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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

BITCOIN IS DOWN So What Are You Going To Do?

Welcome back to cryptozeros, I am George we’re all George, so crypto fear index is at all time low at 10 and fear is high. So what should you do while bitcoin is down? What should you do when the entire market is bleeding? Well? Today, I will let you know exactly what I’m gonna do all right, thanks for tuning in, as always smash up the like subscribe to the channel two streams, almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 pm.

Central standard time make sure you hit that notification bell and follow me on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and check out all the latest news articles and guides at kryptosarus.com. I think Phil in the chat summed it up the best go on vacation and don’t look at your portfolio. Well, that is, that is not a bad idea, all right taking a look at bitcoin.


We are straddling that 41 000 mark and we hit it a couple of times, so I put down a new line showing that yeah we hit it one two three will 41k hold. I mean take a look at the fear index. It is at 10 all-time low. Actually i don’t know if it’s all-time low. I don’t, I think, to recall that we did go below 10 once, maybe not, maybe not, but if you take a look at the the one-year um one one year track of the fear and greed index, you could see that when bitcoin fell down to 40 000, The fear index never went below 20s, but we have seen tens when bitcoin fell to 28 000 in mid 2021.

So take a look at that and every single time it seemed like bitcoin was gonna come right back up, it kept falling and it kind of just stood at that 30 000 mark for two to three months and looking like we are kind of. In essence, same situation, fear level overall, wasn’t that bad we’ve been hovering between 20 and 30 for quite some time, but today is really the day where it broke down to 10, but the good news is every time. Bitcoin’s fear, level or crypto fear level hit 10 uh every time it happened. Well, that was actually a really good buying opportunity. So it could be exactly the same way as right now. Okay, so fear is definitely high. Bitcoin is at 41

All coins are bleeding out right. So what should we do about it? What should we do about it? Well, let me first show you some things, give you some encouragement.

So take a look at this first of all, going one year back January, 8th 2021. Okay, we are actually at the same level we’re actually at the same level as a year ago, but here’s the thing: here’s the thing take a look at the difference. 2021 actually was when we were not fearful and when uh the greed index was really really high, because, prior to January, 8th 2021, you know what happened. Bitcoin was rallying bitcoin was at below 20 000 before January 8th. So this is how the mentality is now one year ago and now we’re at the same price.

Yet we are at extreme fear level, okay, one before we’re actually streaming greed level. So just to kind of show you right we have been here before. We definitely have been here before, but how things look very different when we’re rallying every everyone is feeling good right, but people quickly forget when we start coming down, but just to put things in perspective. Yes, we’re at the same as that point as one year ago. We’re no lower right.

We haven’t done anything catastrophic just yet, although we did have some fear from the fed, we have some fun from the hedge funds and possibly the vcs, but bitcoin is still at the same place. It was a year ago, so just to put things in perspective, for you guys, okay, now what else is there? Well, unfortunately, uh liquidations happened the last few days last few weeks, but it does look like volume for liquidations is starting to dissipate, because there are just not that many leverage players out there. So that’s good! That’s good!

I’ve been saying: don’t don’t play with leverage you wreck yourself and you wreck others, so you could see that even though bitcoin got came down a little bit more, you can see on the right side. You know about 30 million liquidated another 36, so yeah you have about 70 million more liquidated, but it’s definitely a lot less than some of the previous days we’ve seen in a week. So that’s overall, pretty positive right, so shorts is coming down. Volume is getting low right again, combined with the fear index at 10, which is an all-time low. It’s looking like this is actually a pretty prime time to be buying the dip.

However, I’m not the only one that thinks so new new York city mayor believes the same thing. Eric Adams he’s actually getting his first three paychecks in bitcoin, and his plans are still to make new York city the center of blockchain technology, he’s very serious he’s following the same footsteps as mayor Suarez of Miami who’s kind of started, a trend now new York city, The biggest city in the united states, one of the biggest cities in the world, is about to be transformed by bitcoin and blockchain. So I’m not the only one that feels like this is a good buying opportunity. You want to buy low, you buy the dips and you ride it higher, and i do have something else to show about that now also putting things into perspective. Okay, some of the previous bear market.

