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Today for the bitcoin price – and yes, i have an update for you. Actually, a good update, hear me out guys. I want to talk about the bitcoin price. I want to talk about what price targets i am expecting for bitcoin right now in the immediate short term, about my new trade, i opened on bitcoin right now. What my price target is, but obviously i am going to talk also about v launch.

We were just listing here, so i will give you some updates about that. Obviously, crazy, launch beautiful, launch trading at a dollar right now, like with 28 million dollar trading volume, completely crazy, but guys, but always remember, rather buy the dip than fomo. This is something i want to tell you for sure anyways, let’s talk about the bitcoin price and let’s talk about the other announcements later on. So what you can see is something i was talking about earlier, and this is truly very, very important, because not only that we were floating around between support and resistance here on this falling wedge, we were breaking out of it very important, but now something happened and Well, whereas i would actually like to wait for a break um for a bounce down and a confirmation of the new support which was previously resistance. Actually, i have some good news to share with you, because right now, this is something i was talking about earlier.

The ema ribbon is flipping bullish, meaning that the yellow moving average, the shorter term moving averages are flipping above the long-term moving average. This is a very bullish flip for bitcoin on the emr ribbon. The last time we actually flip bearish. Let me quickly go back well. You know what happened and the same thing works on the flip side, when we are flipping bullish, you know what happens usually right and it’s not the only thing i want to talk about, because with all that bullishness with all these nice things on the technical, if We are zooming out, we see, we are not on over the woods yet.

Let me show you uh, let me go over to the daily sorry guys and let me zoom out on this very messy Picasso chart, because what you can see here is, if i pull out the vapor something interesting unfolding on the vapor. Of course, the point of control is at 36 000 way below here around the elon musk buying zone, no, the most important things the clusters of resistance – i am looking at right now – are right here between 46 and 52 000 us dollars, and then between 45 and 48 000. This is where the whole action was throughout the last one year. Actually, today, we had the same price where we were basically exactly one year ago. This is where the price action is bitcoin needs to surpass the 50 000 us dollar level to get sufficient free space here for another pump to the 54.

55. 000 us dollar levels. This is something i want to tell you and remember the 52 000 end of the cluster of resistance is in alignment with the top of the wedge. We are not over the woods, yet. There is a lot of resistance coming from all the traffic here throughout the last one year.

We are basically for one year trading sideways for bitcoin. Of course, this has to stop, but the reason is the longer we are trading in these ranges. The more resistance actually is coming in for bitcoin, so we need to surpass this. This is actually exactly also my price target. The trade i am in right now i am putting potentially even this – is something i’m not doing a lot a stop-loss and to prevent myself from another faker.

We got so many fake outs before so now. I think it is reasonable to work with a stop-loss and actually, of course, also to have my take profit slightly below the 52 000 us relevance before i’m gon na. Take it higher make sure you are implementing a proper risk measurement measurement tools and well just quickly to break the news. V-Launch is finally trading. It’S finally trading on femax on um, on femax, on bitmart and also on uni swap actually, if you wan na stake immediately.

Uni swap is the place of course, and um, phoenix and bitmap. I think they are gon na enable withdrawals very soon today or tomorrow, and obviously it is crazy to see i expected like a price from 20 cents, 30 cents or so for the beginning. Obviously i can’t say that before because i’m not allowed to make price predictions beforehand right, but it definitely exceeded my expectations very, very crazy. So, thank you so much for all your support, guys uh listed on coin gecko on coin market cap as well and, of course, make sure you check out the website. If you got a free idea, our location, you can claim them and of course you can.

You can you can stake and everything it’s just completely amazing and i’m very happy to have you it’s a crazy community as well smash up the like button. Leave your thoughts down below, leave your thoughts about bitcoin down below as well, very, very important, and we are going to see each other very soon at the next one of mm crypto and as always guys as always, bye, bye,

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