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BITCOIN TO HIT $100,000 IN 2022

Welcome back to kryptos or us, i am george, we’re all george, so happy new year, it’s 2022 and we are off to a great start already so today i want to talk about why bitcoin will surpass the hundred thousand in 2022 and why it’s going to be A fantastic year for bitcoin, overall and fantastic year for crypto. So let’s do this thanks for tuning in, as always smash up the like subscribe to channel two streams, almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 pm center standard time. So make sure you hit that notification bell and follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram and check out all the latest news articles and guides at cryptozoros.com, and also i have a few special announcements today. I know some of you guys have been looking forward to this all right.

Let’S do this! Let me change my screen here, so uh bitcoin’s at 48, 000 right 47.8. It was a little bit higher right around 48


So we’re off to a pretty good start today, pretty good start now, of course, not as fantastic as a hundred thousand, but it was funny because yesterday maybe people got confused. I posted i actually tweeted this yesterday bitcoins price center at 2022, and maybe people misread this at end of 2021, so i said: 500, 250, 100, 500, 100, 000, less than a hundred thousand and surprisingly close to fifty one percent.

People voted less than a hundred thousand uh at the end of 2022. So again i think people misread it. Thinking that i was trying to say 2021, but man. If this wasn’t misread, then there’s a lot of very bearish people out there and i just don’t get it. But let me show you all the fantastic things that’s coming up for bitcoin in 2022, we have a full year to look forward to, and things are only getting better and better and better and better skippy says he read it right.

Well, skippy! You are very, very bearish, then, all right, first of all, a quick announcement. My year-end giveaway, is over. The competition has ended close to one million total entries. Those of you guys that have been playing all along gotten the clues right gotten, the huge entries.

You know what congratulations close to a million entries and i will be selecting the five winners today and hopefully tonight i will be revealing them. So i got a few things going on today, but i will try to get to this, but five of you guys will be lucky winners of one east each and i’m gon na give away four thousand dollars too from nulls. So this could be a big thing. All right – and i will i have to think of another one for 2022 and i have to make it even bigger. So there you go all right, uh, let’s get to it.

What’S going on today, well uh, a lot of things that were holding bitcoin back has been removed. Okay because of the new year. First of all, big thing is tax loss harvesting. A lot of people are taking advantage of it: a lot of whales, a lot of big, wealthy uh or people, just i shouldn’t even say big, but people that had a lot of capital gains. They were probably taking advantages.

This is no longer because we’re in a new year, so if you do it now, it doesn’t count for 2021

So this is gone. Ronald paul also said a lot of the a lot of the big institutions. They were selling to make their books look good, because they’ve racked up a ton of gains too, and they have to lock that in for 2021, and that is over because we are now in 2022 right. So these two things are over and another thing that is over, that i missed i heard about before, but i missed, but china asked a lot of exchanges to basically shut down and one of them is uh from hoibi. So the weird thing is, i thought you know, i guess i i misunderstood this because the exchanges were already out, but it seems like this could be the exchanges from hong kong, because previously before hong kong was left alone and some of the exchanges are still in Hong kong, but now that china kind of has like taken over control of hong kong, i think this is what it’s referring to, but i did hear a lot of people got kicked out of hoibi and several other large asian exchanges.

That also happened yesterday. So these three things all happened within the last week or so now we don’t have to worry about any of those things and of course we had one of the biggest options expiration last friday as well right, so that was yesterday too, so we had a lot. We had a lot of things going on yesterday and it’s all been removed. So now the sky is clear and bitcoin can head to where it needs to starting in 2022. But it’s not just that, of course, there’s a lot of things.

Uh 10 of the last 12 years, 10 of the last 12 years, bitcoin yearly candles have been in green, and that includes 2021 right, like toward the end of 2021. Everyone was feeling so bearish at 47k 46k. What people don’t realize is that bitcoin was up 60 plus percent for the year and had you just been holding on while you’re in the green right with the exception of two years, and they followed two blow off tops for bitcoin um. It’S all been green. It’S every year has been green 10 of the last 12 right and we haven’t had that blow off top again and we may never because we may just continue forward.

So things are very good. Despite the fact some people are very bearish. It makes no sense. Also guess what uh? Oh?

