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Hey yo, what’s going on with the viewers of the tube Tyler here of Chico crypto, coming to you guys with the candid video not live, not in the studio but out in nature, aka Chico’s backyard. Once again – and i know i usually do live streams on Saturday um – i just uh decided to do a candid video a little bit easier than a full live stream um. Those do take a while, but i will be living with you guys here soon. So don’t worry about that, but now, let’s just get right into the content. I know I’m saying that this bitcoin pump, if you can consider it a pump um, is telling me that something unexpected is coming by next week.

So the unexpected is no one really knows. What’s going to happen with the price you know, is it going to go down significantly or are we going to go up significantly, but there is an indicator that is showing that something is building. Something is bubbling like big time, big time you guys, and that is open interest. Bitcoin open interest, so open interest. Isn’t you know our people interested in bitcoin like google searching it or whatever um it has to do with leverage and open interest?

Actually, um is interest in the leverage markets, how many um leveraged positions are open on leverage, exchanges, um and that open interest is at one of the highest points we’ve seen um in a long time, so throughout this year. This open interest has hit this level about four or five times and four out of the five times it has went down, but one of the times in july, when open interest reached this level we pumped so based on. You know just what’s happened in the past. You know um, of course, we probably are gon na go down because four out of five times it has gone down when open interest has reached this level. But you know maybe statistics.


You know. Okay, we’ve went down four times one time. Maybe we are due to go up you guys. So what is my personal opinion? What do i think is going to happen?

Well, I’m actually short-term kind of bullish um. I do have a feeling that um they don’t want to wipe out the leverage below. You know. 40K, there is a lot of long leverage in the 30 to 40k region that could be wiped out, but um a lot of those positions could have been closed already, i’m sure a lot of them have so there is more um opportunity to wipe out some of These leverage positions, if they get the markets, bullish once again, um in the 40 to 50k range. Once again, so i do have a feeling that a lot of longs will be opened if um bitcoin jumps up above 45k and starts pushing towards 50k, and they could wipe out a lot more in that region like a lot lot more, so i’m actually short-term bullish.

You guys for next week i do think a pump is coming, but i am kind of long-term bearish and this has to do with what’s going on in you know the traditional financial world, what’s going on with the fed um a lot of people say the fed Um has dug themselves a hole and they can’t raise interest rates. Well, that is kind of true. You know they do raise rates. They are going to crash markets all around it’s bitcoin’s not going to be immune. You guys bitcoin will go down if the fed raises rates um, but in my opinion they’re going to have to i mean if they don’t, they are going to destroy um america they’re going to destroy the american dream, even though they’ve already destroyed that.

But people aren’t going to be able to survive because inflation’s going to get absolutely crazy, um out of this world crazy. So i mean just pay attention to some people who know the markets, traditional financial markets, i’m not talking about crypto or bitcoin, but um people like jamie dimon, oh kitty wayne. What’S up kitty wayne, i love you kitty wayne say hi kitty wayne. I don’t know if you guys got him but um, let that focus back on me, but yeah, no, listen to people who know the markets, traditional markets a little bit better than us like jamie dimon. You know he is part of jp morgan and he actually just recently said that he predicts that the fed could raise the rates up to six to seven times this year alone.

You guys so if that happens, you know traditional markets are going to get crushed. I mean stocks are going to get crushed and that means bitcoin is going to get crushed you guys whenever inflation has gotten to this level. In the past i mean just look at inflation charts you guys. We go into recessions because they raise rates they have to. They have to or americans are going to be hurting hurting big time, but now i want to talk about something: that’s not bitcoin related um.

I want to talk about ethereum, uh uh. Some things are getting me worried about ethereum um, i’m probably going to make a full video on this type of content, because i can’t really do the best explaining it with just a candid video um. I need to fully research it and put it out in a well written script and everything, but ethereum and its security status is in trouble. So the ripple sec case is going on you guys, and there was something that came out so william, hinman or heinemann. He said he’s one of the reasons: ethereum has been considered, not a security.

He was a top sec official and he’s the one that you know put out the statement that ethereum isn’t a security. Well, now that statement he’s basically um in the sec in ripple case has been said that that just is his opinion, got you guys it’s his opinion, just the soul. Guy alone, it’s not the um facts or the legality from the sec which in the past that has been the case. People have said you know, since hinman heinemann, whatever his name is, has said that that that is the um position. That is sec’s.

You know legal position that ethereum is in a security which would put it in the commodity status like bitcoin and ethereum, which means it’s out of you know: um sec’s grasp and everything. Well, that isn’t the case. You guys, and what worries me right now – is the head of the sec current head of the sec um gary gensler. He was just on cnbc and he was asked if ethereum was a security and guess what he wouldn’t freaking answer the question he was. No, you know not putting out a statement.

Why? Wouldn’T he i mean if that is the position of the sec, that ethereum isn’t a security, he would just say: ethereum isn’t a security, so you guys ethereum and its status is in trouble. In my opinion, um – and i don’t like this – because, if they’re able to you, know, classify ethereum as a security that just opens the door for defy, and that’s one of the reasons why i think this could be the case they could be coming after. Ethereum is ethereum is classified as a security by the sec. Guess what happens?

Guess what freaking happens? You guys um all the defy protocols, easy the precedence already set in, and you know in um in court. You know precedent is there: they are able to come after every ico, that deployed on ethereum and easily classify them as securities and um defy, as we know, has grown and is um threatening the traditional financial world. You know and the sec wants to have full control over d5. They want full control over the crypto markets; they don’t have it with bitcoin bitcoins.

Only one, you know that’s been classified fully as a commodity, and it’s just known that it is a commodity. Well, the sec is saying i’m coming after everything else, so that worries me and um 2022 is going to be a big year. For you know what happens with regulators, i’m kind of worried about the ripple case. I almost have a feeling that it was kind of set up to be like this. It’S not about ripple and classifying ripple as a security.

It’S actually going back and being able to get ethereum and classify it as a security and take down. What’S happened. You know, d5 has unshackled a lot of people and gave people financial freedom through um. You know some of these apys and um the ability to stack money, and you know, leverage leverage their assets in ways that weren’t possible in traditional financial system unless you’re buku rich well, it’s gave them people like me and you the opportunity to get those apis that Some of the richer people get out in this world, so you guys again be be wary about this case um. I need to make some content on it because it is one of the biggest things in the crypto markets.

That’S happening right now, um. I think that’s about it, you guys and um, just in the episode um off with a little bit about me, i’m feeling better. Of course, i’m not a hundred percent back to you know myself, i’m, but i’m getting there. You guys i’ve taken the steps i quit smoking again. I’Ve quit smoking, the mary jane, i’m working out again and um yeah, i’m back on the path to feeling better, which equals great content as well.

So thanks you guys for tuning in, for the candid video um watch out. I think it’s going to be a bitcoin pump next week, short term bullish, long term kind of bearish, depending on what happens with the markets, see you guys,

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