If you can call what we’re in a bear market, if you could call our 30 000 a bear market, I’m not gonna call those bear markets, but let’s just for example, let’s just say it is: okay, again: 2017 2018. How low did we get 3 000? Not good, not good, then we had one in 2019 when we fell down to ten thousand okay, we had one. That’s falling fell down to about four thousand, but look at how things have changed now in 2021 and 2022 below one before we were below ten thousand. Now people are panicking about bitcoin, hitting thirty thousand and about bitcoin, hitting forty thousand right again.

How things have changed? Those of you guys that stuck around 2018, 2019 and 2020. You know how bad things were before with very little hope. Right now is not like before things have changed drastically, so i know a lot of you guys are feeling down from our high of 69 000 down to where we are now right, but just know that even now is not nearly as bad as 2021 or anytime. In 2020, basically because we were hovering below 20 000, and in most years we were below 10 000

So think about that, okay and think about during those times how low alts were, they were basically non-existent versus now, while d5 is rallying right, so there you go uh, also uh, just a few other things.

Paypal is still going full throttle with crypto rumors. Now not rumors confirm rumors are they are coming in with the new stable coins, whether or not the regulators will be? Okay to that, don’t know, but again it does show growing. Adoption. Paypal already has 335 million clients, customers that can now buy bitcoin straight from their wallet, they’re, opening up merchants to accept bitcoin and crypto, and now they plan on making themselves even more pro blockchain by coming out their own stable coin.

Who knows which chain it’s going to be running on? Will it be their own chain or will they utilize, someone like maybe stellar or someone else to run their new stable coins? So there are a lot of stuff still happening: okay, a lot of growing adoption and still early, so not the time to be panicky. Okay, now last few things, i want to show you, and this is important – and this is something that i said i was going to do in 2022, but um well before i get in that uh i did say i want to show you guys the power or Yeah, basically, the power of buying buying low right or you could dca on a schedule. I’Ve shown this before and this kind of puts things into perspective.

Okay, had you put 100 bucks in every single week at the same time since the beginning of 2018? To now so, roughly four years right, ignoring volatility ignoring up and downs, fear level, all the fud everything right – you would be up – 337 percent – that’s discounting everything you would have totally total invested would have been about 21 000, and now you would be at 92, 000. Okay, that’s just a small amount every week and you ignore everything and if you go back further and you go back further, that number keeps climbing and that’s just how it is dollar cost averaging a long haul works it does you just have to have patience if You do it week by week once a month. You know you may not notice it because of the up and downs, but if you stretch that out to years well, then you’re really going to start noticing how it’s really really working, and this is just for bitcoin. If you do this with ethereum and any other l1s i mean the roi would be in tens of thousands of percents.

I mean it would be astronomical astronomical. So again, dca works buying the dips works. Holding works. You just have to have patience. Okay, now, besides dca something else that i said i was going to do in 2021, is look more into defy and staking because, if you do plan on holding, why not earn rewards from staking you’re not selling it you’re, keeping it but you’re earning rewards while you’re Staking so today, i’m going to cover a few projects that i haven’t talked about before you may have heard of before, but it’s really.

These are decentralized projects that you can utilize to earn rewards, while you’re holding and while you’re dcing and while you’re buying all right. So, let’s start out with two two of the biggest two of the biggest borrowing lending d5 projects out there. That includes ave and compound okay, both of these very, very simple, very simple: you could deposit and earn apy or you could borrow and pay apy. I mean it’s really that simple right and if you’re holding on stable coins or any other regular crypto, you could deposit and earn interest and the thing is, you could take it out any time right. These are not locked in so, for example, if you had, let’s say you know, die or gemini, dollar or usdc right, you could get three percent apy.