No, not that’s a there’s. Another story, this one uh so starting from now to probably mid january, mid january bitcoin has risen traditionally anywhere from seven to 36 36 in the first week of january. So we got because it’s the weekend so starting next week, so we got about a week a week and a half right where we can see tremendous up tremendous up tremendous pump for bitcoin right that you know, maybe it started ready today we’re doing pretty good right. So we have this to look forward to to kick us off in the year, so these are all pretty good, pretty good stuff, of course, stock to flow according to plan b is still intact. Still has not been invalidated and still kind of looks like what happened.

You know in 2013,

So we still have this in play. We still have a lot of models. I’Ve shown you guys a lot of on-chain models and metrics indicating that a top has not formed. So we have many many many supporting metrics that show. Yes, the run will continue and a hundred thousand is only the beginning.

So we have this also on our sides. Also other things that are fantastic. Take a look at how much the whales hold now you know we talk about a lot of whales and whale manipulation and whale games. Well, as more and more people get into the space, there’s more uh, more adoption, there is well, the whales that are holding supply keeps decreasing, decreasing, decreasing, decreasing and now it’s down to 24. So this is what i’ve been saying as bitcoin gets bigger and as more people get involved, the control that the whales have diminish.

Look at 2012 when it was above 50. Now it’s down to 24 right. So, as bitcoin gets bigger, the less control they have and it’s good for the whole community right, so this is also very positive. I mean this is all adding to the great fundamentals that i talk about a lot right. Then, of course, you have take a look at this percent.

Supply change lasts, active one plus years right, so, as this number gets higher and higher and higher, that means less and less people are, are trading it and more and more people are holding it, and this also relates to the fact that liquid supply is going up. Miners are not selling long-term holders continue to hold longer longer, and even new people coming to space are holding it for more than one plus years now so again, adding to the great fundamentals, basically you’re having an asset where the supply is decreasing and demand is increasing And you know what that what that means the price will follow right. So you got all these great, fantastic things so far. Well, there’s more because what about adoption right? Well, we know that 2022 may bring the very first spot bitcoin etf and that could come from grayscale scc, the delayed decision it was supposed to be in uh november.

They delayed it or maybe it was december and that could be as soon as q1 of 2022 and it makes sense. Grayscale owns 600 000 bitcoins over 600 000 in their fund or in their trust. So it makes sense that if we are going to get the very first etf, let’s go come from grayscale. This could bring on a ton of new money into the space. So that’s coming in 2022, here’s already there’s six other blockchain etfs, that’s planned for 2022.

Already. What does this mean? This will be etfs not only based on bitcoin, but also various many different all coins as well right. So, yes, uh, there’s a lot of things coming a lot of things coming in 2022,

Now, what else is there well a lot of the banks and financial institutions also getting involved. For example, pnc partner of coinbase pnc is the fifth largest bank of the us plans on offering crypto investment services to clients.

We know jp morgan, who has been traditionally very bearish on bitcoin, has done that their wealth advisory is very pro bitcoin, citibank, also very pro bitcoin uh, morgan stanley right. It’S turning pro bitcoin buys even more bitcoin trust, and then you have well take a look like fidelity who is in bitcoin mining, already they’re partnering up with nexo. Now why for lending traditional lending? Well, actually, i should say non-traditional lending with defy right. So i mean banks and financial institutions they’re all adopting and they’re all changing too.

So you know this is going to add to the growing adoption right. So there’s just a lot of things. Going on and recently uh bitcoin broker. Um nydig got a whopping 1 billion funding round the largest funding round in crypto history. And why do you think, there’s so much interest?

Well, because a lot of people really believe in bitcoin and in crypto, and that is why nydig is blowing up helping these banks and financial institutions and payment services and and uh and uh institutions and public trade companies get involved with crypto. So there and then last last few things. Of course, you still have billionaires uh like ray dalio, maybe the most famous of them all um is now starting to come around and talk about how bitcoin is alternative to cash, how it’s a good alternative, gash, not just gold and he’s the latest one out of The the list of billionaires that have all come out in 2021 saying that cash is trash and we need to invest in something better and they’re, not saying gold anymore other than peter schiff. I don’t know who else talks about gold and gold actually was negative. Seven percent for 2021 just fyi, but everyone is talking about an asset that will not inflate or depreciate.

