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Today for the bitcoin price and yes guys believe it or not, i am here actually right now, next to the atlantis in dubai, i will show you a chart in historical chart, a textbook chart which i was talking about five days ago. Actually, you know what let me show you. It was this chart here. Almost five days ago, in phase d, i was predicting something this prediction people were laughing at me. I saw almost in slow motion the spit coming out of the people why they were laughing at me.

No, the mm krypto family is laughing and we are perfectly in the trajectory of fulfilling this historical pattern and what, if i told you that the implications of this pattern are going to blow your mind, look at this here in phase d, we were way below the Green line, which was actually my projected target here, if i were to go over into the prediction, you can see it right here my projected target for face.

If we are fast forwarding right now into the chart, you can see, this is exactly what happened in phase e and now. The most important question, of course, is now that we reached my price target of 52 000 us dollars. What is the next price target for bitcoin? More importantly, what can we expect for the next week here for the end of the year 2021?

This is an answer i want to address today. This is actually an answer. I want to give you today. I will talk about my 2 million us dollar trade on bitcoin right now and what price targets i am expecting for bitcoin right now in the immediate short term. Obviously i am going to talk about v-launch v-pad, my price targets.

What i am expecting and, of course, always on this channel as i am having all the information everything you need to know for the roadmap and what’s going to come here very soon for vpatv launch, so make sure you’re watching this video to the very end. And if you appreciate these updates on the sidelines, whenever i am wherever i am all i need from, you is take a second out of your day for christmas, for whatever go down smash up the like button. It literally takes you a second out of your day, and it really makes my day. Thank you so much guys because of you. We are the strongest, the most supportive and the most engaged community in the world, proven by the numbers.


Every video 10 15. 000 likes. Thank you so much for that, and now let’s go here straight into the chat, and what you can see here is on the four hourly canvas for bitcoin something magical unfolding as you remember, this textbook pattern, this wyckoff accumulation pattern, big big credits to anu crypto anub. Actually anub from mm crypto, who was making me aware of that, because what you can see is not only this beautiful descending triangle as a falling wedge, which i covered already way before everyone else which broke out perfectly hit my price target. Well, as predicted as i have to say, no, we are in a bigger pattern.

We are in a bigger historical pattern this. Why cough pattern here where we are actually consolidating – and this is the traditional one where all the lungs get liquidated, then all the shorts get liquidated, then again all the lungs get liquidated and eventually we are going higher to the upset for good. This is what i was covering at this breakout already. In fact, if i am going over here to my coverage, you can see it. This is my chart.

I was already at 49 000 talking about the fifty two thousand u.s dollar price target and phase e. This is important to understand. Phase e is actually characterized here. You can see it with a zigzag accumulation within phase e among the resistance, and, if i am going over into the chart, this is exactly what is happening here right now, just a second right there.

You can see it. This is oh wow. This is a big picasso painting. Let me quickly eliminate this. This is exactly what is happening here.

The bitcoin price was breaking higher and a zigzag accumulating. So now the question is: what can we expect here right now from the bitcoin price, as we are consolidating exactly as predicted and exactly as expected, so very very soon, rather sooner than later, for the sake of not invalidating this pattern, we need. We need to break the 52 000 us dollar level to the upside for good, as if we are going into this pattern, the confirmation only comes when we are breaking the previous high. So what we need here right now is from the zigzag accumulation bitcoin to break the previous high, rather sooner than later, if we are breaking the previous high, rather sooner than later, which is located at 52 000 us dollars, we are looking at the following price target. Let me quickly show you i’m zooming out and i am showing you my my very favorite uh price prediction tool here: um in accordance to fibonacci.

Let me show you from the bottom all the way to the high well, i’m in a very touristy area. So obviously, sometimes people talking a little bit. I hope you are forgiving them and what you can see here after the 38.2, the 52 000 u.s total level, which i actually predicted earlier.

The next one is the most famous one, and this dear, ladies and gentlemen, would be the price target. The moment we are breaking the 52 the moment we are breaking it. I am looking out for and now take a close, listen to the fifty eight thousand, eight hundred to fifty nine thousand seven hundred us dollar price target for bitcoin, and yes guys before you are asking i already wan na tell you. Let me quickly go back here before you are asking. I already wan na tell you yes, this is where i’m gon na take my next profits.

The last profit taking area was actually at the 52 000 us dollar level. So, on my 2 million us dollar trade, i am having open right now on femax. I am going to take the next profits actually at 59 000 us dollars, but guys very important. This is why we are taking profits. The higher we go.

This can only happen if we are breaking with a good volume confirmation – the 52 000 us dollar price level by tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. If it’s drummers around like for more than two days, i would step away from this price prediction. I would step away from this target, but, as you remember just a few days ago, the people were still laughing at us and we actually went higher to all the way to 52 000 and now i want to share a very important thing with you. Actually, if i’m going over here, uh to my beautiful v-pad chart, you can see it if i’m going over to the let’s use the 15-minute right. As you know, we were just listed a few days ago.

We actually broke out here from my from my ascending triangle. Right and came very close to my price target. Now we are actually once again consolidating. So, if you are in a position, i would highly recommend you not only to trade it, but specifically to hold it if you’re an experienced holder if you’re an experienced investor. Of course, make your own research invest at your own risk, but the nice thing about vpat is not only you can trade it.

The most important thing actually is to hold it for a specific reason, because we have very very good and specific use cases behind v-pad. If you are buying it on femax, for example, i have a link down below where you get. Oh, that’s loud where you get a 4100 us dollar bonus for free. If you click my link, you sign up after your initial deposit. You get this bonus software.

You can buy v-pad if you withdraw it and if you, for example, stake it on v-launch Com, you are not only getting in literally insane apy. No, you can also take part at free, idro locations and basically premium allocat premium idr locations on our platform, and what you can see here is what i was sharing earlier. Almost 40 percent of the circulating supply of v-pad is already staked. Think about this guys, 40 percent of the people we gave the tokens for free to are staking their tokens. They are staking it.

They are not intending even to sell it. When you stake it and unstake it, of course, there is a penalty fee to it. Of course you can only stake it for two weeks or so of course, and it goes all the way up to a few years. However, 40 guys think about that. So make sure you make your own research, but this is obviously the reason why vpat is going crazy.

Why why it is going viral and why the people are staking it because they do not want to get a whole uh go, do not want to miss out on uh these friday pre-id our locations and premium idol locations which are coming in the future right now. We are running coin web, a premium ideal location on vlaunch.com, so make sure you do your own research, but i want to know, know from you, because obviously man i’m fully invested in bitcoin. I want to know your opinion. What do you think about this?

Beautiful beautiful amazing historical price tag pattern here, which is called the Wyckoff accumulation pattern. Please let me know down below. I want to know your opinion, because the implications of this specific potential breakout here are quite severe. We are talking about coming very close to the previous high and, as you remember, if we are coming close to the 60 000 us dollar price levels towards the end of the year, we could invalidate all the bearish theories and now the ladies and gentlemen. It is on you, let me know what you think about that smash up the like button to a new all-time high and as always guys, we are going to see each other very soon at the next one of mm crypto and, as always guess, as always.

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