I mean they’re, not horribly uh or they’re, not very, very, very high, but you’re getting something and there there’s nothing wrong with getting something simply by just putting it there right, so binance usd two percent, and then you got some others like curve at 2.
25, so those are just example of what you can get with these right now, if you go to compound they’re a little bit better, four percent, almost five percent for usdt usdc die unit. Swap you get two percent, you know you could get uh. What is it? Yearn almost seven percent auger, which uh yeah, i don’t even know about auger, but there’s a little bit more there right just to show you.

There are decentralized lending projects that you can earn interest with very very, very easily. All you have to do is go to the web pages click into the app connect, your meta metamask wallet to it. These these are all erc20 based and basically you’re, just depositing it right. So that’s two examples very, very easy. Now what about others?

There are others. What about something like urine? Some of you guys have asked about urine, yearn, is a yield farming project. Basically, they do the hard work for you when you deposit into their vault. They will automatically look at all these other projects like avant compound and many others, and see what is the best way to make money.

So by doing that, they give you some pretty good rewards much higher than if you just deposit, navi and kanban, but there’s higher risk because urine has been hacked before many times in 2021. Okay. So there is a risk there, but, for example, you could deposit usdt for almost 11 sushi at nine percent and there’s many others like even ave at 6.22 percent. So there are others in here.

That’S quite high and urine is also decentralized. This is more of a yield farming project, but it is something that you could take advantage of. Also, okay, so that’s another one. I want to show you guys, there’s another one thor swap on top of thor chain. Okay, so this is a liquidity provider.

Only. Basically, this whole project is providing liquidity for other d5 projects and it’s kind of the same way you deposit, you’re, depositing liquidity. You could do one-sided or both sides. Some of you guys are aware of how liquidity pools work where you’re, depositing on both sides with thor, swap you could do where it’s just like one side only and if you’re looking at the apy, it’s actually pretty good, like, for example, bnb you get 19 b Usd at 26 even bitcoin, is at 18 and eath at 15. These are quite high for apy highest for regular crypto and even for stable coins very high.

Again, there is a risk level here, because thor chain has also been hacked before now they did cover, they had insurance, they had enough in their uh in their uh emergency funds to cover the hack, but they have been hacked before. So again, there is risk. There is risk, so this is one of the things i’ve said about what i said in yesterday’s video is when it comes to staking and earning rewards, there’s always a risk. That’S why you’re getting something? That’S why you tend to want to spread it out.

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket because if something happens well you’re kind of screwed right, but you could take advantage of one and another and another another and kind of spread it out, so that you’re protected you’re protected. But this is another example: i’ve heard many people use thor swap to kind of earn some pretty good apy okay, so you got regular projects, decentralized projects for borrowing lending right, but mostly in your case, you want to let others borrow it. So that’s why you’re getting interest you have yield firing projects like yearn, you have liquidity providers like thor or you just have regular projects. You just have regular projects that want you to stake their native token to help power their network, okay. So, for example, there is a playturn game that i i’m very interested in and it’s coming out in uh in maybe this quarter right, alluvium so decide to look up.

Alluvium does alluvium have staking well yeah. They do they do so. You could do native staking or you could provide liquidity into uh into amm. So you could see on here sticking out aluminum.io.

You could stake up to 30 and get up to 31 apy or you can put a liquidity pool and get up to 329 apy right. So there’s a lot of just normal staking that you can do if you have a token or a coin from a project most likely, you can stake it and help power, the network or power the app of that coin right. So, in this case this is a little deceiving, though, because if you actually stake there is a sliding scale. It’S you don’t just get 31 percent like, for example, luvium. The base is around 15.

4, which isn’t bad, but if you lock it in, let’s say for a week it’s 16 and it starts climbing up. You lock it in for 15 weeks. It goes 20, you lock it in for one year, then it goes to 31. So there is a sliding scale there, but if you plan on holding it, why would you not do it anyways right, so i have alluvium. I told you guys.