I should say, and that’s bitcoin, so you still have that going on um, something small, robin hood. Of course, robin hood is going to roll out their digital wallet in january. So we know, there’s a lot of millennials on robin hood and getting a new wallet out will probably draw in a lot of millennials into this space good or bad, but it is. It is uh, it is something that a lot of people are looking forward to and, of course, in 2022, you’re still going to see evolution of nfts and games and social and everything else take a look. Eminem just purchased aboard a club nft for 406 000.

So this will also be prevalent in 2022, so there you go. That’S a summary of all the fantastic things: the growing fundamentals, growing adoption right, the the unchained metrics that still indicate we’re on track and, of course, the endorsement of celebrities and billionaires. And you add all that together, 2022 is going to be a fantastic year for bitcoin and crypto overall, fantastic, fantastic guys. Now, besides bitcoin coming up, but today you can see that a lot of all coins are coming up. Um.

You can see that you know. I know like harmony and phantom they’re up like 10. Today avalanche is up about six percent. Today you got a lot of these uh big caps that are in the green. You know, and you got polka dot up slightly over three percent, but take a look at cosmos up also over ten percent, some of the most sold off l ones are having good recovery day to day right so really good recovery day.

It’S a fantastic start to the new year, but this is only the beginning. Only the beginning, we will have a lot more of this coming up all right, guys, that’s pretty much it now. Let’S do some q a bobo. I can’t disagree with this uh um yeah. One of the things i want to announce uh, first of all, if you guys are coming in late, you know this uh, the giveaway.

I will announce it tonight. Well, one of the big things i want to change for 2022 in terms of this channel and just kryptos or us in general um. It’S just expanding and growing and being more useful and educational right, so still building out cryptozoros.com really trying to build this out as much as i can and make it into a leading crypto publication likes. You know uh, like coin telegraph and uh coin desk, and all these big boys right we’ll continue to build out so definitely going to be working on that still going to be working on other many things that adds to this uh holders herald, which is a newsletter That i publish every two weeks right that is getting better and better, very more informative, um.

Also building on my patreon also. I have teachable page right with bitcoin 101 right now, but plan on adding like ethereum 101 wallet 101 a lot of these 101s that people are not aware of. Also, in terms of this channel right, i want to do a lot more videos set videos, not just live streams. I know you guys love live streams. I will continue to do live streams, but i want to mix in a lot more recorded videos shorter more to the point, educational.

I want to bring those back, so i’m going to be working hard on creating those content as well. So there’s a lot of stuff. I plan on working on guys in 2022, so i just want to give you guys a heads up that good things are coming um all right. Just i got ta make sure i don’t miss any super chats. Let me scroll up uh sheep listing on robin hood.

That’S probably gon na come did i have any drinks last night, no, i was feeling i was out of it last night guys, because the day before i had a party probably drank a little too much yesterday, i was just not feeling it and today, quite honestly, I’M not feeling it either so so yesterday, during my stream, i’m like man, i just didn’t, have the energy i’m trying to trying to you know get that energy back, but man i’m not not in my 20s anymore uh and another thing. Just on a personal note like for myself right, i talked about getting uh getting my fitness back on track, going on a diet getting more healthy right, so i do want to hit the gym consistently now in 2022. So i may do something. You know someone even reached out. I mentioned to this about having a whole series on my other channel, the i am george channel.

I may do that in case. Some of you guys want to follow me right. So that’s something else. I no promises there, but uh. That’S something else: i’m working on matthew appreciate that, had i heard uh or about crypto bats nft.

No, i have not dave. I appreciate it, but don’t try to shill it. Uh mark is behaving differently in previous cycle. Is it because of adoption? Yes, so all coins are not gon na go away.

These l ones are not gon na go away, so the adoption comes from many fronts. Number one is bitcoin. Adoption is vast institutions really change the game and they’re just buying and holding and number two is all coins like ethereum and solana, and tara and avalanche, and all these guys they have tens to billions tens of billions. So hundreds of billions of value locked in that people are not touching so because of it, they’re not being sold off like before when bitcoin dips. I mean i remember it i make.

I mentioned this a lot in 2017, 18. 19. 20.

When bitcoin dips everything dips 3 to four x faster than bitcoin now with bitcoin dips, some of them are stronger than bitcoin right and you look at the performance. Let’S say it lasts 90 days last year i mean i mean you could see right it’s it’s tremendous.

