoin more scarce, reduce the volatility, and it still shows that many are fighting for the small little pie of bitcoin. That still exists. The latest, i think the last last this i saw was about about i think 16 to 20 percent is floating out in exchanges. Everything else is locked up, so you think about it. Just a very tiny slice of the big pie that is being fought over and the volatility that we’re seeing the price that we’re seeing is based on the small little piece, not the whole pie right, that’s very important, but as that small piece gets smaller small and Smaller and eaten away.

Well, you know, what’s going to happen, then right prices go skyrocket, all right, uh. What else is there? Well? This also happened in 2021. You can see in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, active addresses daily active addresses and just keeps going up shows you that adoption, of course, is still happening and growing and growing and growing 2020, as was a really good year.

A big spike up 2021 also a good rise. 20. 22. I expect that margin to to keep going and maybe even break 2021. So this is also positive, of course, in terms of just overall usage not just buying a holding, but actually people using it.

So that’s pretty darn good um all right. I did see this i kind of mirrored this for my thumbnail, but i did notice this before. I went back and looked at all the januaries and the first week of january’s have been absolutely fantastic for bitcoin. It could be because the institutions are buying back in it could be because people are just feeling good. Our retail investors are just buying in after new year.

Whatever the case may be, you can see that starting from 2018 after the last um top uh, you could see that bitcoin went up about 18, 19, 107, 20, 20, 13 and 20. 21. 36. We know that bitcoin has been stuck in this range hugging. This 47 000 mark for quite some time right and a lot of metrics indicate that it’s about to bounce and reverse and head back higher right.

So can we see a repeat of 2021, where we could see a 36 or 40 percent rise in the first week of january could be especially especially if those institutions that sold off to make their books look good. They rush back in to buy starting from tomorrow. Let’S see, let’s see right, we only have one week actually one day to to see if that’s right and, of course, our friends, tech dev, is still looking at the previous cycles. 2013 cycle 2017 cycle, looking at where we are now, even though things have extended outwards because the money is bigger and diminishing returns, obviously, but same levels, same levels. Where you know you can see that 1.

72 fibonacci level kind of like a first dip. And then you have a second kind of level at 1.47 and then you have this top at 1.68 and once you break it, that’s when you get that parabolic rise right. We haven’t come back yet, but it does show around sixty nine thousand sixty four to sixty nine thousand that range, so if we could get back there and break through it.

Well, that’s the start of the parabolic run, just like in 2013 and 17, but this year will be the very first year we actually break out at a four year cycle. We will be going into a 4
5 year cycle, or maybe a five-year cycle, depending on how how explosive 2022 is right, so it’ll be the very first time for bitcoin uh. Lastly, just a couple of things number one is on kryptosaros.com uh article about avalanche and mcdonald’s and how they’re, both following each other – and it’s kind of weird that you know avalanche, would tweet this, so it does seem like avalanche is going to or mcdonald’s going to Work together with avalanche, possibly on a new nft marketplace, or something like that. We know mcdonald’s started with a big rib nft or they go build out upon that.

Well, it seems very likely that they will and it will be on top of avalanche. So just fyi and lastly, lastly, some of you guys have been playing this on under giveaways the year and giveaway. So i guess it’s a good thing that ethereum is not at like 30 000, because then then i would be paying out a lot, but i will be selecting five winners. Okay tonight, so you still have a whole day to participate, i’ll, be selecting it tonight, and five winners will be walking away with one eath. Each all you have to do is sign up and basically follow my social media and youtube and subscribe, but that’s it that’s it.

So i’ve been running this since i think march or april. Basically right, so it’s just a way for me to to give back to you guys and obviously in return, get some follows on my social media and so forth, but hey it’s finally here so five of you guys are gon na, be one eth richer, so make Sure you still participate because you got one day left one day left until this is cut off and then i’ll probably start another one for 2022 and i’ll probably be even bigger than this. So there you go uh i’ll, tell you that! That’S really it! I just want to give a big shout out to some of my channel partners here, real quick uh, so for those of you guys that are interested in taxes right or specifically, how to calculate your taxes right.

You got to check out someone like coin tracking, which has over a million users. They know tax code from 100 plus countries and they will help pull all of your data from all your wallets and exchanges and calculate it very easy for you. So uh very important right now and of course, when you actually have to file your taxes in april or may right also very important. Of course i got to talk about, i trust capital. So if you don’t want to worry about your taxes, you just want to invest and trade.