I am interested in this project, so i decided to stake it too right and, of course, there’s other ones. Um i’ve talked about anchor quite a bit. After doing a pull and researching, it seems like the consensus is most people think this is the best. The best way to stake with almost no risk – and that is exactly what i’ve done. I did this earlier this week, right or yeah earlier this week, put a good amount in here, but earning 19.

5 by staking ust in the d5 project anchor, which is, of course, one of the projects on tara and basically because it’s based on ust there’s no volatility And i’m just earning interest every single day and 19
55 is not too shabby right, so there’s just a lot of options out there, and i think this is important. I think this is something that i’ve missed out on for many years. Many people have asked me about staking. Why don’t you steak? Why don’t you steak?

Why don’t you steak right? I’Ve always said. Ah it’s not my thing, it’s not worth it right, but now now i’m thinking that was my fault. I should have been all along because i’ve been holding a lot of these coins for years and had had. I been staking them.

I would have made a lot more right so now that bitcoin and the market may be weak right and maybe here for quite some time you know what the strategy doesn’t change, i’m going to continue to hold i’m going to continue to dca and buy the dips, But now i’m going to be utilizing a lot more of these d5 projects and i’m going to show you guys while i’m doing it so hopefully it helps, educate you guys to help you guys stay motivated and stay in the game. Alright, so there you go there. You go that’s pretty much it uh overall yeah. If you go on cmc, it’s just not it’s not it’s not a fun time to go down the list right now, but let’s do some uh. Let’S do some q a let’s see here, let’s see here.

Well, it did wick down to about 40 600, and this was yesterday. It looks like it wants to hit that point. Let’S see what happens, let’s see what happens, but again, i want to remind you guys the same point as a year ago, except a year ago. Everyone was rallying, everyone was, was greedy, fear and greed. Index was high and we’re the opposite now so again to kind of put put things in perspective.

Um all right here we go, noah says ancient 32 uh fantastic, buy coinbase listing uh; yes, yes, yes! No! I do like i do like helium quite a lot and they have held very well even right. Now helium is like you said 32. I remember when i did my video on um.

Well, no they’re, not 32 they’re, 43

Is this right, wow yeah they’re continuing to go up, but when i did my video on helium in 2021 early 2021, they were like unknown to anyone and i’m like this looks promising and back. Then it was like eight dollars right, so they have done very very well. So far, did you see flux announced a partnership with nvidia. Today i did not, but sounds like nvidia is about to jump in. Let’S see, oh, that was no no flux partners in the video to bring web 3.

to the next level. Three hours ago, uh flux has been accepted in nvidia inception program. As a premier partner, flux will be able to evolve faster through access, nvidia’s cutting technology experts uh, okay. Well, this is the kind of the opposite. I thought nvidia wanted to jump into the web 3.

, but it looks like flux is now part of uh nvidia’s inception program, but regardless it’s good for flux, it’s good for flux and it’s good for kadena. So i like that um titano financing. I don’t know that one uh, let’s see how they’ve done actually they’ve, been doing pretty well, but very, very low market cap. It’S on binance smart chain, the best auto staking auto compounding protocol crypto yeah. So this sounds like it’s a yearn but on binance, smart chain that that scares me right there that that’s just insane.

That is insane, there’s a lot of projects that i think it’s categorized as rebasing, which gives you incredibly high apis. But i’m not sure i trust them at all so uh. This sounds like it’s kind of like that, but i may look into it anyways, just because i want to force myself to understand more. I have one of those mcrib nfts sell it or i i would long. I would hold that long term.

I think long term uh. It is the very first nfts, so the very first collection from uh mcdonald’s. I think that’s gon na be worth a lot more in the future than now um great job on the stream ben says. Secondly, do you think we’re still in a bull market despite them? Yes now, i think the the definition of a bull market in relation to the four-year cycle.

I think that definition may have to change, because traditionally traditionally you would see that bitcoin goes up one year out of four year cycle and that’s technically the bull market and it’s down three years and that’s krypto winter right. But if we have no more four-year cycles because we have broken it and we continue on, then you know that that definition of what’s a bull market and crypto winter has to be changed. I mean according to to the equities market. Technically anything that’s down over 20. Isn’T a bear market, but we know with bitcoin and crypto that could come every week.