How well um all coins have held, not all of them, but the ones that are the the foundations of the depths. So yeah it it’s it’s changed. It’S changed a lot clutch king mo. Have your? Have you changed your opinion on veracity?

No, i mean there’s not a whole lot to change on. I mean i’m neutral on a project if they could get a lot more adoption and traction sure you know, but they have to get themselves involved with a lot more events, esports events and get them to get the word out uh, so it hasn’t changed. Did i missed a giveaway last night sean i mentioned about that? Hopefully you caught my answer. I will be revealing the winners tonight.

Um crypto, for everyone appreciate that super sticker coming the ft world. We kick ass uh. Some people did not everyone, but it’s the same. I guess with crypto. That is something that i also want to pay attention to more of in in 2022 may even have a whole series about it right, so something something to look forward to also in 2022.

I have some big stuff. I have some big ambitions for 2022
It’S just a matter of time and getting the right people to help me with it. That’S the thing: uh kadena price target 12 24 month matthew just know that it’s go go higher. Okay, just know it’s gon na go higher. Only fans and news.

You got ta hustle, bro uh, i was close. You know i tweeted a picture of me on the beach with sunglasses. You know that was getting close, but the rest of my body. I don’t think uh. It’S gon na look very good on only fans uh get into gaming george’s gaming.

That is a fantastic idea. I actually already thought about that. You know what uh you know: there’s a ton of people that does gaming videos like minecraft or roblox or fortnite, whatever right they’re, all all over twitch. But you don’t see a lot of people do like gaming stuff with the central land right or even sandbox. There’S a few alpha videos about sandbox.

I know they’re not complete, but like decentraland right, i think it’ll be cool to have a video series where i’m just exploring the central land and seeing what exists right. Just me, walking around and and checking out the space right. If there’s new stuff that comes aboard, i can review it and just give me my overall opinions on it. I thought about that a few weeks ago i think that’ll be a cool series. You guys, let me know if you think that’s interesting, uh algo, if you have a chance to buy in, would you yeah, i think algo has a potential.

It definitely has potential they’re growing l1. They have a lot of el salvador, adopted them and i think other latin american countries will because that’s what they’re really targeting right now, latin america um happy new year is vada good to hold. Yes, of course, it is. I’Ve been talking about that since 2017. Blockchain gaming is going to kill it.

We are yes, i do believe so see. There’S just a lot, there’s a lot, but there’s only one of me but yeah. You know, besides just you know, exploring, say decentraland and metaverse as well getting into actually the games the games, that’s out there and actually playing uh some of the games say on gala or other platforms. You know that’s pretty interesting too right. So there’s just a lot.

A lot of stuff um, let’s see be stream for 2024, give your opinion that that’s too far out man. This is too far out gourmet galaxy. I’Ve never heard of it never heard of it. Uh miguel says he’s down with the metaverse yeah. I think that’s still.

I think that still makes sense um. How high do you think solana will go? You know i’ll stick with my target with bitcoin. If it hits 150 right up beyond 100 150 200 000 solana will hit over a thousand. I think that’s pretty easy right so uh.

I think i think that will come, maybe not right away, but i think in 2022 we’re gon na see more of the same, we’ll go, see more adoption, more buying, more staking more value locked in and it’s just go continue forward. I mean a lot of people disappointed about the the the the parabolic rise not coming towards the last few months. I am too but honestly, in the long run, that could be the best thing that ever happened. That means we’ve broken out a four year cycle. That means this right here.

What did i show this where the last 10 or 12 years right? It could be every year from now on, isn’t green. The only reasons why 2014 and 2018 were red was because they were coming off blow off top events and if we don’t have black top and we just continuously go up slowly but surely, let’s say 30 40 50 60 every year, then there’s no reason why we Would have any down years right so not having that parabolic rise in the last two months could actually be the best thing that we’ve ever seen, which means that we’ve broken through the four year cycle and which means that we may not have that ever again. And we just continue forward slowly, stair-stepping upwards, that that would be even a better thing right you just again. This comes to whether or not you have patience when it comes to crypto.

You really just have to have patience uh, what price target dc veracity? It really depends on if they get traction adrian, if they continue to get traction. Of course they could be as big as let’s say, you know: um um data they keep going and going and going sure they could be a multi-billion dollar project, but they need to have that traction right whether or not they get it. I don’t know, but they’re going the right direction. Are we going to see a huge dip in crypto corruption and meme stocks, squeezing coming up being told hedge funds will sell out to crypto to cover the liquidity issues uh if they a lot of them, probably sold off to make their books look good or ready?

