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Today, for the bitcoin price, and yes guys, i want to talk about something, i’m actually on a random parking lot and honestly. The reason why i’m making this video is because everyone and their mother is right now reaching out to me and saying: hey chris: we are in a bear market right now. Bitcoin is going down to 30 000 20 000 us dollars, and this is why i’m recording this video, because i want to shed some light on this situation on what’s actually happening for bitcoin. I wan na. Please tell you watch this video until the very end sit down scroll down smash up the like button to whatever 15 000 likes

We always get like 10, 000 or more so, let’s crush 15 000 likes and let’s go straight to the content.


I have something very important to share with you what is happening to the bitcoin price right now. This video might be the most important one. You have seen in a very long time, and actually i have already prepared a video for you with the prediction from 2018, which is telling us exactly what is going to happen to bitcoin in the short term and in The mid run. So far, in the last three years, four years almost bitcoin was following this trajectory up to the exact dollar. If you want to see this video, which i’m gon na uploading, which i’m gon na be uploading very very soon you go down.

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Now, let’s go straight to the content and let’s go straight to the bitcoin price. What you can see here is the bitcoin price on the weekly candles and well obviously, on the weekly. It already looks very, very different. We are having a high right here. Then we are having a higher high right here and this last upwards move.

We had a low here, a higher low here and another higher low right here. So on the weekly cameras, there is no reason actually to flip bearish. Let me shed a little bit more light on that. If we are going on the emi ribbon, you can see that also the ema ribbon is not surpassed yet we actually have strong support at the forty four thousand forty three, forty five thousand us dollar levels. Actually, exactly the almost the price level is where we are right now so on the weekly candles actually listen to this.

I’M bullish on the weekly candles

Yes guys, you heard me right, i’m very, very bullish on the weekly candles and in fact i wan na go quickly towards the end of the video. I want to talk about one token: one cryptocurrency, which is the only green in a sea of red v v launch everything is going down. V pet is going higher crazy, already sitting at a 75 extra. So we will talk about that. We will talk why this is happening and also what we can expect right now in the immediate short term for vp launch watch until the very end.

First of all, let’s talk about the bitcoin price and well, what looks very bullish on the weekly. Of course, i have to say on the daily on the four hour. It doesn’t look all too bullish right, i mean we went higher. We broke out from the falling wedge and we exactly hit the price target. I was accurately predicting earlier.

42 000. I was already five times so i saw bragging with it.

Obviously, i’m not gon na show you a clip from previously again, but we broke up. We hit my price target. However, i was saying i am expecting if we are breaking the 52 000 euro solar levels, More upwards price movement for bitconnect, i have to say we didn’t break it.

So now, let’s elaborate what is happening here and whether we can go lower.

I want to show you the easiest in the world mechanism to determine whether bitcoin is going to go lower or higher in the immediate short term, from top to bottom. My approach with the fibonacci retracement level you can see – and this is something i mentioned earlier. I said if we don’t hold the golden pocket right here, which is the 61.8, then i’m predicting the bitcoin price to go lower through the 78.

and well

This is what happened, and now i’m telling you as long as we are having the holding the 78.6. I don’t expect bitcoin to go of, obviously once we break it on the flip side, and this is what i’m telling you as a trader, you want to be prepared for both scenarios. When a happens, we do a when b happens. We do b the moment we break the 50 uh 45

500, us dollar level.

Yes, this is when i’m looking at another retest of the uh of the previous low. This is when i’m looking at the 39 300 As long as we are holding and holding this this um this support and, of course not with the wick, but with the close of the four hourly candle. I don’t flip bearish. Let me show you another one. These fibonacci retracement levels are so important.

Let me show you actually the biggest example from the 64 000 us dollar high in april all the way down to the bottom at approximately 9 000, something us dollars right there below the final stage. Look at this. We exactly went down to the fibonacci golden pocket and i was telling you back then. I expect this to be the bottom as long as we are not closing a four hourly candle below, which would have then initiated the 21 700. As long as this is not happening, my worst case scenario is 29 000

I am doing the same thing right now, i’m telling you we have bottomed out.

We just have to hold this level, obviously technically, if we rig below this level. Obviously, technically we have already not bottomed out what i am telling you If we just close a dollar below on a four hourly candle, then i’m expecting 40 000. As long as this is not happening, i’m telling you we have bottomed out in accordance to my indicators. My predictions for bitcoin, Of course you can

Let me know what you think about that, but as long as the weekly is bullish, i have no reasons to flip bearish on bitcoin in the midterm and in the long run. So please take a quick note on that, of course smash up the like button.

If you agree, if you disagree, still smash up the like button, but let me know in the comment section want to make this a discussion. This is a community. This is a family approach here and i want to know what you think about that now.

Let’S talk about v-pad, because this is a topic which is crazy requested and if we are going to this crazy sea of red, you can see. Vpat is at 2 and 20, the only almost the only cryptocurrency, which is completely going crazy.

In fact, let me open this chart and let me actually show you the this is the one-hour chart when have you seen something like this, when the whole crypto market is correcting and now, of course, people are asking me why well, we shared on vlan v, launch Com, the reasons why we just today and tomorrow for everyone who is holding v-pad, we gave actually allocations for coin web. It was one and a half days later listed at a 12 13, 14 x or so on, kucoin gate, io, bittrex and so on. It’S a top tier project. They listed on five exchanges.

At the same time, then, we had the free, idr location on decimated free.

If you stake, v-pad a thousand out of ten thousand stakers were rewarded with free tokens. Just like this. On top of the staking rewards, they are already getting. This is why the people are so excited about that

In two days, we already gave out more than five six million us dollars in tokens to the free, vpat stakers. Think about that guys – and this is why the people are going crazy, of course, about it, just one very important, disclaimer.

Yes, it is my project here, like i’m backing it with mo together and, of course, i’m very subjective about that. So please always make your own decisions. Make your own research, invest at your own risk.

Don’T just go out and blindly do what i’m telling you, because this is not how it’s supposed to be. This is meant as an inspiration go out.

Don’T bet the farm, Of course, don’t rush into it because of fomo, make your research and then make your own calculated decision. Thank you so much for that guys. Thank you.

So much for being a grown-up, perfect, beautiful, lovely and sophisticated community, We are going to see each other very soon At the next one up, i’m encrypted, as always guys as always bye, bye,

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