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Do you go and visit your local coinstar and you throw in all your change. Whatever it comes out to be right, then you could use that voucher and buy some bitcoin and crypto on coin me and they are across the nation, 48 states, thousands of locations, i’m pretty sure you guys seen coinstar machines right so make sure you find that spare Change and put into bitcoin uh also, if you want a really good investment tracker. This is something that i use delta investment tracker. It will track literally every single trade of every single platform and every single crypto out there, including stocks, not just crypto, so you can track literally everything in a completely free app and it is one of the best that i’ve ever used, and this is one i Use so it’s completely free ios android, so you guys make sure you check it out if you don’t have a good portfolio tracker, if you’re still using your spreadsheet to track. You need to stop that.

You need to get something like this, because it makes life a whole lot easier and then also unstoppable domains. For those of you guys that are interested in having a top level domain like dot, crypto or dot, bitcoin or dot wallet right and you could create your own like george dot bitcoin or buy that bitcoin or george.wallet right. You could not only use this to store all of your wallet addresses, but you could also use this as a website right, something that let’s say you can’t find com name right, which is basically impossible these days. But if you want something, that’s dot, crypto dot, wallet.

Blockchain, well, you can get it on unstoppable domains and all this are nfts. I think most people don’t realize that it’s all nfts, it’s all nfts um and then uh vmworld, for those of you guys are v chain fans. Vmworld is one of the biggest nft marketplaces and and they’re all about play, turned games. They have a very cool concept that they’re working on and they have nfts called vims and there’s many different layers of it.

It’S one of the only consumer based dapps, that’s riding on top of v chain right now. One of the things i’ve said is bj needs more consumer-based steps right. So this is one of the biggest out there, and i know a lot of people enjoy collecting bins. Right now, but they are still expanding, so check them out all right, that’s pretty much it. I just want to give a shout out to all my all my uh partners that stuck with me for this entire year.

Oh, and i forgot of course, got ta got ta talk about block, buy because a lot of you guys right. You wan na earn interest. You want to earn interest on your crypto. Well, you could do so with block five one of the biggest in the united states, if not the biggest and well-backed, using gemini and coinbase custodians. The best in the industry well backed by a lot of big players, like coin bases and gemini themselves, and you could collect very, very, very outstanding interest.

Like you see on my screen, nine percent usdt 9.5 percent, you could stake or just deposit, i should say bdc for four point: five percent ethereum at five percent there’s a whole lot that you can earn with block fi and you could get their credit card too. The only bitcoin rewards credit card that exists out there right now, so of course check out blackfy. If you want to earn interest all right, that’s it! That’S it guys.

I know that’s a lot of a lot of shilling, my partners, but i i do like all these partners. I think they all serve a really good purpose, so i wanted to give a big shout out to them all right now: let’s do some q a uh scrolling up? What do you think about crypto bats by ozzy? I i never heard that never heard of that um, let’s see here, i am not drunk i’m just a little hungover um all right. Let’S see what else is there?

Let’S see wolfy says uh a lot less hopeful? No! It’S because i explained at the beginning. I don’t have the same energy level right now, because i just had a holiday party yesterday, i’m recovering from um. Let’S see the giveaway yep.

Hopefully you guys are, are participating or have participated last day left to win five eth, so make sure make sure you participate. Happy new year from tom, i appreciate a happy new year to you, you’re you’re, getting close you’re like uk is like the afternoon so um getting pretty close to night time. Those of you guys in australia, of course, you’re already you’re already in 2022. I don’t know if you’re you’re still watching. I don’t know what time it is in australia, uh robson, happy crus, 2022 from brazil.

Thank you for that and happy new year to you too uh. Let’S see i mean the metaverse may be the only thing that prevent the bottom falling out for a market that is 100, not true. The first thing that if the market corrects the first thing, they’ll bottom out is probably meta versus so yeah. I don’t agree with that: uh. Can you explain name and term what a l1 is and difference between l1 and l2.

L1 is just any network protocol that has dapps, on top of it, okay, best way to think about that. It’S an operating system for others to operate on. L2S is basically same thing, but they were created for sole purpose of scaling. A l1 like ethereum, so l2s are basically uh like like a com uh, let’s just say, like it’s uh, it’s an add-on to operating system that makes it better, okay, so that’s different to l1 and l2 in layman’s terms, noah happy new year, it’s been a great Year, watching and learning from you i’m streaming, you probably need to pull over if you’re not pulled over. That’S dangerous, but i appreciate you watching me in your car but make sure you are pulled over uh.

I love hearing about different crypto businesses. Uh. Let’S see uh someone said mother versus so 2017

I know it even though matter versus and nfts you know they came out in 2017. It’S just it. Wasn’T it wasn’t popular now, it’s different.