So yeah no and what you’re saying is generalities corruption, corruption with stocks with hedge funds. That’S been going on forever meme stock squeezes. Who knows, if that’s going to come, we already had that right. It makes no sense that in 2022 they would be selling to make their books look good when we just came off in 2021 when they had an opportunity to do that already. So i i don’t completely agree.

Of course, they’re gon na happen. It’S a full year. We can have more, you know more scarce pandemic fears or whatever inflation fears and – and there could be a lot of stuff external factors that that will affect the markets but um. I guess we’ll just have to see we’ll just have to see a lot of people still think that the market needs to correct too. But you know, look at the dow and look at s p.

500. It keeps going up and up and up right. So, who knows who knows what’s going to happen? Uh? All i know is there’s just way too many people people took this literally and actually thought that out.

You know they. They read it right that that this was for the end of 2022 and if there’s more than 50 percent of you guys, that’s thinking bitcoins will be less than a hundred dollars by n2002. That shows how bearish a lot of you guys are, and i just don’t. I just don’t get it, i just don’t get it so not to not to say you guys are, you know not to say that never mind i’ll. Just leave it at that.

Um gourmet galaxy just sounds like a bad bad name. I’M sorry, whoever created it bad name and i’m not gon na look at something under 1 million market cap kronos go go to the moon. Well, we’ll see. I’M i have big hopes for crystal.com.

Maybe the lakers could turn it around, because if the lakers do well, it’s gon na bring a lot more attention to the stadium and they could show a lot more crypto.com ads tv ads right now. The lakers are just thinking up. So, let’s see, but overall cripple.com is doing fantastic.

They had a pretty good year. Their new new chain is just starting up, so we’ll see uh how it goes. They already have a amm on there right will they bring other dapps to a board and when i’m sure they will, but when so i think cringle.com is legit. Did i watch lebron last night?

No, i know they they won yesterday, but i didn’t get recently. I’Ve not been watching any games, i do need to watch more games. Um someone said cosmos is flying yeah. I i’ve been consistent with cosmos. I love their ecosystem is huge as vast, but i’ve said they were very, very, very, very uh, undervalued, look at even last 90 days, they’re still down six percent right.

There’S no reason for that. Others, their peers are all up 200 300 percent right, not everyone but like, for example, tara and avalanche up about 161 percent. You know so i think cosmos there’s. No reason why they can’t even phantom is up without 60 percent right last 90 days. So i think cosmos could be a surprise for 2022 because it has been held down for so long and same thing with v chain: 2.

Right v chain, more consumer based dapps coming aboard, and when that happens, i think it’s going to drive things up and there’s many others that i think will surprise people in 2022., all right, uh. What’S up, this is dedex still holding i’m, not a big fan of synthetics anymore um online inspiration, new member welcome, lupus uh. Don’T 2022 will be amazing here in crypto hotel a whale, don’t panic sell your crypto thanks for all you do. Thank you.

Thank you. All right guys, uh i’ll, let you guys go overall, it’s the start of the new year, we’re off to a good start. Bitcoin is up, crypto is up, but i gave you all the reasons why you need to stay strong and be in the game. 2022 is shaping up to be even a better year than 2021 and yes, 2021 was fantastic despite dism, despite what you may think, or what other people are telling. You 2021, in my opinion, has been the best year.

So far of all the years i’ve been in because things changed fundamentally change, things are not just speculative anymore, l ones are here to stay. All coins are here to stay. Bitcoin is here to stay and they’re only getting bigger and stronger and we’re not even talking about no one even talks about banning, now or ponzi or or how they have no use cases. All those narratives are gone, bitcoin being too centralized narrative gone. There is no narrative anymore right, there’s nothing bad to say anymore.

Even peter schiff has a hard time talking about how gold is better in bitcoin you just you can’t right, so the narrative has changed, and this is 2021 really changed the game in 2022 and it’s only go expand upon that and i’m looking forward to it all Right guys, thanks for tuning in online, thank you smash it. A like subscribe to the channel i’ll, see you guys tonight. 8 30 p.m. Central standard time all right!

Take care, guys! Bye! You

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