You could have wild swings within a week right between ball and bear market, so i think that that definition has to change um. But yes, i do believe in my case, i believe bitcoin has not hit that top. So that’s why i believe we’re still in a bull market so, but i i think it depends on your definition, everyone’s definition uh. What about betru’s new yield hub? I have not heard a bit true or have i sounds familiar, but uh yep and by the way, hopefully, you guys enjoyed my video on d5 kingdoms yesterday, because you know i’ve heard a lot of people talk about it and the reason why i chose it because I’M a big fan of harmony.

You guys know that harmony is a project based in silicon valley by stephen psy and uh. You know, i think, they’re doing good things, but they’re really really really being carried. I think by defy kingdoms, not only by defy kingdoms, but they have a growing ecosystem right, but defy kingdom’s definitely something that’s been brought to my attention early on, ignored it i’m like yeah, it looks okay, but it has really gotten a lot of traction and i Can see why right so i decided to dip my toes in there and so far it’s working out pretty well, although there’s a there’s a locking schedule, so you get about 30 about a third that you can unlock right away and about two-thirds is locked according to Schedule which will start vesting starting in july of this year, so it’s only about six months, but overall, it’s still worth it as long as it could continue on so um. Let’S see here, solar, solar decks. Is this solar this one?

I hope it’s not this. One! Solar mine, solar b, i don’t know which one is so: there’s no solar ducts here, probably solar beam or solar mine. It’S probably solar mine, right yeah. That’S not looking good today i’ll skip this one julio thanks for holding us down here.

Man. Thank you. I appreciate it, i i you know, i can only say this so many times i’ve been through this okay and i’ve been through it. It’S not like i’m a machine, i feel a down market. I feel the fear too right, but i’ve learned or i’m trying to learn from mistakes not make any rash moves, not panicking right continuing forward and and i’m going to d5 i’m going to get into d5 and get some rewards, and some of these are substantial rewards.

Substantial, not just a small amount like if you take in the context of let’s say like getting a normal job. I mean it’s, it’s way more rewarding with a lot less work right, but not to say there isn’t risk. There is risk. Some of these projects get hacked and sometimes there’s rug, pulls right. There’S vulnerabilities and there’s just problems overall, there’s risk, so the higher the rate, the higher the risk right.

So it depends on your risk tolerance. If you wanted to just stake very simply, you don’t want to learn about wallets, you don’t want to transfer or bridge between tokens or anything like that. Even centralized exchanges like coinbase and gemini, they have their own earn program. All you have to do is click a button and deposit. There is an unlock period, usually about a week, but if it’s sitting there anyways, you know you go collect some interest right.

Of course, there’s other centralized changes too or services platforms like blackfy, which is one of my partners. I mean they give a little better rate than say coinbase and gemini right, usdt, usdc, bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin. There’S a lot that you could do um. I mean a lot that you can deposit, i should say so, blackfy also based in the u.s uh one of the biggest.

You know lending platforms out there, so you could utilize them, but if you’re trying to go to the centralized route, you definitely have to pick up a few things. First of all, you have to know how to use metamask. That is the most important right or a browser wallet. You need to know how to utilize that you need to know how to send crypto from one wallet to another, always test with a small amount. First, don’t send everything at once always test with a small amount right and that’s pretty much it, and i guess you got to learn how to bridge between certain certain proj certain coins and uh work with rap tokens.

Sometimes, but it’s there’s a learning curve, but it’s not nearly as hard as you think, especially if you’ve been transferring between wallets already uh bca says, i think uh d5 kingdom, as played to p to d. I don’t even know what that d stands for play to dex, not pte playing in game. Not only do you earn it, but also affects your staking liquidity pool, that’s the innovation i haven’t seen before it does seem like that dir it seems to be on the fence that some people say it’s not a game. It’S a dex with a game kind of it’s a dex, that’s gamified and then some say it’s a game right. I know you, can you can uh buy a hero?

