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bitcoin.. I don’t know what to say

Today for the bitcoin price – and you know what guys today, I will leave the introduction out of the equation. I will let the content speak for itself. Let me go here straight into the content by the way, guys, if you’re watching this right now smash up the like button to a new all-time high. Leave your comments down below just make noise for the algorithm share this video among your friends, WhatsApp telegram, whatever you feel comfortable with, but very important smash up. The like button make noise for the algorithm, as you are the reason why we are the most why we have the most watched, bitcoin videos in the whole world – that’s crazy!

So now, let’s go straight into the content. Let’s talk about the bitcoin price, and this is not the chart I’m gonna be talking about this is the chart you already know. This is the chart with this amazing fractal, which already played out before with this head and shoulders pattern. If fake out below, i was telling you back then 29 000 us dollars my worst case scenario, and then we just went to the upset, and now it seems like that this pattern, this fractal, is once again forming in this candle. I talked about it earlier.

I said it’s important that it is closing green, so fight is green. So, let’s wait and see. I want to go here into the shorter time frames, whether it’s gonna be closing in three days green, because this is what it actually comes down to now. Let me talk about what i actually wanted to talk about and let me quickly see here um if i am pulling it down it is this chart here. Actually, no, this is the chart.

I already had open um. This is the chart. Sorry, this is the chart. I wanted to talk about, and here we’re not gonna, be on the weekly canvas. We are going to go to the daily candles, because what i was talking about earlier here is that this falling wedge is going to break very very soon, and i was telling you that right here at the support we got the bounce, and now we are getting Rejected many people would say: hey now that we are getting rejected here on the daily canvas you got rejected at forty four thousand five hundred the exact price target.

I was mentioning earlier that now we are going down for another re-test of the downward sloping support. At thirty nine thousand two hundred, no, not necessarily because what you can see if we are zooming out here, just a little bit on the daily chart. Let me show you something magical unfolding, because if we are pulling out this rectangle here, then you can see all the way back from actually the 7th of January. We are having insane support coming in here. Another reason why i was actually telling you right there.

Let me show you from top to bottom the approach with the Fibonacci extension level that well most probably, we are not going to reach the 78.6, because we have so important support above the last time we went in there just a few days ago. We had a massive bounce towards the upside, so what i am expecting right now if we are not breaking the resistance today or tomorrow, i think worst case scenario once again, another re-test of my support box here, of course, this one has to hold. Otherwise, it’s getting very dirty between 39 000 and 40 500 us dollars. This support is holding.

This support is so far holding and eventually, if we are breaking the downward sloping support here, we are dear. Ladies and gentlemen, looking at the price target of the top of the wedge, this price target is believe it or not. 68. 869. 000 us dollars this support here, I’m showing you in the in the yellow box, solidifies even more.

If i am going over to the weekly canvas and then pulling out the ema ribbon, the last resort that like really this is the most important thing actually to close above, as you can see, we already had just a few months ago. Here in summer, we had a close below and then the next week we kind of just shot us towards the upside. This is what i’m looking out for right now, of course, three days more to wait here, three days more to see, are we going to close back in so far? We are supported so far. We are on track and actually so far, believe it or not.

On the weekly candles, we are still having higher highs and higher lows. So, let’s wait a little bit if you’re bearish on bitcoin just give it a little bit more time, guys, of course, if we are eventually going to break the 38 800, this is when even i’m the most the biggest bull in the universe. Let me quickly turn this around the biggest bull in the universe can change his opinion so far, i’m just not doing that as long as the facts are not changing, i’m not changing my opinion, my bias on bitcoin here on the weekly candles. This is what i wanted to talk about, also also before i go into my next price target for bitcoin. Look at this, not only that v launch is was just getting verified awesome here, thanks to twitter for recognizing our project.

Of course, i was just posting earlier. If you are staking vpat, i just have it all in one tweet, then you can finally understand what vpat is good for. You can get rewards from our 324 million us dollar rewards pool three ideal locations premium, ideal locations, you get a chance to win free, nfts, whitelist slots for nfts and free nft allocations. I mean honestly guys there’s not more. I can actually tell you about that.

That should be the last selling point, but, more importantly, of course, for everyone who is trading bitcoin right now, let’s wait and see what is happening here. If you are looking out for a potential trading scenario, not yet guys wait for the resistance to break it’s not the time too long long, when we are breaking resistance, that’s fine! When we are closing a daily candle outside, then fine guys go for it and then the profit taking areas as easy as it is from bottom to top. You can see the first one would be at 51 000 us dollars just below the import. 52.

000. Us dollar area and then a very big one at the fibonacci golden pocket right here. Thank you so much for watching guys. Of course remember if you want to be trading as well, go down below video description, pin comment you get less than ten thousand us dollars for free by clicking the buy but link click. It register takes like 10 seconds after your initial deposit.

You get 4100 us dollars for free for your own trading on bitcoin. Thank you so much for watching guys and we are going to see each other very soon at the next one of mm crypto and as always guys as always bye, bye,

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