I really think you know i you know yesterday at my holiday party, so i um talking to one of my friends who’s. Really big into sneakers, like he’s one of the uh guys have that’s that started, collecting sneakers way back like in high school and stuck with it right, and he was asking me about nfts, because he also heard about adidas doing a drop right inside sandbox and i’m Like yeah, that’s the thing i’m like: if you really want to continue to evolve right, uh get into these nft sneakers, because you know there’s a lot more coming. You know nike already announced to go, come out with adidas under armour everyone’s coming out so, and i’m like think about this, if you really want to be cool, buy a piece of land and sandbox and build a a shop right, a shoe shop, a sneaker shop And then you could sell all these exclusive drops inside a sneaker drop a shop and i’m like that. That’S a really good idea right, but right now it’s very costly to buy a piece of land and sandbox. But if you did that you know you could make a killing, but that’s just one example of what you could do inside the metaverse.

Now right it’s just it’s still very early, but all the brands and everyone else just go think about it like just, for example, i just covered about mcdonald’s and avalanche right. Imagine mcdonald’s can open up virtual mcdonald’s and then you can get exclusive nfts within those virtual mcdonald’s. I mean there’s so much they could do. There is so much they can do and there’s so much money that could be made. I mean i, i think it’s just very early for meta verses, um ashley.

So where can we get info on your taxes? The sell crypto buy crypto method. I need to do that today. Check reach out to coin tracker and do some own research. It’S called tax loss, harvesting and wash trading, but uh you could do google research, i’m not a financial advisor or tax accountant or cpa.

You figure it out not trying to give you any advice, but you could google it and you could use someone like cointracker to help. You figure that out, uh reebok did one on red red fox with too bad. I didn’t know that, but too bad. You know. Reebok is kind of, like i don’t think, they’re really big into sneakers and jersey still, but i don’t know about sneakers jimmy.

I appreciate that. I appreciate it dave asked: do you consider avalanche a mid cap? No anything. That’S 10 billion plus is a big cap. So obviously avalanche is not so.

The cutoff is right around here right, around 21 uh, terra and chain link, so anything above 10 billion. I say a big cap, anything below 10 billion is a mid cap. Anything below 1 billion is small cap and anything under 100 million would be a micro cap. I know like if you compare that to real world companies. I mean it’s.

Obviously, you can’t equate the market cap is inflated in crypto versus normal companies, that’s being public traded but like in the context of the crypto uh projects and uh versus its competitors. That’S how i view it. Let’S see franco, may you have a great and happy new year been following you since january 21, appreciate the knowledge and experience you shared a big hug and all the best for you and your family. I appreciate that franco and right back at you. Um mcdonald’s should do adult happy meals, they’re they’re called they don’t need happy meals, they’re, just regular meals, but maybe they can include that out of tea drop with those meals right like that would be crazy.

That would be crazy. That’S actually not a bad idea. They should think about that um lion and crypto. I don’t know what you said at the beginning, but thank you for your videos. I appreciate that gb dc discounted what if it becomes eft or the discount, goes away.

You want the discount to go away right so right now, gbdc is the premium is still in the negative. So a lot of people think that once you convert, you can gain like that the premium back right, but that may not be the case if they convert, which could be the very first spot. Bitcoin etf, uh, there’s gon na be some kind of conversion. So i don’t think it’s as guaranteed as people think right. I think a lot of people are stocking up, gbdc thinking well, once it converts a bitcoin etf i’ll gain.

You know 20 from that negative premium. I don’t think it’s gon na be that simple, but i might be wrong so we’ll we’ll see what it does happen. Um imagine not buying container right now, waiting until it’s 150. I mean that’s that’s the case. A lot of these l ones have moved massively in 2021.

A lot of these l ones will move massively in 2022 too, so i would not be sleeping on any of these projects um at least the ones i enjoy, and i once i support and ones that i think have a lot of promise. I think they all can have fantastic 2022s, all right, i’m gon na. Let you guys go like i said man, i’m uh a little tired out from last night, so the energy level isn’t there. I i don’t know if i’m gon na stream tonight to be honest. Okay, i know most of you guys are probably gon na be having parties or drinking or whatever.

So even my stream – i don’t know if there’s gon na, be that many people tuning in but we’ll see we’ll see, i’m not gon na be drinking tonight. It’S already had too much um all right so, basically, last day of the year, right, bitcoin is still stuck at 47.

Unfortunately, futures uh futures and the options expiration didn’t really do much for bitcoin, but come 2022 january could be explosive month based on history and based on the fact that a lot of these institutions that’s sold off, will probably be buying back in. So i’m looking forward to 2022 guys, i think, there’s a lot more to come, and hopefully you guys are excited too all right smash. It all up smash up the like subscribe to the channel, guys and i’ll see you guys either tonight or tomorrow.

All right have a good one guys take care bye,

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