You can mint a hero, you can lend a hero and then you could do quests with the hero and also make money, but i’m not involved with any of those things yet so i do have to figure it out. Don says sailor only buys at the top. I would not be surprised if michael comes out that i bought some bitcoin at at sixty nine dollars, i’m just kidding, but he does seem to buy on top and i do believe he does it on purpose. I think there’s there’s he’s doing some. You know tax loss harvesting, but with those buys, i’m pretty sure, that’s why he does it, but again he’s a true d.

Sierra at this point, he’s gon na continue to buy and hold and buy and hold so um. I think he’s he’s gon na be just fine he’s. Just fine someone says check fuse fuse network uh, relatively small, really small. Let’S see they fell off a cliff this morning or today i should say overall yeah that that scares me a little bit uh one year. Um from 22 cents, all the way up to 1
70 and now down to 91 – and i don’t like that – i don’t like to look at that infrastructure for open source money, mobile money plug and play built for scale.

Customize, your own wallet and currency. Okay meant your own token, so it helps you create your own tokens and utilize it for your own payment network right. That’S what it sounds like um, interesting concept, though i think you got. You got to be careful if you’re in the us or anywhere else, where it’s illegal, to create your own money without being regulated. Uh, you got to be careful.

You got to be careful uh. I have seen swiss work before, but it’s not available for us customers, but it’s like the all-in-one defy app. I’Ve seen it before i’ve, seen it before um and looks pretty good. What if sailor buys it low at 30, i mean that’s how you’re supposed to do it because he’s technically not descending on a schedule he’s just buying a dip, but there you go um michael says i missed the intro video. You know.

Here’S the thing some! Some of you guys like that video others hated it and they told me they really really don’t like it, and i did a poll more people hate it than love it. So i’m gon na save that for for something special uh vechain dca on point. Yes, there’s a lot of a lot of buying opportunity, guys a lot of buying opportunities, but i did bring up my spreadsheet. I plan on having it updated um a few days ago, talking about which projects are more vc heavy and i’m going to say less into those projects i’m still going to keep them, because i still think some of them are fantastic, but i’m with dca less into This project and more into projects with less vc involvement because they could be following what the hedge funds um are doing so so yeah, that’s the only.

I guess new consideration. I guess that’s the only thing um yeah, you can see bitcoin bounced back up above 41. So it seems like it hit that same point of this morning. 40. 600.

You can see a little wick here, a little wick over here now, it’s above, let’s see if it could hold above 41 and and hover between 41 and 42 right, but obviously we’ve been still stepping down a little bit from our 45 six mark. Then we stare step down to about 42 5

Now we’re for around 41. okay, but we will find that bottom. We will find that bottom and this could be it because fear level is at 10 and normally, when we hit this kind of extreme fear, that’s when things usually come up. I see this all the time, usually when you get to the point where you feel like you can’t take it anymore, that that breaking point where you’re, like i’ve lost too much in unrealized gains: okay, unrealized loss.

Let’S say it’s too much. I need to sell right now before it goes lower like you’re at that boiling point. Usually, when you get there, you want to hold one more day because when you’re there, that’s usually when things come up, i mean i’ve seen it so many times. I can’t tell you how many times during my crypto days, where i hit that boiling point and i’m like i got ta dump right now and then i’ve learned okay, when you get to that point. When you truly get that point hold one more day, because that’s usually when it comes right back up, it’s always it’s always the case like that, all right guys!

That’S it thanks for tuning in, as always smash the like subscribe to the channel stay strong. My friends utilize right now, if you’re not educated, to learn more about d5, like i am learn about wallets, learn about how to take advantage right and, of course, and of course take advantage in dca. If you can, because we will get past this and we will come back and when we do we’ll be stronger, all right smash it a like and i’ll see you guys tonight, 8 30 p.m. Central standard time all right!

Take care, bye,

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